Greatness Awaits

by UWontKnoXD

Summary: {AU} {Harry/You tell me!} What if Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, is beaten daily and lives in a cupboard? And not only that, Harry seems to have developed Metamorphmagus powers. How will this, combined with Snape and Tonks coming to get him, change his First Year? And when he starts receiving letters from someone unknown, is the person helping him, or plotting his downfall?

Warnings: child abuse :: mentions of sexual harassment :: minor/possibly offensive content

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Chapter 1: An Unexpected Journey*

The day was beautiful. Birds were chirping, hummingbirds humming, sun shining. It would have been the perfect day if there wasn't a little boy in over large clothes digging in the nice little garden.

The boy raised his head warily. The constant cooking and digging in the garden were exceptionally tiring for an eleven-year-old boy that hasn't eaten in a day or two.

He rubbed his green eyes. They were pretty eyes, but the would have been gorgeous if they didn't mask the hurt and sadness that lay behind them.

A car crash, they said. A car crash condemned him to slave work. A car crash killed his parents. A car crash gave him an ugly scar; a scar that marked him as the Savior of the Wizarding World.

Of course, he didn't know that.

He was just a punching bag, a servant . . . a freak.

He stood up from the flower bed, wincing as his back groaned and cracked. He was just your average boy with raven black hair. The bangs flopped messily on his forehead, just hiding the scar on his forehead.

He slowly began to walk to the house. The house was the average house of a well-to-do middle class home. The four residents made sure that the lawn stayed perfectly mowed, the roof tiles perfectly in place, the flowers perfectly upright.

But only one of the four residents actually did any of those things.

He quietly crossed over the porch and eased the door open.

As quiet as possible, he drilled himself. So that Vernon doesn't beat him, or Petunia slap him, or Dudley hound him with his friends.

He slipped inside, drying his feet on the carpet. No shoes for the freak.

He went upstairs to do his scheduled midday cleaning. He was starving. He could have easily made himself a sandwich, but it would have cost him a beating; freaks don't get expensive things, like peanut butter or fresh bread.

It's good that Vernon is at work and Petunia is asleep in the middle of the day. Petunia always has a large breakfast and light early lunch. She didn't need even eat that much, the stick of a woman.

He crept up the stairs, the stairs that he had vacuumed not minutes before.

It was his eleventh birthday tomorrow. The sad thing was that he himself barely remembered it. Petunia and Vernon never told him anything relating to...well, him. Or about his freak parents.

He hurriedly went into his cousin's bedroom and straightened his bed. He never bothered to clean the empty soda cans, or the broken toys, or the large pieces of clothing strewn across the room.

He left as soon as he finished, saving himself from the stench of Dudley. Today, he was feeling pretty fortunate. He hadn't bumped into Petunia yet, and he hadn't been bothered at all. With this slightly pleasant thought on his mind, he went back downstairs to start making the burgers.

An hour later, when he had finished cooking, the doorbell rang. The boy sprinted to the door, opened it, and in came Vernon.

Vernon was just under six feet tall, with a large, quivering mustache that covered much of his red face. His beady eyes were always narrowed suspiciously. His stomach was unbelievably large: it protruded forwards as much as to the sides.

He snorted as he watched the boy, who had sprinted back quickly and then dove into his cupboard, or his 'room'.

"Dinner better be ready!" He snarled. "Or you'll not be eating for a week!"

Harry had not, actually, ever gone without eating for more than several days; he never disobeyed Vernon or Petunia. He only made them mad. Not even on purpose.

Like whenever he tripped over the stairs on his way down. Or made Aunt Marge's dog whine. Or when a stray drop of boiling water popped out of the bacon frying pan and onto Dudley, who would flick his ear. The punishments for those were normally more severe than the ones he got daily.

From inside the cupboard, Harry could hear Vernon hang up his coat and slap down his keys. He could hear his chair creak when he sat down in it. Harry felt sorry for the chair...the floor, even.

When his eyes were starting to close, and Harry was letting the smothering embrace of sleep overcome him, he heard another one of his relatives.

"Oi! Get up, freak! I'm giving you a haircut!" Petunia screeched. Harry sighed. Great. She woke up.

Ten painful cuts and two hair-grabs later, Harry collapsed on his bed, scalp prickling.

Little dig he know, his hair follicles were growing back surprisingly quickly . . .


Severus Snape had his hands clasped together with his fingers tapping. His dark eyes were in a far away place.

Someone knocked at his office door. Snape snapped out of his daze.

"Come in," the man said, waving his wand. The door opened slowly. A stern-looking woman walked out of it.

"Severus, there's been a reading of magic at Potter's house." She said. Snape raised his eyebrow.

"Minerva, why so excited about it?" He said. Accidental magic was common in wizard one as 'powerful' as James Potter and Lily Eva-Lily Potter's son. He winced. His old enemy's last name pairing with his childhood friend's first made him agitated.

The Headmistress shook her head. "No, no, no, it isn't the normal accidental magic," she said.

Snape narrowed his eyes. "What is it, then?"

But Minerva wasn't listening. "You'll have to go see him...yes, you will, you can keep an eye on him until his birthday..."

"What? I don't want to watch some brat run around all day! He's probably spoiled and pampered for being the son of the only witch in the family!" Snape growled. "No, I won't look after James Potter's son."

Minerva glared at him. "Then what about Lily Evan's son?"

Snape's dark eyes softened ever so slightly. Then he nodded briskly, his eyes hardening once more.

"Alright, fine. What magic has the brat done?"

"It was metamorphmagus magic, Severus." she said.

There was a large pause.

"Metamorphmagus?" Snape murmured thoughfully.

McGonagall nodded. "We don't know much else. Something activated his powers. We don't even know what the activated powers have done."

Snape's eyes clear in understanding. "Ah. Something could happen, and he could be revealed to Muggles."

McGonagall's expression darkened. "And I know what happens to that boy when he does magic."

Snape raised an thin eyebrow at her again. "What are you talking about? The brat is probably spoiled as any other pure-blood hero! And anyways, how would you know? You haven't visited Surrey in more than a decade."

McGonagall shrugged. "It's just a feeling. Those Muggles were the worst type . . ."

Snape snorts, but doesn't reply.

The Deputy Headmistress nodded, knowing that she'd won. "Anyway, back to the subject. You have to go over there and figure out what's going on."

Having already given in, Snape sighed. "Alright. I'm bringing one of the Junior Aurors, though."

McGonagall looked surprised. "Why? I thought you didn't like rambunctious, troublesome children . . ."

"I don't." Snape grumbled, eyes flashing with weak anger, although he'd never hurt Minerva. "She's a metamorphmagus. That's how she's been doing so well in Auror Training."

"Ah." McGonagall said. She reached for her private owl, a huge, old tawny with bright yellow eyes.

"I'll send an owl to the Ministry right away." McGonagall said. She then reaches behind her desk and grabs a letter.

Handing it to him, she said, "Give this to him personally. If I know the Dursleys, they'll get rid of all the ones we'd send."

Snape nods, and turns to leave the dark, warm room when McGonagall adds, "Severus?"

Snape turns to her.

"Don't . . . scare them too much will you?" McGonagall said worriedly.

Snape smiled thinly. "I'll scare them if necessary. If they touched the boy . . . Vernon Dursley will regret the day he met the sister of Lily Evans."


Harry dropped the last strip of bacon onto the serving plate went to set it on the living room table. Before it touched the wood, Dudley smacked his hand out of the way and reached for it himself. This caused the plate to tip sideways, making the sizzling hot bacon spill everywhere and burn poor Dudder's hand.

As Dudley screamed, Vernon hit Harry, hard, behind the back of the head and snarled at him, "Get to your cupboard, and don't come out or I'll kill you."

Harry sprinted for the for the stairs when the doorbell rang. Petunia's voice screeched, "ANSWER IT!"

Harry swiveled his course and opened the door. There stood Arabella Figg, the short old woman who lived down the street and owned at least a couple dozen cats. Behind her, there seemed to be a slight ripple in the air, but Harry discarded this immediately. His glasses always seemed to pick up random things like that. Probably just a smudge.

Something in Figg's eyes was different, though. In all the times Harry had stayed with her, her eyes were almost blank. In fact, most people he knew had his look. He hadn't seen it only in a few odd people he'd seen on the street, and, coincidentally, in himself.

Figg smiled widely at him, and now Harry could see what was bothering him. Hr eyes were filled with a young liveliness, and a glowing ember in it.

"Harry Potter! How very nice to meet you!" Figg cried. She shook his hand vigorously.

"Mrs. Figg, I saw you yesterday." Harry said, thoroughly confused.

Figg threw her hand up to smack her forehead, but it caught on the clothes stand and sent coats toppling to the floor.

She sighed. "Sorry . . . such a klutz . . ."

As she bent down to pick up the clothes, Vernon roared, "Brat, what are you breaking?"

She stood straight up. "Who said that?" She growled, portraying a harsh sense of anger.

"Uncle Vernon." Harry said cautiously, picking up the fallen clothes but not taking his eyes off the strange woman before him.

Fig's eyes darkened. "Ah. McGonagall warned us of this."

She turns around and looks at nothing behind her. "This will be harder than it was supposed to be, Snape." she said.

Suddenly, there was a growl, and a tall, skinny, large nosed, greasy haired man materialized behind her.

"Dammit, Tonks." The man hissed. "We still have to talk to his uncle! You aren't supposed to talk to me!"

Harry watched in fascination as the man reached inside his dark robes and pulled out a long, dark brown stick a tapped his head, muttering something. Clear water seemed to drip down his body, and his figure became translucent once agin, and just in time.

Vernon stumbled into the room, and Figg studied him like a new adversary would.

"Oh, good morning Mrs. Figg." Vernon said sweetly. "Why are you here on such a fine day?"

Figg finally walked in and closed the door behind her, though there was a few seconds delay as she let the invisible stranger in.

"Oh, I'm here to inform you that Harry here was in my garden, throwing rocks at my cats." 'Tonks' lied, easily. Harry watched in disbelief.

"Wha - I -" He stuttered.

"I'm here to hope that he'll be properly punished. " Tonks/Figg conintued.

"Oh, he'll be punished, all right." Vernon said with glee. "You thought ten lashes was bad?" He grabbed his belt on his waist and hoisted it up, showing off then hard, steel buckle. "You'll know what a real lashing feels like."

Tonks/Figg nodded. "Good. Now can you make us tea, please? I need to discuss Harry's behavior with him."

Vernon almost skipped to the kitchen, having found an excuse to torture his little burden.

As soon as he left, the greasy man reappeared. "Merlin's arse, ten lashes?" he hissed. "His own blood . . ."

The man glanced at Fonks (Harry's temporary nickname for the strrange woman) and nodded. Harry watched, amazed, as she morphed into a pink-haired young woman with an elvish face.

"Harry," she said urgently kneeling down and shaking his shoulders. "Does he hurt you?"

Harry opened his mouth, shut it, and then shook his head slowly.

"Boy, we just heard him say ten lashes." The man said. "I don't need Legilimency to see that you are lying."

Harry stared at him, not knowing what Legilimency is, and not wanting to.

"Harry, do you talk?" 'Tonks' said worriedly.

Harry nodded, and said quietly, "They don't like me to, so I don't."

Tonks eyes flashed, and conveniently, Vernon waltzed into the hall. The words on his tongue failed when he sees a stranger in his hall, dressed like one of . . . them.

"Wha - where's Mrs. Figg?" Vernon spluttered, his face turning pink. "What are you freaks doing in my house?"

Snape growled at him, "Vernon Dursley, I have permission from the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot to find out whatever information I require through the use of Legilimency. Prepare yourself, Muggle."

Snape took on a relaxed pose, with his feet apart, and muttered something under his breath as Vernon spluttered, "OUT! OUT! I will not have a group of fucking freaks -"

Suddenly, he dropped like a sack of potatoes, up against the door. Snape backed up several paces away from the unconscious Muggle, breathing heavily. He looked from Harry to Tonks, from Harry to the pile of fat on the floor. He said shakily, "Get him ready to go. We're leaving in five minutes."

Tonks nodded. "Harry, lead us to your room, we're leaving. We're getting you a new home."

As she said this, Snape was walking into the kitchen and living room, and they group could hear a timid, "Vernon? Honey, are you okay?"

Harry, speechless, walked two feet and opens the cupboard door.

Tonks is confused. "What's this?"

Harry pointed at a hand drawn sign that said, "Harry's Room," in proud, bright letters, and he said quietly, "This is my room."

Tonks took in a sharp breath. Letting it out through puffed cheeks, she closed her eyes. During this meditation, Snape returned, with Petunia Dursley in tow. Dudley followed several steps behind. Tonks quickly closed the cupboard door and ushered Harry to the side, onto the second step as Snape pushed Petnunia and her son in front of him, up against the door. Petunia gasped and went to aid her husband as Dudley whimpered. Tonks touched Snape on the shoulder, and he glanced at where she was gesturing. The cupboard stood in what seemed like a spotlight.

Snape's face turned even paler, and his eyes darken to an abyssal blackness. Turning on the terrified family, he said in a low voice, "Vernon Dursley is to be sent to the Ministry to be tried for abusing a Magical child. Petunia and Dudley Dursley, you will both spend the appropriate amount of time at a correctional facility."

Turning to Tonks, he said, "I'm portkeying to the Ministry. You take the boy to the Leaky Cauldron. I'll meet you there." He took out of his pocket a small figurine of some sort, stepped on Vernon, grabbed Petunia's and Dudley's arms with one long fingered hand, and said, "Portus!" The group disappeared, as though they were all sucked into the figurine, and that too disappeared.

Tonks nodded, and stuck her head in the cupboard. "What do you want to bring to Hogwarts, Harry?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't - just -" he winced

Tonks nodded in understanding. "Let's go." Harry followed her out the door, closing it behind him, his hands still shaking in shock. The cool early afternoon air soothed his face.

They said nothing as they walked down the street, towards Mrs. Figg's house. When they'd reached it, Tonks took two brooms off the side of the house; one was bright, sleek and new-looking, and the other was older, and had a few cracks in it. Tonks hand Harry the new one.

She said, "Alright, Harry, this is how it's going to go down. You are going to get on your broom, and kick off from the ground. I'll do the same. There'll be a Beginner Quidditch Connection Spell attached to the front of yours and the back of mine. It'll allow you some room to fly around, it'll prevent you from crashing, and it'll keep you on a semi-straight course behind me. With me so far?"

Harry nodded slowly. Then he asked timidly, "Why don't you do what the other guy did? He just disappeared."

Tonks explained patiently, "He used a portkey. It's an object that's used to transport you over long distances. Sadly, portkeys aren't that common, and I don't have one. Snape only had one because he Dumbledore let him have it. It's his own personal one that he uses to contact the Minister. There is another form of travel, called Apparation. It pops you from point A to point B, but I suck at it. If I tried it with another person, someone'd surely be splinched. Splinching is leaving part of you behind, resulting in a bloddy mess and a missing limb."

Harry shivered as Tonks took out her own wand and made a twirling motion around the front of Harry's broom, and then the back of hers.. "Are you okay? On the ride, you'll be able to sleep, since there are cushioning charms on the brooms."

"No, I'm okay." Harry said, his confidence returning. Tonks grinned, mounting her broom. Harry did the same. He felt a soft sensation against his bum, and was thankful for it.

"Off to the Leaky Cauldron we go." With that, she zoomed off into the air, leaving Harry to zoom off after her. Tonks had forgotten gotten to show him how to actually notfall off the broom . . . but no matter. The minute he had touched the broom, Harry felt a sense of deja vu, and immediately knew what to do. He kicked off, hard, soaring after the strange girl.

*Hobbit reference. Oh, I love books.

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