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Summary: {AU} {Harry/you tell me} {Smart!Metamorph!Harry} Harry Potter was beaten daily, growing up with no love and only his wits. On the bright side, Harry is a Metamorphmagus, but that doesn't make his life any easier. How will this change life at Hogwarts, especially when he is Sorted into the House no one expected? And when Harry visits Beauxbatons, he learns more than just French.

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Chapter 15: An Introduction

As Harry helped the woman to her feet, she inquired, "Why didn't you destroy right then? I was helpless."

Harry shrugged, and said modestly, "I couldn't hurt a lady."

When Guinevere raised an eyebrow at him, dusting off her robes, he sighed. "That, and I saw that Madam Maxine had walked in with you. And when you started attacking me, and she didn't do anything, I figured that I'd finish the test."

The woman nodded approvingly, a smile tugging the corners of her lips. She dipped her head. "And good morning to you, Mr. Potter. I am Guinevere Dubois-Ollivander."

Harry smiled and nodded. "Your brother is very nice."

Maxine cleared her throat. "Girls, this is Harry Potter. I have decided to let him attend Beauxbatons. Harry, these are the girls. There are about 80 of them, so obviously not as much as 'Ogwarts. They go from ages 8 – 16, and beyond that, they go to the Universities -"

"- unless they enter into an Apprenticeship." Finished Guinevere finished. She looked excitedly at Maxine, but the Headmistress's stare said, "Not yet."

"The 8-10 year olds are schooled together, and they learn the basics; magical wording, and a lot of history. They get their wands at 10 years old, and then they go into real classes. They attend classess until they are 16. When they are 16, they take their examinations:, and then they graduate."

Looking around, she saw that all the girls were studying Harry. She cleared her throat again. "Please eat, girls."

As the girls began to eat, Maxine gestured for Harry to sit at the end of one of the curved tables. He did so, and Maxine and Guinevere sat across from him.

"The required classes are History, Runes, Astronomy, Transfiguration, Charms, Magical Creatures, and Duelling. Some of the extra-curricular classes include Running, Ballroom Dancing, Magical Etiquette, and football. If you happen to be Apprenticed before you graduate, you take one week off a month to go off with your Master and train."

Harry nodded. Maxine continued, "You may take three extracurricular classes, or none at all. When you're in your sixth year, you can earn extra credit by being an assistant professor, and teaching the 8-10 year olds. The Grading system is not much different from 'Ogwarts. For us, it is on a scale from 0 (worst) to 20 (best). To put it into perspective, 14-20 is an Outstanding, 10.5-13.9 is an Exceeds Expectations, 9.9-10.4 is an Acceptable, 8-8.9 is a Poor, and 0-7.9 is Dreadful. Do you need some time to think about your classes?"

Harry shook his head. "I've thought about this a lot for the past 30 seconds, and I think that Running, Ballroom Dancing, and football would be the best for me."

Maxine eyed him. "Are you sure that you want to take Dancing? May I remind you that there will be only girls attending that class?"

Harry shrugged. "Well, there are only girls attending all my other classes, and I've been past the 'girls have cooties' stage for several years. And I'll swear on my magic that I won't purposely harm or approach any of the girls in any inappropriate way."

Guinevere nodded appreciatively and Maxine gave a light gasp. "You're willing to take a Magical Vow, Harry? . . . do you know what this means?"

"Yep. It means we have to shake on it." Harry grinned, taking her hand. In a slight daze, she wrapped her fingers around his hand, and Harry announced loudly, "I, Harry James Potter, swear upon my magic that I will not harm approach the young women in Beauxbatons in any inappropriate way."

Harry then looked sideways and winked at Fleur. "Unless they consent."

Fleur and some of her friends blushed furiously and Guinevere let out a tinkling laugh. Harry stored this into his mind. They responded well to flirtatiousness. This would save him a lot of embarrassment if the school hosted any public events in which one had to dance. Yes . . . especially dances.

Maxine said, "I, Olympe Isemay Maxine, accept your vow, and shall be a witness if you were to break your vow, and lose your magic."

And so they said together, "So mote it be." Gold bands of light wrapped around their joined hands, and a tingling sensation buzzed its way through me. So much so that it almost felt pleasurable.

Slowly, the gold bands disappeared, and Harry flexed his fingers experimentally. Everything seemed to be in working order. "And now the hard part." Harry sighed, mumbling to himself. "Keeping my word."

Harry gestured for Maxine to sit down, and when she did, Harry finalized his decision. "I'm taking running because that's what I'm really good at. At Hogwarts, I'd run every day in the mornings, and it helps me stay fit. As for ballroom dancing, I'm not as ignorant as most political figures view me. I understand my status as the Boy-Who-Lived, and I also understand that it is my duty to attend some public events." Here, he continued in a hushed tone, "As for football, when I was younger, I had to tone down all of my skills to avoid a beating for being better than my cousin. But for Physical Education, we weren't graded, and we focused heavily on the sport. And honestly, I was quite good. I don't mean to play any games with the girls, because that would be unfair. The girls would annhilate me." Madam Maxine and Guinevere smirked, and Harry finished, "Nevertheless, I considered myself good, although I haven't played in years, and I miss it. It would be nice to have a football at my feet again." Harry said the last part a bit wistfully.

Maxine nodded. "We can have all of those arranged; as for football, we can get you a private tutor, but it will be a bit more expensive."

Harry nodded. "Speaking of costs, how much will the tuition fee?"

"Around 500 galleons per semester. You can pay us at the end of the year. Unless you enter into an Apprenticeship, in which case the tuition is free." Maxine answered.

"Why would it be free?"

"We'd be honored to have someone Apprenticed to a Master attend our school."

Harry nodded slowly. "So, what can one be Apprenticed to?"

Guinevere jumped in, "I'm so glad you asked! There are three different Masteries that you can achieve through an Apprenticeship."

"Why only three?"

"These three are the hardest to learn in the Wizarding society; most of the other proffesions can be learned through other courses of study, like at Universities. One of them is Art, although there are no masters available in this area. Donatello was the most recent one, and he coached Micelangelo and Da Vinci while he was alive. He actually lived for a while after his fake death, but around about 1630, the Black Plague took him. We don't know if Michelangelo's and Da Vinci's deaths were coverups or not; we haven't seen them ever since they left Beauxbatons. Another Apprenticeship is Potioneering, but that, too, is unfortunately not an option. Potioneering is the newest Apprenticeship we developed. The first Potioneer we ever had here was a wonderfully brilliant witch by the name of Altheda; the same one in the story, Fountain of Fair Fortune. She was born around 1550, and she lived on to the ripe old age of 430. Just before she died, a young Severus Snape, freshly graduated from Hogwarts, came to learn from her. She taught him as much as she could, and when she died, Severus was in such depression that he lapsed into the Dark Arts, and joined Tom Riddle's ranks. As of now, he is unable to Apprentice anyone, unless he decides to leave Hogwarts. The final Apprenticeship we have is Wandcrafting. This is the most difficult branch of magic -" (Maxine snorts quietly and playfully) "- and is the most taxing. As a Wandcrafter, you do not simply put togther the ingredients and cast the necessary charms; it is our specialty to go out and coax the treegaurdians, chop the wood, gather the wand cores, and infuse them. Around two decades ago, my father died, leaving me to succeed him as a Master Wandcrafter."

Harry nodded. "So that's why I'm here, then."

Guinevere nodded. "I have a cabin in the mountains, only a quarter-mile north of here. We'd live there, and you'd receive an education here . . . but if you were to accept, you'd have to work more with me, since you're a bit older than I'd prefer. When you turned seventeen, you could go off on your own and open your own shop. Make a name for yourself."

"And when would I have to take on an Apprentice?" Harry asked.

"After my death, when you feel old enough. Most Wandcrafters in the past take on an Apprentice anywhere from when they're 30-150 years old, although it's hard to tell the maximum limit, since magical people's' lifespans are so inconsistent and long."

"Is this line of work – challenging? What do you do for the other 364 days of the year, when you're not handing out wands to the new students?" Harry asked, which Guinevere grinned.

"Oh, absolutely. I'll be working you like a mule. As for the rest of the year, that's up to you. In my case, I spend a couple months stocking up on supplies, and then I travel."

"Must we – er – make a vow of chastity?" Harry asked, a bit nervously this time. Guinevere laughed, but this one carried sadness. "No. As of now, my husband is out and about. He's . . . a Muggle. A carpenter."

"Is that why you got together? Because of the woodwork involved?" Harry asked. Guinevere sighed, a bit longingly.

"Oh, absolutely." She sighed, her eyes taking on a faraway look. Harry shifted, cleared his throat slightly. Guinevere's attention snapped back to him, and she smiled.

"Sorry. What was I saying?"

"You were just asking me if you wanted me to become your apprentice." Harry smiled, and Maxine chuckled. Guinevere nodded.

"Sure. Would you like to be my Apprentice?" Guinevere asked. Before I could speak, Maxine added, "If you were, you'd spend approximately 3 days a week with me, and then the other two days at the school. It would be a lot of work, but I think you could squeeze in all the classes; I heard from Hogwarts that you're a smart kid. On the weekends, you can take the Ballroom Dancing and Running on Saturday, and then spend Sunday playing football, and taking Sexual Education. In fact, that's what most of the girls here do."

Harry choked on nothing. "Sex Ed? Won't that be a bit awkward for the girls? I think I have the basics down, thank you very much."

Maxine suddenly grew very stern. "Listen, Harry. This is important. This school will not avoid the topic of sex because of the student's displeasure. It astounds me how Hogwarts and the other schools haven't taken in this as part of their curriculum." Maxine became pretty heated up. "I mean, ignorance is not protection! If a parent did not want their child to swim in a river, it is like other schools would say, 'Oh, we shouldn't teach them to swim or even use a life jacket! That'd encourage them to go to the river!'." Maxine shook her head viciously. "Non! This school will now allow their students to be hurt on our watch." The half-giantess calmed down a bit now, and amused the two listeners by saying, "After all, we wouldn't want any of our students to catch the worst STD in the world . . . babies."

Harry and Guinevere roared with laughter, and several nymphs that were listening in tinkled with laughter too. Maxine blushed. "Merci, merci. I'll be here all night." She cracked. After several minutes, the trio calmed down. Guinevere said with mirth in her voice, "Do you, Harry Potter accept the knowledge that you will be in the custody of a Master Wandcrafter, and do you accept that you will do as she says, even if it's something you don't agree with?"

Harry nodded pensively. After a minute, he nodded, sticking out his hand. "I accept."

Guinevere took his hand solemnly. As their hands met, a flash of green light surrounded the body parts in question, and Harry shivered, before wincing in pain. A sting stabbed on his wrist, and he could tell that Guinevere was feeling the same thing. The light faded, and Harry unclenched his fingers. Turning his arm over, he found that there was a palm-sized tattoo there; it was the black sillhouette of a rooster surrounded by a snake.

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