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Chapter Twelve

Marauder's Manor

1997 saw many exciting happenings in Marauders Manor.

The first happened in February and was the arrival and subsequent visit of Mr. Severus Snape, long time rival of the Marauders and best friend of Lily Potter.

Severus had finally, after several years, settled every thing with the Potions business that Lily had left him and was able to visit his godson and the boys he considered nephews.

Upon his arrival he was greeted by three small blurs, a rushing werewolf, a manic grin and finally Bella's elegant appearance, "Sorry about that, Sev. Remus just realised that he was expected to help with a lecture at the University today. The boys have been waiting for you all day and," she glanced at where her cousin was still grinning maniacally, "Well I can't explain Sirius, after all who can?"

Severus smiled and kissed her cheek, "It's alright dear I spent seven years around your cousin, I know him well enough by now. As for Remus, how is he enjoying the University? From what I've heard it's considered one of the best in America."

She grinned, "He adores it, except on the days when he hates it. Teaching agrees with him, and so does the subject matter."

"Sounds nice."

"What about you? You never say in your letters, how's the Potions business."

Severus brightened instantly, this was after all his favourite subject, "It's going well, once everything was sorted out, we all settled down. There's a someone in charge of all the business side so I'm free to research and brew to my hearts content, I've actually put together a team and we're currently working on testing several different potions, I can't really get into them with the confidentiality clause that everyone signs but if we succeed it could be big."

The happiness in his voice was clear for anyone to hear and Bella laughed slightly. Before either adult could say any more the boys started babbling questions and news at Severus, as he bent down to listen and once more become acquainted with them Bella sidled over to Sirius, "He seems lighter somehow, Siri."

"Yeah. Things seemed to be taking a darker turn for him but with this I think he's finally pulling himself out of the rut he got into after Hogwarts."

Bella smiled lightly as Severus ruffled Draco's hair while smiling gently at a shy Harry and listening intently as Neville babbled about football.

Severus was quickly set up with his own room and easily slipped into life at Marauders Manor, often he could be found chatting with Bella or watching one of the boys, Neville demanded he join with him and Sirius in playing football, while Draco enjoyed having him sit in the room and listen while he had his music lessons, and after a while Harry would sit with him in the library and listen to stories about his mother and her childhood.

During the evenings the household would settle down in the parlour and chat about their days at Hogwarts, the Marauders would relive pranks that they pulled while Severus would scowl playfully and retort with the retribution that he and Lily would get depending on the severity of the prank pulled.

Bella sighed as she watched the boys hanging off Sirius' arms begging for ice-skating practice, the previous day the Marauders and guest had gone to watch an ice hockey game despite Bellas many many many protests, the boys had seen an poster advertising a junior league and had been attempting to convince their guardians that they should be allowed to join since. Bella whole-heartedly blamed Sirius, especially since all three had seemingly forgotten about any sort of dangerous sport before he'd had the brilliant idea of taking them to a game.

Beside her smirking slightly Severus watched both Sirius and the boys and Bella as each amused him to an equal extent.

He turned to Bella and after a moment of contemplation stated, "I understand that it'd be difficult for them to practice here, especially as its only going to be getting warmer but why don't you enrol in one of the clubs around here? Your family has enough prestige to be easily accepted and it would allow the boys to expend their excess energy while socialising with their peers."

"A club?"

"Mm, there are several Magical clubs around here open to the wealthy and prestigious, one of my assistants is from this area and she often spoke of them, apparently they throw balls and galas, raising money for certain charities along with allowing the upper classes to mingle." He didn't mention that said assistant had mentioned them with disdain and a sense of relief at being free of said clubs.

Bella's face took on an interested contemplating look, "That is quite a good idea, we're going to be starting introducing education to the boys soon and we don't really want them going out into public without us just yet and were going to home-school them, but we didn't want them to become closed off and unable to socialise outside of each other. This might be our solution to that, thanks Sev."

"My pleasure Bells." He grinned imagining Sirius' face upon being told of the various galas and balls he would most likely be forced to attend.

Bella took Remus when she toured the club that Sev had mentioned, they were both impressed by the size, the facilities and the staff; by the end of their tour they willingly signed up for membership.

The only hurdle to their membership came upon their return home when they had to tell Sirius that despite his best efforts to forget about the power and wealth that his snooty pureblood family had amassed he was now mired once more in the world he'd tried his best to escape, and that his future now held expectations of balls and snobby rich people throwing money at various pet projects.

Needless to say he wasn't pleased and after several minutes of pleading to Remus and Bella he was firmly told that it was for the boys sakes and he'd better just make his peace with it because he wasn't getting out of it. So it was that Sirius accepted his doom, for the sake of the boys, and probably Luna and Susan as well. "Besides," Bella added after witnessing the defeated posture of her cousin "This way the boys will have a good amount of experience when they have to deal with other Purebloods."

"As long as they still get to have fun and play, we aren't turning them into little mini-snobs."

The first time Sirius and the boys ventured to the Club they quickly discovered the rather secluded ice rink and set about claiming it. Skating rather wobbly from one end to another the boys looked over as they heard their Aunt enter. One look from her and all four males packed up their skating gear and proceeded to exit the rink promising to return next time.

After looking around the rest of the facilities Neville was quickly signed up for the peewee football team, he attempted to convince his brothers to join him but both assured him that they'd much rather cheer him on than play.

Draco ended up joining a swimming class, not because he didn't know how to swim but because he enjoyed being in the water.
Harry, meanwhile found a junior flying class and after begging all three of his guardians was allowed to sign up.

Bella quickly found her place with several other women each discussing the importance of both maintaining traditions while allowing adequate progress so that their society didn't stagnate. Each woman had her own opinion on the subject and rather gleefully discussed it dissecting each others beliefs and reasons behind said beliefs.

Remus also found his place amongst other scholars, doctors and researchers discussing various laws and medications put in place due to lycanthropy.

Sirius, despite initial beliefs, also found himself making friends among the classic car collectors and motor enthusiasts, he was also not ashamed to occasionally find himself in the staff quarters helping to repair some machine or other.

Their social lives flourishing with new life Remus and Sirius resolved that it was time to begin the education of their boys. Having researched the best ways to go about this they decided to start small with the three R's (though technically ones an A and ones a W though they do all have a Rr noise) Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Their plan was to start the boys off with that and work their way up to magic lessons and finally perhaps when they were around eight or nine receiving their wands.

All of those plans went out the window when on their first day the five sat in the Green house that had served as Sirius' project for the past years, that he had been perfecting as a clubhouse/ classroom for the boys. After having the alphabet recited to them perfectly, the boys went on to spell all the words on the standardised spelling chart that the online home-schooling course had sent them, along with completing all of the mathematics work that had been set up. After exchanging dumbfounded looks the two remaining Marauders realised they were vastly out of their depths. They set the boys up doing several different activities and turned to the Library and Remus' colleagues. It quickly became apparent that all three boys had prodigious intellects and that they had been self-teaching themselves anything they found interesting from the beginning of their lives in America. The boys flew through the elementary level school work they were given and it was apparent that they were becoming bored, while Sirius, Remus and Bella agreed that the boys wouldn't be receiving their wands immediately it may be better to plan on them getting them sooner rather than later.

Finding the school work almost blindingly easy the boys turned back to their personal interests, Neville practising hard for his peewee football team and tending to his plants. Draco learning new melodies on the piano and enjoying his time swimming with his class. Harry enjoying his flying lessons, though they never got to go as high as he wanted, and reading any book he could get his hands on.

Soon enough it was May and the Lovegoods were once more departing to dangerous climes leaving their beloved daughter in the care of their friends.

Luna fit in with the boys as though she'd never been gone, enjoying the school lessons; informing the boys about what she and Suze had been doing, how Suze had started learning scales and practising different notes on the violin she had decided to learn music on, about the spells her Mummy had been researching before her parents had departed; she also joined them at their country club merrily practising her ice-skating along side the boys and dragging the boys along on epic creature hunts just like her parents were doing.
Luna's arrival also heralded the yearly exams of Bella and Remus, this year they studied just as frantically as the previous, Remus not only buried in his own work but in the work of the class he was Teachers Aid for.

The children, knowing their caregivers, were respectfully quiet whilst the two were busy studying, dragging Sirius off to the park or to the Club. Their ice-skating improved greatly in this time, Luna, who had mainly only been learning for her friends soon found a style of ice-skating that vastly appealed to her, and soon the TV found itself flicked between the ice-hockey on one channel that the boys and Sirius loved to figure skating on a separate channel that Luna watched with wide eyes.

"But Lu i''s so girly!" Drake was heard declaring in a confused tone, Lu's reply had been "I am a girl!"

Her preoccupation with the graceful figures, however, did not mean that she forgot her other interests. As often as Neville was covered in dirt, as Drake was dripping from a 'quick' swim and as Harry was perched in a tree, Luna could be found covered in various colours a smear on her cheek and her eyes distant as she spread paint over canvas a brilliant smile on her face.

Harry could most often be found at her side a willing accomplice while Draco and Neville came and went. When the four played Treasure Hunt (or Creature Hunt as it became) Luna and Harry were the intrepid explorers while Nev and Drake were pirates or hunters determined to steal the Treasure for themselves. Whenever Neville managed to talk the others into playing with him Harry and Luna had to be put on separate teams otherwise they'd wander off distracted by the clouds or by a pretty flower. In their classes Sirius had to make them sit apart otherwise they'd spend the whole lesson drawing or talking and not doing what they were suppose to be.

Marauder's Manor

Then it was June, the Lovegoods returned triumphant grins on their faces, new stories written and prepared.
The house was quickly buried in preparations for Draco's birthday and then Dora's arrival.
The fifth came with the arrival of Susan and Amelia, Augusta, Andromeda and Ted. The children played happily together, catching up on all that had been happening, Susan promised that when she and Aunt Amy returned in November she'd bring her violin and show them what she'd learned, Draco demonstrated the tunes that Bella had taught him on the piano and suggested that they could learn a duet. Neville managed to coax them into playing football with him and Harry held tree climbing competitions.
Draco greatly enjoyed the day and thanked everyone for their presents.

In true Slytherin fashion Narcissa had once more managed to slip a letter to Draco via Augusta, and he slipped away from the party to sit in the library and read it. Remus found him with tears on his face and a photograph clutched in his hands, "Fy ddraig? What is it?"

"Mama * hic* Mama sen' this' pic'cha fr'm when I was lil."

Remus bent down and saw a tired looking Cissy smiling softly down at a tiny pale haired baby, "Well we'll have to get a frame for it, and you can put it by your bed."

Draco sniffed and wiped his sleeve across his nose, "Uh-huh." Despite having spent the day loudly proclaiming his big boy status he lifted his arms to Remus who carefully scooped the boy up and carried him back to the rest of their family, the picture clutched tightly in little hands.

The Lovegoods, Bones, Tonks and Augusta departed back to England, Augusta accompanied by Neville and Bella who were set to return with Dora in July.

The rest of the month was quieter, as the house tended to be without Neville. Remus made a point of reading to the boys and spending time playing with each of them, while Sirius could often be found leading them into some form of trouble and keeping them well distracted from missing their brother.

July saw Dora arrive in an excited whirl of pink and the return of a rather pale Bella and Neville. As the boys scurried off in pursuit of Dora, Bella sat down with Sirius and Remus and told them what had her so shaken, "The Healers have been working on something and we had hope so we agreed that they could try it on Alice and Frank... It... well I mean I just." Sirius, in a moment of gravity gripped her hand and said, "Take your time Bells, slowly."

She took a deep breath, "Right, yes, you're right. The technique the Healers tried. It did work. In a manner. It did something I don't really understand, stimulating pathways. Alice and Frank... they're awake but it's as though their minds are just... gone. They aren't there anymore. The Healers proposed that they might have locked themselves in their minds, I don't know, all I know is that Ali looked at me, and she had no idea who I was, she doesn't even know who she is, or Frank. The Healers said until they've done more research into the mind they don't know if they'll be able to help them."

Sirius and Remus exchanged looks, Bella hadn't looked this defeated at all in recent memory, the only time Sirius could even think of would have been in Azkaban, "Then we'll just make sure there's a lot of funding going into mind research, and we'll look into it, there's nothing saying we can't. Have faith Bells."

She looked at them both, their faces determined, and gave a teary smile, "Yes, yes you're right. I'll have faith, and one day Ali will look at Neville and she'll know that he's her son."


With the conclusion of the conversation four people scurried back upstairs, confused by what they'd just heard but each determined to do something. After they figured out what exactly.

Marauder's Manor

Neville and Harry's birthdays were celebrated with much fanfare and laughter. Augusta and Bella especially making sure that any lingering sadness was buried for the days. The boys were pleased with seeing their family together and with the cake and gifts they'd been given. Sirius somehow managed to track down a practice snitch that James had kept despite being a chaser and gave it to Harry who spent a gleeful afternoon chasing it all over the garden despite the lack of broomstick.

While Augusta gifted Neville with cuttings from several of his mothers plants. Bending down his hands enclosed in hers she said, "This way no matter how far apart, physically or otherwise you'll always have a part of her love with her, and you can put all the love you feel for her into it and I'm sure that she'll feel it." She was not often given to overt sentimentality but the previous month had been a strong blow, despite her best efforts not to she had put a great deal of hope into the Healers procedure and to have it fail had been brutal.

At fourteen Nymphadora (Call me by my first name if you dare) Tonks was many things, a proud Hufflepuff, a brilliant Metamorphmagus, an aspiring Auror, she was also willing to admit that she was a slightly overprotective older cousin/ sister, but in her defense so was everyone else in their family. Her three little cousin-brothers could often be more trouble than Sirius but they were all sweet natured and had a way of making even the most upset person happy.

When she'd first realised that the three brothers Black were like brothers to her she'd been almost confused on what to do. Sure she'd known Nev and Harry since they were babies but that was the thing, they'd been babies she'd held them and changed her hair for their amusement and often played with them but that had been it she'd never really had to care for them beyond that. Now, however, they were bright little six year olds who teased her and played with her and followed her around like ducklings after their mother. She'd worried having no idea what it was she was suppose to do.

After a long talk with Charlie she'd realised that she didn't have to do anything special she just had to act the same way she had before, play with them, talk to them, treat them like the annoying little brothers they basically were. Of course being the little sweet talkers they were she didn't often have to shoo them away while she was trying to do her homework which is something Charlie said he was always doing. Instead she was roped into football games, and music lessons, with Neville and Draco, and when she wanted to do her homework (almost never but Aunt Bells would give her a look and Moony would start to mention how important it was so she just had to do it) she always found Harry sitting next to her avidly reading her books and questioning her homework, she was sure it could have been annoying but Harry had a way of bringing up important information that really helped to flesh out some of her essays so she never minded.

The only real problem that she had was the fact that the boys had annoyingly caught Sirius' habit of referring to Charlie as her boyfriend. They all insisted that they wanted to meet him and brought it up constantly especially after she'd mentioned his interest (read: obsession) with dragons. Sirius had heard and an interesting expression made it's way onto his face that instantly caused warning bells to go off in Dora's head.

Mid-August Dora departed back to England, accompanied by all the residents of Marauder Manor who needed to once more deal with all of their British assets and were going to be residing in Remus' cabin in Wales until September. Dora was invited to stay with them as Andromeda and Ted were both wrapped up in important work. Unfortunately for Dora her being back in Britain meant the boys were even more interested in meeting her 'boyfriend'. Finally after two whole days of nagging she gave in and asked Sirius, Remus and Bella if Charlie could visit for the day. Expecting they would deliberate and then say no she was shocked and horrified when they all agreed telling her to get him to floo to the Leaky Cauldron.

Charlie did just that, showing up without his parents as they both believed him to be going over to the Tonks' something that was quite common for him.

Remus met him there and portkeyed them back to the cabin where Charlie was greeted by a stormily green-haired Dora and three delighted little boys. Charlie soon found out why Dora was so stormy looking as the three boys insisted on greeting and subsequently referring to him as Nymph's Boyfriend, accepting the title Charlie went about getting to know the boys and Remus. By lunchtime Dora had calmed down enough to see the humour and she and Charlie happily watched the boys while discussing their homework and what they were planning for the new school year.


The rest of the month was interesting to the brothers as Charlie visited often, as did Susan and Luna, they often spent hours outside exploring the forest. Neville taught Charlie to play football when they weren't looking through the forest for interesting creatures or plants, Charlie regaled them all with stories of the many breeds of dragons and the various quirks that belonged to each different kind. Draco was especially interested as his name meant dragon and he was constantly getting Charlie to tell him about water dwelling species. When they played games he often declared he was a water dragon which interested Luna enough for her to try catching him. Susan delighted in playing tunes on her violin so they would reverberate through the forest, Remus commented to her that if he was lost her music would lead him home which pleased her greatly.

They were all sad to see Charlie and Dora leave on the last week of August, but were soon occupied preparing for Luna's birthday and the Black Family Vacation.

Augusta accompanied them once again, this time they were in Barbados. They spent their weeks there quite happily, Augusta felt soothed by their time and returned to England once more optimistic that even if it took years they would find a cure for her son and daughter-in-law.

The residents of Marauders Manor returned home, rested, relaxed and ready to embark upon any activity that required them.


The first of these activities arrived for Bella one day in late September as she led Draco through an tricky little tune. It was an invitation to the Autumnal Gala that was being held at their club and she gladly accepted. Upon being informed Sirius pouted making Bella laugh and ask "Are you sure you're older than your godson? I have to say that expression would look much more suitable on him than you."

Sirius eventually conceded after Bella explained that it would be held in the afternoon and there would be activities for children, so it wasn't like the Pureblood Balls that his mother used to drag him to.

The brothers all had different reactions after being informed, Neville was quite excited and could be found bouncing around asking people what he should do when they went. Draco seemed rather resigned, he was interested in seeing some of the other children in his swim class but not really that interested in the event itself, while Harry had taken to sticking close to his godfather and hadn't seemed thrilled with the idea of attending at all.


Upon arriving at the gala, Bella had been swept up by some of the women who she had befriended and after making sure that they all knew where she'd be she went off the speak with them, Neville was soon engrossed in a game with several of his peewee football teammates, Draco stuck to Remus up until he saw some of his fellow swim classmates and then went and played with them. Remus made sure Draco was within his sights and was soon engaged in conversation with several researchers of Lycanthropy. Sirius had his hand held in the vise-like grip of his red-haired godson who was looking around with bright green eyes, not with interest as his brothers were but to log all the ways out.

Despite their best efforts Harry didn't do well in overly populated areas, Christmas shopping was done either holding an adults hand or with his brothers on either side, usually when they came to the club there were far less people and even then Sirius watched Harry's flying class and Harry went with Sirius to talk to the car enthusiasts and serving staff.

The gala was bustling with people and so Harry was latched on as tightly to his godfather as he could get. Eventually Sirius scooped the boy up and slipped off to the kitchens where staff members were bustling around, having previously integrated himself with them Sirius was welcomed with warm smiles and he and Harry were seated at a counter out of the way, there they spent the rest of the evening joking around and talking until Remus appeared stating that Bella was getting the boys and they were heading home, with a goodbye the trio slipped off to meet Bella.

Once the boys were in bed, Harry curled up with Padfoot, while Neville kicked off his blankets, and Draco clasped the picture of his mother in his hand, the adults sat down in the lounge having encouraged Dobby to take the evening off, enjoying a drink and snacks.

"They're being more social, I wish you'd have talked him into trying the games with the other children Siri, he'd have had fun. Don't think I don't know you were in the kitchens to avoid the gala itself." Bella stated looking at her cousin.

Sirius shrugged, "I don't like things like that you know that Bells. He does ok with small doses of people, he's getting better, it's understandable that he doesn't like big groups Bells."

She sighed, "I know, I just wish sometimes that it wasn't. That he'd had a nice normal upbringing where being in a large group of people didn't leave him clinging like a limpet to you."

Remus patted her shoulder, "We all wish sometimes that he'd never have had to learn to be afraid of things like that Bells, but we do the best we can. Lets look on the bright side. Draco and Neville had fun, they've made friends within their classes and teams, Harry's beginning to class certain people as safe and so become more comfortable around them. It may take a while but he's getting there, these things leave scars but he sleeps in his own bed more often than not, he warmed up to Dora's friend enough to spend time with him with only Dora around. It just takes time. Time is something that we have."

Sirius nodded, "Time and love, two things we have more than enough of, he'll be fine. Now, what did you two do while I was sneaking treats in the kitchens?"

Marauder's Manor

October came and dragged by until finally Halloween came upon them, the Marauders and their Puppy once more made their way to pay their respects to the departed Prongs and Lily-Flower, they returned home to films and stories. Harry demonstrated how truly amazing his memory was by joining in the story-telling mentioning he remembered his Mama singing along with the radio while cooking, Sirius smiled softly saying that James would often sweep her up and dance her around the kitchen until they remembered the food which was often times burning by the time they remembered.

With November came the arrival of the Lovegoods, Bones', Augusta and for the first time that year one Severus Snape. Thanksgiving was a bright affair, Susan and Draco entertaining them all with music Neville showing off that his footwork wasn't only good for football by dancing Luna around. The meal was devoured with appropriate measures of thanks shown to the ever hard-working Dobby.

Afterwards the Bones', Severus and Augusta departed, whilst Luna was left with the Marauders as her parents once more trekked off to find dangerous creatures. Her presence was greatly appreciated by Bella as a distraction as the boys, having worked hard and improved their ice-skating, were determined to join an ice-hockey team or skate at Rockefeller centre.

By mid-December the Lovegoods returned and collected their daughter leaving behind Christmas gifts.


Several days before the Tonks' and Augusta were scheduled to arrive Sirius, Remus and Bella (mostly Bella) finally gave in to the boys and they set off of to the giant ice-rink. Sirius had recently been contacted by some old friends who were going to be in America and had agreed to meet them for lunch so whilst he was doing that it was decided that Remus would accompany the boys on the rink while Bella watched from the sidelines, taking pictures and making sure that they were all safe.

Neville, Harry and Draco were quite excited to finally be allowed to skate on the big rink, standing on the edges the three could barely contain themselves, Neville was beaming brightly from under his green pom-pommed beanie, Draco was quivering in place from his place next to his brother, his own pom-pommed hat blue, clutching to Remus' hand Harry grinned in a manner reminiscent of his godfather unlike his brothers he'd tried to hide his red pom-pommed hat in Remus' pocket so that it wouldn't get lost but Moony had promised that the best place to keep it safe would be on his head. Finally it was time, the three first skated close to their guardian but eventually Neville sped off to find where Bella was on the sidelines, Harry skated leisurely alongside Moony content to stay where he was assured of safety, while Draco gracefully attempted zigzags. It was on their third circuit that Draco found himself knocked to the ground, all he saw as he fell was a mane of golden-brown.

"I'm so sorry are you ok?"

He looked to see clear brown eyes staring at him in apology, before he could answer his brothers and papa had appeared, "Draco are you alright? We saw you take a bit of a tumble." Remus asked crouching to help him up, "I'm alright, Papa." He turned to the girl who'd knocked him over, "Are you ok?"

She smiled in relief, "Me? Oh I'm fine, still I'm very sorry I wasn't looking where I was going. It's my first time ice-skating, my parents were suppose to bring me but they're meeting with an American colleague of theirs and so the au pair brought me. I'm Hermione Granger by the way, it's my first time in America."

"I's nice to meet you, 'm Drake, ah Draco Black, these are my brothers, Harry and Neville, and my Papa. I's our first time skating on the big rink, Papa and Aunt Bells brought us."

"Nice to meet you, Draco Black, Harry and Neville and Mr Lupin. Why's your name different from your Dads? Who's your Aunt Bells? Does that mean that you skate on other rinks? I think I'd like that I was doing alright at this until I plowed into you, I'm sorry about that again, I really didn't mean to but I got distracted, are you sure you're ok? Do you need to sit down? Or drink something? Did you hit your head? My dad says that if you hit your head you should see someone because you might have a concussion, do you think you have a concussion?"

"Uh..." Draco looked at his brothers with wide eyes as his Papa hid a laugh in his hand, Neville, who Harry had latched onto blinked slowly in confusion while Harry smiled slightly before whispering to Neville who made an ah noise and turned back to his poor confused older brother, "She thinks you might have a sore head, an' need ta sit with Aunt Bells."

"Oh, nah I'm ok. My heads not sore."

"Are you sure what if it is, but the nerves have been affected so you can't tell? What if you're slowly bleeding in your brain, and dying." Her eyes got wider and wider as the possibilities set in, "What if I've killed you? Oh I'm so sorry!"

Remus laughed a little, "Miss Granger I'm sure he's fine but we were going to be getting off the rink soon anyway so we can go now, and get some hot chocolate, if you'd like you can come along and make sure that Drake's head is alright."

She looked pensive for a moment before nodding, "I'll have to get my au pair but that should be fine."