The Journey
Chapter 5- Reunion With Old Friends
By Belletiger

"Blah blah"- human speech
"(Blah blah)" – Pokémon speech


Blue smiled as he looked around White Forest in his true form. He had really missed this place so much and felt more than just a little bit nostalgic as he started to remember all the adventures he'd had with Green and Sora. He couldn't help but chuckle when he remembered all of the things that he and Green had done when they were young. He wondered if Green and Sora had evolved like he did. Then, he felt the presence of a familiar Aura. He smirked as he blocked the kick of a Mienshao.

"Hello, Green. I see you also evolved," Blue said to his childhood friend.

"(Don't you 'Hello, Green' me!)" snapped Green angrily at Blue. "(It's been four seasons and you never visited any of us once.)"

Green used a Thunder Punch as Blue used an Ice Punch to block his attack. After many punches, tons of kicks, and several Aura Spheres, Blue and Green collapsed to the ground, panting and covered with dirt and scratches.

After recovering enough of his energy, Green finally asked: "(Why did you never return? I heard what happened to Zoroark and that you were adopted by the great Cobalion. I thought I would see you again after you learned enough to take of yourself.)"

Blue sighed. He had expected this kind of question since it had been almost 4 years since he'd last seen any of his friends. He'd only evolved into a Lucario last year, but at the time, he hadn't wanted to return yet. He wanted to find clues about the humans who'd captured his mother.

"I'll admit I evolved last season, but I couldn't return here yet because I wanted to search for clues about the humans who captured my mother first."

Green's eyes widened in surprise. "(Wait a sec…I thought your mother was dead.)"

"No, she's not. From what I could find, it looks like those hunters sold her to some human organization named Team Plasma. I've dealt with some members from that organization, but none of them knew my mother's whereabouts. I need you and Sora to helpme to find her."

Green's eyes widened even further with shock. Was he really asking this- asking for help to find his mother, without any idea where she was? Green didn't really want to leave the forest, but at the same time, he really wanted to see the world outside of the forest; on the other hand, he was terrified of being captured by humans since he was an evolved Pokémon. Blue smiled as he told him to not to worry about humans capturing him before getting up to show Green his human form. Green's jaw dropped in pure shock as Blue smirked. Blue explained that, since he'd mastered his Aura power, he was also able to use illusions like his mother, and by using one such illusion to disguise himself as a human, he was able to walk among the humans without needing to worry about being captured. He also told Green about how he'd learned to speak human language to make his disguise perfect.

"Of course, my illusions aren't perfect like my mother's. I need to avoid reflective surfaces, or else I'll be caught," Blue said as he pointed to his reflection in the nearby lake. Needless to say, Green was speechless. Blue also told him that he would be able to disguise Green with an illusion, as well, as long as he stayed in close proximity to him while the illusion was in effect, and he would even teach him how to speak in human language.

"(Well, Blue, you've already convinced me,)" Green said, smirking. He could already tell that it would be fun to be able to travel around the continent with Blue. "(But I don't think Sora will be able to come with us.)"

Blue blinked, confused, as he dropped the illusion on him.


"(Well, I think it's better if you see for yourself.)"

Blue was totally surprised when he saw Sora; she was now a big and elegant Unfezant. But what surprised him the most was that his friend was incubating eggs; soon, she would be a mother. Blue smiled as he hugged his friend, congratulating her. Sora was very happy to see her friend again. She gave an apologetic look to him, since she wouldn't be able to go with them.

"Nah, no worries Sora. The important thing is for you to stay with your chicks. A mother should always be with her children."

Sora and Green looked at their friend with sympathetic eyes. They knew how hard it had been for Blue to be separated from his mother, especially at such a young age. Sora nuzzled Blue and wished the best of luck for both of them. Blue thanked her as he and Green left the forest.

Green was surprised when Blue covered him with an illusion. He now looked like a human, with white hair tied in a long braid, wearing a white and purple Chinese shirt with long sleeves, a pair of purple pants, and black shoes. Green was amazed with his human form as he commented that he felt it suited him very well. Blue reminded Green to always stay near him so that the illusion wouldn't wear off.


It had been several months since Blue and Green left White Forest. The Lucario was surprised to discover that his friend was a quick learner; it had only taken him one month to master the human language perfectly while Blue had taken more than three months to perfect his human speech.

They were on their way to Nimbasa City; when Green asked why they were going there, Blue explained that he'd heard from some Pokémon that there were strange activities happening there, and Blue believed that the humans who'd taken his mother were involved somehow. He also felt he could gain some new information since Nimbasa City is one of Unova's biggest city.

After a few days on the road, their ears picked up on some strange noises right as their noses detected the scent of some humans and a Pokémon coming down the road. They saw a bunch of small human children riding on their tricycles with a Pokémon tagging along, which they soon recognized as a Trubbish. Suddenly, the children started to throw mudballs at Blue and Green, which caught them off guard.

"What the heck was that for?" Green asked as he removed the mud from his face.

The kids laughed as they went away on their tricycles, and Blue followed them with his eyes, glaring all the while.

"That's one of the reasons why I don't like human children," Blue muttered darkly as he tried to remove the layers of mud from his face.

Then, a young woman and an elderly woman suddenly approached to see if they were alright.

"I'm so sorry!" the young woman said, bowing to them apologetically. "Those children are from my kindergarten school."


After that, Green and Blue were taken by the two women to the daycare to clean themselves. Upon entering, their eyes shined as they saw Pokémon eggs inside of incubators. Blue felt the Auras in the eggs; they were filled with love- a motherly love. The loving Aura was from the elderly woman.

The older woman introduced herself as the Pokémon Day Care owner, Karena, as well as introducing the kindergarten teacher as her granddaughter, Daniela. After Blue and Green cleaned themselves, Daniela explained that the Pokémon they saw earlier was a Trubbish and that the children had found it in a scrapyard near the school and brought it to school one day without her permission.

"I see," Blue said, folding his arms. "So, what's the problem? The children just want to keep it."

Daniela then explained that the children claimed the Trubbish was crying from loneliness and they wanted to be its friend. She was very much against the Trubbish staying, as they were naturally more comfortable in trash filled environments, and it would only make the school dirty. She told them as much, but the children pleaded for her to let it stay, claiming they'd clean up after the Trubbish. While Daniela argued with the children, Trubbish released a cloud of rancid air that caused everyone to initially cringe, but the children later claimed they could handle the stench; however, Daniela's mind was already made up as she picked up the Trubbish and returned it to the scrapyard. She explained it was nothing personal to the Trubbish and returned to the schoolyard. Karena added that the morning Blue and Green had arrived, they found a large pile of garbage surrounding a large tree in the playground. Daniela explained that the children and Trubbish worked together to create what she calls a secret base.

"Really, I just wanted to avoid this issue for today," Karena said, a worried tone in her voice. "You see, we're supposed to be getting a visitor from Kanto sometime today."

"Visitor?" asked Green, confused.

Just then, they heard the doorbell rang. The older woman thought it might be her visitor as she went to the door to invite the visitor into the daycare. Green muttered to Blue, asking what they should do. Blue simply said they should leave since the issue of Trubbish and the human children was not their business and that they should head into Nimbasa City soon.

"Ah, Professor Oak, I'm glad you could make it," Karena said as they entered the room. Blue froze as he heard the name "Professor Oak."

"The pleasure is all mine, Ms. Karena, but please, call me Gary; Professor Oak is my grandfather," a male voice replied.

Then, the human named Gary froze as he turned and saw Blue. His eyes widened in pure surprise, perfectly mirroring the way Blue was staring at him. For some reason, he felt as though he knew this human, but how? He'd never seen this human before in his life, yet he felt a faint tickle of recognition that told him this human was somehow close to him.

They stood like this for several moments, simply staring at each other, until Gary finally broke the silence, his voice low and unsure as he called out weakly, "A-Ash?"

"What?" Blue replied sharply, recoiling slightly from the shock of hearing that name. He couldn't help it. He was remembering one of his dreams: he'd heard a voice calling out that name in a tone that could only be described as fearful and worried, and upon closer inspection, Blue realized that Gary's voice and the voice from his dream were almost exactly alike, only the voice from his dream had sounded several years younger.

"Ash?" Gary called out again, taking a hesitant step toward the disguised Pokémon.

When Blue heard that name again, a wave of images appeared in his head, and it felt as if his mind was being pierced by a million needles. Before Gary could say anything, Blue pushed him aside and ran off with Green hot on his heels. Karena asked Gary if he knew what had just happened, and when she didn't receive a response, she crossed to his side to see if he was alright. The elderly woman blinked, confused, as she saw that the young researcher's face was drained of all color and that he was trembling as he stared at the exit where Blue had made his escape, making him look as if he'd just seen a ghost.


"What the heck was that, Blue?" Green asked, worried about his friend.

Both were in their true forms, somewhere in the forest. Blue was quivering as he hugged his legs. Green had never seen Blue act like this before. The only thing that even came close was the time when Blue was still a Riolu and had a terrible nightmare about Pokémon fighting each other to death, a strange Pokémon with an angry Aura, and a human sacrificing his life to stop the fight.

"That human….. I know him…." Blue whispered as Green sat beside his friend, worried.

"What do you mean?"

" That human with a single arm… he was in my dreams…."


"One of my dreams…. I saw that human, only he was younger, covered in blood….. and he had a yellow Pokémon… Both of them were crying, and…. urgh…."

Blue cradled his head in his hands as another wave of pain struck him. There were too many images floating through his mind for him to process them all, and it felt like someone was jabbing a million needles into his brain all at once. Green stared at his friend and rival, wishing there was something he could do to help him when the young Lucario suddenly collapsed, unable to hear his friend's cries.


At the Pokémon Daycare, Karena was offering the young researcher some tea to calm him down. Gary had yet to recover after seeing Blue at the daycare, still quivering and very pale.

"Young Gary, why are you like this after you saw that boy?" the older woman asked gently to the young researcher.

After drinking his tea and calming himself down enough, Gary answered the older woman. "That boy….. He looks like a friend of mine… a friend that passed away four years ago…."

"I am sorry, Gary. It must have been hard for you," Daniela said.

Gary still had nightmares about Ash's death, reliving the horror of seeing the boulder crush him and watching him die while he held his hand countless times. It had taken Gary almost three years of therapy to snap him out of his depression and almost one year to convince his family to let him go to Unova, since he wanted to fulfill Ash's last wish.

"That's alright," Gary said, softly, "but let's change the subject; I heard you're having problems with your kindergarten children?"


Blue groaned as he opened his eyes to see Green beside him, the fighting Pokémon looking beyond relieved to see his rival regain consciousness. Blue looked around and immediately noticed that they were in some sort of shelter.

"(Ah, you're awake.)"

Blue turned to his right and saw a Trubbish, the same one that was with those children earlier. Blue sat up and looked at the poison Pokémon.

"Where am I?"

"(Your friend brought you here after you fainted. Don't worry; the kids won't come here until tomorrow morning. We have a lot of time before they arrive,)" Trubbish said, smiling to him. Then, the small poison Pokémon gave him some berries to eat. "(Here, your friend brought these for you.)"

Blue blinked, confused as he glanced at Green, who was getting ready to sleep in the corner of the shelter. The Aura Pokémon took one of the berries and started to eat it.

"Why are you with those human children?"

Trubbish blinked, then smiled as he answered Blue, "(Because those children saved me from solitude. You see, I am not exactly the most popular of the Pokémon, but those children find me cute and adopted me. Not all humans are bad, you know?)"

Blue didn't say anything. He just stared at his berries. He still could not forgive the humans for taking his mother away from him. While he was still living with Cobalion, he met Terrakion and Virizion. They shared Blue's disdain for humans and told him that humans could not be trusted. But his travels and his dreams had shown him that not all humans were bad, and he felt in those children's Auras that they really liked Trubbish. Maybe not all human were bad, after all.

To be continued…..

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