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"Isabella Marie!" Edward shouts as he goes into the kitchen where Bella has just stormed in. "You get back here right this second!"

"NO!" She shouts at him, crossing her arms.

"You are going to go over my lap, like it or not little missy!" Bella narrows her eyes at her older brother. She hates when he plays Daddy to her. It's bad enough Carlisle forces her to act like a baby, she could use a break every now and then. "Now, you have three seconds to come here or I will add on and let Daddy know how naughty his little girl is being!"

Bella had been found by Edward and his father a year ago. Her father had beaten the sixteen year old so badly, he was put in jail for attempted murder. Carlisle had taken her in and she acted out, as she normally did. In the end, Carlisle had decided to attempt to regress her so she could be rebuilt as a good girl. She normally was, but they still kept her a baby, for their own benefit and her own. She had just been outside playing, when Edward told her to come inside. She refused and after many threats, Edward got ready to spank her bottom. Only then did she run from him.

Bella knows better, she knows that this won't end well. But she stands there, testing Edward, not moving. "One." She moves her feet closer together. "Two." She juts out her lip into a pout. "Three." He doesn't even wait for her to move, he rushes over and grabs her. She screams and starts kicking her legs. She truly looks like a little girl in her gingham dress and pig-tails, kicking her Mary Jane clad feet. He sits in a chair, raising his knee up in the air and laying the brunette over it. He flips up her dress and removes her diaper and starts the spanking. The screams stop and Bella begins crying. Edward just shakes his head.

"Not so much of a bad ass are you now?" He asks her, laying down a particularly hard smack. She cries out louder.

"Ow! Eddie stop!" She pleads, the tears falling. He shakes his head and continues until her bottom is bright red. He scoops her up and looks down into her eyes.

"Are you gonna be a good girl now?" He asks her. She nods and he smiles. "Good. I love you very much and I hate having to spank you. So does Daddy." He grabs the lotion from the fridge and applies it to her bottom. She lets out a moan in relief and he pats her head, putting the diaper back on. "Early bedtime tonight and no story." She pouts a little and he kisses her forehead.

"What's going on in here?" Bella looks up and sees Carlisle standing there. "I could hear crying from the driveway." Edward stands up, still holding the sixteen year old in his arms.

"She talked back and ran from me, I had to give her a spanking." Carlisle shakes his head and takes Bella from him, landing a smack to her diaper clad bottom. She whimpers out and he kisses her head. "I've already told her, early bedtime."

"Which means she'll be getting her dinner soon. And Bella, tomorrow you're wearing your baby clothes to school." The young brunette's eyes widen. It has been a rule since day one, Bella is to wear diapers to school, Carlisle will come midday to change, but she can wear "big girl" clothes as long as she's good. So far, no one has figured out she's treated like an infant, but now it was all going to come out.

"Daddy, no!" Carlisle takes the pacifier on the rope attached to her dress and sticks it in her mouth.

"No talking back or I'll spank you again. You know the rules. It's about time they know anyway. Edward, why don't you go pick out an adorable little dress for our little Snookums." He pinches her cheek and she glares up at him. Edward goes up the stairs. Carlisle sets the baby into her swing and puts it on a soothing setting. He grabs some baby food from the cabinet and prepares a bottle. He puts her in her high chair and ties a bib over her pretty blue dress and removes the pacifier. He holds up a spoonful of mashed peas. "Open wide, here comes the plane." He makes the plane noises as they go into her mouth. She reluctantly eats, her thoughts still on the following day.

After eating two jars of peas and two of Gerber's Vegetable Turkey Dinner, he cradles her in his arm as he feeds her a bottle. "Aren't you just the sweetest little thing?" He coos as she sucks away. She just looks up at him, clearly pissed off. "Oh yes you are, yes you are," he coos. He knows it's irritating her and he just takes it as part of her punishment. Once she's done and has been burped, he takes her upstairs and undresses her, taking her hair out of their pig tails. After the bath is ready, she's put in. He washes his little princess, cooing at her the whole time. "Do you want to try walking after your bath?" He asks her and she just glares harder at him. "Trying to walk" meant putting her in a humungous diaper that made it very hard for her to walk and filming it, both him and Edward fussing over her every time she'd fall down. It was humiliating and she knew she had no choice in the matter.

After her bath, he takes her out and brings her into the nursery where Edward is. Having already read Carlisle's mind, he has the diaper out in ready. Her normal diapers caused a small toddle but she could still get around normally for walking. This diaper was huge and her nighttime one. Carlisle puts it on while Edward gets out the camera. He sets her down on her bottom and walks across the room. She stands up and folds her arms.

"Come on, come to Daddy," he coos, holding out his arms. She stands there for a minute, but knowing they won't budge, she starts attempting to walk. The diaper goes down into her thighs and it feels odd against her bottom. She doesn't make it very far before losing balance and falling. Carlisle rushes over and scoops her up.

"Awww, baby go boom!" He coos. "It's okay, baby's too young for walking." He showers her in kisses as Edward zooms in with the camera. Bella looks at the two of them, the attention was more than she had ever received from her father. In a way, she liked it. It was humiliating, but for once, she had a daddy that cared and a brother that loved her.

Carlisle can tell his baby is enjoying it and blows into her tummy, causing her to giggle. "What a happy baby. Let's get you ready for beddy bye." He sets her down onto the changing table and grabs footie Tinkerbell pajamas before putting them on her. Edward puts her nighttime paci into her mouth and sets her in the crib, turning on the mobile. Both kiss her head.

"Goodnight our precious little girl," Carlisle coos. "Sweet dreams." He walks out, Edward following shutting off the lights. Bella stares up at the ceiling, sucking on her pacifier. School is going to be awful tomorrow and she knows it. No one will ever let her live it down.

The following morning, Carlisle walks into the baby's room. The nursery was one of a typical baby girl. It was bright pink with a changing table and rocking chair. On the walls were baby Winnie the Pooh characters. The crib was hand crafted by Edward, it was so big that Bella looked so tiny in it. The bars were too hide for her to escape from and she definitely had enough room to move around in.

The daddy vampire walks to the cradle and picks up his daughter, who is wide awake. He plants a kiss on her forehead and she smiles through her pacifier up at him. He takes her downstairs to eat, feeding her some oatmeal and a bottle. The whole time, she's squirming, her diaper wet and poop filled from the night before. He takes her up and lays her back on the changing table. He strips off her diaper.

"Whoa, baby made a stinky!" He wipes her down and puts on a lot of powder. Afterwards, he puts on a diaper and then grabs her outfit for the day, which makes her eyes go wide. In his hands is her frilliest dress. It's white with tons of frills and lace. It's got a bib collar with little pink roses on it. She kicks her legs as he dresses her until he smacks her bottom. "No, baby be good." A tear falls down her cheek as he puts a white frilly diaper cover over her diaper and then puts on her little white socks with pink lace on the top of them and black Mary Jane shoes. He brushes out her hair and ties them up in high pig tails, tied with pink ribbons. In her mouth, he pops in her pink pacifier, clipping it to her dress, sitting her up.

"Well look at my little Apple Dumpling," Carlisle coos, just making things ten times worse for her. He pinches both of her cheeks, hard. "Oh how cute are you?" His baby voice and the itchy dress cause the tears to well up in her eyes and they fall down her cheeks. "Awww, is wittle baby boo cranky?" He scoops her up and bounces her up and down. He throws the baby bag over his shoulder and takes her downstairs to the car. "Eddie already left for work," he tells her and puts her into her rear facing car seat. She kicks her legs and glares up at him. He just grabs her nose playfully and gets up front, driving to the school.

Carlisle pulls up at the school and gets out, undoing her straps. "Come on, Bella. Get out." She shakes her head. "Bella." She stays put. "Do you want me to walk you in or are you gonna walk in like a big girl?" She scoffs at the big girl comment. He doesn't ever want her to be a big girl, why start now? He sighs and lifts her out, setting her on her feet. "Now go inside Bella." She shakes her head. "Bella, go inside or I will arrange to spank you at morning assembly in front of all of your little friends."

"You wouldn't!" She shouts behind her pacifier.

"Watch me." She glares at him. "And if I find out you changed, I will spank you in front of everyone in your school so they know just what a little baby you are." He smacks her bottom and she jumps. "I'll be back to change you midday. I love you Pumpkin Pie." He kisses her head and watches her go inside.

No one notices Bella at first. They're all to preoccupied in their own things. But by the time she reaches her locker, everyone is staring.

"Look at Little Bo Bella!"

"Awww she's such a cute wittle baby girl!"

"Is that a…diaper? Oh my God!"

She bites down on her lip and reaches her locker, taking her books out. Someone walks over to her and tugs on her pig tails. "Awww, what a cute wittle baby waby," he teases. Another girl, Jane, walks over and pinches her cheeks.

"Does baby speak?" She coos. Bella just stares at them, not knowing what to say as the tears come to her eyes. "Awww, the baby's gonna cry. Good thing she has her binky!" She attempts to get away, but the girl puts her arm tightly around her. "Oh no, I think I'm gonna make you MY little baby. We have most of the same classes anyway. You're going to call me Mommy and do everything I say."

Everyone around her burst into laughter. She pushes Jane off of her and storms down the hallway. She hates Carlisle so much right now. She rushes to the gym and into the locker room. She strips off her dress, baby panties, pacifier and diaper before putting on her t-shirt, back up undies (in case of a period, back when she got one before Carlisle gave her a pill to stop) and shorts. The shoes would have to stay, but she didn't care about that. She shook her hair out from the pig tails and exited the room.

The rest of the day is spent being bullied and hearing jokes, all to which she just responds was an early Halloween joke. She knew at lunch, all she had to do was quickly redress for Carlisle, then change back and change before he'd pick her up at the end of the day.

She's heading towards the locker room when she hears a gasp behind her. She turns around to see Carlisle standing there. Crap. He's early. He walks right over to Bella and grabs her by the collar. "I knew you'd do something like this. You cannot be trusted!"

"Daddy, I was humiliated. You don't…" He slaps her butt and she jumps back, instantly whimpering.

"Stay right here and don't move. I have to go talk with your principal." She bites her lip as he storms into the office. A minute later, he comes out and takes her into the nurse's office where she was normally changed. He takes off her gym clothes and underwear and reaches into the diaper bag where he pulls out one of her bigger nighttime diapers. She bites her lip as he puts it on her and puts a yellow Sesame Street t-shirt on her, which shows off her stomach. He ties her hair back up in pig tails and then puts the yellow bonnet she hates onto her head. He puts yellow baby mittens on her hands and changes the Mary Jane shoes with yellow booties.

That's when Edward walks in, pushing the huge bright pink stroller she detests. She starts kicking her legs and screaming, only causing a pacifier to be put in her mouth. Edward puts her in the stroller, strapping her in tightly. He pushes her out the door and the little chime goes over the P.A. "All students to the auditorium."

Bella sits in her stroller backstage, as her principal speaks. He tells the students that as punishment for disobeying her father, Bella Cullen was going to be punished in front of them. He asks for their maturity, which she knows won't happen. Then he calls Carlisle onto the stage. He takes control of the stroller and pushes her out. The whole student body bursts into laughter.

"Everyone, this is baby Bella. She is my little precious baby and today she thought she was a big girl. I want you to know, this is not the case." He reaches in the stroller and lifts out Bella. "This, is baby Bella. My little snookie wookie pie." Everyone is still laughing and the tears of humiliation fall down her face. "See her diaper and her little bonnet?" He pats the diaper and sits down in the chair set up for him.

"Now when babies are bad, they get spanked. Which is what I'm going to be doing with Bella." Bella's eyes widen and she tries to get out of the grip. He tightens his grip around her waist as she kicks her legs. He removes the diaper and lifts his knee so her bum is up in the air. He begins the spanking and she cries harder, kicking her legs harder. Some people are clapping and some are snapping pictures with their camera phones.

Once Carlisle is done, Bella is a mess. She's sobbing and her pacifier has fallen out. She's stopped kicking her legs and is just crying like a real baby would. Carlisle puts back on the diaper and cradles her. "Shhhh Apple Dumpling, Daddy's here. Daddy's here for his little girl. Don't you love Daddy?" Bella just stares up at him in shock. How could he be humiliating her like this? "Daddy just has to teach his Bellsy Boo a lesson every now and again." He pinches her cheeks hard and she cries louder. "Well it seems the baby is still upset. Edward, honey." He steps forward. "The baby bottle?" Edward nods and hands it over. He sticks it in her mouth and she begins to suck. "There we go, atta girl."

Six months later…

Carlisle walks into the nursery and picks up the baby from her crib. She smiles up at him, giggling and moving her arms around. "Good morning my little Apple Dumpling," Carlisle coos at Bella.

"Dada!" She squeals. He kisses her forehead and sets her down on the table. He changes the baby's diaper and puts her in a pretty sundress as she gurgles and coos up at him.

Bella has reverted back to a baby. She no longer fights any part of it. She only speaks in baby babble and can't even walk. She lets her daddy care for her. He'll slowly let her regress back into an adult, but it'll take many years. She's his baby now and under his complete control.

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