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"Ah, this feels nice." Kendall grins, plopping down onto the couch next to Analicia. "Our first night in our own home."

Kendall and Analicia have been together for a few years already. So they're now engaged, they just moved into their own new home today, and they're expecting a baby. Analicia is only two months along though. She just found out about her pregnancy last week, so she's still really early into it.

"It does feel nice." She smiles, setting her hands on her flat belly, since she's still really early into her pregnancy, she really isn't showing yet. She hasn't even told anyone about it. This weekend is Kendall's birthday, and everyone's just gonna come over and chill. By everyone, is the guys, Mama Knight, Katie, Analicia's mom, Jesus, Ariana, her niece of course, and the girls, Camille, Jennifer, and Brooke, and that's when they plan on telling everyone that she's pregnant.

It get's quiet because Kendall is paying attention to the TV, and Analicia is just thinking. She remembers the first time she got pregnant. Her and Kendall thought they weren't ready, but eventually, they got use to the idea that they were gonna be parents, and they were starting to get really excited. Then she found out she had a miscarriage and lost the baby, and they were both so devasted. She's really scared the same thing is gonna happen again. They're both older now and more mature, so they're ready for the responsibility of being a parent now, so they were both really happy to find out she's pregnant again, she just doesn't want the same thing to happen.

"Kendall..?" She says softly.

"Mhm?" he mumbles, raising his eyebrows but not looking away from the TV.

"So, remember the last time I was pregnant, and like all that happened...I really don't want that to happen again." She tells him. When she says that, it causes Kendall to take his attention off of the TV, and look at her.

Kendall sighs. "Babe, that won't happen again. The doctor said yesterday everything was healthy, she didn't see any problems."

"I know, but I'm still really early into my pregnancy." she says. "And plus, the last doctor said that too when I first went."

"Don't think like that though." Kendall replies. "I know it's hard, because it's happened before, but it won't happen again. Let's just get excited, okay?"

Analicia smiles a bit, and nods. "Okay."

Kendall grins and kisses her cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"So, what should we buy Kendall for his birthday?" Carlos questions, as him, James, and Logan walk through the mall. Since Kendall's birthday is coming up, they all decided to come to the mall together to buy his present. They're either gonna get him something big and all chip in, or they're each gonna buy him individul gifts, they're not sure yet that's why they're just walking and looking around.

Logan sighs. "I don't even know."

"He's a hard person to shop for." James adds. "Every year I usually buy him a pair of Vans and some clothes, but he has almost every thing in Vans already so if I buy him something from there, I bet he'll have it already."

"I know." Carlos agrees.

"Let's just buy him a bunch of organic stuff." Logan says.

James just chuckles.

"As a joke, we should just buy a bunch of baby stuff." Carlos suggests. "I mean, they're engaged already so they must be planning to have a baby soon. They should just save the stuff."

"That's a good idea." Logan laughs a bit. "Because I really do not know what else we could buy him."

"Then let's go to the baby store!" James exclaims. He gets so excited by the thought of babies. Him and Brooke actually started dating, about a year and a half ago, but they're no where near ready to have a baby, so hopefully Kendall and Analicia do decide to have one soon. James was really sad and upset when he found out about the miscarriage, he was really sad.

They walk across the mall to the baby store that they have. They have a lot of baby stuff there. Like cribs, strollers, car seats, clothes, and lots of other stuff. They're just gonna pick out random stuff for fun. Plus, it'll be really helpful in the future. Kendall will thank them later.

As they're walking to the baby store, Logan spots someone really familiar looking. He's looking at him from the side, so he can't see his actual face, but he looks so familiar. As they keep walking, the familiar dude turns, and Logan sees his full face, and he's really shocked to see that it's Xavier. Whoa, last Logan heard of him he was in jail for shooting Kendall. Logan wasn't sure how long he was gonna be locked up, but he must be out already.

"Guys.." Logan says, elbowing James whose next to him, and he accidently elbows him hard on his waist.

"Ow!" James replies. "It's not really nice to elbow people Logan."

"Sorry it was an accident, but guys, look at that guy over there standing by the water fountain, that's Xavier." Logan tells them.

Both Carlos and James look over at the water fountain and see Xavier. Logan can notice that James looks like he's starting to get real pissed off.

"Are you sure that's him?" Carlos asks Logan. "He looks really different."

"Well maybe because he just got out of jail." Logan retorts.

"I'll be right back." James mutters, beginning to head over to Xavier, but Logan grabs his arm, stopping him.

"James, what the hell are you doing?" Logan asks. "Don't say anything to him, you're gonna piss him off and I don't want him going after Analicia again."

"But he deserves to get his ass beat so bad!" James replies.

"Just leave it alone, c'mon." Carlos says, as him and Logan begin to drag James into the baby store.

Kendall starts to get a little upset as he reads the text message his phone just received. It's from Logan, and he said that they were at the mall earlier today and saw Xavier. He must be out of jail already. Kendall has so much hate and anger towards him. Kendall doesn't usually hate people, but he definitely has reasons to hate Xavier. How could he not? He abused Analicia, and he even tried killing her. Good thing Kendall went outside in time and took those bullets for her. He definitely does not regret it. He'd do anything for her. Plus, he's alive and fine, who knows what would've happened if Analicia was the one who got shot instead.

"Babe..." Kendall starts to say. They're laying in bed right now, Kendall is just on his phone and Analicia is watching TV.

"Yeah?" She asks, taking her attention off of the TV and looking at her Fiancé.

"Logan just texted me, and he said they were at the mall earlier today and saw Xavier, so like I guess he's out of jail." he tells her.

"Are you serious?" Analicia sighs. She doesn't know if she should be worried or not. Maybe he's done trying to ruin her life? But then again, maybe he's really angry about going to jail and is going to try to get at her 10x harder. She's not going to be able to be comfortable now when she's out in public or even at her own home because she's gonna be scared that somehow Xavier will find her. And knowing him, he probably will, and that scares her.

Kendall nods. "Yes, but don't worry. He's probably done with his bullshit. It's been years since he went to jail. But if he's not, he won't get near you. I'll make sure of that, I'll protect you and you know that."

"Kendall, last time you protected me from him you got shot and could've been dead." Analicia tells him. "Who knows what'll happen this time!"

"But did I die? No." he replies. "You'll be fine babe, we'll be fine...just don't worry about it. All we have to be worried about is getting everything prepared for our baby, okay? Don't let this stress you out because that's not good for you or the baby."

Analicia just nods, resting her head on Kendall's shoulder.

She's gonna try really hard not to worry, it will be difficult though.

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