A/N Hey guys! Here I am again with another fanfic. I just got back from the theater from seeing Riddick…can I just say that it was amazing? If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do. Vin Diesel…..well…enough said :) Anyways, I was inspired to write this from the movie. I really hope you like it :) PS: I don't own anything of the Chronicles of Riddick, but Reana is my own. Enjoy!

WARNING: This has spoilers of the 2013 Riddick movie.

They say your mind completely shuts down in cryosleep…so why am I still awake?

My mind would drift, never once staying on one thing. I was aware that I was in cryosleep, but my body wouldn't respond to anything. I could scream inside my head…but no one would ever hear me.

My mind was lucid enough to recognize that I alive…and bound. My skin was pressed up against something hard…some sort of metal.

My mind drifted again. How did this come to be? The last thing I remember was Sasha and I running through the streets of New Meccah… something...or someone had been chasing us. We were almost there…almost to the ship...Then nothing. Blackness blankets my mind.

I jolt. Someone has moved my body. There is a slight stinging pain my thigh. What is it? More drugs? My limbs begin to get feeling again; I can curl my toes and feel the blood rushing back into my hands. With great effort and a deep breath, I am able to open my eyes.

"Easy now."

My head was swimming, as I was coming out of the sleep. My gaze fell upon a fuzzy figure.


"Shh. The drugs should wear off soon. Do you know who you are?"

I squinted as I tried to see who was talking. So far, I could only make out that it was a "he".

"What's your name?" He asked more slowly.

I shut my eyes at a sudden wave of dizziness.

"Reana." At least I could remember that much.

"Good. Now, I am going to untie you, okay?"

I opened my eyes to look at him again. I could see him more clearly this time; he was a little older than me; he had sparkling blue eyes and brown hair, and a kind face. He reached up to where my hands were and unlocked the chains. My arms fell to my sides, useless, after being held up for so long. He moved away and went across the room. I rubbed my hands, trying to stop the pins and needles. Once I got the feeling back in them, I ran a hand through my bright auburn hair; it was a nervous habit. From what I could tell, I was in a cargo hold of some sort of ship. The metal I had felt earlier was from the wall I was chained too. I watched him, as he bent down next to someone. My heart leapt into my throat.

"Sasha?" I squeaked.

The man looked at me from over his shoulder.

"She should be awake in a minute or too." He produced a small needle and plucked it into her thigh.

My gaze wandered over my friend. She was in her late twenties and she had dark skin and curly dark hair. She had started out as my body guard, but we had grown into great friends. My heart beat fast as I watched her come out of her comatose state. Sasha had been my protector for almost ten years. I couldn't really remember much of my childhood…except that Sasha had been there. We had been planet hoping for most of my life and on the run from mercs. Sasha had told me it was because of what I am; one of the last Furyans; but it wasn't just that. Someone had implanted me with a perfect map to my home world….Furya. Because of that, someone had put a price on my head…that steadily grew the older I got.

I was jerked from my thoughts by a snarl.

"Don't fucking touch me."

Sasha was awake and in full "flight or fight" mode. The man, who had woke her up, stepped back with his hands raised in surrender.

"I'm not going to hurt you. Santana is letting you go."

Santana. Bounty Hunter. At the mention of his name, I cringed. He was one of the ones who had been hunting us, for the past year. We had managed to narrowly escape him, but he seemed to always know our next move. It would seem our luck had run out.

Sasha sneered, but paused.


The man frowned. "Bigger catch."

Who could he be after that he would just let the both of us go?

Sasha didn't move as the man unlocked her chains. When they fell to the floor, she flew across the room towards me.

"Reana? Are you alright? Did they hurt you?"

She had my face in her iron grip, twisting my head from side to side for an inspection. I batted her hands away.

"I'm fine Sasha. Just a little shook up."

She gave me a scowl and turned back to the man.

"So we can leave?"

He quickly nodded. "Santana said to go. You're free."

Sasha pulled me from where I had been sitting and dragged me to the open door. Where ever we were, was a hell of a lot different than the high rise buildings of New Meccah. The terrain was a blaze with reddish/orange colored sand; the heat rose off it in waves. Sasha and I stopped right outside of ship.

"We must leave. Now."

I turned to look up at her. She was almost half a foot taller than my 5"4 frame. Her normally flawless face was scrunched up in a determined look.

She swung her head from side to side, inspecting the camp that was set up. When there was no sign of anyone else, we made our break for it.

Fear crept up my spin, as Sasha and I sprinted our way through the camp. This seemed to easy….

As soon as that thought slipped through my mind, a pair of bulging arms grabbed me around my waist. I was crushed against a hard body, and no matter how much I struggled, I couldn't get away.

"Sasha!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Sasha was about ten feet out of the camp. She stopped and turned on her heel, to look at me; her mouth open in horror.

I struggled against my captor. A gruff laugh sounded in my ear. Diaz, one of Santana's mercs. My heart fell….there was no escape. I turned my attention back towards Sasha was. If there was any chance of escape, it was now.

"Sasha! Sasha, go!" I was almost pleading with her. She was our only chance of escape. I knew Sasha…if I didn't push her, she would have come back to fight a losing battle.

She stood there for a few more moments, looking like she was struggling with herself.

"GO!" I screamed with everything I had. I didn't want her to die.

"I will come back for you." She shouted. She looked like she might cry.

To my relief, she took off again, running at top speed through the desert. She could make it!

My relief was soon washed by fear when I heard a raspy "Tsk."

I looked up to my right. Santana grinned down at me.

Santana was a snake like man. He had shoulder length dark hair and a couple days worth of stubble on his square chin. His clothes were dark and ripped, from years of abuse as a bounty hunter.

"Silly girls. To think I would let you go without a proper goodbye."

My brow scrunched in confusion. Santana merely shook his head and raised his gun. My eyes widened in horror.

It was like time slowed down. I turned back to where Sasha had gone.


But my warning was too late. The air filled with the sound of a gun firing.

My soul ripped in half, as I saw Sasha fall to the ground, blood spurting from her back. I struggled harder against Diaz, but it was all in vain.

Angry tears ran down my pale face, as I faced the truth; the freedom had been a lie. I let my legs go slack; Diaz letting me hit the ground with a thud. Sobs tore through me. Sasha was gone…just like that. It was like all our years of fighting and struggle didn't matter. Heavy boots swam into my vision. I only had a second before a hand tangled its self in my hair, and I was jerked upward. I cried out at the sudden pain. Santana sneered down at me.

"I am surprised, Furyan. I would have thought you'd have been smarter than that."

"Fuck you." I snarled through my tears.

He just laughed and stroked my cheek with his other hand, in mock sympathy. He looked over at Sasha's still form.

"And I beginning to be attached."

I closed my eyes. I wanted nothing more than to slit his throat.

"Why? Why couldn't you just let us go? You had a bigger catch didn't you?"

Santana glanced over his shoulder. "Boy needs to keep his mouth shut." He mumbled more to himself. "You see, my dear. You are worth more to me alive. Your friend was extra baggage."

My eyes flew open in a rage. I tried to kick him, but he pulled my hair tighter and twisted me, so my back was to his front. His other hand ran down the side of my neck, and down my waist, to rest on my hip. I gave an involuntary shudder, as my hatred for him grew.

"You should be grateful." He whispered in my ear.

"Why?" I said through clenched teeth.

"You're alive, because I need you." He ran his nose up the back of my neck." It would seem a dying race has a chance. Who'd have thought I'd catch a female and male Furyan. Perhaps I can start my own slave farm with the two of you."

I was too shocked to say anything to him. Another Furyan? Could it be true?

Santana sniffed my hair, and began to move his hand lower. I reacted on instinct, my leg going back and hitting it's mark. He doubled over and released my hair. I jerked forward and tried to run, but Santana grabbed my ankle and I fell. I kicked back, my boot clipping him in the chin. I scrambled up, only to come face to face with the barrel of Diaz's gun.

"Now, why would a pretty little thing like you, want to go and get her brains splattered?"

I stood still, my eyes never leaving the gun. It was mere inch from my face. I could hear Santana get up behind me.

"Tie the bitch up. She'll pay for making me bleed."

My hands were pulled behind my back and clasped in thick cuffs. Diaz removed the gun from my face and sneered down at me. I glared back, before I was roughly shoved towards the ship by Nunez.

Once inside, Nunez unhooked my hands from behind me and hooked them up to a ring above my head. I was suspended in the air, my feet barely touching the ground. An angry, bleeding Santana stormed in; a murderous look on his face. I knew what was coming, and tried to brace myself for it.

The first punch was always the most painful; normally I could block most of the pain out, but I was still raw from Sasha's death, so I could feel every bruise form, as Santana continued his assault. After 5 minutes of nonstop punching, a small whimper escaped my lips. Santana laughed in my face, his breathing heavy.

"I thought all you Furyans were fighters."

I didn't answer him; I was in too much pain. He brushed his hand down my cheek.

"Now be a good girl, and think about what you did." He laughed again, "Leave her here. We need to find out where the fuck Riddick is."

Without another word, he and Nunez left. I was left to hang by my hands; battered, bruised and bleeding. I couldn't stop my tears, as they ran down my cheeks. Sasha had shielded me from so much. Now, I was alone….nobody could protect me.

I let myself have a few moments of self pity; a turmoil of emotions running through me. Once my sobbing stopped and my sadness left, it was replaced by fire and fury. I needed to come up with a plan. An idea struck me….Santana had mentioned another Furyan…Riddick… The name pricked something in the back of my mind, but I couldn't pin point it.


….I shook my head. I needed to stop relying on others. I was alone in this world now, and I had to fend for myself. I took a deep breath. I closed my eyes, as the wheels in my head began to turn.

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