They slowly came to senses lying on some sort of a field, or someone's yard, seeing that there was an odd reddish house not too far away. Every free patch of ground was covered with odd shaped, bent and rusty metal boxes. But Fíli and Kíli only noticed them later.

The first thing they did after waking up was to find the other one, and promptly hug. Fíli found himself with an armful of sobbing Kíli, clutching to him so hard it hurt. But the elder sibling didn't care because he was crying too and was sure that his hands would leave bruises on Kíli's shoulders. That is why non of them took notice of a man approaching them until he was standing right above them, pointing at them with a strange long metallic object.

"Who the hell are ya and whatcha doing at my property?" The gruff voice startled both of them and they flinched, but didn't let go of each other, still sitting on the sandy ground.

"I asked ya a question, an' I don't have the whole day to wait for the answer!" The man (and he was unmistakably of the Tall Folk) growled at them. He was sturdy, was dressed in dirty blue trousers and a checkered shirt. He had a short beard, and he wore a strange hat. The object he was pointing at them wasn't a bow, but he was holding it as if he expected an arrow to shoot out of it. Maybe it would, even though Fíli, nor Kíli, had yet to see such a weapon.

"Well?" He barked impatiently. His accent also was very strange.

"To be honest, good sir, we have no idea ourselves." Fíli answered as politely as he could. It wasn't a good idea to be rude to someone who held a weapon to your head (even if you don't know what that weapon does).

The man snorted:

"Right. Somehow I don't believe you."

"But that is true." -Kíli chimed in. "We have no idea where are we, much less how we got here.

The man looked them over again, and Fíli felt his scrutinizing eyes all over himself and Kíli. The man was taking into every detail of them. Finally he grunted out:

"Well, seeing that you talk and are dressed as if you jumped out straight from medieval Europe, that might be true, but," his voice became louder when they sighed in relief." it still doesn't explain how you ended up in my yard. Now answer, idjits, in what freakish witchery you got yourself into that it time-traveled you here?"

Fíli blinked slowly and it was Kíli who voiced his thoughts:


The man rolled his eyes but didn't let go of his weapon.

"Look around yourself. Does anything look familiar? Cars, the house, even my clothes? Never seen anything like that at home? "And before the brothers could agree that they indeed never seen anything like that before, he was already carrying on. "My best guess you're from another time. Now what I know, that in order to time-travel, you have to meddle with some heavy witchery. Question, what was that and why?"

There was a heavy silence, and now it was Fíli, who broke it:

"What is... veechery?" The unfamiliar word came out wrong, and Fíli inwardly cringed.

"Ya don't know what witchery is? Witchcraft? Does it ring any bell?" The man asked in astonishment."Right. What is the last thing you idjits remember?"

Kíli turned to his brother, looking at him in silent question. The older dwarf nodded, and the younger answered:

"The last thing we remember... "He closed his eyes and continued with the obvious effort. "was seeing each other die."

"So you see, we really need to get back to Erebor because who knows what Uncle got himself into? He will be beside himself with worry when he discovers us gone." Much later, after slicing each other's skin with a silver knife, listening to Bobby Singer (and that was the man's name) reciting an ominously sounding poem and splashing them with water... And, off course, discovering they no longer were dwarves, but were as tall as the Tall Folk, they were sitting at Singer's kitchen table, and telling him the story of their adventure.

Bobby could only scratch at his scalp.

"If I haven't checked you already, I wouldda thought that you are demons screwing with my head."

Fíli and Kíli spent three weeks at Singer's Salvage Yard, helping Mister Bobby (as they took to calling him) to find something in order to send them back to Middle Earth. But in no vain. Every lead they had turned out to be a dead end. Finally, one evening, Kíli voiced the hard truth:

"We aren't going back, are we?"

A tense silence fell over the kitchen.

"Boy, you shouldn't give up." Bobby started, but Kíli hit the table with his fist.

"And I won't!" He looked at his brother. "But we aren't going back anytime soon. I just... I just..." He dropped his head on the table and whispered. "They all think we are dead... I just wish there was some way to tell Ma that we're alive."

Bobby taught Fíli and Kíli how to be hunters. Since they were out of their time it was the only job for them to have, even non-profitable one. The boys were already warriors, and where at least three hunters were needed to, say, gank a vampire nest, those two were more than enough. Still, it took them a lot of time to convince him to teach them how to be good hunters.

"Come on, Mister Bobby! What else are we supposed to do? We are warriors, and hunters are the closest thing to that!"

"Yes, my younger brother for once is right!"


"How are we supposed to lead a life here? The world is so different."

In the end, Bobby relented, because, really, what else could they do?

"You still have to come up with a surname. You can't do without one."

He taught them how to drive, taught the basics about demons and monsters and one more month later, Philip and Kyle Thorinsons were shipped off to Rufus. The guy was a right pain in the ass, but if someone could make great hunters out of those out-of-time children it would be him.

Not to mention that Rufus's library was even more extensive than Bobby's.

They adjusted well enough to the modern world. Still they met many little problems that made their life more complicated. For example, it was unusual and terrifying to go everywhere without the light armor, usually having one thin layer of clothing. Fíli felt weak without his swords, and Kíli - exposed without the bow.

Fíli had to cut off his moustache braids in order to easier blend in, but braided his hair the traditional way. Kíli never managed to grow a proper beard, having permanent stubble. But he took liking to a heartier, and his hair was often pulled into a ponytail, either loose or tight.
Fíli has always been better with Khuzdul, so it wasn't very hard for him to learn Latin. Kíli could recite every exorcism existing out there but he couldn't understand a word of it. Instead, he had a better aim with guns. Not that it was surprising, considering that the younger dwarf was an excellent archer.

They drove their old hand-me-down car equally well.

Often enough they took easy jobs. Clean that bar, wash the dishes for a week in another, help to harvest the apples on a small farm... This sort of things. Things that they knew, and for them they got a small coin.

No demon could possess them, not for the lack of trying, but because demons apparently could only possess humans.

And even if their bodies were of human figure now, they still aged the dwarvish way. Six years have passed since the day they appeared in Singer Salvage Yard, and they haven't changed even a bit, still looking barely out of their teens, while Bobby's beard turned a few shades greyer.

It was somewhen in mid 2009, when Fíli got a call from Bobby:

"Hello, Mister Bobby!" He cheerfully greeted the other hunter, turning on the loudspeaker, so his brother would participate in the conversation too.

"Hello, idjits." Came the usual greeting, though now his voice sounded tired, instead of the usual grudgy. The brothers frowned at other.

"We haven't heard of you over the year." Kíli said. "Rufus said you were busy helping one of you friends."

There was a snort on the other side of the phone:

"And piss poor job I did. But this is why I'm calling you."

"What is wrong?" Fíli immediately tensed.

"Remember a while back I told you about the Winchester boys? Sons of John Winchester?"

Both dwarves smirked: oh yes, they did remember about the Winchester lads. Bobby was very expressive when the two idiots turned to his doorstep and ever since were bothering him. Though they suspected that he grumbled just for the sake of it, after all he knew them since they were kids. After all there had never been a day back in Blue Mountains when Dwalin wouldn't complain at them. So yeah, Fíli and Kíli heard plenty of Winchester's recklessness, thickheadness, idiocy and what's not.

"Yeah, I recall something about them." Kíli lazily drawled, but added seriously. "What's with them?"

Bobby was silent for a moment.

"A bit over a year ago the younger, Sam, got himself killed. Dean made a deal, but they gave him a year instead of ten."

"Is Dean... Is Dean in Hell?" Fíli asked after a moment. There was a distinct sound of Bobby drinking from a bottle.

"Damn straight he is." he snarled, masking grief behind anger. Neither of the brothers bought it, for far too many times they had seen Thorin pull the same thing.

"We are sorry." Kíli tentatively offered, but was interrupted.

"Yeah, I know, not your fault. However I have to ask you two to do something for me."

"Yeas, off course." they answered at the same time.

"Promised Dean to look after Sam, but the kid ran off as soon as he had the chance, and I can't get hold of him."

"You want us to find him and bring him back to you?" Fíli clarified.

"Just find him and keep an eye on him. 'M afraid he might do stupid mistakes."

They find Sam on a crossroad in the middle of Minnesota, drunk as an old homeless whose only friend is a bottle. Sam was talking to a pretty crossroad demon, demanding her to return his brother and take him instead.

The demon opened her mouth to respond, but never succeeded. Kíli shoot in her back, and she turned to them.

"Aww, and who are those pretties?" She cooed, and Fíli felt the familiar disgust. Next to him Kíli charmingly smiled.

"We are the ones who would distract you long enough before the giant over there guts you with his special knife."

True to his words Sam stabbed the demon through her throat. When the body hit the ground he looked up at them, bloodied knife in one hand, half-empty bottle in the other.

"Who the hell are you and what do you want?!" He bellowed at them. The dwarves grinned at him.


"And Kíli..."

They bowed deeply and finished in unison, just like Ma taught them.

"At your service."

Sam blinked drunkenly at them, the odd gesture confusing him.

"Get the hell out of here."

"So you would summon another demon?" Kíli asked stepping closer.

"Not going to happen." Fíli added. "We are Thorinsons, friends of Bobby Singer."

Sam took a swing from the bottle and sneered at them:

"What, are you his hounds?"

"Probably." the light-haired Thorinson agreed easily. "But don't tell me you are fine."

"I'm great."

"Yeah, I can see that." Kíli agreed and snatched the bottle of Sam's grasp, easily sidestepping him when the taller made a move to take the bottle back. "Now I like to drink as much as the next dwa- guy, but I know that one shouldn't seek happiness on the bottom of a bottle."

"Come one, let's take you to a motel and let you sleep." Fíli took Sam's elbow and started leading Winchester to theirs car.

"How did you find me?" He slurred.

"Well, I'm a genius." Fíli grinned at him.

"Yeas, for someone who a few years ago didn't know what electricity is, my brother is brilliant."

Fíli and Kíli kept Sam out of trouble as much as they could, considering they all were hunters and had responsibilities. But at least the younger Winchester stopped drinking a bottle after a bottle.

Fíli was ready to reconsidering their decision of breaking the alcoholism out of Sam when the completely sober Sam had presented them a demon Ruby who he claimed had helped them out before Dean died.

'Never trust and elf, they all are disgraced, treacherous, lying folk.' Thorin used to say this at least once a week when they were kids, and there was no counting how many times the proud dwarf has uttered this phrase.

Kíli told Sam this very thing, only changing 'elf' to 'demon'.

Later the night Sam ran away with Ruby and this time Fíli didn't manage to find him.