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Note: My Momiji DOES NOT HAVE wolf ears. In all of her official appearances outside of Oriental Sacred Place, which is either the artist's creative input or him being uninformed, she does not have them.

Chapter 46
The Massive Battle To End Them All

Suika cried loudly as jumped at the Aqualor while slamming down her fist onto her head hard. Landing in front of her, the giant oni grabbed her by the neck and then flung her to the side, leveling several buildings. When she ran towards the monster, the latter countered by swinging her tentacle at her legs to cause her to trip.

The Aqualor caught her by the horns when she fell towards her and then bit her left horn, crushing it. The oni screamed in pain and horror at what happened, and then she started to shrink in size.

"Oh no! That monster broke her horn!" gasped Marisa.

"And what's wrong with that?" asked Jon.

"Horns are oni's source of power," explained Reimu. "If they break, they will become powerless. They will grow back again, though it takes a while.

Suika shrunk back to her original size with one hand on her broken horn while crying. The Aqualor's tentacle was going to come down on top of her, but Superman sped towards her and carried her out of harm's way. "I'm sorry for the loss of your horn," Superman said to her. "I think you better get to safety first." Just then, he received a call from his communication device, so he answered it. "This is Superman. Batman! How's everything there? The cure is ready? Okay, I'm on my way! I'll bring some people over to help carry them here!"

Still with Suika in his arms, he flew into the air and said to the nearby Leaguers, "The cure is ready, and we need strong people to help carry them over! Come with me if you can do it!"

Wonder Woman and Jon decided to go with him, and after Superman told the others to hold back the Aqualor until they come back, the three of them flew in the direction of the Hall of Justice. Suika was taken along as well, since she was no longer in the condition to fight.

BGM: Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure (Youyou Kengeki Musou)

The others continued to fight the Aqualor. Iku and Tojiko flew around her while firing blasts of electricity. As the Aqualor tried to swat them out of the air, Unzan, with an electrified fist, punched her in the side of the head before proceeding to grab and zap her by the neck.

While this was happening, Hal constructed a large taser and slammed it against her waist. While the Aqualor was crying in pain, Orion fired laser beams from his Astro-Carrier at her from the front.

Enraged beyond words, the Aqualor let out a roar before swinging her tentacles all over the place blindly, but they still managed to knock some of the Leaguers and girls out of the air.

Aya avoided the tentacles as she flew towards the Aqualor, slashing her in the head with the largest wind blade she could create. "Wind Sign: Opening Wind of the Tengu Realm!"

However, she wasn't able to do anything to the Aqualor, other than agitating her. The latter was suddenly struck from above by a powerful laser beam fired by Marisa. "Star Sign: Dragon Meteor!"


As big as the laser beam was, it was only enough to push the Aqualor's head downward. After the attack ended, the monster retaliated by tilting her head upwards and then firing a huge blast of water, so Marisa got out of the way. Drops of boiling water rained back down all over the place, burning the skin of anyone they came in contact with.

"Aqualors are able to heat up water inside their body and then release them in a large amount! Be careful!" said Orion.

"We can see that already!" Black Lighting said to him.

Yuugi flew towards the monster from the side with one fist pulled back. "You dare break the horn of my best friend?! I'll break yours in order to avenge her!" she angrily said. She gave the left horn a powerful punch and caused cracks to spread across it, and then it shattered into pieces. "Ha! How'd you like that?"

The Aqualor instantly turned to her and shot water right at her, causing her to scream in pain from the temperature. The monster wasn't bothered by losing a horn at all. In fact, everyone was surprised to see the broken horn regenerating by itself at a fast speed until it was back to normal.

"They're capable of regeneration as well?!" asked Hawkman.

"They can, but I don't remember it being that fast!" replied Orion.

"It must be because of the serum," said Captain Atom. "Not only did it made her look like this, but it also increased the speed of her regenerative ability."

"How are we going to take down something like this?!" asked Hal. "As if size isn't bad enough, seemingly unlimited stamina and high-speed regeneration just have to make it worse!"

"The best we can do is to hold up against her until the others return with the cure," replied Martian Manhunter. "While electricity is most effective against her, I'm not sure if it's capable of taking her out in her current form.

"We'll just have to give her the biggest shock we can, then!" Black Lightning said as he began charging up electricity, and then he fired a powerful blast at the Aqualor, causing her to cry in pain.

The monster roared in anger as she lunged in the direction of the electric-powered superhero. He quickly moved out of the way, and the monster turned to him while swinging her arm at him, knocking him back through the air.

Martian Manhunter grew to a size close to hers and then caught her by the neck to catch her in a headlock position. "I don't know if you can understand me, but do not make things harder than it is, for we are trying to change you back to normal and then send you back home!" Martian Manhunter told her.

The monster didn't understand what he was saying, however. She struggled violently for a while before managing to pry his hands off her neck, and then she spun around to punch him away hard. Martian Manhunter then used his Martian Vision against her. Other than making her head pull back a bit, the Aqualor didn't suffer much and then retaliated by firing water at him, and he avoided it by becoming intangible to let it pass through him harmlessly.

The Aqualor then used four of her tentacles to catch the Martian by various parts of his body, only for him to escape using the same method. He then threw a powerful punch to her head that sent her falling onto several buildings, crushing them.


All those who were able to use projectiles used this opportunity to bombard the Aqualor from above nonstop to try to not give her the chance to get back up. Despite getting blasted by several kinds of projectiles, including electrical ones, the Aqualor was still able to retaliate by shooting water into the air, and the water drops afterwards were unavoidable to most, though it was pretty much harmless.

The monster got back up again, and shortly after she did so, she got stabbed in the back by a large syringe that made her cry in pain. Superman flew to the syringe immediately afterwards and pressed the plunger to inject the cure into her body.

Wonder Woman arrived afterwards and threw the syringe at the side of her body and then quickly pressed the plunger as well.

Jon showed up afterwards, using his ring to carry three syringes inside a large box construct. "Sorry if we arrived late," he said as he changed the construct into missile batteries that fired the syringes at the front of her body one by one.

Batman arrived on his Batplane, carrying with him a syringe below it. After getting close to the monster to fire the syringe at the front part of her body, the Aqualor swung one of her tentacles at the plane and caused it to go spinning. Batman tried to regain control of the plane, but one of the wings was damaged from getting hit, so he was having a hard time doing so.

Flying to the Batplane at a fast speed, Aya went underneath the plane and caught it from below, carrying it into the air. She flew to an undamaged building and placed it onto the roof. "Are you all right?" she asked the Dark Knight when the cockpit opened.

"I'm fine," replied Batman. "Thanks for the help."

With the cures injected into the Aqualor, the monster cried in pain and thrashed around. While not very obvious, one could see that she was starting to shrink in size.

In a last ditch attempt to take down her attackers, the Aqualor moved in their direction to swat them out of the air. They avoided all her attacks, including the water-shooting, and then Marisa pointed her hakkero at her while saying, "Accept your defeat already-ze! "Magicannon: Final Spark!"

With the help of a spell card placed behind the hakkero, the witch channeled a large amount of energy into the aforementioned objects to fire a laser beam larger than Master Spark at the Aqualor from an angle, pushing the monster onto the pavement and basically crushing her against it.


BGM Ends

By the time the laser beam was gone, the Aqualor was at a much smaller size and seemingly unconscious on the pavement. Everyone came down to the same level as her and slowly approached her cautiously.

"Is she still alive?" asked Captain Atom.

"I can still hear her heartbeat," replied Superman.

BGM: X, the Floating Objects in the Sky (Touhou 12.3: Unthinkable Natural Law)

Suddenly, there was a growl coming from the Aqualor, making them all get into defensive stances. The Aqualor slowly turned over to get back up and then leaned on her fists while glaring at them. "Why isn't she changing back to normal completely?!" asked Hawkman.

"It's probably slower due to the large amount of serums she took," explained Batman. "We'll continue to hold her back until she changes back to normal completely."

The Aqualor was breathing heavily as she tried to get close to the Leaguers and the girls. The monster let out a roar in an attempt to intimidate them, and then she swung one of her tentacles at them, but they all got out of the way.

"If you're not going to go down quietly, then don't blame me!" said Reimu as she flew towards her with a spell card in her hand. Landing very close to the front of the Aqualor, she raised the spell card as high as she could before slapping it onto the pavement hard. "Divine Arts: Omnidirectional Demon-Binding Circle!"

The card glowed with pink light, and then it created a large pillar of light that engulfed both the shrine maiden and the Aqualor, but only the latter was harmed by it.


"Whoa!" commented Superman while he and everyone else covered their eyes due to the blinding light.

BGM Ends

When the pillar of light finally disappeared, Reimu stood up from a slightly crouched position while picking up the spell card. In front of her was the Aqualor, back in her original form and also charred and unconscious.

"Regretting your decision now?" Reimu asked the monster with her hands on her hips.



A world that has attained absolute justice

One where there is eternal peace

One where one does not have to live in fear of crime

One where evildoers will pay for their crimes

One where evildoers will not get a second chance

Where they do not live to see the next second the moment they are caught

Someone will pay with his life if the law is broken

A world where justice is absolute…


"And that is why… I need you people's help in bringing Eiki's reign to an end… once and for all!" said Reimu.