Chapter One

Prologue to Everything


It was only five months ago that I met the Edward Cullen; billionaire, playboy, industrialist and ingenious engineer. Anything worth building, he made. Cullen Enterprise had made the best technologically advances of the latter known decade. So when I heard he was speaking at my little, relatively unknown college, I knew there was no place I would rather be. He was from Forks, which I knew was the only reason he was gracing us with his presence. Unfortunately, I had the worst timing in the world and moved to this tiny town only a month after he had left for Los Angeles… this was my chance. Every last person within a hundred mile radius came; his return to this town was all anyone could talk about.

When he walked into the auditorium, silence drifted over the space. He had this commanding aura, it was infectious, sexy, and dangerous. I came earlier than when I thought most people would, yet, I still had to fight for my seat in the front row, I didn't dare to move after I had acquired it. I was entranced with every step he took as he glided across the stage. His scientific mind was amazing but, his body was sinful and the fitted suit he wore only made it that more obvious. I tried to fool myself into believing that I only admired him for his work, but that was a blatant lie. I had actually spent time today focused on my appearance; fitted pencil skirt, nice sheer blouse, and heels. However, apparently I was still underdress in comparison to all the other girls in the room.

He went on and on about the harassing subject of cold fusion, not at all paying attention to any one person in particular. So, it came as a surprise when out of nowhere, he looked down, apparently to catch his last thoughts, but he caught my gaze instead. His green eyes pierced through me as if he could see every inch of my soul. I felt naked under his gaze, I could feel my nipples harden and I had to cross my legs just to fight off the warm pulsing between them. He made me wet with just a single look…he was every woman's kryptonite…he had to know it. He just had to.

When he finally looked away, I couldn't remain seated in the room, not without doing something very rash that would no doubt get me tackled by the impressive looking security he had with him. I tried not to run; not just because I didn't want to draw attention to myself, but also because I could barely walk in heels as it was.

The bathroom was my only escape; dropping my bag onto the counter, I splashed water on my face, trying my best to catch my breath. I couldn't believe how hot I had become from just one look, it was ten times hotter than any of the sex Jacob and I had ever had. As my blood pressure seemed to finally decline, I sat up against the counter. I was going to miss my chance with him. There was supposed to be some sort of cocktail hour afterwards, but I didn't think I could face him just yet, not after such a reaction that was a result from a simple glance.

However, to my surprise, he walked in, dripping with lust, and forcing me to jump off the counter as I continued to stared at him in shock. His jacket was gone and his sleeves were rolled up as though he had just come back from a long day at work.

"Was I really that bad?" He smirked like the devil himself, leaning against the dark red tiles of the bathroom.

My mouth flapped open like fish and I couldn't even comprehend a single coherent thought; "How…I…you…shit. Shit. Umm."

"Take your time, they won't be looking for me another twenty minutes." He reasoned, gazing at my feet and slowly making his way up to my breast, neck and lips.

"This is the girls room." Fuck, is that all I can say?

He nodded; "It is. I had to check two before getting here. A old woman slapped me but I had hoped you hadn't left just yet."


"I've never met a woman who could make me hard with a single stare and by heaven or hell, I had to make sure you felt it too…"

"I didn't, sorry… I'm not whore." Even though I was dripping like one right now.

"I never said you were and if that's the case, I will leave before I make an even bigger ass of myself."

"No!" I shouted the moment he turned around.

A single dark brown eyebrow raised, he glanced at me and once again the passion, that desire hit me…hit us, like a pulsing wave. Pushing off the door, he grabbed a hold of me. Lifting me onto the counter, he took my lips with his. His hands were everywhere and all I could do was wrap my legs around him and bury my hands in his soft hair. He bit my bottom lip before kissing down the side of my face and onto my neck. I could feel his cock through his pants, rubbing against my underwear…begging to be in me.

"If this a dream, please don't wake me up." I didn't know what had taken a hold of me…of us, but there was no turning back.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard there will be no denying how real this." He moans, shoving my skirt up before grabbing a hold of my black lacy underwear and ripping it off me.

I pulled at his belt, yanking so hard that with every movement I was thrusted forward, over and over again and in return, I just got wetter and wetter.

His huge hands grabbed a hold of my waist, picking me up and carrying me over to the bathroom door. He kissed the top of my chest before getting frustrated with my shirt. Slamming me against the door, he pinned me there with his lower body before ripping my shirt open. He gasped at the lacy bra I had on, pausing for only a second before he pulled it down and attacked my nipple. He sucked and bit all while I moaned like a whore in a girls bathroom of my college.

"Please…please fuck me."

"With pleasure." He snickered and with no warning whatsoever, he thrusted deeply inside of me…my head, and eyes rolled back against the door in pleasure. He was so big, so thick, and as he held me in place, sucking against my neck, he fucked me, hard. The door shook behind me as he punished the hell out of my pussy.

"Harder." I moaned, holding his head between my breasts as he slammed in and out of me.





Gripping my ass, he bit in between my chest, the pain made my toes curl…I wasn't even sure when I had lost my shoes, but I didn't care…it hurt so good.

"Fuck your pussy is so fucking tight." He moaned before taking my lips again and once he did, all I got was tongue and teeth. It was like he was trying to taste every corner of my mouth, it was rough and dirty, like our sex.

"I'm coming…"I moaned, closing my eyes.

"No." He hissed, grabbing my hair and forcing my eyes to meet his; "I want see your eyes when you cum."

Gasping for air, holding on to the side of his face, I stared into his green eyes. When he exhaled, I breathed it in and vice-versa until I couldn't take it any more.

"Fuck!" We both yelled and just like that, the Edward Cullen had fucked me.

We stood there, him still inside of me and I still holding onto him for what seemed like forever.

"What's your name?" He finally asked and the repercussions of what just happened sunk in.

"Shit." I snapped, pushing him away and when he did, I looked at the thoroughly fucked whore in the mirror "Oh God, what the fuck did I just do?"

He didn't seem too concerned, only pulling up his boxers and grabbing his belt; "Let me guess, you have a boyfriend?"

"No. Yes. Shit, fuck? Aren't you engaged to some supermodel?" Not only was I whore, but I was a homewrecker too!

He rolled his eyes; "Yes, I am, however, it's a marriage of convenience, nothing more."

"I can't believe you just said that. You should go." I stated, quickly righting my bra.

"Do you use all men like this or am I that special?"

"No! I'm not this person and not in the fake oh my God I screwed a guy in the bathroom type. Not mention, an almost married man! I'm really not like this. Shit, I can't believe I just did this!"

"I liked you better when you were moaning." He stated, stepping up behind me and I froze again, my breath catching in my throat.

His hands brushed against my back and he kissed my collarbone, grabbing a hold of my breast once again. And because I was, as I'd recently established, a home wrecking whore, I leaned into him.

"What is this?" He whispered into my ear; "I saw you staring at me and lust like I've never felt consumed me. I cut my speech short just after you left, because I had to find you. You possessed me with your bewitching brown eyes and I wasn't leaving until I had you…because I could…I knew I could. But never in my life have I ever wanted a woman more than once. Yet, all I can think about right now is when can I have you again…and I don't even know your name."

His hand stopped to hold on to my neck; "Isabella…"

"Isabella what?"

"Isabella Swan."

"I'm a very powerful man Isabella Swan…and I can offer you a lot…"

"I'm no ones whore and I'm not for sale, please, just leave." I pleaded weakly, disgusted by my previous actions.

"So you keep telling me, anything you want, it can be yours."

"All for the low price of my vagina?" I asked sardonically.

"I wouldn't mind your ass either." He snickered, meeting my gaze in the mirror grabbing a handful of my ass. "Yes, I'm engaged. Yes, this is sudden. But live a little. I know what it's like to live in this town. How the days go by in green nothingness. We can go anywhere; you can have anything, plus the best sex of your life…all with a single word. All I need is your discretion…and your body."

Pulling out a card, he handed it to me; "It's my private line. This offer stands until midnight…call me and we can make certain arrangements Ms. Swan."

Leaving his shirt on the counter for me, he opened the door, stepping out where who had to be his bodyguard stood waiting. That explained why no one attempted to come in.

I stood there for about another hour before cleaning myself up and heading home. The walk from my college to my house was short. I had gotten into Yale, but there was no way I was going to be able to afford it, at least not with Charlie drinking most our money away. So, I was stuck in the wretched town for the foreseeable future. After my mother had died, so had he. He was physically still here, but mentally and emotionally, he was as absent as they came. My parents had been separated for years, but I knew he still loved her. Every night it was the same thing, him yelling at me in rage. It was my fault he said… I was the straw that broke her. She couldn't handle being a mother and a wife. I didn't want this dead end town to be my life, so when I got on to the last house on the right, with the broken shutters, cracked windows, and decrepit porch, I knew I didn't want to go back, ever.

Billy and Jacob were there, their truck was parked in our driveway; my night would be full of drunken idiots, yelling at a game none of them played and I would doubt they even understood any more than the basics. Then Jacob would try to make a pass at me. He would tell me he loved me and we would have the dullest, driest sex known to man. I'm not sure why I let him…I guess I wanted to feel something in my life…. anything akin to passion, something I felt for a man I just met but didn't even know.

It was easy to see why I pulled out my phone, why I dialed his number. I wanted to live. I wanted that passion and I wanted out. I didn't step any further towards that house. It was crazy, irrational, and maybe the worst decision a woman could make, but I decided to just jump headfirst, fuck it all.

"I'm on 56 Merion Street, how fast can you be here?"

That's how it all started. That's how I became his plaything, his lover and his personal whore even after he got married.

Present Time

"Jessica, Mr. Cullen has to be in New York tomorrow, call ahead and make sure that his house is opened. He wants it fully staffed…"

"The cook is there, along with the maids. Everything is taken care of, even though that's what personal assistance are for." She sneered at me, gathering up the rest of the files on Edward's desk she would need to have copied for tomorrow.

"Well then, I guess you can call it a night." I hissed back.

I watched the slut walk out, shaking her hips for the men outside Edward's office as she went. The few that were left swarmed her, trying to help with her stuff before she made her way to the elevator. I hated her with a burning passion; she hated the fact that I had gotten this position instead of her. She thought she knew it all, but she was nothing but a damn pencil pusher hoping to get into Edward Cullen's pants. However, those were locked and the only one with the key was I and maybe his wife.

Sighing, I took off my heels and sat in his chair, looking around his office once again. It was so "earthy" and that was only because his wife, the beautiful Tanya, had made it so. He had told me I could change it, seeing as though he was barely in his office here at Seattle often. He preferred to work in bed after a good fuck, however, he had a meeting this morning with hospital over the development of the new machines he was designing.

Part of the contract I signed, stated that if I wanted to work, I couldn't do so for anyone but him and so he made me his personal assistant…. he overpaid me too. I made sure to get my own place and chose to take classes online, simply because I knew the "fairy tale" had to end eventually, maybe before a full year was over, I was waiting for him to kick me to the curb.

The contract stated and I quote: "Isabella Swan for the span of one year gives over sexual control of her body to Edward R. Cullen and Edward R. Cullen only, in return all expensive are met. At the end of the stipulated time, this document serves as a non disclosure agreement, neither party is to use information gained during the stated time period, for any reason. Both parties must part ways amicably. Upon such time Edward R Cullen will compensate Ms. Isabella Swan in the total amount of three million U.S. dollars. "

My mouth went dry with the thought of that much money. This wasn't who I was and yet, here I stood. I was the other woman. I was the girl who slept her way to the top. I was his whore and I didn't care, because I had him and when I had him. nothing else, no one else mattered.

I've been waiting for the disgust, self-loathing, anger, as of now, I have yet to feel anything. I loved working at Cullen Enterprise, I had my own office, I over saw actual contracts, I had showed my love for his work and he trusted me to get it done. It was the oddest thing in the world, but, for the first time in my life, I didn't feel completely miserable.

"Someone looks comfortable." Edward snickered, throwing his jacket onto the leather chaise lounge that resided to the left of his office.

"Sorry Mr. Cullen." I stated, quickly rising from his chair. He looked at me shook his head, closing the door behind himself.

"It's after hours Ms. Swan and what do I want after hours?"

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I unbuttoned my shirt slowly as he took a seat next to his jacket. Unbuckling his pants, his cock sprang free twitching at the cold air. He grabbed a hold of it, stroking, as each article of my clothing fell onto the plush carpeting of his office, until I stood before him, completely naked.

"Fuck," He moaned, "Come here."

Following his orders, I walked towards him and the moment I was in his grasps he grabbed a hold of my ass, pulling me to his lips. He kissed my pussy, licking up to belly button before licking his lips.

"I love how you taste." He grinned, leaning back.

"Can I taste you?" I didn't wait for him to answer, dropping to my knees, I grabbed him in my hands, needing both of them to grip him. Licking the tip, he twitched against my tongue.

"Jesus fuck Bella." He hissed, brushing my hair back as I took him into my mouth. I loved how he tasted on my tongue. Running my teeth against him he thrust forward and I knew he couldn't wait, so I sucked hard, bobbing my head up and down, all while massaging his balls in my hand.

"Fuck. Fuck. Damn it, I love your mouth!" He hissed, holding my head. I could feel him hitting the back of my throat. Before I could go back down, he pulled my hair back, forcing me to release his dick, and when he did, he kissed me, hard.

"Turn around." He demanded and all I could do was nod, giving him full access to my ass.

He rubbed it, kissing both cheeks before slapped it hard;

"Ahh…" I moaned in pleasure and pain.

"To whom do you belong to?" He stood, stepping out of his pants and staring down at me on all fours.

"I belong to no one." I wanted the pain and when he slapped me again, my legs shook.

"You're playing with me?"

"Fuck you." I moaned

He snickered, slapping again and again until my arms gave out and I just stayed there, ass in the air. I could feel the wetness in between my legs and once he saw it he devoured me, licking it all up before his mouth attached itself to the source, he licked slowly, painfully. I rocked against his face, but he stopped before I could cum.

"Whom do you belong to?"

"You damn it. Please, just fuck me Edward!"

"With pleasure." He said, rubbing his dick against my ass before finally plunging deeply into me. Holding onto my hips, he didn't move for a few seconds. Rising, I held onto his hair and his hands went to my breast, he fucked me furiously, pinching my nipples as I licked his jaw.

"So fucking good." I moaned, cuming with so much force I couldn't see straight. His thrust quickened, fucking me like a wild animal, my breasts bouncing painfully at the force. I felt him harden inside of me and I knew he was close, he slowed down, yet his thrusts became even more powerful as he kissed down my spine before finally coming undone.

"Nothing's better than a hard fuck after a long day." He gasped, pulling out of me, and when he did, I just fell against the carpet, too fucked to say anything. He on the other hand was a God and just rose afterward as always and walked around his office completely naked. I loved the sight of his cock as he walked, bobbing up and down, glistening with our combined residual arousal. He had insisted on not wearing a condom. At first I wasn't sure, but I was on birth control, he wanted to fill all of me.

Pushing myself off the ground, I ran my hand through my hair, grabbing my bra while asking him;

"How was the meeting?"

He frowned, glancing away from his computer screen; "It was a cake walk, they wanted my new toy badly. Why are you getting dress?"

"Because I have to wake up earlier than you to make sure you wake up." The man could sleep like the dead.

The frown on his face didn't disappear; "Change of plans, we leave tonight, I've already called the jet."

"Edward are you kidding me? Tanya is supposed to be there, the whole point of this, is to use as a photo-op; the whole Cullen family together for a summer at the Hamptons. You can't bring your whore…"

"You're not my whore." He hissed at me.

"You just fucked me on the floor of your office while you're married to another woman. Let's not sugar coat it. I'm the other woman; she's your wife. We both knew that when I signed my soul away." I joked…the smallest part of me hurt, but I pushed it away.

"Fine." He sneered at me, "But you're still coming and you will be there to make sure I survive."

We didn't talk much about family, but I knew his relationship with them was strained. In the last five months not once had he spoken more than a few sentences to them.

Sighing, I walked over to him. He stared at my now covered breast in disappointment as I sat his lap, knowing full well his cock was pressed against my entrance again.

"If you want me somewhere, I will be there. I just need time to pack…."

"We will just buy you new things."

"You did that already!"

"Yes five months ago."

When I had left home, I had nothing to my name and he made sure to provide every last thing I could ever want. I did my best not to go overboard but he bought me clothes, shoes, purses, I can admit I went a bit insane. I had joked and called him my personal sugar daddy, then he fucked me in the kitchen.

"Take this off." He demanded, meaning my bra.

Sighing, I did what he asked and he took it and threw it over his desk, kissing my breast for a moment before looking back to his computer. He stared at the screen and I tried my best not to be nosey. He hadn't really spoken much about his personal life and neither had I. It was odd how when I was sleeping with him, I never felt anything but pleasure, however, afterwards the guilt would creep up, but I suppressed it the best I could. I had gone to his wedding, luckily it was such a large affair that no one noticed me, but still, I was apart of the experience, I saw my lover marry another woman.

"Your phone is ringing." He stated, not looking away from his computer and sure enough, it was. Standing up, I searched the floor for my phone, kicking the clothing with my foot until I found it under my underwear.

"Bella Swan."

"Bells, when are you coming home?"


Covering my breast with my hands, I turned away from Edward; "Dad, I sent you an email."

"Who sends an email to their father explaining they aren't coming home?"

"Charlie, I'm twenty- three. I don't really have to tell you what I do."

"Bella, what's going on? Are you in trouble…"

"No, I'm not in trouble. I just want to be free. To be free of Forks, free of nothingness, I want…"

"Fine Isabella. Do what you want, be like your mother and just leave. You're so selfish." And with that, he was gone.

Sighing, I grabbed my clothes, including my bra and did my best to put them back on quickly. I did feel selfish, truthfully I felt discombobulated. I was really doing all of this for sex and money…

"Whatever you're thinking, stop it." He snapped and I could feel him walking over to me, but I didn't turn around; "We made a deal."

"I know."

He brushed his hand over my neck: "Good, because I'm not giving you up yet. You're going to come to the Hamptons with me, I'm going to fuck you in every room of my house and you're going to love every moment of it."

"And with all this fucking, what will your wife say." I whispered.

He kissed the back of neck; "We'll have to wait and find out. I have some work to finish up here, so if you must pack, do so quickly. I'll come by in half an hour to get you."

I tried to leave, I needed a moment to clear my head, to breathe without his presence, but he wouldn't let me. He grabbed me, turning me until I met his green eyes before kissing me again. His tongue, not wasting a second before joining mine; he grabbed my ass, all but lifting me off the ground. When he let go of me I was panting for more.

"I'm going to find out what makes you so addicting, even if it kills me." He smirked as I backed up.

When he found out, I hoped he'd let me know.

We were only on the jet for five minutes when he gave me that look. I tried to ignore it, staring at the books on the marble table in front of him. He didn't have any shame…the flight attendant was on board, even though he didn't seem to pay us any unwarranted attention. I wasn't sure if it was because he may have been gay or the fact that Edward almost always had everyone around him sign a Nondisclosure Agreement.. I had only been at his side for a week when I realized he cared very much for digression. Everyone around him knew when to walk away.

"Do you need something sir?" I finally asked him, looking up from my biology books.

"You insist on staying in school, why?" He crossed his legs, giving me his full attention.

I shrugged; "I enjoy school, believe it or not, when we met, I actually went to see you because I followed bits and pieces of your work…"

"With 3 million dollars at the end of the year, does it really matter?"

Biting my tongue, I did my best not to scream; "I fucked you Mr. Cullen before I knew I was getting anything out of it. You made the offer, not me. I like science. I don't really care about the money…"

"And you love the sex."

I froze. He was right and I hated it.

He snickered, rubbing the side of his chin; "You felt the need for my cock just as I did for your pussy the moment our eyes met and because you're just as red blooded as I am. You were going home and going to dream of our fuck, you were going to ache for it and by the time you made it to your house near 56 Merion Street, you knew the sex would be worth all else..."

"And the point sir?"

"I'm just trying to figure you out Swan."

"Why? Is it because you're hoping the moment you do you want me to ache too? Or is it because you're hoping that if you can see how my mind works, you won't need to fuck me up the ass twice a day? That you won't need my tongue licking up your shaft and will be able to fight the urge to come on me?…I've notice that. At first I thought you were doing it as a precaution against pregnancy, but then I realized you just liked seeing me covered in your cum…proof that I was your bitch…your whore…"

He snickered and didn't reply… I knew I was correct, I was nothing but his whore, something I was starting to accept.

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