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Two months before the departure

The Supervisor asked, 'Why are you so interested in the dragons?'

"I have small history with them." Harry said remembering Norbert and The first task of the Tri-wizard tournament.

The Supervisor smiled and walked forward, leading the way to the enclosures. He was happy to see so big celebrity interested in their dragons. Ron leaned close to his friend. 'But Harry, we've seen those goddamned beasts already! Can't we just fly over the reserve?'

Harry answered Ron. 'You don't want to be on their dinner menu? Do you Ron? They will shoot us out of air in seconds.' Harry turned to the Supervisor and asked 'So are male dragons so aggressive than females?'

'It is rare for a female dragon to be more aggressive, for she will kill only with good reason, for example when her offspring is threatened. A male dragon, however, can be far more belligerent easily.'

'Why is that?' Ron asked the Supervisor. 'Are they less intelligent in comparison?'

'Well, I have heard that on average, the female of the species is smarter. But it's a little more complicated. Dragon herds are matriarchal and it's usually the oldest female who makes all the decisions in the wild: when they will move, where they will feed, who remains in the herd and who gets kicked out.'

'Kicked out?'

'Yes, male dragons are made to leave the herd when they reach adolescence. They either learn to fend for themselves or get hunted.'

'That's unfair.' Harry said.

The Supervisor laughed 'Nature is not concerned with fairness, Sir. It's only interested in efficiency. The male dragon is not of much use to the herd. The females are quite capable of defending themselves and taking care of each other's calves. The male is only required when a female wants to have a child.'

'So how do they...' Ron hesitated to ask.

'During the mating season, the female herd accepts a nomadic male dragon for some time so that the females can get impregnated. Then the male is abandoned once again.'

Ron shook his head. 'That's so cold.'

'Well, that is the way it is. The female wild dragons have well-defined social behavior and group dynamics, enforced by the matriarch. The male dragon, on the other hand, is a nomad with no ties to anyone of his kind. Since he is usually a loner, he would have to be much more aggressive to survive. Therefore he is more difficult to break and one needs to catch him young. Unlike a female dragon, he will kill without sufficient reason, just because he can.'

Previously in Valar Morghulis

"He killed the Mountain!" shouted one of the guards, and cries of disbelief and outrage spread among the men.

Chapter 9

Growing Strong



He was running hard, the menacing forest closing in on him. He was desperate to get beyond the trees before they laid their ravenous claws on him. Suddenly, a loud insistent cry pierced through the silence.

'Help! Please help!'

He stopped. No. He wouldn't run away this time. He would fight that monster. Harry turned around slowly, his wand drawn, his head held high.

He raced back to the clearing. The bushy thorns slashed his legs. Bleeding and terrified, he ran hard. I will reach her in time. I will not fail her. He sprang through the last clump of shrubs, letting the thorns cut greedily at his flesh, and leapt into the clearing. His wand held defensively, gripped low to retaliate. But nobody attacked. It was a strange laughter that finally broke his concentration. He lowered his wand. Slowly.

'Oh Lord!' he shrieked in agony.

The beautiful white haired girl laid stricken on the ground. The monster stood on her side. Laughing. His hand bloodied with the struggle of his kill.

'That slut!' the monster spat. 'She bleated like a goat as I shoved her intestines down her throat!'

Harry's eyes widened, as the rage bubbling under the surface broke through. Screaming at the top of his lungs, he drew his sword and charged. Without breaking a step, he swung viciously as he neared the vile creature, beheading him in one mighty blow. The severed head smashed into the tree beside him, before ricocheting off to the distance.

Harry jerked himself awake.

'It's alright' whispered a naked whore, gently caressing a rag along Harry's face.

'You were poisoned, my Lord,' Varys said sitting on a comfortable chair.

Harry slowly regained his composure. He got off his bed. The whore tried to help him up, but he insisted on doing it himself. His throat felt excruciatingly parched. He stumbled over to the jug, followed closely by girl. He reached over and gulped down some water. 'It seems like I have been asleep for many hours,' said Harry, finally noticing the lamps and dark sky beyond. Harry wiped his eyes and stared at his reflection in the water. Harry controlled his breathing, still recovering from the exhaustion of combat and its aftermath.

'Yes,' said a worried Varys. 'Close to thirty-six hours.'

'The Lion Queen or the Thorn Queen?' asked Harry, before collapsing on the bed.

"Why would the old women try to kill you?"

"Women here are quite clever and treacherous Varys."

"Well, they have to be. A women lacking in wits is of only one use."

"Somebody injected me the poison during the commotion that followed the trial. It should not have been possible. Tell me Varys, How could you miss Littlefinger's plan? We agreed that Joffrey was the most suitable king to our advantage. He would never have united seven kingdoms but now his grandfather will govern seven kingdoms and he is better ruler by default."

"It does not matter anymore my lord. The true hair to the Iron Throne is almost man grown now. He should be on his way to meet the dragon queen. Once she accepts him as her husband his entry in seven kingdoms will be unchallenged."

"I didn't know you were a fool too Varys. You want wed a green boy to a proven queen? And I have told you countless times that I don't care about who true hair is or who fucks their sister. A kingdom is not about the king. It's about the people. Kingship is not a goat that you inherit from your father. Ruling is not a privilege it's a duty."

"So who has earned the right to rule in your opinion?"

"In an ideal world I would have liked if a Stark was in charge but that was not practically possible from beginning. Had Lyanna Stark never betrayed her family Aerys would be dead by now and his older son on Throne. The Lannisters would still be in west. A foolish romance ruined the hundreds of years of relative peace and prosperity because she could not resist a married prince charming."

"Love is cruel thing my lord. It has undone the mightiest of all. Have you not loved someone so much that everything else seems insignificant?"

Harry thought unexpectedly went to the dream girl with white hair.

"Love does not agree with me Varys, only Death does."

"I ashamed to inform you my lord that I have overlooked some things which are the reason of this mess."

"You underestimated Littlefinger."

"No. I overestimated him. I knew he was an ambitious man but he turned out to be merely another player. An original player of the Game who is unprincipled, clever and bitter. I had hoped that ultimately our goals were same but he was not worthy of such respect."

"Where is the Imp? Not dead I hope. After all the trouble I took for him."

"Summoned by his father."

"What proofs do we have against the old hag about the boy kings poisoning?"

"We don't have any my lord but Lord Tywin and she are not exactly friends. If only we could catch Littlefinger."

"You are asking me to go after Littlefinger? What would it possibly accomplish? We already freed the Imp. And Lannisters will not dare to accuse Lady Olenna Tyrell."

"They will my lord. After they learn the whole story from Lady Sansa."

"Sansa Stark? Tyrion's wife? Is she with Littlefinger?"

"Littlefinger is fond of Lady Sansa as he was fond of her mother. She looks quite like her mother. Littlefinger's only weakness."

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud commotion.

Harry turned with a frown. 'What is going on out there, Varys?'

'My Lord,' said Varys. 'The Queen is here. She has some demands. But we can't fulfill them. She insists on meeting you.'

"Which one?"

"Young one. Is it really wise to include her in this?"

"Don't worry, she is loyal to me. Please tell her Highness to go to her chambers. I will visit her later today when time is suitable. I will be over in a few minutes." said Harry

'I cannot wait Harry!' screamed a strong, yet feminine voice from across the curtain.

Harry signaled to Varys to let her in. Varys turned towards the curtain.

In a few moments Queen entered. Harry raised his eyebrow at her presence. She was now as tall as her brothers. And distractingly beautiful. A body that was bountifully voluptuous, yet healthy. Her doe-shaped eyes were in a seductive half-stare, while her lips were in a perpetual pout that was sensual yet intimidating. She was provocatively clothed, affording a full view of her generous cleavage. She stood with her hips tilted to the side, exuding raw passion. Harry shook his head slightly.

'How are you doing, My Lord?' asked Queen, flashing a smile while scanning him from top to bottom, her eyebrows raised lasciviously. Varys couldn't help smiling as he saw Harry blush slightly.

'What is it you desire, Princess?' asked Harry. 'We are in the middle of an important meeting'

'Will you really give me what I desire, Harry?' sighed Queen.

'Princess, we have no time for nonsensical talk.'

'Yes,' glowered Queen. 'Most unfortunate. Then perhaps you can explain me what is going on? Why did you help Tyrion? He was supposed to take the blame. And why did you not tell me you were back in seven kingdoms? I missed you! So much has happened here! Why did you not come sooner?'

'I am sorry my lady. But I could not come sooner.'

"I almost married a monster. Don't you care about me?"

"There is nothing more precious to me more, my love. But you must leave now. I fear I am not popular with your mother-in-law. I will visit you later."

'Be careful about what you say, Your Highness,' Varys advised the departing queen.

Harry raised his hand at Varys, signaling him to shut up.

Harry had almost forgotten her. His first friend in seven kingdoms, his first love in seven kingdoms. She was the girl who retaught Harry to love, to care. So much happened since he last saw her. When he first met her he was only a student of the Guild. It was his only second assignment. He may have forgotten her but he still remembered that night.

He had almost reached the bed when she looked up and saw him. His feet touched the muddy bed. He wore a guard's unwashed uniform and still looked striking. She could see his smile in the dark. His white, sudden smile that he had carried with him from boyhood into manhood. They looked at each other. They weren't thinking anymore. The time for that had come and gone.

She stayed sitting, watching him. Her face pale in the moonlight. A sudden chill crept over her. Her heart hammered. It was all a terrible mistake. The whole thing was a figment of her imagination. How could it be otherwise?

She tried to make her voice casual. Normal. It came out in a croak. "Harry… what is it—" He went to her and laid the length of her body against his. She didn't touch him. She was shivering. Partly with cold. Partly terror. Partly aching desire. Harry realized that the slightly feverish glitter in her eyes was excitement at the prospect of carnal bliss

Despite her fear her body was prepared. It wanted him. Urgently.

He put his arms around her. She tried to be rational. What's the worst thing that can happen? I could lose everything. My vengeance. My life. My Family. My people. Everything. He could hear the wild hammering of her heart. He held her till it calmed down. Somewhat. He unbuttoned his shirt. They stood there. Skin to skin. Her softness against his hardness. Her perky breasts against his smooth muscled chest. Her head was buried in her arms. He watched her. He took his time.

She smelled the wolf on him. His particular smell that so turned her wild. She put out her tongue and tasted it, in the hollow of his throat. On the lobe of his ear. She pulled his head down toward her and kissed his mouth. A kiss that demanded a kiss-back. He kissed her back. First cautiously Then urgently. Slowly his arms came up behind her. He stroked her back. Very gently. She could feel the skin on his palms. Rough. Callused. Sandpaper. He was careful not to hurt her. She could feel how soft she felt to him. She could feel herself through him. Her skin. The way her body existed only where he touched her. The rest of her was smoke. He felt her shudder against him. His hands were on her thighs, pulling her hips against his, to let her know how much he wanted her.

Naked now, she crouched over Harry, her mouth on his. He drew her hair around them like a tent. She slid further down, introducing herself to the rest of him. His neck. His nipples. His chocolate stomach. She sipped from the hollow of his navel. She pressed the heat of his erection against her eyelids. She tasted him, salty in her mouth.

He sat up and drew her back to him. She felt his belly tighten under her, hard as a board. She felt her wetness slipping on his skin. He took her nipple in his mouth and cradled her other breast in his callused palm. Velvet gloved in sandpaper. At the moment that she guided him into her, she caught a passing glimpse of his youth, his youngness, the wonder in his eyes at the secret he had unearthed and she smiled down at him as though he was her child. Once he was inside her, fear was derailed and biology took over.

She could feel him moving deeper and deeper into her. Frantic. Frenzied. Asking to be let in further. Further. And when he was refused, when he had touched the deepest depths of her, with a shuddering sigh, he drowned. She lay against him. Their bodies' slick with sweat. She felt his body drop away from her. Her breath became more regular. She saw his eyes clear. He stroked her hair. Gently he turned her over on her back. He wiped the sweat and grit from her with his wet cloth. He lay over her, careful not to put his weight on her. He kissed her eyes. Her ears. Her breasts. Her belly. The line of down that led from her navel to her dark triangle, that told him where she wanted him to go. The inside of her legs, where her skin was softest. Then wizards' hands lifted her hips and an untouchable tongue touched the innermost part of her.

Hours later his arms were still around her, she could feel the muscles move while his hands played with a dry palm frond. Queen smiled to herself in the dark, thinking how much she loved his arms—the shape and strength of them, how safe she felt resting in them when actually it was the most dangerous place she could be. An hour later Harry disengaged himself gently… I have to go. She said nothing, didn't move. She watched him dress and leave without looking back once.

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