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It was a normal day, as many others, as Ash, May and Max woke up relatively early to leave Lilycove city, where they had stayed for the night. They were going to Petalburg City, since the young siblings wanted to greet their parents after such a long time. They were overly excited and really couldn't wait to get back home. It's strange how you realize how much you missed something right when it's so near to you once again. Ash, on the contrary, wasn't in his best mood, and not because of homesickness.
- Still thinking about the Ever Grande Conference? - May asked at a certain point, tired of seeing his sad look.
- Yeah.. - he replied sobbing - I just can't believe I got in top 8, just to lose the battle right afterwards!-
- Ash, don't act like this! You know that even just getting into the top 8 should make you proud! It's a great..-
- Shut up you two! - Max yelled at them. They looked at him with a confused face, it's not like they were arguing or anything. - I heard something… - the youngest one added.
- Something? - said Ash, -Something like what? -
And that's when they heard a soft cry coming from the bushes on their right. It was a pokémon cry.

Ash didn't wait another second and rushed trough the bushes, and after about a minute of research, he found a wounded and exhausted Vulpix hiding there, trying to lick her own wounds, and crying from pain.
- Hey there, little one! - he said smiling at her. But it didn't get the effect needed. The Vulpix started to growl and tried to attack him with a flamethrower, which, considering how weak she was, was considerably powerful. Luckily, Ash had been fast enough to avoid the attack, and right in that moment, Max and May arrived to see what was going on.
- Ash, is it a Vulpix? - May asked, looking at the cute pokemon in front of them.
- Yes, May. And for what I can see, she's been in a battle.. which I guess she lost, considering how bad her state is right now. - Ash replied.
- We need to take her to the Pokemon Center as soon as possible! - Max added.
Ash nodded - Definitely, we need to head back to Lilycove City, immediately.. -
- She looks so sweet! I really hope she survives.. She doesn't look too good right now.. -
- I know May… The only problem, is that she doesn't seem to be very… friendly - Ash continued stroking his raven-coloured hair.
Right as he said this, the Vulpix tried to growl, but the pain was too much and she started coughing and crying in pain. Ash didn't wait another minute and picked her up, and even though she tried to scratch him at first, after a while she gave up, thinking that it couldn't get worse than this anyway.
- You okay Ash? - asked May. concerned, as they started to head back to Lilycove City.
- Yup - he replied - but now let's get going! -

It took them almost a hour and a half to get back to the city, and as soon as they got there they rushed to the Pokemon Center.
- Oh My! What happened to this poor little Vulpix?! - Nurse Joy exclaimed worried.
- We don't know.. We just found her like this.. Do you think she will make it? - Ash asked worried.
She sighed - We'll see. I'll do my best to cure her. But I tell you, she is deeply injured, so it might take a while. You should go out to have a lunch and take a walk. If you get back here in a hour I'll be able to tell you more about this little baby. -
Ash's stomach agreed completely with what she just said, and as he started laughing about it, they said their thank yous and left the pokemon in Nurse Joy's good hands.

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