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Rena- Wind Sneaker

Rena awoke with a pounding headache. Her body was sore and her vision was fuzzy, blackening around the edges. She vaguely remembered falling down a hole while chasing a pure white rabbit, but it hurt to think.

A sharp pain shot down her spine as she tried to look up, jolting her awake. She gingerly touched her head, wincing as her fingers met a wet spot near her pony tail. She pulled her hand away and grimaced at the blood.

Glancing around, she attempted to take in her surroundings: She mostly saw cool colors, various shades of blue and purple. There was a planet somewhere in the background, and lots of floating cubes.

"Wh-where am I...?" She asked weakly, to no one in particular. Someone grabbed her hand and kneeled down next to her, propping her up on their knee. Whoever it was jerked her at an odd angle and held her a bit roughly. He placed a bottle to her mouth and said, "Here, drink this."

She was doubtful at first. What if it was poison? Would he be trying to kill her, a man she had never met? Or maybe it would be like some anesthetic and they would knock her out and take her somewhere else. That would make sense, then she wouldn't put up a fight if they carried her off or r-

He forced her mouth open and force-fed her the drink. She spluttered and gagged at the terrible taste, before doing a spinning kick from the floor.

"What the hell was that?!" Rena yelled, adapting a fighting stance.

Rena soon found herself staring at nothing. She looked all around but found that she was alone. On the floor she saw the small glass bottle that was used to give her the drink. Glaring, she kicked the bottle across the floor. It skid across the floor and off the edge of the platform she was standing on. She then watched with wide eyes as the bottle began to defy gravity and lift off into black oblivion of the endless, cube-filled space above her. She shook her head as if to try and shake what she had just seen out of her mind. She then noticed that her body felt better and when she pat her head, not only did it not hurt, there was no more blood. What was that drink? Where was she? And who was that?

More importantly, how had she gotten to wherever "here" was?

After looking around some more, she had come to the conclusion that there was absolutely no way off the platform on which she stood. She muttered a long rant of obscenities under her breath, glaring at the place where the bottle... should have been. She whipped around, glancing every which way and that. The bottle hadn't just ascended out of a general Elf's eyesight, it was gone, vanished.

She blinked in confusion. There was no way that could have happened. Things don't just float up into the air and disappear. It wasn't logical. It didn't make any sense.

There was a crack and clinking noises as glass littered the floor. Rena dropped to her knees, clutching her head as it exploded in pain, she suspected it started bleeding again. That drink, whatever it was, seemed as if it did absolutely nothing. Actually, if anything, it just delayed the pain and made it worse.

"It's impolite to litter another's domain, you know." A voice chuckled. When Rena turned, angry about the glass, there was, once again, no one there.

"Who's there?! Show yourself!" the blonde Elf yelled out into the wide expanse of space. "Who are you?!"

A small trace of fear edged on her tongue. Maybe she was hearing things. Maybe it was a dream... Maybe she was just imagining it all or something... Well, at least she hoped she was imagining things.

"Well? Aren't you going to apologize to me yet?" the voice asked. It snickered at Rena's confused and slightly angry face. The voice suddenly turned hostile. "You come falling down from the sky and into my space without invitation, then litter it. Just be lucky you have that key with you. Otherwise you would have been thrown out immediately."

"...Key?" If her expression showed confusion before, it was muddled now. Key? What key? She didn't have a key on her, let alone a pocket to store one. "I-I don't have a key..."

A blast of wind hit her from behind and when she turned, a bright white flash blinded her. When she recovered from the dizziness, blinking, she looked up to see a man. He had on a mask that revealed only one orange eye. His hair was white and the collar of his black cloak was littered with chains and locks. He kept behind him one arm while the other tossed two small blue cubes, much like the ones in the space around man cocked his head slightly. "Then what is it that you are holding?" He pointed to the item that was in Rena's grip.

The blonde looked to where the man was pointing to. He was right. Rena had indeed been holding something but... she was sure she hadn't been holding it from the very beginning... Right?

"I'm sure you're a little confused..." the man started. Oh, of course, I'm confused, thanks for telling me, Captain Obvious, Rena snapped in her head. "But I'm sure you'll adjust." he continued. "Anyway, I have a quest for you."

"A quest?" Rena asked the man.

"Yes," he confirmed. "I need you to find a door. I'll give you a key to it, and once you find it, contact me with this."

Rena glanced at the small black cube and the key he pulled out of midair and handed to her. Cautiously, she took it. "It won't bite you."

Rena couldn't help but chuckle. She took the key and the small box, looking at the man for further instructions.

"Don't give me that look. There's a door over there." The man pointed to a door that Rena hadn't noticed before, "Go through it and your quest shall start."

"Fine then. I'll complete your little quest, but on one condition: Tell me who you are?" Rena asked, her curiosity peaking. First he saved her, then gave her a quest after screwing around with her mind. The least this mysterious man could do was tell Rena what his name was.

"I suppose I do owe you the honor. I am Glave, the Door Mouse. Now hurry up and get out of my sight before I decide to kick you out myself." Glave threatened, his visible eye looking as if it had gotten darker.

Rena flinched and chuckled, "L-leaving now sir," before turning towards the new door that appeared before her. The blonde quickened her pace for she could feel Glave's ...eye?... burning holes in her back.

She reached the "door" that the man had pointed to. This wasn't a door. It didn't even have a handle, how did he expect her to go through it? She stared at the door and waited for something crazy or magical to happen to get it open, as it seems only crazy and magical things had been happening that day. After seconds of silence, she had decided staring obviously wasn't the answer. She considered turning back to question Glave, but the unnerving feeling that may or may not have been coming from his eye was enough for her to disregard that choice. Experimentally, she decided to kick the door.


"Crack?" Rena thought, stealing a quick glance back at Glave. No expression was seen on the man obviously because of his mask, but she could practically feel the smirk emitting out from behind it. So, since he hadn't commented on her actions, perhaps she really was supposed to break the door? Probably.

Shaking her head, Rena brought her attention back to the door. She brought her foot up and kicked it as hard as she could. Another crack. She looked back to where Glave was standing but he was gone. Okay then, I guess I'm on my own from now on. Rena continued to kick the door until it was covered in cracks.

With a determined cry, she brought her foot down in a final kick and watched the door finally burst into pieces. She watched in wonder as the pieces shot out at every which way before disappearing just as the bottle had. Rena sighed and turned back to look one last time at the place she would be leaving.

Everything was pitch black, the same darkness that consumes you when you sleep. She couldn't even trust that there was a floor besides the spot beneath her feet. She only had one direction to go, and that was forward, through the door that could possibly lead to her death. With a deep breath, she sprinted ahead into the unknown, allowing the light to swallow her.

She could only hope that she wasn't being watched by that mysterious man.

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