Happy Holidays, found this in my old writing note book from before Christmas last year.


Fury tried to concentrate on the mounds of paperwork littering his desk, he was sure Coulson saved it up deliberately and gave it to him on one go just to piss him off or to punish him if he knew he had upset Tony.

Every time he tried to make inroads on it the scratching noises and near silent whispers from the overhead vents distracted him once again. He was going to kill Barton and Natasha if they did not stop using the vent in the Heli-Carrier as a means of getting around unseen. Although he was decidedly surprised that they were making any noise, perhaps the lack of missions over the last few months had made them complacent. He would have to review their training schedule and maybe set them some work teaching the baby agents if they had the time to sneak around in the vents.

Even he was beginning to worry at how quiet Hydra and AIM had become recently. Coulson was the only one happy as it meant that the backlog of mission reports had finally been cleared by the Avengers, hence the amount of paperwork on his desk, as the Director he had to review and sign off on every one of them. Coulson still would not tell him why he or Hill were not able to, for God sake they were his second in commands surely he could delegate at least the Avengers mission reports to Coulson as he was their Handler.

Picking up his pen he scanned the documents in front of him signing his name then after closing the folder flipping it into his out tray. Coffee that's what I need he decided if I am going to stand any chance of finishing today. Pushing back his chair the squeak of the wheels covered the slight grating sound of the ceiling panel above his desk being lifted.

Fury unaware of the two pairs of watching his every moved had no time to escape the glittering dust that fell on his head and face, dusting the shoulders of his leather coat. He started to cough and sneeze as he inhaled the glimmering substance, he reached for his gun intending to deal with assassins before he succumbed to whatever deadly pathogen he had ingested. He could not believe that the security of his Heli-Carrier had been breached so thoroughly. Stark was going to be pissed as hell as he prided himself in stating that is security systems were the best in the world.

He was saddened that he would not get to see Tony and the girls, he hated that Tony would have to deal with yet another loss and that the twins would be without a father again. But he knew that he had been living on borrowed time, not many spies made it to his age and he was just glad that he had these last few years with Tony.

All this flitted through his mind as he reached for his weapon only to find that it was not in its holster under his desk. Shit! He was never going to live this down, assassinated in his own office with no gun to even take revenge on his killers before he died. Good job he was going to be dead so he would not be around to hear everyone laughing.

At first he thought he must be delusional as he could swear he could in fact hear laughter, well more like giggling and the odd shushing noise, also he was still alive which was strange or it was just a very slow acting poison. He took stock of himself and realised that he could feel no ill effects from the poison. Wiping his hand over his face he looked closely at the glittery substance coating it, shimmering and icy blue and white.

Just then the door to his office flew open and Tony came rushing in.

" Nick! Nick! Have you seen the girls? The little devils escaped again!"

Tony stopped abruptly as he caught sight of a shimmering Fury, coated heat to toe in what he suspected was the Frozen themed glitter he had made for Hope and Grace. His lips twitched and he tried in vain to hold in the laughter he could feel bubbling up inside but is was no good, hurriedly snapping a picture on his Stark phone he then gave in a broke in to peels of laughter.

Nick looked furious and the bewildered as Tony started to sing.

"Let it go! let it go!

Nick love, I told you it was a bad idea to throw the girls Frozen DVD out the window. Even if they have watched it a gazillion times, you just have to suffer through it until the next Disney film.

Just be thankful they were to young when Brave came out!"