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ring ring!

"Babe, your phone is ringing." Analicia tells Kendall, whose in the bathroom changing since he just got out the shower, and they're both just chilling in their bedroom.

It's been about a week since Kendall's birthday? And also about two weeks since Analicia found out Xavier got out of jail. He hasn't tried doing anything, she hasn't seen him, or any signs of him, so hopefully this means he's done with all his bullshit.

"Who is it?" he questions.

Analicia grabs his phone off of his side of the bed to read the caller ID, which she sees that it's Logan.

"Logan." she replies.

"Answer it."

She touches 'answer'.


"Hey, what's Kendall doing?"

"He just got out the shower," she says. "Why? What's up?"

"Well tell him to hurry up because Gustavo needs to see us at the studio for a meeting at noon."

"Yeah, okay I'll tell him."

"Alright, thank you .. bye!"


She touches 'end', and then just put his phone back onto his side of the bed.

"What's up?" Kendall asks, entering the bedroom shirtless and walking over to the dresser to pick a shirt out.

"Gustavo needs you guys at the studio at noon." She replies.

"For what?" Kendall asks, slipping on just a plain white v-neck.

She shrugs. "A meeting."

Kendall hates surprising meetings. Gustavo always tells them things at the last minute. Whether it's like a tour or something, he always waits 'til last minute.

He sighs, walking over to his side of the bed and grabbing his phone and putting it on the night stand, then laying down next to Analicia.

"What do you think it is?" she asks.

Kendall shrugs. "With Gustavo, you'll never know. I just hope it doesn't involve traveling though."

"Me too." she sighs. She hates when Kendall has to travel. She always misses him so much, she hates being without him. "Maybe it's a single, or album or something?"

"Hopefully." he says.

Kendall parks in the parking lot of Rocque Records, and gets out of his car, heading towards the building for this meeting that Gustavo called.

He still really has no clue what this meeting could be about. Like he said, with Gustavo, you'll never know. He always tells them stuff last minute.

Kendall enters the building then goes up to the floor where Gustavo is, and he's greeted by Kelly in the hallway.

"Where's Gustavo?" Kendall asks Kelly.

"Everyone's in the band meeting room," She replies. "I'm gonna go get some coffee. Do you want some?"

"No thanks." Kendall says, as he walks further down the hallway and to the band meeting room.

"You're late!" Gustavo snaps as Kendall enters.

"I'm only three minutes late." Kendall replies, looking at the time on his phone.

He takes a seat next to Logan, and they wait for Gustavo to begin speaking.

"Alright dogs," he starts. "So I called you in for this meeting today to tell you something important. You guys will be performing at an event in Australia, then we're staying there for a couple months so you can do some shows for your Aussie rushers."

"So, basically like a tour?" Logan asks.

"Basically, but not really," Gustavo says. "Basically like a tour in Australia. You won't have a show everyday, so you'll have a lot of time off, you'll have to do interviews and radio shows though too."

"How long is this?" James questions.

"We won't be there for no more then two months." he replies.

"Are we allowed to bring anyone?" Carlos asks.

"We're only gonna be there for two months, so no!"

"When do we leave?" Kendall asks.

"In exactly three weeks," Gustavo says. "So in these next three weeks you guys will be in rehearsals like crazy. I already have a set list for you guys all ready. So be here tomorrow at 2PM. Now get out!"

Kendall gets out of his chair, and walks out, the other guys walking behind him.

So, they do have to travel, for two months. That's not too bad compared to other times they've had to travel. But two months? That's still a long time he'd have to go without Analicia, and she'd have to stay home alone. Even though Xavier hasn't bothered them since he got out of jail, knowing he's out of jail will make Kendall feel uncomfortable with having Analicia be home alone for two months.

"Aren't you excited!?" Kendall hears Carlos voice ask him.

"Yeah, of course." He replies, as they head into the parking lot.

"You don't seem like it." James frowns.

"Well I'm not excited that I have to leave Analicia for a couple months," Kendall says. "But I am excited to go."

"You think she'd be good here alone for two months?" Carlos questions. "You know, with Xavier being out of jail and all.."

"That's what I'm worried about." Kendall sighs.

"I'm sure she'll be fine," Logan says. "He's been out of jail for a while now, and he hasn't tried anything. I'm pretty sure he's done with his bullshit."

"Hopefully.." Kendall mutters.


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