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She stared straight at him. Fierce, cold, unforgiving.
She knew exactly what they expected her to do, what they trained her all night for. Defeat Ash and, most of all, distract him while they take Pikachu. Simple enough.
She also knew exactly what they expected her to think about him by now. She remembered way too much clearly the words they told her about the raven-haired boy. He's not kind. He's a liar, a deceiver. … He didn't really care for you as much as you think. … He does this kind of thing for every pokemon. … To him, you're not so different from them. She couldn't quite place why, but those words had hurt her. And were still there, in her head, desperately haunting her.
And that was just the way she managed to express hurt. With indifference.
Deep down, she knew that he was nice. She needed to believe that, and to hold onto that part of her screaming at her not to believe to a single word they had said about him.
But her thoughts were to be interrupted.
-Vu…. Vulpix?- Ash said, his voice not more than a whisper, hurt, his eyes wide with shock. She pretended not to notice it all.
A smirk crept up on Jessie's face - Oh, so you know each other? I didn't know it, I swear! I would've never guessed you two had met already! - she said laughing, enjoying the view of Ash's look, a mix of shock and anger. -What's up you twerp? I know she's lovely, but now, now.. Don't tell me you have a crush on a Pokémon!-
And it hit him more than it should have. Actually, maybe way too much. Meanwhile, Vulpix had, for the first time, expressed an emotion on her face, which was embarrassment, considering the burgundy red of her cheeks that matched the one of her tail.
Max and May had to literally keep Ash from beating Jessie up. He was trying to get to her, to.. he didn't even know what. Punch her? For what reason? Having assumed that he had.. some kind of feeling for her? Oh gosh, she wasn't even a girl! She was.. a pokémon! He didn't know what to do, so he did what he could do best: -Pikachu! Lightning! As strong as you can, and on Jessie!- he said loudly, a fierce and determined look on his face.
The yellow pokémon, though a bit confused at first, attacked the girl quickly and mercilessly.
So quickly, that it was a matter of seconds.
Faster than a heartbeat.
He couldn't have the time to stop.

So mercilessly, that first the sky went black, then everything went to white.
Stronger and faster than a true thunderbolt.
He didn't know how to guide it on a different target.

Because he realized a fraction of a second too late, that he wasn't going to hit Jessie.
Someone had gotten in the way.
He hit Vulpix.

It was like time was going on a slow motion.
Pikachu, charging at his most, launching a super-powerful lightning.
Vulpix getting in the way, right in front of Jessie.
Protecting her, though nobody would've guessed why.
As soon as the attack was over, they were surrounded by dust. They all started coughing, for how difficult it was to even breathe, let alone see. Ash wanted desperately to know what happened, but it took a while for him to see the scene in front of him. Once it all cleared up, no one could hold Ash back from rushing towards Vulpix.
She was laying on the cold hard ground, unmoving, fainted.
-Vulpix? VULPIX!- he called her shaking her gently. He didn't know why, but he had gotten so attached to her, he… he just didn't want her to be in pain. He wanter to help her, to stay next to her. As to the reason why, he didn't have any clue. For Christ's sake, he had only met her once! But there was just something about her, that made him worry for her, that made him care.
But he didn't have the time to realize it, hearing the loud cry of Pikachu at his back. No. No! No no no NO. It can't be. It mustn't be. -Muahahah!- laughed almost evilly James -Such a cute scene that was, wasn't it? Please, invite me to the marriage, 'kay? Meanwhile, I think Pikachu will give you some privacy, and will come with us!-
And Ash, for the first time, was about to lose it.
Damn it, he never lost his temper with Team Rocket! He had always been so self confident, he knew he could always beat them.. I mean, it was just a matter of strong pokémons and good battling skills. He was always confident he was better than them. Maybe not always completely emotionally ready to face with them, but always willing to do it.
But this time.. this time was different. This time it was too much. Having against him the pokémon he had so kind-heartedly helped just two days before, for whom he had strange unexplained feelings; then seeing her so badly damaged, just to find out that his best friend was being taken from Team Rocket.
Though it didn't mean he could let them take him without a fight, no. That was definitely not going to happen.
-Swellow! I choose you!- he almost screamed, throwing the pokéball in the air. -Fly as fast as you can, take Pikachu and then attack them wing attack, send them blasting at the speed of sound!-
The bird pokémon flew at his maximum speed, but couldn't accomplish in taking Pikachu, captured in a net.
-Two birds with a stone!- James laughed out.
Ash gritted his teeth. -Aerial Ace, quick! Don't let them trap you!-
Swellow accomplished what his trainer asked him to do, and escaped from Team Rocket's trap, but it was too late to save Pikachu too, Jessie and Meowth had already escaped with him, and were nowhere to be seen.
-I'm sorry to disappoint you twerp, but it's too late! Bye bye, and have a good time with your new girlfriend!- James said before disappearing into the woods.
So Ash ran. And ran. And ran until he was lost into the woods. He spent more than a hour running into the nothingness, before realizing it was a lost cause. They were gone. He had let them take his best friend. Pikachu had always protected him and fought for him, and how did he repay him?
And now, worst than anything else, he was lost in the woods without his pokéballs. And here in the woods, there was nothing he could do to try and find his friend. He was alone, and he didn't even know where.
He sat on a big tree root, and took his head in his head. What did I do? He sighed almost desperately, realizing he had tears in his eyes.
He was just sitting there, trying to think of a way to get back to Fortree City and to his friends, trying to think of a way to get Pikachu back, when suddenly, he heard something. At first, he didn't give it any importance, thinking it was maybe some bug pokémon eating a leaf or whatever.
Then, something caught his eyes.
There was someone hiding behind a tree, maybe spying him!
-Show yourself! Jessie, James, if that's you, I swear I will..- he started saying angrily, but stopped as he realized that it wasn't any of them.
The person hiding there, was much more petite than them.
And surely prettier.
It was a young girl with long red wavy hair, golden eyes, fair skin and looked almost as lost as him.
-He.. Hello!- he tried to say casually, despite everything that happened. And definitely trying to hide the tears. Jeez, he definitely wasn't in his best mood.
She didn't reply, but looked at him a bit concerned.
He tried to speak again, intrigued -Who.. who are you?-

...Who is she?

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