As they came to the room being used by the Committee, Wednesday was greeted by some of the ranking Admirals of the Alliance Navy.

"Shepard, thank you for joining us," the person in the central chair said. "We asked you here because you have a unique perspective on the Reaper threat. We wanted you here to give your assessment on our options before any such conflict escalates."

Wednesday stared at them all for long, silent moments, before she burst out laughing. The laughter was creepy, even to Anderson, who'd known Wednesday the longest. It seemed to bypass normal sonics, creeping directly into the brain and pressing a button the ancient hindbrain humans didn't use anymore labelled 'primal terror'. It was the sound a tiger would make if it could laugh at a sheep asking not to be eaten today.

"Admiral, the Reapers don't care about you enough to give you options," she said cheerfully as her laughter died down enough to talk. "They will simply ignore any term you try and give them and grind you underfoot. You are dealing with an enemy whose only goal is genocide on a galactic scale. Your only options are fight or die. And unless the frantic whispering from your techs behind me is another laughable attempt at my incarceration, then my guess is that you have simply run out of time to make that choice."

Wednesday turned to leave, her omni-tool already activated on her wrist. She spared a look at Anderson, communicating to him that now was the time to retreat, before an angry shout came from the chair again.
"Shepard, you can't just talk to us like that!" he began, before one of the technicians in the room said something that stopped him cold.
"Sir, we've lost contact with Luna base."
"What?" he asked.
"So soon?" David whispered, to himself more than anyone else. Wednesday was already moving though, David pulling Vega behind him to follow, when an enormous wave of sound crashed around them.

The sound was something like a cross between a tuba and an earthquake, and even Wednesday was not immune to its dread-inspiring call. She turned to face it as a giant purple thing descended from the overcast sky into downtown Vancouver. There was no mistaking the shape as anything other than a Reaper, nor the lethal potential of the red beams that shone with beautiful and terrible power. Wednesday barely had time to shout a warning before the beam sliced their way, shattering the window, vaporising the committee entirely, and sending the heavy desk hurtling in her direction.

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