Chapter 26

High School


Leaning into my chair, I wait for my assistant to finish passing out the folders to each of the shareholders. It's too early but I want to get this over and done with. I even had coffee and pastries brought up for them… they should think of this as a last meal of sorts.




"What have you done!" One of them yells.

"Congratulations, we went public this morning." I say before taking a drink of my coffee.

"You screwed us, our stake in Cullen Enterprises is less than two percent with outsiders buying in!" another, fatter man yells.

"That's the plan." I reply.

"You admit it?"

"Yes," I snap, "You all think I'm a fool? You were planning to buy me out."

"We were not—"

"You've been meeting with James Volturi! You were planning to buy me out of my own fucking company. You were going to stab me in the back and now you own nothing more than pennies of Cullen Enterprises, which means your opinions mean nothing, your advice mean nothing. I won, now get the fuck out." I state.

Three of them stand, throwing the documents in my direction; "I'm going to sue the hell out of you!" the same pudgy man hisses.

"Go ahead, but remember I can sue you for defamation, theft of intellectual property and of course my favorite; breach of contract. After all, you signed a non compete and non disclosure agreement when you joined this board. Seeing as how this is my company, that I built with my own bare hands, the choice to go public is mine. It's not my fault you didn't think before you tried to steal from me." I smile at them.

"Just because you built this company doesn't mean you get the right to destroy it. Ever since that woman's book went public, stocks have been dropping and you don't even care. You are no longer thinking clearly. You are no longer the man who started this company!" Another yells.

Pressing the intercom, I speak to my secretary; "Ms. Walters, please have security sen up."

One of them charges me but is pulled back. Security arrives within seconds, escorting them out as I wave goodbye and good fucking riddance. Putting my feet up, I finish my coffee in peace.

Tennyson enters the office; "So I'm guessing it went as expected."

"No one denied it." I reply.

"Should I prepare for lawsuits?"

"It wouldn't hurt. I've been meaning to ask; do you believe I should do a press conference. I've been waiting for this book thing to die down, but it seems as if every move I make, my sexual life is brought up."

"Only if Ms. Swan accompanies you. She has done no press or interviews for this book. Cullen Enterprise's can handle this as long as you prove that this is still a scandal free business. Should I send Chanel to help you both prep?" he asks already on his phone.

"I'm going to met Bella for brunch and I'll get back to you tonight." I reply, nodding as he leaves.

Pinching the bridge of my nose, I sigh. Bella is not going to like this. She's not going to like this at all.


"Boys come on!" I yell for them to come down and like elephants they stomp down stairs still dressed in their pajamas.

"Bacon!" Levi yells excitedly as he charges me.

"Levi calm down." I scold but he doesn't seem to understand.

"Can I help?" Chris asks me, "I always help my mom in the kitchen."

Smiling, I hand him a plate of toast. Toby comes up next and I hand him the plate of bacon causing Levi's mouth to drop in disbelief.

"Mom!" He whines.

"I have something for you too." I give him the eggs… he isn't the biggest fan of them. He pouts but follows the rest of the boys to the dining table. Grabbing the juice I follow them when there's a knock at the door. Roger, with a duster in hand, pops out of nowhere and starts to walk to the front of the house.

"Bella you should come here." Roger calls out to me.

"Don't stuff your faces, I'll be right back." I call to the boys, ruffling Levi's hair before moving to the door.

There, drenched with her bloodshot eyes and a blotched face, is Lizzy.

"Bella." She cries, rushing into my arms, "I'm so sorry for coming over like this. I just didn't know where to go."

"Shh. Shh." I pet her wet hair before looking to Roger who frowns. "Roger, can you please sit with the boys for a moment?"

"Of course." He says with a glint in his eyes. Levi has everyone saying that.

Looking back to Lizzy, I pull her off me slowly; "I'm going to have to call your parents, do they know you're here?"

She shakes her head, not bothering to look at me. "No and please don't call them, I can't deal with mom right now."

"Lizzy, I'll ask for you to stay here for the day, but I have to call. You're their child and if my kid was out, I would need to know she was okay."

"Please don't let them come." She whispers before wiping her nose.

"I'll do my best, how about you join the boys for breakfast?"

She nods as I usher her inside and I notice her hand is cut and bruised. The moment I see, she looks away.

"Thank you." She whispers.

When she's far enough, I grab my phone and call Emmett. I can deal with him much better than I can his wife.

"Hey Bella—"

"Emmett, did Lizzy seem okay this morning on her way to school?"

"Yeah, I think so, Rose dropped her off. Why are you asking?"

"Because she's here—"

"She's what! That girl is trying to drive me insane—"

"Emmett!" I snap at him, shutting him up, "Something is wrong. She came here in tears, her knuckles are bruised and bleeding."

"Is she okay?" He whispers and I can hear movement from his end, "I can be there in ten."

"Emmett, she didn't come home for a reason. She needs a second to breathe. Maybe I can talk to her and figure out what happened. I promise I will call if anything happens."

There's a long pause and I check if the phone call dropped before he speaks again.

"Fine, just… just remind her that we love her and I'll work from home today. If she needs anything just call, okay I'll be right over."

I smile and nod even though he can't see; "Alright, I promise."

"Thank you, Bella." He says before hanging up. Walking to the dining room, I see Lizzy laughing as she negotiates the last piece of bacon with Levi.

"Guys, there's more."

"It's not about the bacon any more Bella, it's about pride." Lizzy says and Levi looks to me.

"Yeah mommy, pride!"

"Now that you're back, I can return to my job." Roger rises, escaping as fast as he can.

I have no clue what in the hell they're talking about but I get the extra plate of bacon and place it on the table just in time to see Levi win.

"I got pride." He says with a large grin before taking a bite of his winnings.

"Yeah, yeah, you won this time kid." Lizzy smiles.

"I'm a not a kid, I'm a sir and sir's are grown ups."

"Who says that?" Toby asks him.

Levi shrugged; "One of the guys that work for my daddy. You should have seen them Toby, they're so big and they got to push people with the flashing cameras out of the way back home."

"Cool, when I grow up I want to do that." Toby grins.

"Don't grow up." Lizzy frowns, "It's not as fun as you think. I wish I could grow down."

She gets up, grabbing her plate and headed to the kitchen, I follow her and watch as she says nothing but begins to wash her dish.

"How bad is the bullying?" I whisper, washing my dish as well.

She frowns and glares at me; "Look, just because I ran over here does not mean—"

"You better not give me attitude." I state, returning her glare.

"I thought you were different, that you would just leave me alone and let me have my space." She groans.

"You're fourteen Lizzy, you don't get space. I'm sorry I'm not living up to your low standards, but you can't bully me out of talking about this. You're upset and not normal teenage girl upset, but you're in pain. I know, because I've been there."

She rolls her eyes; "Oh please, you? You're the pretty, sexy and talented. Uncle Edward loves you; you have a magically smart son and you're a world famous author. You have no idea how I feel, or what I'm going through"

"So basically you're assuming you know me. I thought you read my book?"

She purses her lips; "I read the good parts?"

Teenagers today!

"I'm guessing my life were the bad parts?" I ask and she shrugs in response.

"I read the highlights online."

"You're killing me smalls." I mutter to her and she looks at me confused.

What the hell is happening to kids today!

"Okay, first we're going to watch Sandlot before you leave" I tell her. "And second, you and I are going to talk about these bullies messing with you at school."

"I never said there were bullies."

"You never said there weren't." I counter and she pouts… finally she doesn't look as if she's trying hard to be a grown up anymore. She's just being herself, a kid.

"How do you know?" She whispers.

"The hair dye was the first give away, the military boots, hair bands around the wrist and the black nail polish." I look her over again.

"That's profiling!" She whines.

"Yes, what's your point?"

She doesn't answer, choosing instead to cross her arms petulantly. "What makes you such an expert? I bet you were one of the mean girls in school, like mom was."

"No, I was the girl who was actually picked up and thrown in the school dumpster." I shiver at the memory of it.

Her mouth opens in disbelief; "You're lying to make me feel better."

"I can still smell the special sauce in my hair." I laugh, "In middle school I was the wallflower. High school, I wanted to hide in a hole and just disappear. One girl actually cut my hair during my chemistry class."

She gasps in horror.

"Then there were times when Jake, my on and off again boyfriend, would dump me at school dances just so he could take out hotter girls, aka Kayleigh Lewis. He never wanted to be seen with me until senior year when I finally got boobs." Oh good times… good bloody times.

"Anything you are going through, I've been there, done that and gotten a medal for it." I add.

She laughs; "Have you ever had your head photoshopped onto a porn stars body?"

This time I gasp; "No."

"Yep," She nods, leaning against the sink and pulling out her phone. She shows me a mass text and if it weren't for the fact that her breast were definitely not that big or fake, the photo is pretty convincing. "The girl that did it said that my dad paid for me to get smaller boobs and my nose fixed. I got to school and everyone had this text."

"So you punched her?" I look at her knuckles.

"No, I punched the bathroom wall while I was crying. Then I snuck out of school and just started walking."

"How far of a walk is that!"

She hangs her head; "About a half an hour."


"I know I know. It's not safe, I could have been kidnapped or run over, but I couldn't stay there. I felt trapped." She starts to cry again.

Pulling her into a one armed hug, I take her phone and program my number into it; "If this ever happens again or if you're scared, call me and wait, I will pick you up. Got it?"

She nods but doesn't answer.

"Okay, so why don't we get you showered and you can borrow some of my dream clothes."

"Your dream clothes?" She asks.

"You know the clothes you buy but they don't fit and instead of returning them, you keep it promising you will fit into them one day." I explain and she just looks at me as if I'm crazy. "Oh come on."

"Boys, get ready for your baths."

"Me first!" Levi yells, he's usually so selfless but when it comes to his friends, he always likes to jump up first.

"No me!" Toby yells back with a smile.

"Chris volunteers as tribute!" Lizzy holds up Chris' arm. Chris looks up to her and smiles, raising his other arm too as though he just won something.

Levi walks right up to him looks him over before shrugging; "Okay, do you want to use my elephant soap?"

There's my gracious boy.


I arrive home a little later than I would have liked but I do make it in time to see Lizzy and Bella tickling the boys to death. Levi sees me and reaches out through streams of tears and laughter.

"Help Daddy!" He yells. So like any good father would, I walk over and starting ticking both girls. Toby and Chris peak from around the corner, making sure it was safe, before running towards us.

"Uncle Eddy, no!" Lizzy laughs while trying to break free of the boys when they got to her.

I focus my attention on Bella as she tries to crawl away, taking deep unsteady breaths as she does her best to escape.

"Edward no!" She laughs, still trying to fighting my advances.

"You were attacking my son!" I laugh back.

"Yeah!" Levi yells.

"He… started… it" She breaks out and I stop to look at Levi.

"Is that true?"

Levi freezes and raises his arms; "Details."

I laugh out right before coming to Lizzy's rescue, with a big hug, I pick up all three boys and throw them on the couch.

"Hi daddy!" Levi grins as though nothing happened.

"I leave for a few hours and the house goes to chaos?" I cross my arms at them and they all copy my movements.

"They were laughing at us." Toby says.

"Because you stuck a crayon up your nose." Lizzy gasps standing up.

"You what?" I fight back a chuckle.

Chris nods; "We put crayons in our noses so we could shoot them out like rockets."

"Then mommy told us to take them out but we couldn't really hear because she was laughing." Levi adds.

"So we took them out and started a tickle war boys vs girls, but then you had to go help the enemy!" Toby yells at me while shaking his head.

The enemy? How serious can tickle wars be?

"I see." Not really, but okay.

"How about you all go clean up? This old guy needs to get some rest before helping you win the next war." Bella pats my shoulder.

"Old?" I turn to her.

She brushes through my hair; "I saw a couple of greys—"

"You did not." Though I do feel the need to check. The boys all get up and run toward Levi's room, giving Lizzy and Bella a chance to fall onto the couch.

"I'm never having kids." Lizzy groans.

"Good." I mutter and Bella glares at me so I clarify; "you shouldn't get involved in anything that can give you babies for another few decades."

Or never, that's okay too.

"Aunty Bella, is that his way of saying never have sex?"

Bella laughs; "Lizzy, go relax in your room, your parents should be here in twenty."

For the first time, Lizzy doesn't argue and does what she's told… however, last time I checked—which was this morning, she did not have a room in this house. Taking a seat on the couch, I take Bella's feet into my hands and start to massaged them.

"Oh, that feels good." She smiles.

"What have I missed?"

She pulled out her phone and shows me…

"What the fuck?"

"Edward, don't curse!"

"How do you not expect me to curse when you show a picture of my naked—"

"It's not her Edward." She sighs before sitting up, "Some brat at school photoshopped it to make fun of her. She ran away and ended up here."

"From school?"

She nods; "Why do you think I homeschool Levi? Kids can be cruel to anyone remotely different. She's such a good girl, but she's been dealing with crap like this for years and no one has noticed."

I don't say anything, instead I lean back into the sofa. We sat in somewhat silence for a moment as my mind races. Part of me is glad I don't have to worry about teenagers for another few years. The other part of me wants to destroy which ever horrible fourteen year old that has done this. Neither helps me right now. This is so out of my realm. Part of me feels as if I'm in the twilight zone.

"I'm sorry I didn't even ask about your day? You left in a rush, is everything okay?"

It takes me a moment to process what she had says before I laugh.


"Bella we've become domesticated, when did that happen and why doesn't it bother me?" I ask her honestly and she laughs as well.

"We have, haven't we? I don't know, but I kind of like it. I like Levi being surrounded by happiness and laughter."

"I like you being happy." I mutter and she sits on to my lap.

She stares into my eyes and I return her gaze as I relax.

"We went public today." I whisper between the little space that separates us.

"Really? I thought you never wanted to do that?" She frowns.

"Sacrifices had to be made for me to keep my company."

"Is everything okay?"

I nod, rubbing her back; "We are going to have to talk about something, but we can do that after everyone has gone to bed."

"I was actually hoping to prove just how un-domesticated I can be." She whispers before kissing me hard. I moan as her tongue battles with my own. Breaking free, she grins and I recognize the glint in her eyes. It's the same one she possessed when I met her for the first time.

"Don't tempt me Bella." I whisper.

"Tempt you to do what exactly, Mr. Cullen? Are you going to spank me until I cum? Are you going to bite nipples?"

"Or are you going to have me play with myself until you tell me when to stop? Oh, I know, you are going to tie me up like old times and lick honey off my body… that was fun, wasn't it?"

Grabbing a fist full of her hair, I stilled her grinding movements; "I will fuck you right here and take the chance of anyone walking in on us."

She grins; "You can be much naughtier than that Mr. Cullen, I know it."

I can't take it anymore, she says my brother and his wife would be here in twenty minutes, I'm only going to need ten.

Picking her up, I all but rush her into our room and lock the door behind us. Throwing her on to our bed, I watch as she giggles excitedly.

"You asked for this Isabella." I can feel my skin getting hotter as I pull off my belt and kick off my shoes.

"I thought the sex addict was gone?"

"Never, now get on your knees." I command and she does. Pulling off her plants and ripping her shirt, I watch, enraptured as her breasts bounces. Rubbing her cute little ass, a grin breaks out across my face.

"Hold onto the headboard and you better not scream… you don't want to worry the children, do you?."

She moans and I bring my hand forward, smacking across her ass, watching as it jiggles for me.

"Ahh…" She gasps softly.

I do it again, with a little more force, enjoying the loud sound of flesh meeting skin.


Again, the resounding noise echoes throughout the room as her moans accompany the symphony of our lust.


I don't stop, using my hand to punctuate each word as she answers my call with a whimper and groan.


I feel the air passing through my fingers, relishing in the cool before the burn as I land another on her ample ass.


The last is followed by my hand soothing her reddened skin. I relish the heat of her flesh, the tender and beautifully crimson flush of her cheeks

"Fuck Edward." Her grip tightens as I hold her and kiss her cheeks while working my way up before pressing myself flush against her. Grabbing her breast, I pull us both onto our knees and tilt her head into a searing kiss. My hands slide down to her pussy as the other goes to her neck.

"Umm, God your hands." She brings her hand to rest on top of my own. Pulling my fingers out of her, I hold them to her lips. She licks them I shiver, keeping my balance as I hold onto her waist.

I need her now, but she doesn't give in, she turns around and take my cock in her hand.

"Fuck Bella." I gasp at her tight grip, she pulls hard and rough before lowering her mouth onto me.

Twisting both of our bodies, we fall on to the bed and she takes me into her mouth once again as I grab her legs and bury my head between them. She sucks me as I devour her, everything feels raw, fast, sexy and she tastes like heaven. I can't stop, I don't want to stop.

"Ahh" I gasp in pleasure, pausing for only a moment as she run her teeth over me. Placing a finger in her pussy, I relish the feeling as she moans against me, causing a rippling pleasure to travel throughout my body. Placing a second finger, then a third and forth, I fuck her pussy, licking as much of her as I can. Finally I give into her and explode in her mouth as does she.

"Thank fucking God for you." I gasp out.

There's still a big part of her that is my vixen and I love it when she comes out to play.

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