Fae: This hasn't updated in weeks and it's unfair cause this chapter is so short and mostly dialogue... I'd feel guilty but everyone was busy and it was the Holidays and then Add... Oh well the next one should be longer. Happy Late Lunar New Years. Or whatever.

Red Queen: Code Nemesis

Clubs: Reckless Fist

Hearts: Grand Archer

Judge: Yama Raja


The knight knelt on the stairs to the Red Queen's throne, bowing deeply as she offered him her hand. He took it and smirked against her knuckles, offering a quick kiss. "My dear queen, you're looking very sleek today. How may I be of service?"

"Spare me the flattery, Clubs." but Red smirked as well. "I'm sending you and Hearts on a mission."

Clubs sneered, standing. He crossed his arms, dark orange eyes flashing up to hers. "Hearts? I'd sooner be stuck with Diamond."

The queen cast him a glare as well, her eyes landing on his arm. "Would you prefer I simply fire you? I can always use our trump card if you don't wish to go."

Clubs' eyes widened. "I refuse to let that soul-eating Jabberwock take my place. I'll go."

The Card Knight knelt once more and gave his Queen's hand another brief kiss, before leaving the throne room. He walked down a long corridor, which led out to a garden, filled with red and black rose bushes. They were in abundance, and Clubs was thankful he didn't get lost amongst the whispering plants.

"Were you talking badly about us again, Clubs~?" A very feminine voice asked, drawing his attention. The voice belonged to a tall woman, with blonde hair that hung down her back. Voluptuous curves accented by a tight fitting red dress, short-skirted but long enough to not be indecent. with an open back and a sleeveless front. The open skin of her chest was covered by a buttoned white neck-tab with puff-cap sleeves, that lead down to a pair of bracelets and her white gloves. A heart-shaped emblem was clasped around her neck, and the bottom of her over-coat was also covered in red hearts. Her boots were white, only coming up to her ankles, and heeled, also sporting the heart emblem. "Come now Clubs, am I that unpleasant to work with?"

"Hearts." He hissed, casting her a glare. The blonde Card Knight smiled, crossing her arms and cantering her hip. "Why don't you join Judge and I for coffee? It's a fine day, and the garden is pleasant at this hour."

"If by fine you mean overcast and gloomy, then yes, it is a fine day." Clubs snapped, glancing past her to see another woman at the table. She had dark vermillion eyes, the tips of her twin tails and bangs dyed white, and two markings across her pale cheeks. Gold jewelry adorned her hair and ears, all in the shape of butterflies, insects that were only read about in fairy tales. A fur scarf wrapped around her upper back and arms, covering the tops of her long sleeves and gloves. Like Hearts, her skirt was short and red, a straight line of white down the center, but the fur of her collar was the outer lining to her jacket, which was black and probably hung down past her knees. Clubs couldn't tell, she was sitting. She wore one white thigh-high boot on her right leg, a shorter white one on her left, and was contently sipping a cup of steaming hot coffee. "Why not get Pyro? Isn't she out prowling about?"

"I haven't been able to find her. Then again, I don't remember her wanting to be found." Hearts replied, and sauntered back over to the table, her hips swaying almost too sensually. She took her seat across from Judge and crossed her legs, exposing the pale skin of her thigh. "Well, will you join us~?"

"I already told you, no." Clubs snorted, and crossed his arms. Unlike most of the other Card Knights, Clubs wore a white vest sporting an intricate design in the shape of his emblem on the back of it. It was shorter in the front and longer in the back, coming to about his knees, showing off the lower part of his abdomen in front. He wore white jeans under metal shin and knee armor, and three red belts wrapped around each of his upper legs. On his right arm, he wore a short glove in white, his Clubs emblem on the back, and a red band on his upper arm. The other arm was dark black, red glowing veins running up the muscles till it met his shoulder. Another odd thing about his appearance was the fact that he had two tone hair, much like Judge.

"Come, dear boy, sit with us." Judge demanded, her eyes never opening, her body never turning away from the table. Hearts smiled even wider and beckoned him over with her fingers.

Clubs wanted to move to her, but instead, he turned away. "We've been sent on a mission, Hearts. Her Majesty has asked that we succeed where Diamond and Spades have failed. She wishes for us to destroy Alice."

"Ah, that suicide mission? I'm honestly surprised Diamond made it back in the condition he did, I don't think he'll make it." Hearts exclaimed, leaning back in her chair and taking a sip of her coffee. "What do you think?"

Clubs grit his teeth. "I think you should, instead of lounging around, gather your weapons and start heading to intercept Alice."

Judge chuckled, finally opening her eyes and turning to him. "Sir, if I may have a say, I believe that the best course of action would be to relax. Alice is lost in the maze, it will not be long before the Bandersnatch catches up to her. I think you should have a seat and take another sip of coffee."

"I haven't even had any yet." Clubs growled. Judge turned back to her chair and poured him a cup as he reluctantly sat down in between the two women. "Well you can't take any less. Here you are."