Date: 5-25-2005

Willow's p.o.v

"Willow, you need to turn over to your right side" the doctor orders me. Panicky, I turn over to my right side. "The umbilical cord is in the wrong place" the doctor says

trying to fix the problem. "I have to push" I yell in the mist of a really bad contraction. "The umbilical cord is back in the correct position. You can finish birthing the baby"

he informs me. I push and Anastasia enters the world crying up a storm. I am worried because a layer of skin covers her face. The doctor refers this layer of skin as a veil.

The veil prophesies Ana will be a very unique special child. The doctor cuts off the veil exposing her beautiful face for all the world to see. When I hold her in my arms, I

get glimpse of heaven. Just like me, Tara is overcome with emotion. No words can describe how we feel. We had wanted Ana for a very long time. Oz refused to attend

the birth although he was the sperm donor. He didn't want to form a bond with the child. The child would've brought up old memories of the past for him. He didn't want

to fall back in love with me. Tara and our baby are the only two people in the world that matter to me right now.