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Chapter 9

Sagittarius Marion- District 2

All I am aware of is the pain between my eyes and the inky blackness I stare into, the many hours later a corner of light finds it's way into my vision, it blurs and then becomes a blue, blue sky that is dotted with clouds. My dulled senses pick up the smell of flowers and feel the cool grass tickle my skin where it has and I am immediately confused.

Where is the cloudless sky and sand of the arena? Am I hallucinating? Am I already dead? If I am dead why do I hurt so much? Then have I been lifted from the arena, maybe they thought I was dead. I decide to settle on that because it is the most comforting. I'm back home lying in my field in the warm sun.

I allow myself to fall into the comfort that is the idea of home. Not my home exactly, but the closest thing to home. The field out the back of my house was the only place I could find peace, I would go there whenever I got into a bad mood, and it would calm me down.

"Sagittarius? Sagittarius?! C'mon wake up!" And then some swearing. That's all it takes to jolt me from the peaceful dream of my field. My shoulders shake and then I am aware of a weight on my chest. Something is squeezed into my eyes and suddenly my vision clears, not completely but enough for me to perceive a little more of my surroundings. Tall, lush grass covers my face from the sun, it's dotted with flowering plants, presumably the ones I smelled earlier.

My confusion returns and my breathing quickens. Through my dry mouth I manage to choke out one word, "Where?" There is a gasp from a girl and then a bunch of chattering. I try to turn my head to look at the source of the noise but my body moves achingly slowly.

Ceto starts to explain before my head is even halfway there. "The arena, it's just changed. It rained overnight and some kind of meadow grew, the mountains are capped with snow. After the vipers attacked I dragged you and Legacy both as far away from the Cornucopia as I could. You were bitten between the eyes. You've been out for six hours, I suggest you try to regain body movement and we head back to the pond." Ceto speaks rapidly but with each sentence I calm and my breathing slows. My muscles relax a bit and I am able to lift myself upright. "Oh and.. Janko was bitten...in the heart...you can guess what happened."

I celebrate in my mind, one less person to deal with. I relax back onto the grass with that reassurance.

A cannon goes off and for a split second I think it's mine but then I am hit by a new wave of pain and reassured that I am not dead, yet. Legacy moves into my vision and looks around wildly.

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