Reimu and her group were going to fly down to the ground when a portal appeared over their heads without a warning. They looked up and were surprised at what they saw. "What's happening now?!" the shrine maiden asked.

The girls felt themselves slowly being pulled towards the portal. They fought against it with no problem at first, but as the pulling force became stronger little by little, they found themselves moving towards it instead, even if they tried to fight against it.

"It's the same kind of portal activated by that Mother Box!" Rikako said while fighting against the pulling force. "But I left it inside the portal to let it get destroyed by the explosion! How is there a portal again?!"

While fighting against it, Iku noticed something happening down below, so she told the others to look. They looked and were surprised to see several people floating into the air, all of them being pulled towards the portal.

"What… What is happening?!" Marisa cried as she got carried towards the portal. Using her hakkero, she gave her broom an extra boost to escape it. She was making progress, but Cirno flew into her from below at a fast speed and knocked her off her broom. Both of them screamed as they got pulled towards the portal while spinning through the air. The broom and the hakkero joined them soon after.

Back in the Human Village, Yukari told everyone to quickly get inside her gap. The demon herself was inside the gap and holding onto its side to prevent being pulled up by the portal. Ran, who was also inside, asked her, "Have you seen Chen?"

"I haven't!" Yukari replied.

Ran looked out the portal and shouted, "Chen! Come in here quick! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!"

"MISTRESS RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" screamed the voice of Chen, though it sounded like it came from very far away.

Hearing this, Ran looked around desperately for signs of her shikigami, but she didn't see her at all. "Chen! Is that you? Where are you? Chen! Chen! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!" The nine-tailed fox demon wanted to go out to find her, but Yukari stopped her and told her that it was too dangerous.

"Why is this happening?! Just when I thought everything was over!" Reimu shouted. Even though she was already inside the portal, she still struggled to fly towards the exit before her eyes, but instead, she kept on getting pulled back. She looked around and saw people familiar to her struggling in vain to escape.

Sanae, Kokoro, Alice, Aya, the Prismriver Sisters, Suwako, Youmu, the residents of the Myouren Temple, Miko and her servants, and more…

Even rocks, fallen trees, building pieces, and animals were being pulled into the portal.

The shrine maiden turned to look at the sight of her homeland at the front again while reaching her hand towards it. She could do nothing but watch it move farther and farther away from her.

The Mother Box continued to short-circuit and tremble violently. It released even more smoke and sparks than before, and eventually, it exploded.


It was at that moment the portal disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, and everything in the midst of getting pulled into it fell back down.

Seeing that the coast was clear, Yukari reopened her gap, peeked out, and then stepped out after being sure that it was safe to do so. "What… What exactly happened just now…?" she asked in confusion.




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Chapter 1
World's Finest

Blue sky…

Such a sight usually meant all was calm and good.

The clouds were slowly floating through the sky in a way that when people lying on the grass down below saw them, they would feel relaxed and wish to be on them to take a comfortable nap. It might even remind one of a delicious cotton candy.

This quietness could've last for a long time, if it weren't for the fact that a space shuttle was shooting through the air in flames.

The space shuttle's return from space was anything but a successful one. A fault in the engine had caused the whole thing to erupt into flames as it was entering Earth's atmosphere. The three astronauts inside were panicking greatly while trying to get everything under control.

"There's nothing we can do!" one of the astronauts cried while trying to regain control of the space shuttle.

"What do we do?! We're all going to die at this rate!" another astronaut cried in panic.

"Calm down! Try to steer it towards the sea!" the third astronaut loudly said to his two companions. "That way, we won't have a rough landing, and we can also prevent casualties down below!"

"I can't! The controls aren't responding! Even the control wheel!" the first astronaut told him.

"We're gonna die! We're gonna die! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" the second astronaut screamed.

The thought of their impending doom drove the first two astronauts crazy. Despite the third astronaut's effort to calm them down, they continued to panic.

Not wanting to give up so easily, the third astronaut told the first astronaut to get off his seat so that he could take over the controls. After placing his hands on the control wheel, he noticed something moving towards them, and it was moving at a fast speed. The speeding object zoomed past them with such a speed that all they could see was a red and blue blur. Suddenly, the whole place jerked violently.

"That… That must be Superman!" the third astronaut said in surprise.

Indeed, the bringer of hope had arrived to save the day.

The most powerful superhero in the world…

The man who was basically a god…

The Man of Steel…

Superman, the greatest hero in the world, and perhaps the universe…

Grabbing the wing of the space shuttle and pulling back as hard as he could, Superman tried his best to slow down the descent rate of the space shuttle, just enough for him to be able to stop the thing from the front without damaging it. Knowing the way physics worked, he knew very well that attempting to stop the space shuttle from the front right away could result in disaster. There was no way he could keep this thing in one piece if he flew into it from the front and stopped its movement just like that, not with it moving so fast. He had to slow down the space shuttle in some way first before he could try to stop it by pushing it from the front.

His method of doing so wasn't successful, however, as the wing was torn off when he pulled it. Realizing that trying to slow down the space shuttle by pulling its wings wasn't going to work, he had to come up with another way. He suddenly came up with the idea of flying below the space shuttle and pushing it upwards to stop its descent.

Superman flew underneath the space shuttle, placed his hand against the underside of it, and pushed it upwards. While doing so, he decided to take a look at the inside to see if everything was all right in there. Using his x-ray vision, he managed to tell that the astronauts were filled with joy that he had arrived to save him, and he was glad that they were all right.

He then turned around slightly to look at the space shuttle's engine and realized that something was wrong with it. Indeed, the engine were busted and burning, but since he had skills in the field of mechanics, he could tell that things were going to turn for the worse, as it was going to explode very soon!

"I don't think I can get the space shuttle to the ground and then evacuate them in time!" he desperately said in his head.

"Superman, need a hand?" asked a familiar and friendly voice. The Man of Steel turned to the side and saw a man dressed in a suit that was composed of green and black flying alongside him, and there was green aura around him.

"Hal! You have to get the astronauts inside out of there at once!" Superman desperately told him. "I checked the engine with my x-ray vision and found out that it will explode soon! I can't get this thing to the ground in time to evacuate them!"

"You can count on me! Just don't let this thing shake too much!" Hal Jordan, a member of the Green Lantern Corp, told him. While flying alongside the space shuttle at an equally fast speed, Hal fired a scorching, green beam at its side using his ring until he created a "door".

He quickly flew inside the space shuttle using the newly created opening and then went to the cockpit, where he saw the astronauts looking at him in surprise. "Quick! Get out of here fast! This thing's gonna blow!" he told them.


The back part of the space shuttle exploded, and this caused the front part to fly off Superman's hands and spin through the sky very fast. "Oh no!" the Kryptonian gasped.

Inside the remaining part of the space shuttle, Hal and the astronauts found themselves tossed around violently, and they couldn't find the opportunity to stand properly.

Knowing that the safety of the astronauts was top priority, Hal tried his best to contain all three of them inside a green barrier, and he managed to do so when all three of them happened to "fly" close to each other.

Meanwhile, Superman flew after the space shuttle as fast as he could. The direction it was heading for was a place with several civilians, so he had to make sure it wouldn't crash there, or else lives might be lost.

When he started going after that part of the space shuttle, a part of it burst open, and Hal came out of it, bringing with him the three astronauts using the same barrier he contained them in.

"Good work!" Superman said to him as he sped by him. As the Man of Steel was getting closer and closer to the space shuttle, someone appeared next to him.

"I'll get that!" said the newcomer, a woman in a getup that reminded one of America's flag.

"Wonder Woman!" Superman said when he saw that person.

Wonder Woman went ahead of him, took out her Lasso of Truth, spun it over her head several times after forming a hoop out of it, and then threw it at the space shuttle. Thanks to the lasso's durability, it was able to catch the space shuttle without burning up. Wonder Woman was pulled forward by the space shuttle a few feet, but thanks to her strength, she managed to stop it from moving with ease. After that, she flew towards the ocean below, taking the space shuttle along with her.

"What are you doing?!" Superman loudly asked her in surprise.

The Amazon didn't respond to him and kept on flying downwards. When close to surface of the water, she swung down the lasso and dunked the space shuttle in the sea, dousing its flames completely.


A large amount of steam came up from the water as a sign of how hot the space shuttle was burning. When the steam died down a bit, Wonder Woman lifted the space shuttle back to the surface and told Superman as he flew over to her, "Figured that they may still want this, so I put out its flames."

"Smart thinking!" Superman commented. "I was planning to destroy it. Didn't think of the possibility that NASA may still want it…"

With the crisis averted, the three superheroes flew to the coast, where the civilians cheered for them, since they saw what happened from where they were. The three astronauts also thanked those three for saving them. "Thank you very much, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, for saving us!" the astronaut who remained fearless throughout the whole ordeal said to them. "We couldn't have lived through this without your help!"

"Thank you so much for saving us!" the astronaut who was originally sitting in front of the control wheel said. The remaining astronaut thanked them as well.

Having done their job, the three superheroes flew side to side through the sky, while the crowd continued to cheer for them down below.

They flew onto the top of a nearby skyscraper and looked at the things going on down below, such as the news reporters arriving at the scene and a large truck arriving to pick up the remaining part of the space shuttle.

"Thanks for dropping by to help, Hal!" Superman said to the Green Lantern corps member.

"I was returning from a space mission when I happened to see this, so I decided to lend a hand," Hal told him. "It's our job to save the day and also help each other, so you don't have to thank me."

"No, really! I'm not sure if I could've rescued those astronauts without someone helping!" Superman told him. "It's thanks to you that nobody is hurt!"

"So the most powerful superhero in the world knows his limits too, eh?" Hal said with a smile. "Glad to be of assistance!"

As they continued to look at the what was going on down there, Superman suddenly remembered something and so asked Hal and Wonder Woman, "Have you seen the news today? It has been decided by the authorities of Gotham City that the Joker is going to be executed in a week's time!"

"Yeah, saw it," Hal said with a slight nod. "About time they finally decided to do something like that! Just because he's insane doesn't mean he can get an insanity defense all the time! Look at the things he's done over the years! Guess they finally decided that enough is enough with that clown…"

"I have to agree," Wonder Woman said. "He's been a menace to not only Gotham City, but to us as well. I'm sure everyone can finally rejoice that he will soon no longer walk this world."

"The law has decided on this fairly, so I have no say in this," Superman said. "Even so, I do feel sorry for him… Everyone deserves the right to live, no matter how evil he or she is."

"A boy scout like always…" Hal commented upon hearing what he said. "He was given several chances to redeem himself, but he threw them all away. By the way, what does Batman thinks about this?"

"Haven't talked to him about this yet," Superman said to him. "I'm thinking of calling him later to ask him about this."

"Well, I'm sure he'll finally be able to sigh with relief that his crime fighting career just got a lot easier," Wonder Woman said with a smile.

The rest of the day went by normally, as normal as it was for this world.

This was a world where superheroes one could only dream of seeing comic books existed.

People with superpowers lived among normal people, interacting with them like it was everyday life. People with such powers would either use them to fight for justice or commit crimes.

One would think that a world like this was very chaotic and not safe to live in. That was partially true, because thanks to a group of very capable superheroes, the world was, for the most part, safe to live in.

The Justice League was an alliance of some of Earth's most powerful and finest superheroes. Together, they managed to keep the planet and occasionally other parts of the universe safe.

They were a group loved and praised by several people. Needless to say, they weren't popular among evildoers, who wished that they never existed. Various times had they tried to bring down the Justice League, and though some came close to succeeding, they ultimately failed in the end.

No matter what happened, the league would always prevail in the end.

The league had their headquarters located in outer space, floating within Earth's orbit. It was a giant space station known as the Watchtower.

Due to being located in space, they were able to use their teleportation technology to send people to almost every location on Earth with ease, not to mention bringing them from the planet and into itself.

It was the perfect place for detecting threats on Earth and instantly going there to resolve things. The only thing inconvenient was that it was impossible to tell whether it was daytime or nighttime in outer space without the help of a clock, so for the people working there, they could be up all night and never realize it.

Fortunately, the members of the league were kind enough to put up a large clock that showed all the different time zones of the United States of America, as almost all the members there were from that country.

It was about eleven at night when Martian Manhunter came to the navigation room and saw Cyborg reclined on a chair. "What are you doing?" the Martian asked him.

"Waiting for a TV show to start," said the African American cyborg while looking at the large computer at the front. "It's about a group of robots who work together to save the world from supervillains. You want to watch it with me?"

"Okay, since I don't have anything to do at the moment," the Martian said with a slight nod. "Must be something to watch TV using a screen like this, don't you think so?"

"My TV back home isn't as big as this, so yeah, it's definitely something!" Cyborg replied.

Suddenly, a siren went off, surprising them both. Martian Manhunter returned to Cyborg and, looking at the computer the latter was looking at, asked him, "This

siren… Is it…?"

"Yep," Cyborg replied without letting him finish his phrase. "Boom tubes… Lots of them… They're in Metropolis, Gotham City, Central City, Coast City, Star City, and more… Never seen so many of them appearing at once…"

Martian Manhunter became worried upon hearing this, and then he said, "Quick, we should let the league members living in those places know about this! This could be the beginning of a large-scaled invasion!"

Reimu slowly opened her eyes, but she remained lying on her front for a few seconds before deciding to get up. "What… What happened…?" she asked. She rubbed her eyes and then looked at her surroundings to see that it was nighttime, and Kaguya was seen lying on her front not too far away.

The shrine maiden stood up and then approached the Lunarian princess. She bent down next to her and shook her by the shoulder to wake her up, to which the princess replied, "Five more minutes, Eirin…"

"I'm not Eirin, and this surely isn't your bedroom!" Reimu said as she smacked the princess in the back of her head with the back of her index finger hard.

"Ow! What was that for?!" Kaguya angrily asked as she sat up with her hands at the back of her head. "You! The shrine maiden! Is this how you're supposed to treat a princess!? I demand an apology!"

"I treat everyone equally, so I don't care if you're a princess or a not," Reimu said to her. The princess pouted and formed her hands into fists when she heard that, but Reimu ignored her and then turned around. "What is this place? I don't remember any place in Gensokyo looking like this…"

She noticed that there were lights all over the place. She walked forward until she realized that she had come to the edge of a "cliff". She then looked at the sight before her eyes and became filled with awe.

Skyscrapers… Towering skyscrapers everywhere…

"Isn't… Isn't this the outside world…?" Reimu said in awe. "We're… We're in the outside world…?"

Kaguya walked up next to her and looked at the sight in awe as well. "Wow… I've seen pictures of the outside world before, but seeing them in person feels a lot more different! I can't believe in the outside world! I've been thinking of coming here for some time already!"

"Did that portal take us to the outside world?" Reimu wondered while looking around. "And where is everybody else? I saw a lot more people being sucked into that portal. Where are they?"

Kaguya looked around and said, "You're right… I was close to Mokou when we got pulled up the portal… I don't see her anywhere now, though…"

"Did we get separated when we got ejected here?" Reimu wondered. "Let's hope they're not far from us…"

"I'm sure we'll meet them sooner or later," Kaguya said to her. "Before that, why don't we take our time looking around the place? Coming to the outside world isn't something everyone in the outside world can do!"

"How can you want to have fun at a time like this…?" Reimu asked her. "We should think of what to do next." Then she looked the car lights moving at the bottom. "Never thought something like this would happen… Let's hope everything gets resolved fast and easily…"

With a punch to the thug's face, a man dressed like a bat managed to take down all the robbers of a nearby jewelry store. After tying them up together with a rope, he heard the sound of police cars approaching, so he quickly slipped into the night.

Making his way to the top of a building using a grappling hook, the renowned vigilante of Gotham City, Batman, looked down from where he was at the policemen taking care of the robbers and the stolen goods. Among the policemen was a reliable ally, Commissioner Jim Gordon, who noticed him up there and nodded with a smile as a way of thanking him for his job well done. The Dark Knight nodded with a stern expression, and then he turned and walked towards the other side of the building.

After using his grappling hook to get to the bottom, Batman approached his ride, the Batmobile, which was parked in an alleyway, and just as he was going to get inside it, its built-in communicator sounded. After getting seated inside the vehicle properly, Batman pressed a button to answer it. "Oracle, what is it?"

"Batman, you've received a message from the Batcomputer, but since nobody in the Batcave answered it, it was automatically transferred to me," a female voice told him from the other side. "It's from the Justice League."

"The League? What is it?" Batman asked.

"Boom tubes have appeared in various places. Metropolis, Central City, Coast City… Just to name a few…" the voice belonging to someone named Oracle replied. "There are some in Gotham City too."

"Boom tubes? Where in Gotham? How many are there?" asked the Dark Knight in a more serious tone.

"There are three in our vicinity. I'm not sure how many there are in the whole of Gotham, however…" Oracle replied.

"I'm not very far from Kings and Queens' Jewelry Store," Batman told her. "Where's the one nearest to my location?"

"The one nearest to your location is… Johnson Street," Oracle replied. "It's inside one of the alleys. Don't know if there's a specific name for that place…"

"Just give me the map," Batman told her. "All right, I'm moving out!" He started the Batmobile's engines and then drove out of the alley to head for the location Oracle told him.


Well, here it is… The story I've been building up since Shizuha's story…

I had an idea for this kind of crossover for a while already. It started off as a Touhou/Marvel crossover, but as time went by, I gradually lost interest in wanting to make that story.

Eventually, my interest shifted over to DC Comics, thanks to its well-made animations.

Once, I stumbled upon a well-made Naruto/Justice League crossover called Connecting the Dots. It was after going through and finishing that story was I inspired to make a Touhou/DC crossover.

Basically, this story is my Touhou/Marvel story idea revived. Since this story is inspired by Connecting the Dots, I admit there will be similarities to that one. Still, there will be lots of differences, so those who read that story will still want to stick around. I'm sure the experience will be very different!

While Connecting the Dots used the DCAU version of the DC universe, I am using my own interpretation of it. In order to allow more freedom in the portrayals of the DC universe and also to make up for my lack of knowledge of the comics, my interpretation of this universe is an amalgam of various DC medias and a bit of my own original elements. You will find elements from cartoons, movies, video games, etc. Even though my knowledge of the comics is limited, I will still make use of what I know from it, even if it is not much.

Also, the founding members of the Justice League here all sport their default Injustice: Gods Among Us costumes.