Everyone sat at the funeral. Dipper made himself come because it was a death he wouldn't think would happen... Mabel Pines was dead. The tears soaked the pre-teens face. He wanted her back...Now.. He didn't want to wait for him to meet in the afterlife he would do anything to kill himself just to meet her...see her smile...
See everything around them. The tears started to come like two mini waterfalls.

Grunkle Stan came depressed. Soos crying ALOT. Mrs. And Mr. Pines crying and depressed. Wendy liked Mabel as a sister and was also depressed.

Only Dipper knew who killed Mabel his twin sister... Bill cypher.

Bill cypher WANTED to kill the pine twins but aimed for dipper first..of course he just felt a lump of warm cloth plop on his nees he opened and eye and looked in terror...they're lied his dead twin with a hole through the heart and blood soaking his nees. Tears fell to his eyes. He knew she was dead...

"HAHAHAHA NOW DIPPER PINES IS DEAD I WILL GO." Bill said in his demonic voice

Bill looked to dipper to make his eye go wide. He saw dipper alive and Mabel dead... He can't kill the other Twin...

One must die and the other twin live. If both died the world would be in insanity and the demons would have a war with the angels meaning all hell would break loose.

Which bill didn't WANT to happen because as soon as the war started he would probably be first target and die.

Bill started to laugh akwardly and then he disappeared.

Tears covered Dippers eyes and he didn't want to see his sister wide eyed dead and a hole in her heart. At least he could close her eyes and so he did so.

It flashed in Dipper's mind. As if he wasn't hurt enough.

The funeral started he sat down on a chair in on the stage.

He walked up to the front of the stage when he heard his name being called.

"My sister was a fun and energetic girl.. We had are good times and the bad times from saving her from gnomes to a phyco 9 year old boy. I will kill the person who killed her and I don't care if I die if I never come back... I'm in peace with my sister... Mabel Pines...

There were murmurs from the crowd of gnomes?

Than cheers to kill the person who killed Mabel of course it was half of the pines family.

Dipper walked to Mabel's coffin and put in her favorite sweater and her scrap-bookertunity in also. Dipper already missed Mabel he had to kill bill cypher even if it meant killing himself. He walked away from the cloud out of the cementary and as he walked he saw a yellow glow. Dipper looked at it to see a triangle with a top hat...

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