Hey guys, I'm baaaack! Sorta.. I cant promise to stick around because honestly I probably wont. That said, i've said that before and returned. So who knows. So here's a tiny slice of the 'im super sorry!' cake to relieve the waiting pain until i do eventually come back. Its crap but its all i have right now. Dont hate me too much..please?

"Well then, let's see just how bulletproof you really are, jones"

The gun rose to my face but I didn't react. Just kept staring at her, trying to figure out what she wanted with me and how I would get out of here. The sounds of gunfire and fighting outside kept blowing between us. It told me Taylor and Andrea were still alive. But Alanna seemed completely unaffected. No, not unaffected. Confident. Like she thought she was safe here. Like she believed she'd win anyway.

"No?" She asked cutting my focus off the explosion outside and back to her, "Nothing? Maybe we'll try a different approach"

She pointed a pale hand out of the room and my eyes slowly left hers and followed it. Sudden screaming cut through my confusion for Alanna's smile. Screaming that made my heart jolt. I recognised the voice behind that scared sound. I'd recognise it anywhere.


They laughed at me as i struggled against the chains holding me to the wall. I was staring at her as the guards dragged her in. Taking in the fresh blood running down the side of her face and neck as they kicked her to the floor.

Her hazel eyes slowly rose to where I was tied up and I watched them widen fearfully in disbelief when she recognised me. She started to get up but the guard closest to her stamped his boot down on her shoulder.

Her body smacked harshly into the floor again and I strained to get free when she whimpered. The guard smirked at me all happy and I breathed heavily to calm my fury at him. I was going to stamp on his head when I got free.

"What do we think, gentlemen?" Alanna asked looking around with a smile when they all chuckled, "You like English girls, right?"

They all took a step towards belle suddenly. One of them bent down and picked her up off the floor. His hands ran down her sides and the others moved in quick with their hands outstretched too. She didn't scream like they wanted. Just closed her eyes and shook when they touched her. I had to watch as they touched and groped at her. It made me sick and murderous all at once.

I shouted at them to let her go. And callously they kept laughing back at me.

"Tell us jones, is this one as death defying as you?"

I shook my head at Alanna and yanked at the chains around my wrists, yelling out when it hurt. Alanna moved away from me, her heels clicking and echoing around me as I continued to pull at my bonds,

"Let's see, shall we"

The gun was moved off me to Belle. The guards dropped their hands and all stood back. Obediently or warily I didn't know. But Alanna didn't cross me as somebody who knew how to shoot properly.

Belle screamed again when the gun was pointed at her face and the guard still holding her threw her back to the floor when she struggled to get away. She landed awkwardly with a pained sob. I yanked at my chains again. I had to get out and save her. I had to!

"Do we get to hear her name before she dies, jones?"

I ignored Alanna and stared down at my girlfriend by her feet. She was crying. And shaking. She looked terrified. I was too. I was crying with her, and for her. This couldn't be happening!

I tried begging them to stop, telling threats that fell on dead ears. They kept laughing. How could they be so cruel?! The gun lowered as belle pulled herself up to sitting and she flinched. I flinched. Alanna shot me one final smirk before the gun clicked and we both yelled. Alanna chuckled to herself.

"Oops!" she said waving the gun about so we flinched some more, "I forgot the bullet. Silly me"

I was breathing fast. Panicking. Trying to come up with a way to stop it. But I knew there wasn't one. Maybe if i could keep her talking one of the others would show up to help us. It was the only shot i had.

"Alanna, please!"

Alanna turned back to me and tilted her head, confused like a puppy. She walked back to me and crouched beside me, smiling kindly

"Yes?" she asked.

I swallowed down my hate for her and looked her in the eye, begging like she wanted.

"Please, Alanna, let her go. She doesn't know anything. She's not who you think she-" Alanna tysked bored over me and stood up again and I panicked, "Alanna, please! I'll do whatever you want!"

She turned back to me and shot me a curious look. I nodded at her,

"Anything. I'll give you information. I'll steal back the laptop, break into it. I'll even let you stick needles in me again. Anything you want. I'll sit here and I'll do it. Just please dont hurt her"

Alanna's eyes flickered over me in contemplation before she walked back to me and bent down to whisper in my ear

"Anything jones?"

I nodded, "Yes"

I felt the cold touch of the gun touch the back of my neck and then the even colder touch of her lips glance my jaw by my ear. I shivered on the spot but forced myself to stay calm and still. Eyes set entirely on belle.

"Even…." Alanna moved the gun down my back slowly and I cringed at what she was implying. But I nodded, eyes on the Belles when I replied with my agreement.

Alanna sighed heavily and kissed my cheek, "I dont believe you" She stood up and walked away again.

We watched her pace up and down a moment waving the gun around, everyone in the room flinching away from her carelessness. She definitely didn't usually handle guns. Not from the way the guards were moving out of her way.

"The thing is, jones, the whole point of this is leverage. You have the laptop. I have your… special friend.." her smirk hitched on one side to say she knew exactly what my special friend was to me, "But i do not have what I need. And that is the laptop and your tiresome handler. Can you offer them to me?"

I shook my head, "I don't know where they are" i told her truthfully. She scoffed at me and aimed her gun at me,

"How about now?"

I stayed quiet and she exhaled angrily before she aimed the gun away towards Belle. I made to stand but forgot about my chains. I fell down again with a pained cuss

"And now?!" she shouted at me. I frantically shook my head at her, my eyes were set on belle flinching anytime the gun swerved near her.

"I dont know! She ran off with it! I have no idea where they are!"

"Dont lie to me!"

"Im not!" I screamed back pulling at the chains locking me here.

Alanna growled under her breath and moved around belle. She yanked her up by her hair and wrapped her arm tight around belle's throat. Belle's fingers grasped alannas arm as she choked to breathe but the other woman wasn't letting go.

"You're very beautiful, little girl" she purred at belle and stroked the barrel of the gun down her bloody cheek, "Very pretty. I wonder if you look as pretty on the inside. Shall we see, jones? Im sure this bullet could make a good enough window for us"

"You wouldnt!" I cried still trying to yank my hands free.

Alanna watched me amused as I made them bloody with my effort. She waited for me to collapse exhausted from the effort before she nodded at me again.

"Oh but I would. Need a demonstration?"

She didnt wait for me to reply, just aimed the gun up at one of her guards and outright shot him in the head. The others barely blinked when he hit the floor dead. I stared at her. I guess she could shoot. What kind of psychopath was she?!

"Convinced yet?" she asked yanking Belle upright again so i could see her face.

She was shaking her head at me, eyes begging me not to give polly and the laptop up. I wish i had the choice to. Alanna frowned a second and then looked down at belle

"Oh… i see. She's telling you not to tell me because she thinks she's not worth it. And you're trying to decide whether she might be right. Oh, jones…" she shoved belle forward and stood back with an evil smile,

"girls, girls girls" she sighed and aimed the gun at belle again, "Its not a question of whose life is worth more. Its a question of Jone's loyalty. Is she more loyal to you, little dove, or her job? Between you and me i think i know the answer. But her, i do not think she's made up her mind. And you need to worry about that"

"Its not a question at all, bitch" Belle spat back at her taking a brave step towards me. i shook my head at her, trying to get her to shut up.

Alanna laughed her surprise and looked back at me, "She's fiesty. I can see why you enjoy her jones. But come now, game time is over. Who will it be? Your handler and the laptop… or this pretty little dove?"

I breathed fast and nodded at her. I moved onto my knees and stared her in the eye

"She's in a cabin about two hours from here-"


Ignored belle and carried on, "With twelve russian guards. The laptop is in a satchel. She keeps it pretty close. If you leave now you might get to it before she encrypts everything"

Alana looked back at me in surprise. So did belle. Even the guards were being quiet. Nobody in the room believed i would do it. Not after all the months of endured torture and staying quiet before. Honestly I didnt know i would either. Alanna clapped at me

"You never fail to surprise me, jones. Always so fascinating"

"Thanks" I mumbled sarcastically. I held my hands up, "Now let us go"

Alanna's eyes narrowed a little at me. She called one of the men to her and whispered in his ear. He nodded and hurried quickly out. I watched him go confused until a frightened whimper called my attention back. Alanna's eyes were set on me but her gun was raised and aimed at belle.

"What are you doing?! We agreed! She doesnt get hurt if-"

"Oh but i agreed nothing. You assumed. Really now, you're cute for an english spy but very stupid. In Poland we always oath on agreements" she smirked and looked back at belle, "Sorry for you little dove. But i did warn you to worry about her"

"Alanna!" I shouted furious. She looked over at me and her smile faltered for a second when she saw how angry I was. But then she turned back to Belle and smiled sadly at her

"Do you want to know something, little dove? When jones here was my guest she did some very naughty things. Things that would make you blush like a rose"

Belle's eyes flicked back to me briefly before she shook her head

"You're lying"

Alanna chuckled softly, "Oh but im not. I believe we should share our secrets with one another before we leave this world. So now I tell you…" She leant down to belles ear and whispered into it. I couldnt hear what was said but it looked bad. Especially if the pain in belle's eyes were anything to go by.

"And now, we have no secrets" Alanna grinned standing up again when she was finished. I tried to ask belle what alanna said but she wouldnt tell me. Couldn't even look at me. I felt the worst feeling boil up inside me. What had I done before?

"Okay then. Show time!"

My head snapped up and I stared paralysed on the spot as the gun came down again.

Alanna let out a regretful sigh, "I hate goodbyes. Too drawn out so...Three, two, one.."

Everything slowed down. Her eyes found mine before the trigger was pulled and I could read the fear in them. And the love. And the goodbye.

"No no no!"

I screamed with the bang and I stared at the blood when her body fell limp and lifeless to the floor in front of me. I tried to move over to her. So I could touch her and prove she wasn't dead. Because she couldnt be. But i was chained back and her open eyes staring unseeing back at me said it all. She'd never move again. Or speak. Or laugh. Or say my name.

She was gone.

She was dead.

Belle, my sweet beautiful belle, was dead.

I heard screaming and it took me a moment to realise it was me. Alanna was laughing somewhere ahead of me. My loss amused her to no end. She walked up to Belle's body and crouched beside it and it filled me with rage to see her stroke belle's hair. She glanced up and smirked at me

"Ah," she sighed happily, "alone at last"


I lurched up screaming her name and it took me a moment to realise. It hadnt been real.

"Just a dream" I panted slapping my cheek annoyed, "It was just a dream"

Then why did it feel like something tremendously bad had happened?

I wiped my hand across my face and breathed myself into calming down. I kept repeating in my head. It was just a dream. Belle's fine. It was just a dream. But behind my closed eyes I could still see her frightened eyes. And the blood. It had felt so real.

I felt my body shake and my eyes burn with tears. I wiped my face again and pulled off my sweater. I was too hot. Sweat was clinging to me, making me feel sticky, and I couldn't stand it. It felt like blood. Her blood.

I threw the sweater away from me and I sat up, eyes closed and breathing heavy. I was still trembling bad. God I hadnt had dreams this violent in ages. Maybe it was losing belle playing tricks on me. The stress was just building too high for my already fucked head to deal with. Yeah, that was it. I was just going crazy. Nothing new.

I paused and held my breath when i realised somebody was watching me. I tensed ready to fight or protect myself but nothing came at me like I expected it to. I looked to the left and jumped at the girl stood in the shadows by the door. I felt relief and anger flush through me when I recognised who it was.

"Jesus! Are you trying to kill me?!" I growled moodily at her.

She stepped forward and in the dim light i noticed her eyes were dark with stress and fear. She looked like she hadnt slept at all. And her hand was wrapped tight around her phone like she was expecting it to ring any second. I felt my anger disappear. Something was wrong. I looked her over again. No, something was terribly wrong.

"What is it?"

Andrea hesitated a moment, "Polly's gone" I frowned back at her, "And so is the laptop"

I scoffed to myself. What was new?

"Hardly a surprise" I told her standing up off the bed with a stretch. Andrea watched me like I was crazy. Personally I'd grown tired of polly running off whenever she wanted.

"Is Cooper gone too?" I asked her. She shot me a quick look of confusion and I laughed again, "Yes, he is? Then she's probably just disappeared for a shag. She'll be back"

The emo crossed the room to stand in front of me. Her eyes searched mine a moment before she slapped me hard across the cheek. My face snapped to the left and my hair flew across my eyes. I laughed a little and touched my smarting skin with an amused sigh. I should have been angry but I felt too dead from my nightmare to manage that too.

"You slap better than belle, I'll give you that" I told her with a smile. She looked completely stunned.

"Don't you care?!" she shouted pushing me back a couple steps. I shook my head at her. Because I honestly didn't.

"Andrea, we were going to ditch polly anyway. You should be happy she's run off. Its saved you feeling guilty"

"You have no idea!" she shouted smacking me again and harder. I just stood there and took it. I didn't care anymore.

"She's gone to Alanna! You complete and utter moron!"

I felt my expression drop and my body tense. I could do nothing but stare dumbly back at her. Polly did what?! Andrea nodded at me.

"She's taken the laptop to Lodz to swap it and herself for belle. For you! Because she fucking loves you! And worse she fucking took Taylor and Riley with her!" She screamed at me smacking me some more.

I just stood there frozen. I let her hit me. I couldn't feel it anyway. I was fighting off the urge to bolt from the room. I was running through what she said. Not just what Polly had done but the reason why. Even andrea thought polly loved me.

Andrea started sobbing uncontrollably and it broke me out of my stunned frame of mind. I let my eyes drift back to her and my heart broke a little at how broken she looked. Her friends were in serious danger and here i was just being a heartless cow about it. I swallowed my own need to cry and gently wrapped her up against me. I let her cry into my neck, each single tear hitting my shoulder reminding me how much of an idiot I was. I stroked her hair and breathed calmly to relieve my own stress.

"How long ago did they leave?" I asked in a steady controlled tone. If it wasn't too long ago they wouldn't be that far ahead of us. Lodz was only a couple hours away. We could catch up with them.

"Sometime during the night" she replied in a croaky voice.

I mouthed angrily to myself. That meant they were definitely there by now. I could only hope riley and taylor were slowing the geek down somehow. But inside I knew that probably wouldn't have happened. Not just because the geek was unstoppable at times but because Riley was eager to see alanna dead. Why trust me to kill her when the geek offered him a free ticket to doing it himself? He'd be all on board with getting there for revenge. Our only hope was taylor really. But two against one didnt seem all that manageable. I couldnt really understand why polly took her anyway, and why not andrea too? It didnt make sense to me.

I stared down at the floor and thought desperately for a plan. But I couldn't come up with one. I kept thinking, what would old Kelly do? But it wasn't my head that was the problem this time. I knew old Kelly would be just as clueless as me right now.

So I did what came natural.

I let go of andrea and grabbed my jacket. She watched me quietly. I knew she was trying to figure out what I was doing. In the end she just came out and asked.

"Getting our friends back" I told her. I looked around for my gun but it was missing again. I guess polly took it.

"How?" she asked following me out of the room, "Kelly, polly was studying alanna for a long time before she decided to go after her. She has security knowledge and building plans and-"

"so what?" I sighed walking out into the living room. Andrea caught the door when it started to close behind me and she snagged my arm so I'd look back at her.

"So what are you going to do?"

I gave her a slight smirk and watched a glimmer of recognition pass over her when she saw it. She smiled a little and let me take my arm back.

"I'm gonna wing it" I told her. Andrea stared at me, "Do you want to come with me?"

I thought she was going to say no, everything in the way she was still staring at me said she would. And secretly i hoped she would because i didnt need somebody holding me back or trying to be my conscience right now. But she didn't. Andrea laughed and nodded at me. I grinned and held my fist out to her and she bumped it with a grin of her own

"Lets go kill that psycho bitch" I said and she nodded at me with a dangerous smirk i easily mirrored.

We turned and walked out to the front door, ready to track down polly. But when we opened it we had a bigger problem to face.