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Chapter 1

In an ordinary home within Privet Drive, the day's first rays of sunlight peered in through a window on two frail looking eight year olds huddled together asleep.

They were a boy and girl, named Harry and Rose Potter respectively…at least that's what they were named.

Why were you may ask? Well, on October 31st seven years ago, they both were exiled from the Most Ancient and Nobel House of Potter. A rare occurrence in any house let alone a house as influential as House Potter.

Their lives had been ruined, ordinarily they would have grown up like royalty. Sadly, the exact opposite had happened and they had been abandoned forever.

All because of something they couldn't control.



The calm weather outside was in stark contrast with the saturation of emotion inside the room. Just a few hours ago The Dark Lord, Voldemort had assaulted Potter Manor. Lily Evans had sacrificed herself, performing ancient magic which made The Dark Lord's spell turn on him, killing him forever.. or so they hoped.

'It all happened because of them and that wretched prophecy.' James fumed.

Now at this point many might be wondering just who they are, after all James Potter isn't one to normally hold a grudge.

Well they refers to none other than Harry and Rose Potter, descendants of one of the most powerful families in Magical Britain…..and squibs.

Squibs are people descended from a line of magical people who have no magic themselves.

The birth of a squib is dreaded within every pureblood house. Both for being so different and bringing down scorn upon the house by the rest of the pureblood community.

Regardless, this fear is only present in the pureblood houses which were less 'old and pure'.

They say that the blood of the oldest houses is powerful; These same people held steadfast belief that even a union between a squib and a descendant from an ancient house would always produce a magical offspring.

Not that such marriages were done often enough to confirm that belief, heavens forbid they defile themselves with the lower class.

It was ultimately due to these misguide assurances that he ever acted on his feeling for the muggleborn witch, Lily Evans.

Now, he had no doubts about his own feeling for Lily, he truly loved her. He had since the first time he met her. Regardless, there were some things which were to be expected from a head of house; Responsibilities hammered into his brain since his birth.

These responsibilities were far too deeply ingrained into his psyche for him to be able to ignore them. Producing and training a worthy magical heir was one such responsibility.

Years passed, he and Lily eventually got married and if at all possible, he fell even further in love with her.

He was beyond excited when Lily got pregnant and was undoubtedly the proudest man alive when his son was born.

The boy was almost a complete copy of his father. When he would grow older the only thing setting him and Harry apart would be his piercing emerald green eyes, he'd be quite the looker when he got older.

He could see the future clearly; He would groom Harry to be his successor and eventually he would settle down for some much needed rest.

After all the ongoing war with Voldemort didn't provide much opportunity for relaxation.

He would always remember the next few minutes.

The doctors had taken Harry away to be examined while he thanked Lily profusely for making him so proud.

Being the head of a powerful house the birth of an heir was an important event attracting reporters from every newspaper. The reporters came in as he got ready to give a statement saying how proud he was.

James was interrupted however by a large shout from one of the doctors.


And James Potter's world came crashing down.


Things were hard the following year.

The media had done their best to scandalize the issue, not that they needed any help.

It didn't take long for the political backlash to occur, old alliances were broken and new enemies were made. Before long the Potters were the weakest of the Ancient houses. Of course even though that just meant that they were still better off than most people could ever hope to be, it still stung.

As for his relationship with his son, he just couldn't bring himself to like him after what happened. For Lily's sake though he disguised his dislike.

Ten months later Rose Potter was born, a little red head with hazel eyes. Any happiness James felt was quickly squashed when it was announced that she too, was a squib.

The House of Potter fell into even further decline. Even his marriage with Lily deteriorated, he still loved her but couldn't help but feel disappointed, something which did not go unnoticed.

Just when things couldn't get any worse that happened.


James and Lily Potter were in their children's room.

Lily was energetically playing with the kids while James did his best to not let his irritation show.

Things had gotten even worse and now they were being they were being targeted by The Dark Lord himself, he could only pray that they were safe under the Fidelus charm.

Rose was now three months old whereas Harry had just turned one a month ago.

Both were acting far different from what you would expect from those so young. Harry and Rose were enjoying themselves but it looked…controlled, like they perfectly knew what was happening and controlled their actions instead of reacting based on instinct.

It unnerved James slightly.

James Potter's internal musing was cut short by the sound of a large bang outside the room.

Telling Lily to stay put James peered outside the room. The sight he was greeted to threatened to detach his jaw. There standing in all his glory was The Dark Lord himself.

A feeling of dread welled up in his chest but before he could push it down he was sent hurling back into the room by a spell he didn't hear.

Before he could recover Voldemort came in through the doorway and cast both a silencing and binding charm on him.

Turning to Lily he spoke, ''Ahh, Mrs. Potter! A pleasure to meet you, unfortunately I'm here for something far more important than idle chit chat.''He gestured towards the kids.

''Why do you want them!? They're squibs, of no use to you!'' As powerful as Lily was she knew she had no chance without resorting to that.

''They're more important than you realize''

''I don't care snake face! You'll only get them over my dead body!'' Lily yelled back defiantly.

''..I see, a shame really, I could have used you both to produce more offspring as... remarkable as those two.''

Voldemort raised his wand and spoke the name of the dreaded spell in a voice filled with power.

''Avada Kedavra!''

Time stood still. James looked terrified, Lily defiant, the kids strangely somber, Voldemort simply looked smug.

Something truly remarkable happened. Half the green curse reflected and struck The Dark Lord. He let out a silent scream as life left him.

James was happy but the joy lasted only a moment. Casting a look at his wife he let out a scream, filled with grief.

Lily Potter was no more.


James had just dropped of the kids at the Dursleys, he couldn't call them his kids and he couldn't take care of them.

He thought it was unfair, he lost his love while the brats only got off with a scar each. The fact that the kids just lost their loving mother didn't even register in his feeble mind.

James hoped that this stage of his life was now past him forever.


Flashback End

'Why do you want them?! They're of no use to you!'

'They are more important than you realize.'

''I don't care snake face! You'll only get them over my dead body!''

''..I see, a shame really, I could have used you both to produce more offspring as remarkable as those two.''

''Avada Kedavra!''

Harry woke up in a cold sweat. He tried to get up found his movement to be woefully restricted by his little sister's vice like grip.

One look at his sister and he knew that she had been crying if the tear stains on her ragged clothes were any indication.

'She must have had the same dream again.' Harry mused idly.

If her frightened murmuring was any indication then she was yet again reliving that cursed day. Whispering words of consolation in her ear Harry eventually got her to wake up.

''That dream again?'' Harry said, more statement than question.

''You too?'' Rose responded in kind.

Harry just gave a weak nod, ''like always.''

When they were three Harry and Rose discovered that they had an interesting ability, perfect recall. They could relive everything they had ever see at the slightest impulse.

The ability had opened a whole new world for them. So many things had finally been revealed; Their origin, parents and even the existence of the magical world itself.

Besides filling out the past this ability had insured that both Harry and Rose excelled in school with ease, a fact which did not go unnoticed by a jealous Dudley.

Many would have considered such an ability a blessing, to the former Potters it was a curse.

The ghosts of the past are, for most people, like a faded dream, always present but faint. For Harry and Rose it was different, bad memories were only a stray thought away and as vivid as the day they happened.

During the day they had each other for comfort and assurance, the night offered no such protection.

''We'll make them all pay one day, won't we Harry?'' Rose whispered.

Harry needed no one to tell him who they were. Dumbledore, their father, and anyone else who had harmed them or stood idly by while they were harmed.

''You know we will Rose, no matter how long it takes.''Harry reassured.

Gazing into each other's eyes they were reminded of their main reason for fighting.

All Rose and Harry had in the world was each other and inside they both knew that's all they would ever need.

Harry and Rose didn't care that the world hurt them, they were solely angry at the fact that it hurt the other. For that they would both make the world burn, together.

The world had real need for fear, because Harry and Rose were far more than just ordinary squibs.


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