A/N: Story is AU. Time is warped too - Slughorn teaching in OWL's year, Aragog dead, Dumbledore and Cedric Diggory (maybe) alive, Umbridge probably won't make an appearance. The words 'doctor', 'doc' and 'healer' are used interchangeably too.

This story was written very quickly and Hermione is a bit OOC... but I think it's for the better. She is less resistant and argumentative in my story. I also try to write the twins as separate people. (Also, this is not a threesome story - although I am unsure where this is headed, I know that for sure)

Chapter One: The Meeting

McGonagall entered the Charms classroom with a grave look on her face Hermione knew was destined for her. Hermione wished it wasn't so, though. It was only the first class of the day, but sure enough…
"Excuse me, Professor Flitwick. I wonder if I may borrow Miss Granger for a moment?"
Professor Flitwick squeaked back an "of course, Professor!" and Hermione gathered her belongings. She knew she would not return.

This had happened many an occasion before. Once in Care of Magical Creatures, again in Ancient Runes. Each time she was pulled out of class, she never returned and wasn't seen until the next class. If things were bad, she didn't appear until the next day.

Professor McGonagall walked briskly down the corridor with Hermione on her trail. The hospital wing was near and Hermione wondered what she would be met with this time. For you see, Hermione was in training to be a Healer for St Mungo's. A profession Hermione thought was quite respectable, that came with an encyclopaedia of knowledge, and fulfilled her desire to help people. Harry and Ron didn't know anything about her healing; she fed them lies about S.P.E.W and other ministry work. No clear, concise answers were given from her.

The hospital wing doors were open when they arrived. Curtains were drawn around a lonesome bed at the back corner. Hermione could smell the most awful of odours coming from there, with a mix of potions. Those she could recognise. She also knew that one would be purple, one blue, and another with no exact colour at all.

Madam Pomfrey came out from behind the curtain with a tray of empty potion jars. Hermione was almost nervous to look behind them to see the poor victim. But no matter; Professor McGonagall pulled them aside before Hermione had a chance to steady herself.

The man on the bed was Fred Weasley… or was it George? No, it was definitely Fred. Hermione didn't know how she knew; she just did. She could tell in her heart. Madam Pomfrey was going through his symptoms.

"Scarring on his chest, face, forearms and internal bruising which is unusual. Bone tissue damaged. Increased hair growth. Most magical combinations could not achieve this extent of damage; however he has been unconscious for the last three hours so I am uninformed as to what he was actually doing…" She trailed off. Hermione knew she was all too familiar with the Weasley boys and their pranks.

"So, this is your patient now Miss Granger," Madam Pomfrey said. This made Hermione very excited – she had only ever worked in partnership with Madam Pomfrey. "Merlin knows he'll be a challenge for you."

A clipboard was handed to Hermione and that was the beginning of her hectic journey with Fred Weasley.