Holy crap guys, I wrote something that isn't DBZ. I'm actually frightened.

I watched this scene again on the Tube of You, and I just couldn't stand it. There was so much bromance that something had to be done. I like these two because their rivalry reminds me of Goku and Vegeta a lot, though a teensy bit more dangerously obsessive, which leads me to believe that Grimmy will eventually be good/decent. That would make me very happy because I lurve him.

I hope you guys in this fandom like me as much as DBZ peoples.

So yeah, first Bleach/Non-DBZ Fic ever. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Grimmjow would have been back a loooong time ago.

Song Prompt: Soundscape to Ador (if you get a song this pretty in your near death scene, you know Kubo likes you.) and Compassion ~ Bleach OSTs.

Bloody Mercy

He flings his sword away, and Grimmjow knows that his lunge is not an attack. Kurosaki catches his wrist and holds him there, and Grimmjow's arm is shaking with effort.

"Let it go, Grimmjow. You've already lost."

And he says things about kings that Kurosaki can't know, things that Grimmjow knows and dismissed with ease many years before.

"If you truly hate me…"

I do. I hate you so damn much it hurts. It burns in my blood and I won't be sated until you die in a mangled heap at my feet.

"Then I will fight you any time you want."

I want to fight you now.

"But for now, you need to give up."

Grimmjow looks at his face, sees the refusal, sees that blatant hunger for battle missing in his features. He sees gentle brown eyes, without pity but full of compassion, and Grimmjow manages to feel disgusted. He searches those eyes for any dull spark of rage that he could ignite for just a few more seconds, and when he finds none, the fire goes out of his blue eyes.

He doesn't know how to give up, doesn't know how to respond to people who show him mercy, because it's never happened before. Mercy is for the weak, and so he screams his weak defiance and tries just once more, and then Nnoitra's sword is in his shoulder and slicing into his neck and his middle and Grimmjow falls.

Kurosaki's eyes go wide in shock and disbelief, or maybe a want to disbelieve. The sharp color of azure blue rushes back into Grimmjow's and his rage returns because Kurosaki was supposed to cut him down if anybody did.

Ichigo is furious because maybe he wanted to cut Grimmjow down too, but somehow the Espada doubts it.

His breath is a shudder, and he heaves, "Nnoitra, you bastard…"

Nnoitra swings his blade down and it doesn't connect, and when the dust clears Grimmjow feels pathetic.

Stop protecting me, you bastard. I don't want it. I hate you.

"Why would you attack a guy who can't even move!?"

Fuck you, Kurosaki.

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