Hey everybody, this is my new SYOT so please feel free to follow along and vote in the later chapters. Enjoy and sorry the prologue is short.


The boy onscreen throws a rock down the cliff and it bounces up back into his hands. The boy grins. President Snow does not. "Pause. Valeria, did you want him to discover the force field?" a tall, red headed woman gulps and shakes her head. "You understand that is a problem? It makes us seem stupid, weak, outsmarted if you will and we can't have a repeat of that."

"No, President Snow, sir."

"Well lucky you I'm all for second chances, but this year better be the best games yet."

"Yes, President Snow, sir."

"Well then get to work." she turns to leave, "And remember, just one slip up and... you'll lose more than your job."

"Yes President Snow, s-sir." she stutters. Now President Snow grins, the games are always better with a scared Head Gamemaker. They think if they make the tributes die an entertaining death they won't die themselves. How wrong they are, President Snow just likes to play with his food before he eats it.