Chapter 7. Set us free.

"I found her with that boy, she was down below deck by the steerage" Spicer told me as we walked towards rose's rooms. I received news that she went below deck with that Dawson boy after dinner. I don't really mind, she can very well do as she wants, Its Ruth who will not like the idea of her eldest daughter hanging around steerage rats. Better keep the information to myself or else the old woman might start having a nose bleed. I turned the door knob to rose's room leaving Lovejoy in the hall.

She sat in front of her vanity mirror wearing her night gown, her hair fell around her shoulders like fiery rings. She really was beautiful. But her beauty no longer appeal to me. Come to think of it, it never did. People thought me to be a lucky man for having rose as my Fiancé but they never saw how it pained me to act as if though she is the only woman i love for every single day of my life. I had been fooling everyone, i've been fooling myself.

Rose lifted her gaze when she noticed me standing behind her by the doorway. The surprise in her eyes was epic.

"I know you've been melancholy, and i don't pretend not to know why" i said as i came closer towards her. She looked at me with a glare. If looks could kill...

"If you had known the reason for my depression, why do you continue to torture me with your presence?" She said with a hiss. She hates me to the bones and i don't blame her. I smiled at her.

"That is why i'm here, rose" i stared at her straight in the eyes. "Im setting you free" i said and she was dumbfounded as i came to kneel before her. I took her hands in mine and kissed them.

"You're letting me g-go?" She said a bit dazed.

"Im letting both of us go, rose" she smiled at me and i smiled back. "Once this ship docks in New york you are free to do as you will."

"But why? What about my mother? What about my sister? What would happen to them if i abandon my responsibilities, we will loose everything, cal" she said in a panicked frenzy.

"Its alright rose, your mother already agreed. And as for your sister, she'll be happier than ever" i said and she nodded. "Goodbye, rose." I said one last time and kissed her forehead as a goodbye.

Suddenly a soft thud sounded behind us. I turned my head and saw Iris standing there. Her book on the floor while tears streamed down her eyes. My heart immediately clenched at the sight of her tears. She shook her head.

"Y-you lied to me" she said as a few sobs escaped her lips. I came towards her and saw that she was trembling.

"No, Iris. Listen to me, this is not what you think, love" i said trying to appease her.

She shook her head wildly. "No! Stop! I don't want to listen anymore." She was furious. She turned away from us, and soon she was out of sight as she ran away. I stood there frozen. Should i go after her? If i do, what will i say?

"Go after her, cal" i turned to rose who wore a soft smile. "Don't let her slip away from you, like you did back then" she had known? She knew that it was Iris all along? I nodded at her and went out the door.

I wont let you slip away from me...Iris