A while ago ahjareyn wrote an absolutely adorable little fic ( post/12429152927/oh-joy-a-batman-drabble), about Batman's first real encounter with the reality of *parenting*. It's cute, go read it! This happens after.

The only response Gordon could muster the first time he saw the brightly coloured figure swing onto the roof with Batman was a half-strangled


The boy, the *very young boy* was standing in front of him at the Dark Knight's side in a red tunic, yellow cape and…green sequinned panties.
Gordon turned on Batman, enraged, to ask just what he though he was doing, bringing a child out with him, especially a child dressed like *that,* to see…the Dark Knight in the most undignified position he's ever seen, with his head fallen forward into his hands. It only lasted for just a second before he straightened up again in response to the high voice from next to him.

Gordon gaped for second, before turning to the boy, who's pout was visible even through his domino mask.

"Why does everyone want me to wear pants?" He demanded, his voice high and lilting, though petulant. "I told Bats, and I told A; pants limit my flexibility. See?" and with that, the boy sprung into a handstand, then a flip, and then several contortions that Gordon honestly hadn't known the human body could do. He ended up in a perfectly stable handstand.

"Even the cat-lady and the plant-lady said I should have pants. Pants are boring!"

Gordon looked back at Batman, incredulous. Batman glared back for a moment, before sighing and shrugging.

"I tried."

And the man actually sounds aggrieved, sounds human, for the first time since Gordon met him.