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Rated T because of slight gore and because I'm paranoid! Rate might change.

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Disclaimer: Twilight is not mine (unfortunately) I just own the plot and a few characters.

Summary: Bella has been abused physically and mentally by a pack of wolves for many years in the Makkah reservation ever since her parents and grandmother died leaving her all alone, finally the chance to escapes comes and she takes it without a second thought. Now she's living in La Push as guy keeping the facts that she is a wolf a secret, she is finally free of her tormentors, but what happens when one of the wolves imprints on her? not only will she have to decided whether to tell the truth or run away. Bella is now trapped, her past and the people in it are coming back for her, and she isn't so sure if the Quileute pack can keep her safe...

Pairing: Seth/Paul/Jacob X Bella (for now)

Warnings: None so far...

"Blah..." talking

'Blah...' thinking

"Blah..." dreams/flashbacks

Blah...- Wolf thinking(speaking)/pack mind

Published: 09-19-13


- Broken Lives -

(Sometimes Soul mates Are Not For Everyone)

I always knew my death would be in the hands of another, I almost expected it to be that because of how my life is, but that doesn't mean that I was less scared, specially when said person is someone you used to love dearly with all you heart.

It hurts.

It hurts to know that everything that happens is because of destiny, because of fucking destiny, because people are meant to be and others are not, leaving broken hearts behind and tears spilled, sometimes mixed with blood.

But I don't regret any of the things I've done in the past, each decision I took in the past led me to the little happiness I had, and if I had to repeat my life I wouldn't change anything.

Because that was what made me the person I'm today.

And even when I'm no longer going to exist.

I rather die standing up instead of living kneeling.

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