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Final Chapter
Justice Wherever You Go

After the Aqualor was changed back to normal and defeated, Orion called for some of his people from New Genesis to come over via a boom tube to help restrain the fish-like monster. They arrived not very long afterwards with equipments necessary for getting the job done. In no time, the Aqualor was strapped onto a metal board with thrusters underneath to allow it to fly.

"Thanks a lot for your help!" Orion said to the Leaguers.

"You should also thank these girls," Superman told him. "It was with their help that we managed to bring down the Aqualor!"

Orion turned to the girls and said to them, "Thanks a lot for the help! I'm also sorry that our people's invention caused you a lot of trouble. I hope you'll forgive us for all this…"

Superman translated what Orion said to the girls, and then Reimu said to the latter, "It's all right. All those problems have been resolved. We also know how to get back home as well, so there is no need to feel guilty and apologize anymore."

"I'm glad you're willing to overlook this! We'll make sure that whatever we create won't cause you trouble again! Hope you're able to make it back home soon!" said Orion after Superman translated what she said to him.

After saying good-bye to each other, Orion left with his people and the Aqualor through the boom tube, which closed afterwards.

Superman then turned to face everyone else and said, "Good work, all of you! The damage caused to Metropolis may be big, but we still prevailed in the end! Metropolis is a city that will always stand no matter what happens, so it will definitely be rebuilt again! Don't let something like this bring down your spirits! We've managed to work together to defeat a powerful threat, so we should celebrate!"

He then approached the girls and said to them, "Thank you very much for all your help! It doesn't matter whether or not your presence here made a difference, you still managed to prove yourselves to be a great help to us all! You are all heroines as well!"

"Solving incidents isn't something new to us, but this is the first time I actually feel satisfied doing so!" said Marisa. "Guess it's because we don't really get lots of praise from people for resolving incidents back in our world…"

"Well, then you've earned the praise of the people here!" said Superman as he turned to look at a large crowd gathering at the scene.

The surviving citizens of Metropolis who went into hiding when the Aqualor attacked had returned after learning that the monster was defeated. They gave the heroes and heroines a round of applause and praised them nonstop, thanking them for saving them.

"Wow! It really does feel good to get praised!" said Aya with a happy look.

"I guess so," Reimu said with a light smile.

The next day, all the girls from Gensokyo were gathered together in front of the Hall of Justice, and standing before them were most of the members of the Justice League.

"Is this really all of us?" asked Suwako.

"According to the device Rikako and I built, it seems so," replied Cyborg. "Other than objects and animals from your world that also got pulled here, there doesn't seem to be any more people from your world."

"In case we find anyone, we will find a way to send them back," said Superman. "We'll continue to work on the machine for going to other dimensions."

"Maybe I can come by here again to see if there is anyone missing, though honestly saying, I'd rather not, because going to different dimensions is no easy task, even for me…" said Yukari.

Reimu turned to her and asked, "What do you mean?"

"If it's traveling between places in one world, it's an easy task, because everything takes place in the same universe, but different universes have large distances between them, so traveling between them takes a while, and it's even possible to get lost in the space between dimensions as a result," explained Yukari. "Even if it's possible for me to travel between this world and ours, the time it may take and the possibility of not being able to find my way around are off-putting, so I'd rather not take this trip…"

"Are you saying that we may not be able to make it back to our world?!" Marisa asked her.

"I didn't say we can't, just that it may take a while," Yukari told her. "Considering that I was sent to this world forcefully without the chance to find my way here by myself, I'm afraid that it's not going to be an easy task going back to Gensokyo…"

"Actually, that can be resolved," said Rikako as she approached Yukari with what appeared to be a GPS in her hand. "Using this device, we can find our way around the space between dimensions and not get lost trying to find our way back to Gensokyo. The distance thing is true, however…"

"Wow, you really did think of everything!" Yukari said in slight surprise. "Either way, I'd like to avoid coming back here as much as possible. Even though I've went to other universes before, I never get myself involved with anything happening there. Every universe should abide to its own laws without being interfered by those from unrelated universes, so dimension-crossing isn't something I recommend doing."

"You have a point," said Batman. "Each universe should probably be left alone and not interfered with by people of other universes. Complications may arise because of crossing between universes."

"Well, then I guess we will never be seeing each other again," Reimu said to the Leaguers.

"We'll gladly welcome you if you ever feel like coming back here for a visit!" Superman told her.

"It's all right," Reimu said to him. "Like Yukari said, each universe should stick to itself and not interfere with the businesses of other universes."

Both sides said good-bye to each other. When they were done, Yukari created a gap that was big enough for three people to go through side by side at once. The residents of Gensokyo happily went into the gap, knowing that they would finally be able to get back home.

Reimu, Marisa, and Yukari were the last ones to go inside. The former two looked at the Justice League, especially the eight founding members, and the witch said to them, "Well, it was nice to know you people! So long-ze!"

"Hope you people continue to take good care of this world," Reimu said to them. "I may not have the strongest sense of justice in the world nor do I care much about being a hero, but it's good to know that there is a dedicated group of people out there who is willing to use their powers and give all they've got to bring peace to the world!"

"I hope you continue to watch over your own world as well!" Superman told her. "It doesn't matter whether or not your actions earn the praise of people, what's important is that you do what you think is right and ensure the safety and peace of the innocent. The feeling of satisfaction from doing something good is the best reward one can have!"

"You have a point there," said the shrine maiden.

They said good-bye to each other one last time, and then the three girls went into the gap. Yukari went in last, and after she did so, she closed it.

The Leaguers looked at where the gap used to be in silence for a few seconds, and then the Flash said, "They're gone…"

"I hope they make it back safely!" said Wonder Woman.

"I'm sure they will," said Superman with a smile. "They definitely will!"

BGM: Dancing Wind Tale-teller
(remix of Legendary Wonderland by Seventh-Heaven MAXION)


Story Inspiration
Connecting the Dots
by Afalstein

Touhou belongs to ZUN and Team Shanghai Alice. All the DC characters belong to DC Comics.

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BGM Ends

"Welcome back to Gensokyo, all three of you!" Kana happily shouted while pulling on the string of a party noisemaker, causing confetti to fly out.

On the night of the girls' return, a party took place in the Hakurei Shrine among those who lived there, but outsiders like Marisa and Kana also participated. The latter said she stayed at the shrine during Reimu's absence and felt like continuing to hang around even though she was back.

"It sure feels great to be back!" said Marisa happily. "I've never been outside of Gensokyo for so long before!"

"I hope you had a fun time there, Lady Reimu!" Genji said to the shrine maiden. "It's good to see that you came back safe and sound! We were all worried about you!"

"Would you mind telling us what happened there, Mistress?" Ruukoto asked Reimu. "I would like to hear about your adventures!"

"I think Aya's going to print out most or everything in the newspaper tomorrow," said Reimu. "You can just read about it tomorrow."

"Where's the fun in reading when you can say it out loud for all to hear right now? It's more exciting that way!" said Marisa, and then she clapped her hands over her head. "All right! Gather around if you want to hear me tell you all an awesome story!"

Elsewhere in Gensokyo, most or all of the returning girls were celebrating as well, some of them in large numbers and some of them in small groups.

Seija was one of the few who didn't celebrate, as she was thrown into the Human Village's rebuilt police station's prison when they came back.

According to Kotohime, all of the prisoners escaped after the invasion of the Cybroxes, but some of them were recaptured and put back into prison when the police station was rebuilt.

However, that was not a concern currently, as there was no news about escaped convicts, such as Medicine, causing trouble yet.

For now, it was the time for the girls who returned from the alternate universe where superheroes exist to get their well-deserved rest.





Not only is this story finished, but the series of stories connected to each other and finally leading to this one has finally come to an end! It's good to know that most of you enjoyed this story! I hope you had a fun time reading all this!

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Until the next story!

God bless you all!


The following story is a part of my Touhou series, meaning it takes place in the same continuity as this story and the ones before it, including Evil by Nature and Deep, Dark Dangers.


People have always sought peace

Reimu and Marisa looked at their surroundings in confusion. "The outside world…?" asked the former.

Now they have finally obtained it

"Finally decided to show yourself after years of hiding, eh?" Hatate asked the two.

"Hiding? What are you talking about? When were we ever in hiding?!" asked Marisa in confusion.

But at what cost?

"Where are you taking us?" Reimu asked the rokurokubi.

"Someone who will answer all your questions," the latter answered.


"Hello! Welcome to the Resistance Base!" said a female, computerized voice from nowhere. "Would you like to have some coffee?"

Hearing the voice, the two girls looked around in confusion for the source. "Who's speaking just now?" asked Reimu.

"Is it just me, or does that voice sound a bit like Yukari's?" asked Marisa.


Reimu and Marisa stared with eyes wide open at the two women standing in front of them. "Is… Is that me… and… you…?" asked Marisa in disbelief.

"In a way… yes…" replied the woman who looked just like Marisa, except a bit older.


"You are in a parallel universe," the older Reimu explained to the four girls. "It means a world that contains, for the most part, the same people and locations as another one, but there are differences that may either be big or small. The difference between our world and your world is, as you can see, really big."


"Unlike your world, demons, deities, and everything supernatural coexist with normal humans and their society," explained the older Reimu. "So unlike your Gensokyo, ours is not isolated and hidden from the rest of the world."


"Ten cities were destroyed that day… An uncountable number of lives were lost…" said the older Reimu with sadness in her voice. "The world has never seen such a horrifying tragedy… It was the worst thing to have happened in the history of the world…"

"I… I can't believe it…!" said Youmu with a look of shock.

"Your Seija… really did that…?!" asked Sanae in disbelief.

"Ever since that day, Eiki became an entirely different person…" said the older Reimu. "No longer is she the benevolent judge and law enforcer people knew… She became, you can say, the dictator of absolute justice… She sees everything completely in black and white ever since…"


"Lawbreakers of all kinds are executed on spot… There is no trial, mercy, or prison for them… Even the smallest violation is treated with capital punishment… For example: picking flowers you're not supposed to pick," said the older Reimu.

"You can get executed just for that?!" Marisa asked in shock.


"People who oppose her are also treated as lawbreakers and are therefore executed," said the older Reimu. "Some of the people I know were killed by Eiki because of this. You should know them, because they also exist in your world."

"Who?" asked Reimu.

"Kanako, Byakuren, Yuyuko, and Yukari," replied the other Reimu.


"Are we the only ones in this together?" asked Marisa. "Aren't there any more members?"

Suddenly, the door to the room opened, and a person stepped in. "Here's another one," said the person, Miko.


While clashing blades with her parallel self, Youmu angrily said to her, "Mistress Yuyuko took good care of you and treated you with love, and you betrayed her?! Is that how you repay someone's kindness?!"


"And that is why… I need you people's help in bringing Eiki's reign to an end… once and for all!" said Reimu.


Reimu flew as fast as she could to escape the energy balls fired from the arm cannon of an avian-like robot with a large red eye in front of its chest.


Parallel Reimu quickly steered to the right at the last moment so that the missile went past the truck and struck a car parking near the sidewalk, blowing it up.


"Tell us before you do that, will ya?!" Marisa angrily said to her.


"I want you to find those duplicates… and bring them to me!" Eiki said to her subordinates in an intimidating tone.

Two different kinds of justice collide

Only one will prevail…


Coming soon…