Morsmordre infatuation

Chapter 3

Hermione just caught the sight of his robe disappearing around a corner as she exited the great hall, thunder resounded outside in the distance.

The dimly lit corridor removed some of the tenseness from his neck, stopping abruptly a slow smile etched onto his face "ah my little friend what have you been up to?" asked tom the little green garden snake slithering out from behind the statue of Helga.

Tom kneeled down and let the snake twirl around his wrist affectionately, he was so distracted by the snake he didn't notice Hermione bend down next to him "wow" she exhaled.

Tom tensed as a reflex, glancing at Hermione's expression, what he saw made him relax "would you like to touch him?" he asked softly. Hermione bit her lip and peered up at him with big hazel eyes before nodding "don't be afraid-" "I'm not" interrupted Hermione. Tom smirked "of course not, my apology" Hermione playfully rolled her eyes "now are you going to let me touch the snake or not?"

The snake slithered between Hermione's fingers unbeknownst to her it was whispering approval.

Tom cocked his head to the side, Hermione looked up at him and met his intense dark eyes, gods he was handsome. From this close she could see a thin scar across his top lip ending just short of his chin; it was so thin you could hardly see it, before the action registered in her mind she traced the scar across his cold lips.

Tom's eyes widened, the thought that she saw a weakness should have enraged him but has her hot finger tips trailed across his lips and down his chin leaving a trail of fire he felt anything but anger he leaned into her touch reflexively but pulled back immediately, what was she doing to him? Tom riddle never sought out human contact; in fact he made an effort to avoid any physical contact.

Hermione flushed in embarrassment and quickly got up "I have to go I just remembered I had to…" she didn't even finish her sentence before she was walking down the corridor in a hurry after many turns and going up a flight of stairs Hermione leaned against the wall and let out a huff of breath, that was when she registered the movement on her wrist. She had forgotten about the snake! Another wave of embarrassment swept over her, she practically ran away with his familiar and now she had to return it to him…oh did the embarrassment never end?

Hermione's stomach growled as she made her way back to her dorm, "odenbare" and the wall disappeared. Lazily she stroked the snake as she made her way to tom's room. She knocked twice but wasn't surprised that he wasn't there she looked down at the snake and she petted it affectionately "looks like it's you and me buster"

Once back in her room she got a house elf to bring her a plate of food and strips of meat for the snake. As they finished eating Hannah came into the room "so roomie did you get a taste of his lollipop if you know what i mean" asked Hannah wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Hermione half gaped half giggled "hardly but I did kidnap his pet"

Hannah pouted "why didn't you kidnap him instead?"

Hermione genuinely laughed "I thought his snake was cuter" the mirth still evident in her voice.

Tom walked down the narrow corridor the cold granite floor echoing as he briskly walked down the passage he whispered in parseltongue and walked through the door to the huge chamber, he wondered what Hermione would think of this place, would she think it beautiful? Or cold and creepy? What would she think about the creature that lurked here? he shook his head and tried to ban the thoughts that kept reappearing along with the memory of the feel of her hot fingertips trailing down his lips… or the way she looked at him with her beautiful hazel eyes-he cursed this could not be happening to him. He thought he had lost the ability to love the day he split his soul in two…but no it wasn't love he was feeling towards Hermione, possessiveness perhaps? Absolutely.

Hermione sat down at her usual spot in the great hall for breakfast "good morning Hermione" said a rich deep voice, Hermione glanced up and smiled crookedly "good morning" Tom sat down and started gathering food onto his plate when Hermione said "I'm sure someone has missed you" Hermione pulled back her robe to show the little green snake curled happily around her wrist.

Tom looked at the snake then slowly back at her, a smile tugging at the corners of his thin lips "I trust you two had a good time?" Hermione decided to humour him "oh yes we had tea parties and everything" he chuckled "nox" he whispered and the little green snake slithered from Hermione toward Tom "nox is his name?" Tom nodded silently whilst stroking the snakes head.

"Ready for class Hermione?" he asked after they ate breakfast she nodded and said good bye to Hannah before following him out the hall. "We have care of magical creatures" he said, Hermione nodded feeling slightly nervous, why was she feeling nervous?

Tom tugged her into an alcove and dropped their bags carelessly to the floor before turning towards her backing her up against the wall an inch between them "tom?" she couldn't believe that was her voice it was way too husky. He lightly grazed his thumb across her lips "I've wanted to do this for a while" he moved closer pushing her against the wall "you should know I've never done this" he whispered into her ear making her shiver.

He pressed his lips against hers igniting a spark in his long dead heart. Hermione closed her eyes and moaned "this" he said between kisses. Hermione rested her hands on his shoulders pulling him closer so there was no space between them.

"Gods tom…" she whispered her hands moving of their own will across his body "what are you doing to me witch?" he groaned nibbling his way down her jaw their movements were choppy and somewhat desperate as they clawed at each other trying to get closer.

"shh love some ones coming" he said breathlessly pressing his thumb against her lips to silence her he pressed her into the corner-out of sight from the corridor. Two students walked by gossiping incessantly, tom stepped back from Hermione and fastened the buttons he had managed to open, once they were back in an orderly state Tom smirked "were already late for class might as well skip it" Hermione gaped "not everybody gets flawless marks without studying" "come on, I'll give you extra tutoring" he said, Hermione laughed.

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