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Summary: When witches and wizards come of age some come into their inheritance, Harry is shocked to learn he is to come into his, what he will be and who is his mate Harry is surprised to discover when he wakes up in his true form and next to them on the morning of his birthday. Knowing he has always loved him as a friend, it is helping reunite two long lost lovers that help Harry realise the love he felt for his mate was more than just close friendship.

Warning 1: Malexmale. Warning 2: Creature fic. Warning 3: Mpreg.

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Severus Snape was pacing in the Headmasters office. Two hours ago he had arrived back from telling Voldemort what he was told to tell him. All year him and Minerva looked after the school as Albus was out hunting for the horcruxes that would once and for all kill Voldemort.

Albus knew besides the one Voldemort didn't know he made which was still inside Harry there was one more left and that was at the caves where he used to go when he was in the orphanage. Harry had gone to the headmaster's office that night and together he, Harry and Albus planned.

Severus had to go to Voldemort telling him he had learned of Albus' plan to go to the cave. They knew that if Voldemort knew he was heading to the caves with Harry then Voldemort himself would go there as he wanted to be the one to kill Harry.

Severus turned when he heard a crack and saw Harry on the floor of the office crying and clinging onto Albus' lifeless body. "Potter what happened?"

"Just as Professor Dumbledore said. He came alone. We already got rid of the fake horcrux; Kreacher came and gave us the real one. He took the fake one off us and was surprised when we stabbed the real one because when I stabbed it he cast the killing curse on me. But it just knocked me out sir. The curse killed the horcrux not me."

"What happened then Potter?"

"When I came to Professor Dumbledore was leaning over me asking how I was, we both looked over and Voldemort was just getting to his feet, Dumbledore explained his plan to Voldemort, he got angry and killed him... he killed him sir."

"We knew Albus hadn't got long left Potter with the curse in his hand. He had days, weeks at the most. Did the dark lord go when he killed Albus?" When Harry continued to stare at Albus' body Severus placed his hands on Harry's forearms. "Potter... Harry?"

Harry looked up. "I killed him sir. When he killed Professor Dumbledore he started laughing, said I was next. Our wands connected just like in the graveyard back in fourth year, only this time I was stronger my spell went all the way to the end as soon as it hit the tip of his wand it flew from his hand where I caught it. Sir there is no body, he just turned to dust that swept away with the wind."

"You did it Harry. You are free. We all are."

Harry choked out a sob and dropped against Severus who just held him there as he turned to look at the portraits in the office. "I need you to get every Professor in here now and Poppy."

The next few weeks was the worst Harry had ever been through, he had letters every day, people watching him, wanting to know what happened, after he had been declared a clean bill of health from Poppy Harry tried to get on with the last few weeks of his sixth year, for all the good it did him he would have been better just leaving.

It was the day after Albus' funeral two weeks later that Harry got a surprise. He had just come back from sitting by the lake when sixth Slytherins circled him. "Can you move?" Harry asked.

"Please?" he added when none of them did.

"How did you do it Potter?"

Before Harry could say anything a new voice spoke up. "I told you to leave Potter alone. You want to know what happened then read the papers; he has already told the press everything."

As Slytherins started to part Harry saw who had spoken, although he didn't need to see him to know who it was. The other Slytherins merely nodded at Draco before leaving.

"I have been waiting to catch you on your own." Draco said when they were alone.


"To thank you. I can finally be who I want to be, not having to do things afraid of getting it wrong which would have resulted in me losing my parents. I never wanted to kill Dumbledore."

"I know Malfoy. If I was you and it were my parents that got threatened I would have done the same."

Draco nodded. "I er. I told all the Slytherins to leave you alone obviously some haven't taken the hint. Uncle Severus told me everything."

"What is it you want Malfoy?"

Draco sighed and held out his hand. "To start again. Please?"

Harry stared at the hand for a few seconds before slowly taking the hand and shaking it.

Draco smiled. "Thank you."

When they both started to make their way inside they started talking again. "Will you be coming back next year then Potter?"

"Of course. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well some wizards or witches come into their inheritance at seventeen, depending on what it is, some have already left."

"Really? Ron or Hermione haven't come into theirs, if they had they would have said."

"Not everyone has them Potter. I know I will come into mine when I turn seventeen, thing is unlike most I already know what mine is."

"And that is?"

Draco stopped and smirked. "Veela. I only hope my mate is a male."

"I wonder what I will be?"

"Can't you have a look through your family history? Surely there is plenty of stuff like that in the vaults your parents left you."

"There probably is, but the only vaults I have access to are the ones with the money in them. Others I can't touch until I am seventeen."

"Looks like you will just have to wait and see then Potter." and with that Draco walked on ahead leaving Harry standing there with a lot to think about. He knew one thing for sure. If he did come into his inheritance at the age of seventeen he was coming back to finish his final year. After all he had been through he was not going to let something like his inheritance, if he did have one, to stop him from coming to the one place he felt was home.

Three days after Draco's birthday Harry went to see him and frowned when he saw that Draco was surrounded by over thirty students when he heard Draco cry out in pain he shoved his way through the crowd. "Oi leave him alone...Malfoy?"

Draco looked up and Harry saw that Draco had changed a lot, he was no longer too thin he had filled out more his eyes glowed, Harry felt drawn to him and couldn't help but reach out and touch Draco on the shoulder. "You have come into your inheritance."

"I have. Severus should have a potion ready for me by this afternoon that will stop people fawning all over me wanting to not only touch me but do other things as well." he said and jumped forwards before turning round. "Smith leave my arse alone."

Harry grabbed Draco's arm and pulled him away from the crowd. "Will it be like this with me?"

"It depends on what you will be Harry. If you are veela then yes, others will surround you and want you until you find your mate and bond with him."

"How will you know your mate?"

"I will feel a pull towards him I will send it off in waves when I find them, see them and they will be unable to resist me and me them."

"Well we have two weeks left; at least you have that time to find them."

"They are not at Hogwarts Harry. On the morning of my birthday I waited until the great hall was full and didn't feel a pull to anyone, just a slight twinge so it might be their relation."

"Who was you next to when you felt the twinge?"

"Weasley and his sister."

"Well Ron has five brothers. It could be one of them."

"Could be... I need to know. Harry where will you be going for the summer?"

"Living at the burrow why?"

"Will the Weasley's come and meet you at Kings cross?"

"Some why?"

"Harry can you get all of them to come, please? I need to know."

"Sure. I can ask. I know Charlie is home for the summer and Bill is working at Gringotts now."

"Thank you Harry."

Harry laughed, getting used to this side of Draco was going to take some doing.


Harry turned and saw Ron and Hermione walk up to him and Draco hand in hand. "You still talking with Malfoy then?"

"Yes. You know he is not at all how we thought he was. You should both get to know him."

"You might have no choice but to Weasley." Draco said.

Ron frowned when he saw him and Harry share a knowing smile. "Okay that is just weird."

Hermione cleared her throat. "I see you are one of the few ones here who has come into their inheritance."

"I am Granger."


"Yes. It is what I knew though. I was just telling Harry he might have one."

"I don't think Harry will. His mum was muggleborn like me and his dad -"

"Could have been something Granger and Lily could have been his mate."

Hermione seemed to think on what Draco said before turning to her friend. "Harry do you know of any -"

"If there are any books Hermione then I wouldn't see them until I turn seventeen anyway." Harry cut in, knowing where his friend was going. "The only vaults that opened to me where the ones with money in as I needed the money to get things for school."

"What about Remus? Wouldn't he know?" Ron asked.

Harry grinned and hugged Ron. "Genius mate. I'll owl him now." he said and took off up the stairs.

"So..." Draco said looking from Hermione to Ron. "Friends?" he asked his hand out.

Harry had owled Remus who came up to see him; he told Harry that it is likely he would as Lily was James mate. When Harry asked what his dad was Remus just shook his head. "I am sorry Harry but I promised your parents to let you find out when you come into it and be there for you when you do. I can promise you now though that it is nothing to worry about." he had said.

When it came for the time to go home Harry had met Draco on the train when they were nearing platform nine and three quarters. "Draco?"

Draco looked up and stood when he saw Harry.

"All the Weasley's will be there to meet me."

"Oh thank you Harry."

"You are welcome."

Just then it announced that they were two minutes away from their destination and to make sure they had everything.

When they had arrived Harry stepped off the train and onto the platform and was immediately drawn into a tight hug from Molly. "You need filling up Harry dear I will have food cooking the minute we get back. No more Dursleys for you." she said making Harry laugh.

Harry pulled away from Molly and shook Arthur's hand, then Bill's, Percy's, Fred and George's and frowned. "I thought you said all of you would be here. Where's Charlie?"

"He's ther -oh." Bill said when he saw his brother whose lips were locked with Draco who had his legs around Charlie's waist.

"Charlie!" Molly scolded.

"No Mrs Weasley. Draco came into his inheritance. He is a veela, he felt a twinge when near Ron so we knew it had to be someone Ron was related to."

"Oh that's why you asked us all to come." Arthur said.

"Yes. Sorry."

"No don't be. So... how is the young Malfoy?" Arthur asked.

"He is mine, Ron's and Hermione's friend. He is not at all how he used to be, that was all an act he had to keep up."

On the eve of Harry's birthday Harry had gone to bed early. Remus had told him he could either sit up and wait for midnight to come or he could do what his dad did, go to bed and see what he would be come morning. Harry decided to do what his dad did and said goodnight to everyone early.

Remus had told the Weasley's what creature Harry would be and that he was going to stay up as long as he could in case Harry woke and needed him. Arthur and Molly went to bed, Molly saying she will be up at the crack of dawn cooking as she know he will be eating well but Bill, Charlie, Fred and George stayed up with Remus.

George looked up at the clock and saw that it was thirty minutes past midnight and stood up. "Anyone want a drink?" he asked.

Charlie who couldn't move as Draco was asleep on him, Draco who had flooed over an hour ago asking Charlie where he was, fell asleep on Charlie's lap. "Please." he whispered, careful not to wake the sleeping blond. Remus and Bill who were playing chess shook their heads.

George looked at his twin to see him nodding and gently shoved him. "Drink or bed?"

Fred blinked himself awake and looked at his twin. "Coffee please."

George nodded and made his way into the kitchen and began making drinks. Two minutes later Remus looked up when he noticed Harry walking down the stairs, his usual short messy black hair long and neat which went right down his back, his ears going to a point, his body filled out more Remus noticed he looked a lot older than he did when he went to bed, a few years older at least.


When all Harry did was continue to ignore them Remus stood up only to be held back by Bill. "Remus he is asleep."

"We need to wake him. Because he has just come into his inheritance he is searching for his mate." Remus said, watching Harry closely.

"George Harry is here." Fred called as he stood up, watching Harry.

Harry in his sleep like state moved towards Fred and pressed himself up close to him and breathed in.

"What's he doing?" Fred asked.

"Seeing if you are his mate." Remus answered.

After a few seconds Harry moved away and sniffed the air.

"Is he alright?" George asked when he came back into the living room.

Harry in his sleep turned sharply and quickly made his way over to George and buried his face in the red heads neck.

"Just stay still George he is just seeing if you are his mate or not. He will do that to the rest of us and if none of us are his mate then he will see who is his mate at Hogwarts, when he is awake that is." Remus explained.

"Okay." George placed the mugs he was holding down and opened his arms. "Sniff away Harry." he said earning quiet laughs from everyone in the room.

Harry moaned and held George tight burying his face further into his neck. Harry moved forwards causing George to stumble back into the table. "Mine!" Harry growled in his sleep.

"Looks like you are Harry's mate. George." Fred said grinning at his twin who didn't know where to put his face.

"Erm. Remus what happens now?"

"You take Harry to bed, just to sleep mind you. And then we can explain it to him in the morning."

George nodded and held onto Harry as he led him upstairs, saying goodnight to everyone.

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