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Chapter 4

Rin awoke slowly to the smell of cooked rabbit. Very slowly she moved her body gently, expecting shooting pain and aches as every other note. To her surprise...she felt fine. Rin opened her eyes and gingerly sat up. No pain. She looked at her arms and legs. No cuts, no bruises...nothing. She was
covered by a long fur mantle she knew instantly belonged to Sesshomaru. She held the fur close to her body for a moment and buried her face in its
warmth. Rin finally looked up, still holding the fur tightly to her chest and her gaze locked to that of Sesshomaru. He hadn't changed a bit since the
last time she had seen. His long flowing silver hair, the moon crescent above his brow and the two red slashes on either cheek were still dominant on his face. His yellow gleaming eyes stared back at her and as usual she had no idea what he was thinking. His gaze lowered and lingered and she saw something flash across his face but it was too quick to name. Rin glanced down and realized his eyes were resting on her exposed leg and thigh. Startled Rin lifted the fur and realized she was all but half-naked. Her kimono was in tatters on her body, she may as well have worn nothing at all. Flushed in embarrassment Rin quickly rearranged the fur to cover her limbs as best as she could. Sesshomaru did not move from where he sat but he did continue to stare at her. Rin had so much she wanted to tell him, but she was ashamed of herself. Ashamed of what she had allowed those men to put her through, which none of it would have happened if she had just stayed in the village with Kaede. But for the life of her she couldn't imagine returning. She couldn't bear staying in that village. Every memory she had of Sesshomaru visiting her and bringing her gifts was held in every part of that village. Where he had watched her play, where he visited their hut and sat with her as she played tea party. Everything about that village reminded her of Sesshomaru. She couldn't bear to go back.

"Why did you leave the safety of the village Rin?" Sesshomaru asked in his usual serious tone. Rin bowed her head and refused to look at him. She was glad to see that she was healed and probably didn't look as horrible as she had before. She could credit that to Tenseiga. She knew he had used his sword to bring her back to life and to heal her wounds. The thought that he must have seen her naked while he healed her made her flush in embarassment...and something more. Her body tingled and she couldn't help but wonder what he had thought of her as he looked at her naked body.

Rin gasped when she felt Sesshomaru lift her chin with his index finger and kneeled in closely to her. His face and lips were mere inches from her own.
She thought she would lose herself in the depths of his eyes and he asked her again. "Rin. Why did you leave the safety of the village?" She opened her mouth hesitantly but no sound was emitted. Rin felt tears fill her eyes but she refused to let them fall. Sesshomaru frowned before saying "You cannot speak."

Sesshomaru stood and turned his back to her as he walked to the rabbit he was cooking and tended to the meat. Rin felt the dismissal clear to her soul. She wanted to curl into a ball and cry for weeks. She was so caught up in her own misery she almost didn't hear Sesshomaru's low tone. "I'm sorry I didn't find you sooner." Rin stared in shock at his back. She had never heard him apologize to anyone, let alone that he even knew the word. How she wished she could talk, tell him how much she had missed him, how she had never expected him to come looking for her but was so grateful he had. How much shame she felt at causing him trouble.

"Jacken will return soon with clothes for you. In the meantime you should eat." He returned to her side with a portion of the rabbit for her to eat.
Again, Rin couldn't help but stare at him in shock. He had never cooked for her or given her anything to eat. That was always her responsibility. He
would often slow down or wait in his travels with her so she could gather food for herself, but he never gave her food.

"Eat Rin." Sesshomaru insisted when she had yet to take the offering. Rin gingerly picked at the cooked rabbit while still holding the fur tight to her
chest with her other hand. When she was done eating, Sesshomaru lightly caressed her cheek with the back of his knuckles. Suddenly the events of the last few weeks hit Rin hard. The trauma, the terror, the thought of never seeing him again tore at her. Rin burst into tears. Sesshomaru seemed taken aback by her tears and appeared at a loss as to how to comfort her. Rin threw herself into his arms hugged his neck tightly while she cried into his neck in relief. No matter what happened, at this moment she was safe and she was with him. As she sobbed she felt Sesshomaru hesitantly rest his hands on her bare back. He very gently moved his knuckles in soothing circles then trailed his claws lightly down her spine. Rin shivered in his arms, unaware of how vulnerable or beautiful she looked at the moment. Rin caught her breath when she felt his claws trail further down her spine, almost to the curve of her buttock. It was only a whisper of a touch before he moved back up but it was enough to make Rin remember many of her long hidden fantasies about Sesshomaru. She had no idea when it had begun, maybe when she was sixteen or fifteen..but somewhere along the way she had no longer seen Sesshomaru as a father figure. Growing up Rin had often fantasized about an imaginary lover, one who would know how to touch her, hold her, teach her all the little intricacies of lovemaking. She was a virgin, never shared so much as a kiss with another boy from the village though many had offered. She could remember exactly when her dream lover had morphed into Sesshomaru. Kaede had been called away in the middle of the night on an emergency and Rin knew it would be hours before she returned. She had fallen asleep and her dream lover had awaited her. Slowly, he had kissed her shoulder, her chin, before trailing down her neck and licking lightly at the slope of her breast. He had wedged himself between her thighs and she could feel the hot length of his erection against her. His heavy weight had been welcome and she let her hands play within his short black hair as he nuzzled the underside of her breast. Suddenly his hair turned long and silver, and when he looked up she was staring into Sesshomaru's eyes. The dream had been so shocking Rin had awoken immediately, confused, frightened and very aroused. The arousal had shamed her greatly. He was like a father to her, a teacher. He had always been there for her, had raised and protected her for three years before he left her with Kaede so she could learn to be with her own kind before he would allow her to continue her travels with him and Jacken.

Rin was taken back to the present when she felt Sesshomaru's hands lightly grip her hips, before sliding up her sides and very lightly skimmed past the sides of her exposed breasts. Rin shivered again and it took a moment for her to realize Sesshomaru was gripping her shoulders and very gently pushing her away from him. Rin immediately sensing the impending rejection quickly let him go and grabbed for the fur that was still tucked between them, separating her body from his. She held it tight to her chest and tried to apologize. When all she could do was mouth the word she quickly scrambled away from him and put a healthy amount of distance between them. She could feel Sesshomaru's eyes still on her and Rin huddled as best she could within the fur. Suddenly she could hear A-Un's great wings flapping in the wind and with Jacken on his back, the great two headed dragon lightly landed beside them. Jacken hopped off A-Un's back and raced to Sesshomaru's side. "My lord! This was the only Kimono I could find. It was very reminiscent to one young Rin used to wear, remember the one with the orange and white checkered pattern? Anyway I think this should do the trick of covering her, but you saw how generous her chest has become and I'm just not sure if this will cover-"

"Enough Jacken." Sesshomaru cut him off and glared down at him from his superior height. "Rin has awoken, be sure to give her the kimono while I scout ahead. When I return make sure you've gathered anything we might need for the ride back to the village." And with that Sesshomaru turned and A-Un eagerly allowed Sesshomaru to climb his back as he took to the skies.

Rin watched as they disappeared from her sight and Jacken walked over to her. "Rin, you've certainly grown. Here's the kimono I brought for you. As I was telling Sesshomaru I hope it fits. For the time being it will have to do. Go on and put it on, I'll give you some privacy." Jacken turned to gather
up any of their supplies. Rin quickly tied the kimono around her. Rin looked down and almost groaned in despair. She was showing a generous amount of cleavage, nothing indecent but enough to make her slightly uncomfortable. She was showing much more than she was used to. In order to keep her breasts encased, she had to tighten the knots, which only made the kimono outline her lithe figure pronouncedly. Rin could barely walk in the tight kimono. Jacken finally turned and glowered at the clothes on her. "We'll definitely have to get you something bigger. Sesshomaru will not be pleased by you slowing us down if you can't even walk in that thing." Before she knew what he was doing, Jacken pulled a knife from his cloak and cut the bottom of the kimono from hem to her mid-thigh on both sides. Jacken backed away and observed the two high slits with satisfaction. "There, that should do it. You should be able to walk around much more freely now." Rin hated to admit that she definitely could but was still not comfortable with how much skin she was showing. Again it was nothing indecent, she was still covered well, but it was just so much more than she was used to.

"Come along Rin." Jacken called to her. "It's time we move, Sesshomaru will easily find us once he returns. This way we can get back to the village much more quickly." Jacken walked ahead of her, fully expecting she follow him and continued to talk to her. When he finally realized she was not responding, he turned back and noticed she had not moved from where she stood. Jacken returned to her side obviously irritated. "Rin, what are you waiting for? We need to return to the village."

Rin shook her head negatively.

Jacken stared at her in shock. "What do you mean no? Of course you have to return to the village. Let's go." When he attempted to pull her in the
direction of the village Rin refused to move and violently shook head in the negative. By now Jacken was furious. "Rin, this isn't my decision you're
defying here. Sesshomaru has decided you must return to the village and their you must go. You have never disobeyed Sesshomaru, now I understand if you thought this was my idea and you were being stubborn and a brat like usual to me but that is not the case. So let's go."

Rin for the first time in her life felt her chin notch up at a stubborn angle and turned and walked away in the opposite direction. "Rin where are you
going you stupid girl!" Jacken called after her. He was furious! How dare she disobey his master. When it looked like she had no intention of heeding his warning Jacken had no choice but to follow where she led. Sesshomaru would be infuriated when he found out they hadn't started heading back to the village. But Jacken couldn't leave her alone. She had died. Jacken had been heartbroken to see the condition she had been in when they found her. Sesshomaru had followed her scent for days after they had left Kaede's village. When they finally reached the band that had taken her Jacken had been shocked at the amount of her blood they found covering the floor. Sesshomaru had turned into his demon dog self and had literally ripped all the men to shreds in his fury. Jacken had been sure they had been too late for even Tenseiga to revive her. Jacken had followed the trail of blood to a downward hill where it seemed to have gone. With a misstep he had fallen down said hill to a large thicket. He had found more of the blood and followed it to Rin's body where she lay. Jacken had immediately called out to Sesshomaru who had gone instantly to their side. Sesshomaru had growled deep in his throat in anger at the sight of her kimono in tatters around her exposed body and the hundreds of cuts and bruises marring her skin. With her last breath Rin had whispered his name before she died before their eyes. Sesshomaru had thrown his head back and howled in such rage Jacken had cowered beside him. Sesshomaru quickly unsheathed Tenseiga and used it to cut at the other world souls that had come to take Rin to the underworld for judgement. Once they were gone and he had healed her wounds, Jacken watched in awe as life slowly returned to her and she was breathing deeply but comfortably. He was always amazed by the power Sesshomaru wielded with Tenseiga.

Jacken had watched as Sesshomaru had tenderly bundled her up in his fur mantle and carried her through the forest, back to where they had left A-Un. Rin had slept the entire journey back to their camp. Sesshomaru had then ordered Jacken to find her suitable clothing. Jacken had immediately set out on his search, but not before he had seen his master staring intently at Rin where she lay in slumber and the longing he saw within his eyes. Before Sesshomaru realized what he had seen, Jacken thought it best to leave quickly. Events were unfolding rapidly and he wasn't sure he liked where they were headed.