Naruto Uzumaki: Master Shinobi, Tamer Extraordinaire

Written By: Rave Rose of Twilight

Warning: I don't own Naruto or Pokegirls. I'm also not a sexist for choosing to make a Pokegirl Fanfiction.

Author's Note: This is just an introduction to the stage I've set up. The next chapter will be the real story. If you are unfamiliar with Pokegirls or wish to see how I'm blending the two different series together, take the time to read this. It will provide an important guide for the rest of this story.

Prologue: Introduction to Pokegirls: A Shinobi's Guide to Awesome!

During the time of the Sage of Six Paths, Ninjutsu was a new concept that was supposed to allow its practitioners the ability to combat the rising demon populace. A young man named Jim Sukotto aka. Sukebe believed that using his technology and magic would allow humans to control and capture these same demons. One day, these two men met one another after a citizen told them of an especially powerful demon near his village. Both men, believing their individual methods were superior to the other, agreed to combat the demon individually to prove that their methods worked best. Despite the obvious strength of their individual efforts, both failed to subjugate the almighty demon. In a last ditch effort, they combined their abilities and joined forces. Together, the two managed to weaken the demon enough for Sukebe to draw a mysterious cube from his backpack and lobs it at the demon with all of the strength he could muster. Upon striking the demon, a red beam of energy connected the demon with the cube before slowly absorbing the monster into the odd cubic contraption.

Fascinated by such advanced technology and the power of magic, the Sage offered to teach Sukebe Ninjutsu if the Mage trained him in Magic and taught him how the strange technology he used worked. Sukebe agreed and the two heroes quickly became best friends. Together, the two made vast improvements in their individual fields and began changing the face of the continent. After years of capturing and studying the captured demons, Sukebe began to experiment on them, blending their DNA with human and animal DNA. After millions of experiments and the deaths of a few demons, he finally succeeded. His creation was soon named Typhonia, however, he could see her destructive capabilities and sealed her away in an upgraded form of his Sealing Box called a Pokeball. Such destructive power was unsuited for his and the Sage's dreams of peace. Sadly, as his creations continued to change and evolve, the Sage began to take notice. At first, the Sage didn't know how to react to the knowledge that his closest friend was playing God. When their numbers began to multiply, he confronted Sukebe.

Sukebe told his friend that he was trying to give the demons they caught a chance to live in peace amongst humans, however, the Sage did not believe him. Using his tremendous power, the Sage slew the newly dubbed Pokegirls with frightening ease. Sukebe, seeing his beautiful creations destroyed before his very eyes, snapped. He swore to avenge the original templates for his Pokegirls and wouldn't rest until the Sage was dead. So Sukebe disappeared from the world at large, transforming the most powerful demons he could summon into what would be known as Legendary Pokegirls. As his army grew, so did the Sage's followers. After a decade of hiding and creating even more Pokegirl templates, Sukebe rose up from his studies, but he had changed drastically. He became more perverse and vindictive in his pursuit of peace between demons and humans. As war raged between the two former friends, the Sage's followers discovered ways to reform Sukebe's Pokegirls against him. When Sukebe noticed the tide was turning against him, the mad mage unleashed the most powerful Pokegirl in his arsenal: Typhonia. It was complete and utter chaos. Typhonia didn't just stop with the Sage's forces, but also on Sukebe's. Pokegirls and humans alike were forced to flee as Typhonia raged for well over a decade before finally falling asleep, all of her energy drained from all of the destruction and chaos she wrought upon the world. The Sage and Sukebe both realized all too late what effects their anger and petty jealousy had caused the world and decided to try and make up for it. The Sage, fearing Typhonia would awaken once more, used a technique to seal her body in a ball of rock and earth before launching it into the sky where it became the Moon. One of Sukebe's followers, furious that his master's plan was thwarted by the Sage, unleashed a vile plague upon the world: the Bloody Flu. This plague was fatal to some, but mostly sterilized human women. In retribution, one of the Sage's followers unleashed yet another plague that would be known as the Red Plague. However, the plague backfired. Rather than killing the Pokegirls, it killed millions of humans, reducing their total population from billions to only a few million.

Sukebe, guilty and saddened that their dreams for a peaceful, united world was so swiftly vanquished in the span of a few minutes, secluded himself and began to once again create more Pokegirls in an effort to rebalance the population. He created nine powerful Pokegirls for the Sage to raise as his own, just in case Typhonia was ever unleashed upon the world again. Now, centuries later, Tamers, Breeders, and Researchers roam the continent, seeking ways to understand, survive, and grow with Pokegirls. Even the ninja of today combine the Sage's powerful Ninjutsu teachings with their Pokegirl partners, hoping to learn more about themselves and accomplishing their shared dream of bringing forth a better tomorrow for future generations.

Over the years, people began to practice the ways of the Sage and Sukube, though some practiced one way over the other. Those who practiced both ways built Hidden Villages though only five of these villages became known as the strongest. The Hidden Leaf Village, Konoha. The Hidden Sand Village, Suna. The Hidden Stone Village, Iwa. The Hidden Cloud Village, Kumo. And the Hidden Mist Village, Kiri. Each of these five villages has powerful connections with their Pokegirls and their Shinobi and kunoichi's unparalleled might.

Kiri specialized in Water-type Pokegirls, Water Style ninjutsu, and kenjutsu. They even had the elite group of swordsmen who only ever had one Pokegirl, their starter. They were known as the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen. The best of the best.

Kumo specialized in Electric-type and some Flying-type Pokegirls, Lighting Style ninjutsu, and kenjutsu, though only a few of their Shinobi were gifted at the art in the same way that the members of Kiri were. Unfortunately, they were also infamous for their desire for bloodlines and were known to go through any lengths to acquire one.

Suna specialized in Ground-type, Flying-type, and the rare Rock-type Pokegirls and their mastery of Puppeteer Ninjutsu, Wind Style Ninjutsu, and their mastery of poisons. Their Puppeteer Brigade and Wind Mistresses were among the most powerful and skilled in their areas of specialization.

Iwa specialized in Rock-type, Ground-type, and the rare Fire-type Pokegirls. Their Shinobi also specialized in Earth Style Ninjutsu and always followed through with their orders without hesitation.

Konoha, however, was different than the other four villages. They had no particular specialty when it came to Pokegirls or Ninjutsu, though they were known to have the most Fire-type, Grass-type, and Normal-type Pokegirls than any other nation. They were also known to have the widest array of ninjutsu in the world as well as having the most bloodlines. It was for these reasons that Konoha was believed and proven during the two Great Shinobi Wars to be the strongest of the Five Great Nations. They were also known as the most peaceful of the five villages and were famous for their teamwork on missions.

Centuries after the Great Pokegirl War, the five great nations had already gone through three Shinobi World Wars had been waged, dividing the nations into separate factions. In addition to the nations being divided by war and mistrust, they were also divided by the Anti-Pokegirl League and the Pokegirl Rights Group. The Anti-Pokegirl League had managed to take over a vast portion of the nation, though mostly in the minor countries. It's main headquarters laid somewhere deep within Ame. The Pokegirl Rights Group, on the other hand, had built support in several villages and nations where Pokegirls were acknowledged and trained as partners and humans rather than the weapons the Anti-Pokegirl League painted them as. Support within the group was growing with each passing day all across the nations. For now, the nations were divided 50-50 between the two leagues, though the ongoing political battles were constantly being waged in countries all over the world.

However, as more Pokegirls and humans began to fall in love and have children together, the more people born with Blood Gifts and Blood Curses began to appear. Naturally, this phenomenon typically showed up in boys, but girls who were discovered with these traits were often found going through Threshold into a Pokegirl themselves, though this isn't always the case. In civilians, the Threshold rate is higher because of the lack of a large amount of Chakra circulating in their bodies. Girls with more Chakra circulating in their bodies had a lower Threshold rate, but it was still possible for a girl with a lot of Chakra to still Threshold, but their chances of Thresholding into an evolution are higher than girls with a little Chakra.

Tamers who didn't want or couldn't deal with the life of a Shinobi were often allowed work independently, though if a mission looked dangerous, Shinobi could and would be sent as backup. Shinobi could also have Pokegirls as partners provided they passed a psychological assessment, several additional courses in order to learn the basics about Pokegirls, a test to see how well they would work alongside Pokegirls, and the Basic Tamer's Test. These people are known as Shinobi Tamers.

You also have Explorers. Tamers who capture and tame Pokegirls without being registered to a village. Explorers who cannot show proof of being a registered Tamer can only take missions of a certain level. They act as independent contractors and roam the world freely and unchecked. They often add addendums to the payment of the contract in the manner of food and board for the duration of the mission, however such provisions are short due to potential moochers willing to take a low ranked mission for free food and board for long periods of time, doing the bare minimum needed to make it appear as though he was doing the job. By limiting the time, the village ensures that the mission is accomplished, though some Explorers will simply accept the mission and stay for the duration of their free room and board before taking off without accomplishing the mission. Without proof they are registered Tamers, Explorers can only perform up to C-Rank Tamer missions.

Shinobi are regulated to performing standard Shinobi missions. Tamers, however, are regulated to performing Tamer missions where Pokegirls are at the center of the problem, whether they are victims or the problem itself. These missions are ranked in a similar manner as Shinobi missions. E-Rank Missions often involve taking care of Pokekits or helping out at one of the Pokegirl Ranches around the village. D-Rank have been known to involve run away Pokegirls, Thresholding Pokegirls who become a danger to themselves and others around them, and even Pokegirls who had been kidnapped by slavers. C-Rank Tamer Missions are slightly more difficult. This usually involves minor Pokegirl threats, such as Feral Pokegirls who go on a rampage or who cause trouble. Usually, this type of mission is along the lines of trying to keep Harlequins and Trixies from destroying a village with their pranks on April Fools' Day.

B-Rank Tamer missions are incredibly difficult and are typically involve a massive outbreak of either Zombabes or Aupair and Aupairsex. The numbers are fairly small, but could grow out of control if it isn't taken care of soon. A-Rank are major threats to a village and require powerful Tamers and Shinobi Tamers to deal with, such as a feral Anima being unleashed on the world by a careless Tamer.

Needless to say, Tamers and Shinobi Tamers provide a vital service to the world at large. Sadly, with the introduction of Shinobi Tamers, people who wanted to exploit Pokegirls for their own gain began to form Teams. One such Team, Team Rocket, uses Pokegirls to commit crimes ranging from Kidnapping Pokegirls from Pokecenters to Kidnapping Pokegirls from Tamers. Because of their infamy, several wanna-be teams trying to imitate Team Rocket began to pop up around the globe. While most are incredibly weak, others are just as dangerous as the real Team Rocket and require the attention of Shinobi and police forces alike.

Speaking of Teams, you cannot talk about Teams without mentioning Trauma Team. A team of violent criminals with ancient, forbidden weapons and technology and leave no survivors. Even Shinobi Tamers are wary of members of Trauma Team members since that could only mean they were up to no good. As such, anyone wearing a Trauma Team symbol, as a joke or as a real member, are immediately placed under arrest and interrogated for information. If anyone, Tamer, Shinobi, or Shinobi Tamer was to ever run into a member or a group of members of Trauma Team, they are to immediately inform a superior officer or contact the nearest Shinobi Village with the information and try to survive if they find out you saw them.

Now, since Tamers have ranked missions, they also need Ranks in order to judge how accomplished the Tamer in question is. These Ranks go from E-Rank, the lowest possible Rank, to A-Rank, the highest Rank achievable by any Tamer or Shinobi Tamer. In order to go up in Tamer Ranks, you must earn points through several methods. The most common is through missions. The better you do on a mission, the more points are tacked onto your Ranking Points. Once you reach a certain amount of points, you are eligible to go to the next Rank. However, it is also possible to go down in Rank through poor performance, damage to surrounding property, if avoidable, and the injury of any innocent Pokegirls in the area.

Along with the acknowledgment of the skills of highly Ranked Tamers, it also allows them a wider array of missions and high discounts and more available items from the Pokeshops.

Shinobi aren't the only people who betray their village. Tamers who betray their village and commit crimes against humanity and Pokegirls alike are placed in a special book known as the Tamer Hunter's Guide. This guide contains information on several Tamers around the world who have made an impression, good or bad, are typically placed into the books, though only Tamers or Shinobi Tamers who have committed a crime in that country and nation are allowed to have bounties on them. These bounties are placed based on the severity of the crime or crimes committed by the Tamer or his/her Pokegirls.

Now, as the world evolves, humans and Pokegirls struggle to coexist as people try to exploit and abuse these wonderful creatures for their own purposes and ideals.

For now, let us see how the journey of a young ninja-in-training begins when it seems and feels like the world is completely against him.