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Dr. Phlox knocked on Captain Archer's door and waited. A second later there was a 'come in' and Phlox entered. His face, normally so full of smiles and laughter was still and quiet.
"It's worse than we feared Captain," he said. "I've tested more than half the crew and 3 out of 4 of them are suffering from the illness I was telling you about. It will only be a matter of time before everyone of the ship is infected."
"Does the person responsible know what he did?" Archer asked. Doctor Phlox shook his head.
"No, Captain. He has no idea." Phlox paused, then carried on. "Captain, I still have to test you." He handed Archer a small pad. Archer looked at it.
"If you answer yes to between 3 and 6 of these you are mildly affected. If you are over 6 and under 11 you are badly affected. If you answer yes to between 11 and 12 then you're completely infected with it."
"I got... 9..." Archer said. He looked at Phlox. "Let's test the rest of the
crew." They both walked out of the captains room, leaving the pad on the table. Porthos jumped on the table and looked at it. He stared at it, then barked 11 times. He wagged his tail, then curled up. The pad sat there blinking;

How to tell if you are suffering from Tripingatics,

A report by Dr. Phlox.

1. When Trip got pregnant, you found yourself wishing you were Klingon 'cos then you would have six hours with him, in a little room!
2. When there's a soppy movie on, you invite Trip so you can be there to comfort him, when he starts to cry. (ahhh, bless!)
3. You believe that between Trip or Porthos, Trip is cuter.
4. Four words: You love Pecan pie.
5. Suddenly warp engines fascinate you; even if you hated them at school.
6. Your idea of relieving boredom is thinking about Trip.
7. When you found out about Trip telling some aliens he was married to Hoshi, she is moved to the top of your death wish list. (or if you're Hoshi, you live on cloud nine for the next few years.)
8. You get insanely jealous if Trip looks at a woman (or man) who isn't you.
9. You have the odd (by that I mean at least 4 a day) dream about Trip, blue underwear and you.
10. You wish you could spend your whole live with Trip in Decom!!!!
11. You eat, drink and dream Trip.
12. Blue is your favourite colour.

At the moment there is no known cure, but we will continue to work towards one.


Trip lay on his bed, asleep, completely unaware of the 'illness' he was causing...

~THE END...~

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