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Summary: When witches and wizards come of age some come into their inheritance, Harry is shocked to learn he is to come into his, what he will be and who is his mate Harry is surprised to discover when he wakes up in his true form and next to them on the morning of his birthday. Knowing he has always loved him as a friend, it is helping reunite two long lost lovers that help Harry realise the love he felt for his mate was more than just close friendship.

Warning 1: Malexmale. Warning 2: Creature fic. Warning 3: Mpreg.

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"You want to what?" Harry asked, staring at his mate.

"I want us to let everyone know we are together."


"Harry people are going to know sooner or later."

"I know that and believe me I want people to know but if they know then I won't have a normal school year."

George smiled and kissed Harry. "Believe me Harry, you will."

Harry accepted the kiss and pulled back. "What have you done?"


"What are you up to?"

"Nothing. So can we let everyone know I love you?"

Harry gasped. "You do?"

"Of course I do. Oh I haven't told you have I?" he smiled and cupped Harry's face. "I love you."

"I love you too George." Harry said, kissing George which quickly turned passionate. Pulling back when air was needed, the brunet grinned. "Let's tell everyone." he said, earning himself another kiss from his mate.

That evening at the evening meal McGonagall informed them all that they had a guest joining them. George stood up from his seat next to Harry. "You alright? I know you all know me, except for the first and second years I am George Weasley. I am Harry's..." George paused and looked at Harry who nodded with a smile on his face. "I'm his mate."

"What is Potter?" someone called.

Harry sighed and stood up. He waved his wand and removed his glamour. "I'm an elf."

There were several gasps and Harry and George along with other Gryffindor's turned when they heard several shrieks. George smirked when he saw they come from those that were in his and Fred's shop earlier.

"What's happening?" a boy shouted as purple splotches appeared on his arms, hands and fingers. The girls squealed when they were covered in warts, they shot up and ran from the hall covering their faces.

"Madam Pomfrey help." a boy shouted and quickly held his throat when his voice sounded very feminine.

"What is the meaning of this?" McGonagall asked. "Mr Weasley what have you done?"

George put on a shock look. "Me? What makes you think I have done something?"

"I have taught you and your twin for seven years and the actions that have occurred this evening have you and your twin written all over it."

"It serves them right. Those who are affected are the ones who have been upsetting my elf. Since he started back they've been staring, talking behind hands, pointing and giving looks. He has had that for six years is it too much to ask for a normal year?"

Those who hadn't been affected looked sorry.

"Mr Weasley if you were still a student I would have you expelled."

"But since I'm not you'll let it go?" he asked, cheeky grin on his face.

"Oh no. I want you in my office after the meal."

When the food appeared everyone started eating. Severus and Poppy however left their seats to see to the students that had run from the hall. "Don't you dare have children with him Potter." Severus said as he passed the laughing elf who turned to George and kissed him.

"What did you do?" he asked.

George then told his elf everything over dinner.

"I love you." Harry laughed, kissing his mate once more.

Harry looked up when George entered their rooms later that night. "What's the verdict?"

"Starting Monday I am to assist Hagrid in all his duties for a week, and then assist Filch for two weeks. That's worser punishment then when I were actually at school."

"But you are at school."

"I'm the joker love." he said, kissing the elf on the forehead as he sat down. "What's that?"

"Information on Thornton."

George frowned. "Euan's mate?"

"The one and only. Hermione has been fantastic as usual don't ask me how she has done it but it seems Thornton had a portrait of himself done and was to surprise Euan with it upon his return."

"Well where is this portrait?"

"Hermione is still searching. We have asked McGonagall and if found she has agreed to put it beside Euan and make it so they can go into each other's portraits."

"You won't rest until you see him happy will you?"

"No George. I don't know what I would do if I lost you. I can only imagine and know it is ten times worse for Euan."

George smiled and picked his elf up and carried him to bed.

The following week George had dropped into the chair by the roaring fire in his and Harry's rooms. Harry and Hermione were sat on the settee, several books on the table in front of them and one open on their laps. "Any luck?" he asked.

"Yes. Me and Hermione are getting closer with a bit of luck we will have his portrait with us by Christmas." Harry said, smiling at his mate before looking back to his book. "How was your time with Hagrid?"

"Awful. Last day working with Hagrid and what am I doing? Cleaning up all the sh - mess the animals have done. It's not fair."

"Well you did do that to the students."

"Only because of what they did to you Harry."

Harry slammed the book close on his lap. "Oh so it is my fault."

"No that's not what I said."

"You didn't have to say it George." Harry said as he stood up and slammed the book on the table causing the ones there to fall and some fall to the floor. "If that's what you think then you can sleep out here tonight. Wanker." he finished and stormed into the bedroom, the door slamming shut behind him.

"Is Harry alright?" Hermione asked.

"I don't know. He has been like this for weeks. Like this one minute, crying the next then laughing."

Hermione mumbled something that George didn't quite catch. "What was that Hermione?"

"Nothing. Might I suggest a visit to Poppy? She might know of what to do, something that might help?"

"If this continues I am going to."

Hermione gathered the books up. "I will leave you to it." she said and quickly left.


George turned when he heard his name and saw Harry in their bedroom doorway; he hurried over when it looked as though Harry had been crying. "Love what's wrong?"

"I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"For shouting and slamming things about and calling you."

George took Harry into his arms. "Love don't take this the wrong way but how you have been lately is not you at all."

"I know." came Harry's muffled reply as his face was buried in George's shoulder.

"Will you allow me to take you to Poppy tomorrow please?"


"Am I to be sleeping on the couch?"

"No. I don't sleep well without you there George."

"Nor me without you elf. Come on, let's get to bed."

The next afternoon found George and Harry in the hospital wing, after telling Poppy everything Harry had laid on his back whilst Poppy checked him over. After five minutes the mediwitch stepped back with a smile on her face.

"What's wrong with me Poppy?"

"Nothing Harry. You are pregnant."

"Pre -" was all George managed to say before dropping flat on his back.

"George!" Harry jumped off the bed and rushed to his mates side, smiling when Poppy whispered 'enervate'.

"You can't be." were the first words out of the redheads mouth.

"And why not?" asked Poppy.

"Me and Harry always use a spell as Harry being an elf carries a high risk of getting pregnant." George answered as Harry helped him off the floor.

"What spell do you use?"

"The one it said in the book. 'Ne gravidis' why?" Harry asked, frown on his face.

Poppy's eyes widened slightly. "Say that again."

This time both Harry and George said it.

"And this is what you have said each time you have intercourse?"

"Yes." George said. "Why?"

"Oh gentlemen I am afraid you haven't been pronouncing it correctly, you have been pronouncing it how it is spelt. You pronounce it 'ne grav-ee-de' not saying it how it is supposed to be said it clearly hasn't worked."

Harry slowly sat down on the bed. "How far gone am I?"

"Fourteen weeks."

George looked at his shocked elf. "Your birthday Harry."

Harry merely nodded. "So the extra food -"

"Is your baby wanting it."

"And my changing, snapping then crying is obviously mood swings?"

"Yes Harry. I will let Minerva know now but I want to see you every two weeks for a check-up."

"Thank you Poppy." George answered when Harry just continued to stare. "Come on love; let's get back to our rooms."

That night Harry was sat up in bed thinking. A baby. He and George were going to be parents. Poppy had said the baby was due at the beginning of May. After Harry had gotten over the shock he couldn't stop talking. George had laughed at his elf's antics.

Harry had then just realised that since they found out they were having a baby George hadn't said much. Was he happy to be having a baby? Did he think it was too soon? Harry reached over and shook his mate awake. "George."

George moaned and rolled onto his back before opening his eye. "Harry? Everything alright?"

"I don't know... is it?"

George frowned and turned onto his side, propping himself up on his elbow. "What do you mean?"

"I just realised, since Poppy told us that I am pregnant you haven't said much. Aren't you happy that we are having a baby? Do you think it is too soon?"

"No love." George said as he leaned over and kissed his elf's bare hip. "I am happy. Very happy and can't wait to be a dad. If you remember Harry once back in our rooms and you were over the shock I couldn't get a word in edgeways."

Harry laughed. "Sorry."

George sat up and grabbed Harry's legs and pulled making him go from sitting up to lying down. "Don't ever apologise Harry. I loved watching how excited you were. You were acting how I was feeling. You said it all for me."

"You sure? You are not just saying that are you?"

"Harry when have you ever known me to just say something. I say what I think and I mean what I say."

"One of the many things I love about you." Harry smiled.

"Well I am very loveable." George answered making his elf laugh as he rolled them both over.

The following day Harry and George went to see Remus to tell him the news. Seeing his rooms empty and his bed not slept in they then headed down to the dungeons hand in hand. "Harry before we go disturbing Severus don't you think we ought to see if Remus is in there?"

"You're right." Harry took out the folded map. "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

They unfolded the map and saw that Remus was indeed in Severus' rooms. The dots very close and still. "Harry they are still in bed."

"Bed. Severus said he is always up at dawn as he is always brewing potions for Poppy. They are probably in the lab and Remus helping." Harry said as he let him and George into the potion master's room.

"How did you know the password?"

"Remus told me it in case there was an emergency and I couldn't find him."

"You telling Remus you are pregnant isn't an emergency. You overdue and about to drop is."

"George I want my dad to be the first to know."

"Okay Harry." George smiled and headed over to Severus' private labs and opened the door. "It's empty Harry. I told you. I bet they are in bed."

Harry swallowed and walked over to the only door remaining, knowing it had to be Severus' bedroom. He reached out and knocked on the door. "Dad?" he knocked again. "Dad are you awake?"

The door opened and Severus was stood there with a towel around his waist and a white shirt on that was buttoned up to the neck. "Well if he wasn't he is now."

Harry looked around Severus and saw Remus starting to sit up in bed. "Sorry dad but I need to tell you something."

Remus smiled. "Go and sit down cub. I will be out as soon as I have showered and dressed.

"Thanks dad." Harry smiled and took George's hand and led him over to the settee.

"Must just be weekdays when Severus is up at dawn." George said.

"Correct Weasley. I am up late weeknights and up early weekdays brewing potions I need to have some sleep to catch up." Severus said as he sat down in the arm chair and called for a house elf to bring them drinks. By the time the house elf returned with drinks Remus had emerged from the bedroom.

He sat down facing Severus and looked at Harry and George. "You look happy son."

"Oh I am, very happy. George and I have some news and I wanted you to be the first to know."

"What news cub?" Remus asked as Severus leaned forwards and began to make himself a drink with what the house elf brought.

"I'm pregnant."

Before Remus could answer a smash had him looking at Severus who was looking at Harry. "I told you not to get pregnant by him." he said, pointing at George who had the biggest smile on his face.

"We weren't going to have any yet. The charm we use to prevent pregnancy we pronounced it wrong." Harry explained.

"Unbelievable. And no wonder you are pregnant if you are at it like rabbits." Severus mumbled.

"Oh Severus smile for once, it won't hurt you." Remus said as he got up and pulled Harry up from the settee and into a fierce hug. "Congratulations Harry. Oh I am pleased for you both."

Remus pulled back and looked at his lover. "Severus congratulate them both and hug Harry."

Severus stood up. "Congratulate them? Why would I do that when in twelve years' time I will be stuck teaching their child?" he asked pointing at Harry and George.

"It won't be as bad Severus." Harry smiled. "I am looking forward to having the baby here."

"You're serious?"

"Of course I am."

"Harry this child will be the grandchild of the marauders and child of one of the two biggest pranksters since the marauders. Let me tell you, fighting and winning the war will be a piece of cake compared to what you have signed yourself up with."

"He's so cheerful isn't he? I think that was why he was mine and Fred's favourite Professor and potions our favourite class when here."


"It's true. All those times you gave us detentions and had us cleaning the stocks out or making potions, we learned a lot and it is thanks to that as we use potions in most things to work."

"Wait a minute..." Severus stood back and pointed his wand at Harry who stood and watched as two balls of light emerged from the tip of the wand before fading. "I knew it."

"What?" Harry asked.

"What is he?" Severus asked, pointing at George. "Besides your mate."

Harry looked at George and frowned.

"I am a twin Harry."

"Yes he is. And so is the baby you carry. Or should that be 'babies'?"

"Twins?" was all Harry managed to get out before George picked him up and spun him around.

"Didn't you know?" Remus asked once Harry's feet were on the ground.

"No. Poppy just told us that I am pregnant and that I am fourteen weeks along."

After they had had a drink Harry and George were getting ready to leave. "We will leave you both to it. Off to tell the other grandparents now." Harry said.

"Grandparents? Don't you mean Grandparent?" Severus wondered.

"No Severus. Remus will be granddad to our children and as you are with Remus you will be the same." Harry answered before leaving with his mate.

Remus smiled and took Severus' hand in his. "Come on let's go back to bed. I will make you feel better... granddad."

Severus groaned but followed Remus all the same.

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