Morsmordre infatuation

Chapter 1

Hermione clutched her head as she doubled over in pain, her bare knees were scraping against the cold cobble steps as her thoughts were frantic and disoriented as she squandered through the past few hours, except-there was nothing there, she couldn't remember anything. She got up off the floor and immediately knew where she was. She sighed in relief as she saw the unmistakable castle of Hogwarts. As she ran towards the castle she tried fragmenting her thoughts-she knew what her name was but other than that it felt like blank spots were filled in everywhere, like how did she get outside Hogwarts? She brushed her long golden-brown locks out of her face before taking the few steps leading towards the huge double doors. They opened for her almost instantly and she sighed in relief, the icy wind had penetrated through her hazy mind making her shiver, she was not dressed for this.

She stood still for a moment still panting from the exertion from running -once she caught her breath she glanced up at the huge bronze clock written in roman numerals. It was half past eight; if she hurried she could make it to the eating hall and-what? Do what exactly? She stopped dead in her tracks and clutched her head again squeezing her brown eyes shut trying to remember-something-anything!

"What are you doing here?" demanded a very male voice from down the passage to her right, Hermione's head whipped up to glare at the person interrupting her 'amnesia recovery session' when she immediately fell silent.

Tom was doing his nightly rounds when he spotted a girl whom he presumed was a student standing in the reception of the castle. When he was about ten feet away from the girl he demanded what she was doing here, her head lifted to look at him and he's breath hitched slightly.

The girl was beautiful, her golden-brown hair fell in large curls over her shoulders reaching to her waist, her light brown eyes were tinged with flecks of green but he frowned as he saw her attire which was a simple yellow sun dress that was torn and dirty.

"I asked you a question" said tom after recovering from the initial shock.

"I…don't know?" it came out more of a question

Tom cocked his head to the side considering the enigma in front of him, she looked confused and…lost?

"What do you mean you don't know?"

Hermione could feel her temperature rising at her frustration for not being able to remember anything.

Her lip started quivering as she looked around the huge room, so cold lifeless with its white tiles and white walls.

Tom approached her cautiously; she seemed on the verge of tears 'maybe she was hurt?'

"Are you hurt?" he asked calmly

Hermione glanced down at her knees that had ragged little scratches "n-no" she stuttered

"What's your name?" he asked not remembering ever seeing her around had he come to think of it, he would definitely have remembered her.

Hermione fisted a handful of her dress trying to remember her surname "Hermione…gra-granger?" she nodded her head when granger sounded right, familiar?

Tom had two options, he could send her on her merry way to Dumbledore or he could sate his own curiosity and find out for himself what was exactly wrong with her.

He took three steps towards her until they were a breath apart, Hermione was about to step back when he placed his hands on her shoulders and whispered "legilimens" he immediately delved into her mind.

As he flipped through her thoughts and emotions as only a master at legilimency can, he was surprised by two things that he found, the first was that she was brilliant, her mind was like a dictionary with perplexed thoughts and spells that she a mere teenager shouldn't know but the second more disturbing notion was the fact that he couldn't come up with any solid information about her or her past or how she got transfixed in this state of memory loss.

He slipped out her mind taking a half step back, he instantly noticed her flushed cheeks and her irregular breaths luring his eyes down to the tops of her breasts.

Hermione was still reeling from what ever happened when she noticed where his gaze drifted and shoved him back aggressively, he let go of her as if she had burned him.

"Come with me" was all he said before turning around and stalking down the hall haughtily. Hermione rolled her eyes and stifled a rude comment but followed any way.

He decided to take her to the headmaster instead of professor Dumbledore.

Tom led her up the spiral marble stair case leading to headmaster Dippet's office.

"Ah! Mr riddle! How splendid to see you! You've been well I hope? And who's that behind you?" asked a well-aged man with black-grey hair and dark green eyes sitting behind a desk in the centre of the room with stacks of paper and interesting little objects scattered about the mahogany table .

Tom inclined his head slightly "evening headmaster, I have been well thank you, I seem to have run into a little problem whilst doing my nightly rounds, it seems as though she-" tom waved a hand at Hermione "has no occurrence or recollection of how she got here, she does, how-ever remember her name"

Headmaster Dippet immediately jumped up from his chair and strode over to Hermione inspecting her with searching eyes "I've never seen you here before, do you know where you come from?" he asked

Hermione felt like screaming she hated this feeling of vulnerability of not knowing where she came from…were her parents alive? Did she have any sisters or brothers? Was someone searching for her at this very moment?

She silently shook her head.

The headmaster tapped his chin thoughtfully "what do you remember?" he asked

"I…my name's Hermione granger and I…I'm seventeen" she replied.

It seemed as if he was waiting for more but when he noticed she wasn't going to continue his eyebrows drew together in thought.

"very well miss Granger, I will inform the ministry of this, I'm sure we can extract your identification details from the department of home affairs, for now you will be sorted into a house and continue study's as it might take a while for the ministry to get back with information, luckily school has just started for the new year" he picked up an old hat and motioned to Hermione to sit on the chair the hat was resting upon.

"Mm a tough one here" said a scratchy voice, Hermione jumped a little when she heard the hat on her head speak "mmm yes indeed, which shall it be? Gryffindor? No no that wount do. Ravenclaw? Yes yes she has the intellect but no, not quite right perhaps slytherin? Much to accomplish there yes indeed a lot of potential' there, slytherin it is!" exclaimed the hat in an exasperated tone as if it had never thought thit hard in all its existence.

The headmaster regarded her strangely as he retrieved the hat from her head.

"Tom here will show you where your dorm is" he then looked at Tom "give her the open one next to miss Hannibal" he swiftly turned around and strode over to his desk retrieving a quill, ink and a piece of parchment.

Tom had been very silent during the whole ordeal.

This resulted in Hermione feeling uneasy, leaving her head in a dizzying spin as he led her towards the dungeons where the slytherins resided.

Tom's glanced at the girl next to him trying to keep up with his swift pace, she really was a complex puzzle, and he loved solving puzzles.

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