Ch 1: Wrecking Ball

Arizona and Callie came home from the hospital early because they were excited about Brie and Natalie's visit. They had been very busy starting out their new careers after spending a few years married. Callie kept pressuring them to move back to Seattle, but Natalie was stubborn even though Brie really wanted to be close to family.

"Hey sweetheart," Callie greeted as she saw Arizona leaning against the car waiting for her.

"Hey babe," Arizona responded leaning in for a quick kiss that turned more passionate as Callie pushed her against the car.

"Mmm, I've missed you today."

"I missed you too. 3 uninterrupted days off. I miss Nat and Brie, but I kinda wish I just had a weekend with you..naked."

"That gets me all kinds of worked up. We should take a little couples weekend soon."

"Done and done."

On the drive home their phones started buzzing.

"Its Nat," Arizona said.

"Mine is Brie," called told her.

"Uh oh, big fight happening on the homefront."

"We got this babe."

When they got home, they entered the home to find Brie red faced and balling her eyes out. They rushed to her side, "Sweetie what's wrong."

"She…she doesn't…wanntt…"

"She doesn't want what?" Arizona asked already sure she knew the answer.

"Kids. She doesn't want kids. Ever."

"Oh," Arizona said looking at her feet.

"I thought, I mean I knew she wasn't really into kids. And I—I knew it may take her a while to get used to it. And I already planned on being the one to carry our child, but she doesn't want them. She even flat out refused to even consider it. Who does that? How can she do that when she knows how much it means to me?"

"I got this," Arizona said looking at Callie.

"Brie sweetheart, where is Nat?"

"Out in the treehouse," Brie sniffled out.

Once Callie left, Arizona sat next to Brie and pulled her into a hug.

"So I know this might be hard to understand, but I get where Nat is coming from."

Brie looked up in surprise.

"Believe it or not, I didn't want kids either. I even ended a handful of relationships because of it."

"Wow, but you did have them," Brie said hopefully.

"Yes, yes I did. I was just so in love with Callie that it had to happen. I had to give her her dream. I'm so glad I changed my mind. It's the best 3 gifts I have ever gotten."

"So, what your saying is Nat doesn't really love me."

"No, no Brie, not at all. Trust me, she loves you so much. She would have never married you if she wasn't crazy about you."

"She just doesn't love me enough. Not the way you love Callie, not the way I love her."

"I don't believe that. I think she loves you just as much. She just doesn't want the same things."

"You think she will change her mind like you?"

"I dunno. Maybe she will, but you have to prepare yourself for what you will do if she doesn't."

"I can't even imagine that. I have been dreaming of a family since I was little with a collection of dolls. I have names picked out. It's all I've ever wanted."

"That's how Callie was and she made me want it too."

"I can't live without her, but I can't live without kids either. I can't choose."

"It's an impossible decision, but you aren't just dating. You're married Brie. Really you two should have talked about kids before you got married."

"Yeah I know. I just didn't want to push her. She spooks easy and it was hard enough to convince her to get married and settle down. I didn't want her to run. Because, Arizona I need her like I need air."

"Listen, Callie is really good with this. She will calm her down, then the two of you can talk."

"Oh okay," Brie choked out as she burst into another fit of sobs.

Meanwhile in the treehouse, Callie was just sitting watching Nat stare out into space as she let tears run down her face.

"Baby girl, what's going on?"

"She wants kids."

"Yeah I know. That's kind of a dealbreaker for you huh?"

"Yeah, it is. I have never wanted kids, I don't want them. I don't think you should have kids if you don't want them."

"I agree, but I think you need to consider a life with kids. If you love Brie, you need to consider changing for her."

"How can you even say 'if' Mami? Seriously, you know how much I love her."

"I know, but you have to realize, this is her dream. She's that girl who has been pretending since she was a little girl. She probably has baby names picked out. When she married you, she imagined her future with you and a family. It's a big deal to her."

"Yeah and I'm selfish."

"Its not selfish, you're just being honest."

"No I mean, I knew. I knew before the wedding that she wanted kids. She was talking to me when she thought I was sleeping one night about all the baby names. I chose to ignore it because I love her so much and I didn't want to lose her. Big mistake."

"Well yeah you shouldn't have ignored it, but I get it."

"I thought she would forget. I thought once we were married that I would be enough. I thought that she would only want me like I only want her."

"Did you know your Mama never wanted kids?"


"Yup, she didn't want kids. Broke quite a few hearts over it."

"But, I mean you had all of us."

"Yeah, we nearly broke up too because I'm like Brie. It was my dream. But we loved each other enough that she changed for me. She'll tell you it's the best decision she ever made."

"I'm not Mama."

"I know, your not, but you have to consider it."

"I have, I don't want it."

"I mean really, truly think about it. Can you live without Brie? Can you change for her? That's when I knew how much your Mama loves me, she changed because she wanted to give me my dream."

"I do want that, I want to give her the dream. I just wish her dream was a house or to travel the world."

"Well Nat, I think it's about time you talked to your wife about all this. Figure out how to make it all work."

Back in the house, Nat approached Brie on the couch and her heart broke a little bit when she saw how broken her wife looked. Arizona and Callie went upstairs and left them to talk. They sat on the couch and starred at each other for quite a while. Finally, Nat broke the silence.

"You're beautiful, you know that?"

Brie couldn't help but smile, "Stop trying to butter me up."

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it. Even upset, you are breathtakingly stunning. I just can't take my eyes off you."

"Nat, please can we actually talk about this?"

"Yeah sweetie, we can."



"I just don't understand. Nat do you know how much this means to me?"

"I do, I get it. I just don't want the same things. You are enough for me. Your all I want, forever."

"I want you forever too, always have, but Nat, I can't give this up."

"We are kind of caught in a catch 22."

"Babe can you please just image what it would be like to change, for me?"

"I have, I have been spending this whole time thinking of how I could possibly give you what you want. I can't."

Brie's heart broke all over again when she realized what this meant. "Nat, I, I love you, with all of my heart."

"I love you too," Natalie replied as she leaned in and kissed her passionately. At first Brie was in heaven, but then she realized this felt like a goodbye kiss and she pulled away forcefully. She looked into her wife's eyes.

"Brie, baby, no."

Choking back sobs, Brie said, "I'm so sorry baby. I will always love you, but I can't live without kids. I can't be with you."

"No, no you don't get to do that. Till death do us part. Brie, I can't live without you," Natalie responded as she held on for dear life.

"This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I'm sorry. I don't want to ever resent you and that's what will happen if I stay. Please tell Callie and Arizona I love them too and thank you for everything."

"Brie please, please don't go. We can figure this out."

"We can't, I have to go while I still can."

Brie got up to leave, but Nat grabbed her hand.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Goodbye." Brie took off her ring and placed it on the table then turned and ran out of the front door shattering Natalie's heart. She sat there stunned, then ran upstairs to find her parents in their bedroom. She threw herself on their bed and burst into tears as they cuddled her on both sides.

"Baby girl, what happened?" Callie asked.

"She—she- she left me," Natalie cried as she opened her hand to show the ring.

Arizona gasped, "Oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry."

"I don't want to live anymore. Not without her. Not without my love. My life is over."

"I know it feels like that now, but you will be okay."

"No I won't, I won't ever be okay. I love her too much."

"It's going to be fine," Callie soothed as she rubbed her back.

"No it won't. Are you gonna tell me you could live without Mama? We all know the answer to that. We all know you wouldn't want to live without her."

Callie couldn't lie, they all knew they couldn't live without each other. Her heart broke for her daughter because she knew what she was going through and she couldn't do anything to stop it.

"I'm so sorry baby," Arizona said. Natalie stayed in their bed that night crying the whole time and continually checking her phone hoping Brie would call her. She almost called so many times, then finally she texted her.

Baby, I'm starring at my finger and I put your ring on too. It's not right, you are supposed to be wearing this ring. You are the love of my life. It's supposed to be me and you forever. I'm so sorry I couldn't give you what you need, I will never forgive myself. Please know that I love you with all of my heart. Smoochez.

She choked up as she typed that last word. It was their signature in every text or call. She would say smooches and Brie responded with Kissez. She got no response for a few hours, then finally her phone buzzed.

Oh Natalie, Natalie I love you too, don't ever doubt that. I will always love you, that's not something you get over. I wish I could give this up for you, it's all I have thought about since I left. I just don't see another way. This is how it has to be. Please take care of yourself. Kissez.

It sealed the deal. She wasn't going to come back and they weren't going to make up like every other heated fight. Usually Natalie was a hot head like her Mami and went off. Brie would shut down and go for a run or drive then come back. They would have really hot make up sex and everything was fine. This wasn't one of those fights. This was the dealbreaker.