Chapter 1

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This is a semi Buffy Angel crossover story that is posted in the Angel section because the focus is on the LA gang rather than the Scobbies. This starts at Dead Things in the Buffy time line and about the same approximant time in the Angel except Darla hasn't shown up pregnant yet. As far as Angel knows her and Drusilla are still out there. They are more likely that not going to come into play later in this story but not right now. The focus on this story is going to be Spike and Angel's relationship as to what form that relationship will take you will just have to wait and see. I know there are stories like this out their some of which I have read I will try and make this one as different as possible. Also:

Giles never left Sunnydale

After finding out that she tore Buffy out of heaven and not hell Willow laid of the magic and she and Tara are still together.

Buffy's attack on Spike in Dead Things was more of a whole body attack rather than just his face, and as you will see in future chapters it was a bit more vicious, and their relationship up to this point was slightly more unhealthy than it was on the show but not by much.

Fred and Gunn aren't dating yet.

Cordelia is part demon.

Spike and Angel may be slightly OOC

According to my plan this story is going to be a maximum of 35 chapters. I have so far written 17 and am currently in the process of writing the eighteenth. I will publish the next chapter Monday Night If I get enough interest. If this story doesn't get much interested then I will update it Wednesday night instead.

It is a standard night for the Angel Investigation team; they finished a case involving a friendly demon becoming a menace to the local human residents which they encouraged to move on. They have just returned to the Hyperion Hotel when Cordelia gets a vision. Due to his fast reflexes Angel catches Cordelia as she falls. Before she can hit the floor.

"What did you see?" Wesley asks Cordelia when she opens her eyes after the vision.

"Spike." She says to the surprise of everyone.

"Spike?" Angel says shocked "Who is he hurting? What is he up to?" Angel asks angrily.

"No one." Cordelia says as she sits on the nearby couch with help from Angel.

"What do you mean? Why did you get a vision of Spike?" Wesley asks confused.

"Who's Spike?" Fred asks Gunn confused who just shrugs.

"Family." Angel says simply "What did you see then?"

"He was being beaten but he wasn't fighting back." Cordelia tells her boss.

"What? Are you sure it was Spike? He always fights back." Angel says sounding more surprised than he did when he found out his Chide was the subject of Cordelia's vision.

"I'm positive. He was being attacked, no beaten to a bloody pulp is a better way to describe it, and he was doing nothing." Cordelia tells Angel as she accepts a drink of water from Fred, before turning to look at Angel directly in the eyes "It was Buffy Angel. Buffy was the one who was beating him and not in the you're a vampire I'm going to kill you way. This was to cause him the most pain she could. It was vicious, and she left him. She left him in that alley and he's going to die." Cordelia tells her friend.

"Why would Buffy do that?" Wesley asks confused and surprised

"I don't know." Cordelia says shrugging. "But afterwards it was like she felt disgusted by herself. That she was a monster for hurting him. She felt guilty for what she had done." Cordelia explains.

"Why would she feel guilty for hurting an evil vampire?" Wesley asks confused and Cordelia shrugs in response.

"What do you mean he's going to die?" Angel asks as while he is shocked that it was Buffy who hurt Spike and he knows that what both Wesley and Cordelia said is going to have to be explained. He can't get past the mention that Spike, his Childe, is going to die.

"She left him in that Alley. I'm not sure exactly how badly hurt he is, but I know that it's bad. He can't move himself to shelter. When the sun rises he gets fried." Cordelia explains.

At Cordelia's words Angel quickly looks at his watch, "Three hours to sun up." He says before rushing into the office to grab his keys.

"What alley in Sunnydale is he in?" Angel asks Cordelia when he returns to the Lobby.

"The one by the police station. Are you going to save him?" Cordelia asks surprised as she thought Angel hated Spike, especially after what he did to him when he was in LA last time.

"I have to. I've abandoned him to many times I am not leaving my Childe to die in an alley like that. I won't." Angel says before rushing out of the hotel.

"I thought Giles said that Drusilla sired Spike." Cordelia says looking at Wesley.

"There is some debate about that." Wesley explains "Some sources say that it was Drusilla others say that it was Angelus. No one is really sure." Wesley tells her. "Speaking of Giles do you think we should warn him?"

"After the way Angel tore out of here to save Spike of all things, after Buffy beat him up. I'm going to go with no." Cordelia tells Wesley.

"So when Angel said he's family he meant part of his vampire family, right?" Gunn asks Cordelia and Wesley.

"Come into the office it's a long story." Wesley tells Gunn and Fred.

Almost two hours after being beaten by Buffy, almost an hour since Cordelia received her vision, Spike is still lying in the alley. He attempted to move himself to a place where there was shelter to protect himself from the sun, but he was unable to as even though he can't be positive he is pretty sure his legs are broken. He is lying in the alley just waiting for the sun to rise to meet his death when he hears a voice he never expected to hear.

"SPIKE." Angel yells running down the alley to the fallen Vampire.

"Peaches?" Spike says in complete shock "What are you doing here? Oh I know wanted to see the good work your girlfriend did, maybe finish it, and congratulate her." Spike says bitterly and with clear difficulty.

"Cordelia had a vision of what happed; she said that you didn't fight back. If that's what happened then I wouldn't congratulate her." Angel says angrily trying to take in all of Spike's injuries.

"I didn't. Couldn't hurt her. Needed to work out her monsters she did." Spike tells Angel who is shocked at his words.

"Not going to be awake for much longer Sire, and the suns coming." Spike tells Angel and at his words it becomes clear to Angel that Spike expects to die, because, it has been a long time since he called Angel sire like that, with affection. Not the bitter way he said it when he found out he has a soul on parents' night.

"I know. That's why I'm here to get you to safety." Angel responds but before Spike can say another word a yell of "SPIKE" and "GET AWAY FROM HIM." followed by the sounds of five people running towards the two vampires.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?" Dawn asks Angel hysterically.

"Angel didn't do this Nibblet. He's here to help." Spike tells the Summers' teen.

"He didn't?" Dawn says surprised as Willow and Xander say "He is." Just as shocked.

"Cordelia had a vision." Angel explains.

"Cordelia has visions now?" Xander says surprised.

"But I'm still trying to figure out why. Why would the powers that be want me to help an Evil vampire?" Angel asks confused.

"Gee thanks." Spike says sarcastically.

"Spike's not evil." Dawn tells Angel sounding angry at the mere accusation.

"What?" Angel asks completely shocked.

"She's right. He hasn't killed or fed on a human in what, Two years?" Willow asks, Tara, Xander and Anya who nod.

"You haven't?" Angel asks Spike surprised.

"What can I say; you're not the only one who's changed." Spike tells Angel, his eyes drifting open and close.

"What happened?" Angel asks directing his question to Willow, Xander, Tara and Anya as he realises how hard it is for Spike to speak and doesn't want to make it harder.

"The initiative put a chip in his brain; if he hurts or even thinks about hurting a human he gets zapped. He's been helping us fight even ever since. Well apart from his whole suicidal phase and when he was obsessed with getting the chip out." Willow explains.

"What happened Dead boy? Bite of more than you could chew?" Xander asks Spike interested.

"Sod Off Harris."

Angle frowns at the suicidal phase comment. He doesn't say anything but makes a note to talk to Spike about it at some point "Buffy knew he couldn't fight back and she still did this." Angel says angrily not understand why she would, when from what Willow has said he has helped her in the last few years, which explains why the powers sent Cordelia the vision. They wouldn't want to lose someone with as much power and skill as Spike if he was fighting for the side of good, and they wouldn't have sent the vision at all if Spike wasn't going to do good things on the side of the good.

"Buffy did this." Willow, Tara, Anya and Dawn say in shock.

"You're lying. Buffy wouldn't." Xander says angrily.

"How could she?" Dawn asks both angrily and upset.

"Don't be mad at big sis Bit. She had some demons to work out." Spike tells the teenager.

"Don't be mad? Look at what she did to you. She knew you couldn't fight back and she used you as a punching bag." Dawn says upset looking like she is about to cry.

"Don't…cry…Bit." Spike tells the young girl.

"Why didn't you fight back?" Tara's timid voice asks "She told me that your chip doesn't work on her since she came back. Why didn't you stop her?" Tara asks confused.

"WHAT?" Xander, Willow, Tara and Dawn say all four of them being shocked that Spike's chip doesn't work on Buffy.

"Couldn't…. didn't feel right…." Spike says before losing consciousness.

"DAM IT." Angel says angry at himself that he was so caught up in finding out what happened in the last few years that he allowed himself to forget how badly Spike was hurt. "I'm guessing he lives in the mansion on Crawford Street." Angel says to the others.

"No. He lives in his crypt." Dawn tells Angel as he picks up the injured Vampire.

"Spike lives in a crypt." Angel says shocked with a hint of disapproval which Dawn picks up on.

"Hey, it's a nice crypt. Spike has got electricity and it's real homely. So none of that." Dawn tells Angel angrily.

"How do you know that?" Angel asks interested.

"Coz I've been there duh. I spent a lot of time there with Spike this summer. He looked after me." Dawn explains. No one besides Angel being shocked at that revelation because they already knew.

"The suns going to be up soon, we've got to get going. I'm going to take him to the Mansion. Tell Buffy that as soon as Spike is healed enough to travel he is coming back to LA with me, and that until then she is to stay away from us." Angel says angrily to the group, and for one of the few times since becoming Angel after he was Angelus Willow and Xander are scared of him, as he exits the alley but before he does he pauses to talk to Anya.

"Anyanka; Good to see you again." Angel tells her.

"You two Angelus." Anya responds with a pleasant smile.

"How would you feel about giving the three of them as well as Buffy and Giles a history lesson?" Angel asks curious.

"That it was well overdue." Anya tells him.

Angel smiles back at her then leaves but once again he has to pause as Dawn comes running after him "Can I visit him before you go, Angel? Anya, Willow and Tara two? We care about him, please?" Dawn asks.

"Hey! What about me?" Xander objects the only reason being that he knew that Angel would have picked up on his name not being mentioned in the list.

"Like you care; You were fine being nice to Spike, even friends, all summer but the second Buffy came back it's like you forgot that the summer even happened, and you went back to treating him like crap." Dawn tells Xander angrily.

"I'll ask Spike, and I'll let you know Dawn. It will be up to him." Angel tells the young girl as he leaves to make his way to the mansion.

"Let's get to the magic box." Willow suggests and the others nod.