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Chapter One: What is….


In a world that had seen more discord than harmony in recent years, it wasn't as much of a shock that very few people believed that an ever-lasting peace was anything more than a dream. For a time there were many that held out on the hope that those who sought to hurt others would realize.

But as the days passed by with more fighting and bloodshed happening come the following morning, such hopes and dreams began to fade away in almost every man, woman, and child.

As such dreams faded away in the majority of the people, there were still few who could still believe in this harsh reality. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki was a woman who had often wondered if her dreams of a world at peace were possible. For all the abilities she had been both born with and obtained in her travels of the world, Kaguya felt she was no closer to seeing such a world than when she first set out on her goal.

Everywhere she traveled across the lands that were under the protection of her husband Tenji and even areas that were just beyond the borders, all that Kaguya saw only showed what she believed was more of the same. People fighting what could easily be their friends or relatives over things that just seemed trivial in the long run. If for one moment all would lay down their arms against their fellow villager would probably all that it would take for people to see reason of why conflict of any kind isn't necessary.

Such thoughts plagued her mind so that it felt like the strength of her body was leaving her as a result. Since she had been traveling alone for quite some time, Kaguya had decided that maybe now was time to rest and regain some strength for her weary body and soul.

It was when she came across a river that had a several trees along it's banks that looked like it provided ample shade from the sun did Kaguya decide where to rest for several moments.

Kaguya gently lowered herself so as to be comfortable as she sat on the soft green grass but as to make sure her clothing didn't get stained from the ground. Once she settled herself, Kaguya began to simply listen to sounds around her and let each individual sound slowly bring her moments of peace.

The sound of the moving water from the river in front of her. The scattered chirps of the birds both in the trees and flying through the air. The gentle rustling of leaves and grass from the cool wind that moved across the lands. Each unique sound did help sooth Kaguya's mind as well as help her renew her belief in that peace could come to the world.

Kaguya closed her eyes and let herself be soothed by all of nature around her. She let her senses reach out to the world, to listen to what all life was saying for some sort of inspiration as to how she can keep her dream alive.

At least long enough to where it would get a chance to grow into something more than just a dream.

Kaguya was so focused on listening to the surrounding nature that she was completely unaware of an approaching presence.

"Oh...good day to you ma'am." the voice called out as the person continued to generally approach Kaguya's personal space.

Kaguya for her part was partially annoyed that there was someone interrupting her silence. It wasn't the first time someone would approach her but she did wonder if this was one of those times where someone would try something with her. Knowing that there was always a chance that a stranger who would approached her would have ill intentions towards her only furthered her determination to enforce an everlasting peace over the world.

However, her senses told her that this person was of a peaceful nature. There wasn't even a hint of any form of malice from this person which actually sparked an interest of curiosity. Kaguya couldn't really remember encountering someone on the open road who gave off the kind of presence this person was giving off. She opened her eyes to see who it was that seemed as unique as the various forms of life in nature.

Kaguya saw a man with a rather puffy-looking beard who was of unusual height wearing a orange-reddish colored robe and carrying a strange looking walking stick. The overall look was that of a typical traveling monk that Kaguya had seen from time to time in her own travels. But it was the man's height that stood out the most because if she had to make a comparison between him and something else, it would maybe a mountain just because of his height alone.

Another thing that stood out about the man was the fact his eyes were a color of blue she had never seen before. But the more she looked into the blue eyes of this man, the more she felt she wasn't looking at someone who was about as far from ordinary as one could possibly be.

Kaguya also quickly realized how long the man had greeted her and how long she had been silent in her response.

"And a good day to you, sir." Kaguya gave the man a polite smile and head nod to which the man responded in kind.

"Pardon my presumptions but I didn't think there was anyone else who would take the time to listen to the world around them as much as you did."

Hearing that did give some insight to this man. "And what makes you believe that I was listening to the world around me? I could have easily just been taking a moment to rest up before continuing my journey."

"I thought that at first but then I noticed how the world itself was reacting around you. It knows you're one of the few that actually takes the time to listen to it. And when one person listens to nature, listens to the world as a whole, then the world tells all who listen to it about how there are others who can listen as well."

Kaguya had to cover her surprise at that. Indeed she was aware that there were other people in the world that could listen to nature, that could be part of the world more than most. But the reason for her surprise was the fact she didn't notice this as a fact for this man until now.

Letting her senses flow from her and 'feel' this man's presence, Kaguya quickly felt that this man was more in tune with nature she currently was. Kaguya had come to believe that her level of connection to nature was a level that separated herself from everyone else. That no one else had the commitment to the world to achieve such a connection and if there was anyone else who did, it would only be after a lifetime of training.

Kaguya felt that she was the exception to such rules and thus, the personification of what others hoped to achieve. Her surprise was only the beginning of her jealousy of this man.

"Not to be rude, but would you mind if I could take a moment to rest in the shade. I will gladly take that tree over there so as to not impose upon you." the smile that the man gave to Kaguya was definitely the kind meant to disarm but Kaguya could still not sense any kind of ill intention from him.

"I wouldn't mind at all." Kaguya replied and watched as the man walked over to the tree to her left and sat down and laid his back against the tree's trunk.

When he let out a sigh that sounded like the man had either been on the road for a long time or he was far older than he appeared to be, Kaguya still found the man a bit unrefined compared to the typical monks she had met.

Kaguya studied the man for a few moments, watching as he stretched out his arms and legs for a bit before sitting cross legged and then taking in deep breath before slowly and quietly releasing it. The woman noticed something during this moment. She could have sworn that whoever this person was, he was somehow covered in blue flames. It was only an instant at best but she knew without any doubt that whatever surrounded this man was something she had never seen before.

It was rare to find herself to be curious about another individual. But Kaguya also knew from her own experience that whenever she was became curious about someone, there was a solid reason behind it even if she didn't know it right away.

"Interesting technique you used there." Kaguya said while keeping her gaze on the man a mixture of both intensely focus and dispassionate. She still could not feel any ill intent from him but she wanted to see what else she could make of this man.

"I try to refrain from using it too much. I don't want to be dependent on it too much."

"Is it unnatural to use it?" Kaguya asked, mostly because she felt that what she had saw him do wasn't something from nature itself. And if that was true, it might explain a few things about this man even if he didn't put any words to it.

"Oh no. If you saw blue flames, which I get the feeling you did, than what you saw was something I first learned years ago." the man replied while taking in several slow breaths. "The technique you witnessed is meant to heal one's own injuries. Well, actually it's meant to rejuvenate the body."

"That sounds like there's a difference between the two. Why is that?" Kaguya was paying attention to every word the man said. She was a bit caught off guard when the man let out a laugh that was kind of more boisterous that she had expected.

"Before I continue, let me remember my manners. My name is Bodhidharma."

Kaguya's surprise was evident on her face right after she had heard the man's name.

"I take it from your reaction that you've heard of me. I'm actually surprised myself since I didn't think my name had reached this far out."

Kaguya regained her composure before she responded herself. "I've traveled much myself and I've met a lot of people who tell of a story of a man who most describe to be a mountain. Other stories of a man who can summon blue flames and do unimaginable things with it."

"Since I never really walk in a straight line when I wander, I guess it makes sense that my name might reach a place I'm traveling to before I actually arrive there myself." Bodhidharma said while giving his ruff beard. "I wonder if that's what it truly means when it's said 'coming full circle'? In an abstract sense, a line and a circle are the same thing."

Bodhidharma shifted his gaze that was aimed towards the sky towards Kaguya but the look she was receiving wasn't really of curiosity. It was like he saw something of her and was reserving judgment at the moment.

The woman decided to shift the focus from her back to him but doing so as subtle as it could be done.

"Pardon my lack of manners but my name is Kaguya. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki."

"Oh….so you're the wife to the lord of these lands, Lord Tenji." Bodhidharma put his right hand up to his beard and absently pulled on the end of it as an obvious sign of the man going through his memories. "Like yourself, I had heard stories from people whom I've encountered in my travels of a woman who was of unique beauty. A woman….that fell from the stars themselves."

Kaguya knew her husband had openly said outloud about how she had come from the heaven's themselves when they first met. She didn't care what stories were spoken about her as a result from those few words in the beginning on this world.

But for some reason, she found herself wanting to know what this man's opinion about her might be.

"Hmmm….." Bodhidharma more or less mumbled out before he spoke up clearly. "Oh, if you're worried what my thoughts are about hearing such stories, you don't have to worry. I've traveled quite a bit and heard many tales. Some are believable and some are just too ridiculous to be believed."

"But you have heard stories nonetheless. What would you make of those stories you've heard?"

Kaguya made sure that her gaze upon the man didn't shift so as to give away the impression that she was carefully watching his reaction. But she couldn't shake the feeling that while as laid back as this man was, he too was watching her just as carefully.

"We know as much as we can and hope to one day teach what we have learned to others who wish to learn as well." Bodhidharma replied, almost as if he was stating a matter of fact to her.

"Not much of an answer coming from someone who has been told in multiple stories about how he has achieved a level of enlightenment that few could hope or even dream of achieving." Kaguya didn't want to confront the man with her words but somehow she felt this man had an answer that she didn't know she was looking for.

"Enlightenment can be achieved but it can't really be shared. Everyone comes to a truth that is as unique as they are."

Kaguya watched as Bodhidharma somehow created a ball of water to form from the nearby river and float over him. A moment later he created another ball of water and that too floated over to him. In each hand was both balls of water floating without so much as hinting of either of them splashing to the ground.

"What do you see in my hands?" Bodhidharma asked Kaguya but both knew it wasn't a simple question.

"I see someone who has mastered the elements to bend to his will." Kaguya felt her answer was correct but she saw in Bodhidharma's eyes was that she was wrong if she had replied by saying 'a ball of water in each hand'. "But what am I supposed to see?"

"By definition, for someone to master something means to have all aspects of it mastered. I can do this just as you can but if someone was actually a master of water, they could create it out of nothing. They could also turn water into what it is, both wind and ice all over the world."

"But to do that all over the world would require more power than anyone else is capable of. It would be the power of the gods themselves."

"Power of the gods, yes, but no one can be a god for they are not born as gods." Bodhidharma then caused both balls of water to combine into one. "What we are born as are elements of the world itself and since elements can combine, so can we with any element of the world itself."

"But how is that not mastering? We cannot learn anything else but ourselves first and once we learn what we are, we can expand beyond those limits which in turn would make us masters of ourselves at least." Kaguya asked.

"That's the popular idea but to be a true master would be able to control the beginning, the journey and the end all at the same time." Bodhidharma replied while making the singular ball of water change shape from a singular object to dimensional shapes and into a ring. "We cannot control our beginnings, we can control to a degree where we want to go along our journey. And as with our beginnings, we cannot control our ends. Those three facts alone mean no one can be a master."

When Kaguya heard that, it confirmed what she had suspected. This man gave her the answer she was looking for. How to create peace in this world that would last against the all the fighting across the lands.

Somehow, Bodhidharma seemed to pick on Kaguya's thoughts when he continued.

"Anyone can transcend their limits but you can't transcend their own nature. The nature of wind and water can flow around even the most stationary of objects but they need each other to move. The nature of fire can create as well as destroy but no one sees how it can create. The nature of the earth is to provide as well as be the foundation of for the other elements. But all these elements cannot exist without the other and to deny one would force the others to reassert that which has been denied."

Kaguya couldn't help but frown at that. This man was telling her without any doubt that her dreams of an everlasting peace would never happen. Whatever she would achieve that could be considered peace would only last as long as the world itself would allow it.

Bodhidharma made the ball of water in his hands return to the river as easily as he made come to him in the first place.

"We can alter things for as long as we are around but once we're gone, whatever changes we've made will only last as long as those who wish for it to be around." Bodhidharma said, hoping his words would answer the unasked question that Kaguya had put to him.

"But as long as we are around, the changes we've made for the better will never fade away."

Bodhidharma slightly frowned at the woman's choice of words. He hoped what he said next would be enough to reach her.

"There will always be hardship and misery. In fact, that's all we get in life especially with goals like we try to achieve. These are the paths we chose for ourselves, paths no one else made us take. But we should also feel fortunate to do what no one else will. That's how the world is changed for the better. And then...we can simply disappear." Bodhidharma's words were as serious as anyone could ever make them to be. He also hoped that if the woman believed any of the stories about him, then she would know that he wasn't making light of what he had said.

Bodhidharma didn't noticed it at first but having met with Kaguya in this fashion taught him more than he had thought possible as well. He knew there were all kinds of people in the world. Those that wanted peace and those that wanted war. Meeting with this woman reminded him of a lesson he learned long ago but forgot until now.

There was also was something new to learn.

The wandering monk decided that the woman needed time to think on what she had learned and so decided to resume his journey.

"I'm glad that I had a chance to have a conversation with you. You gave me lot to think about and much to consider that I never thought of considering."

"As did you. I wish safe journey in your travels." Kaguya replied while giving Bodhidharma a respectable nod of her head before turning her attention away from him and towards nature itself.

Bodhidharma return the polite nod and resumed walking down the road. As he had walked past the line of sight that Kaguya had turned her gaze towards, Bodhidharma did look to see if there was anything of interest that caught the woman's attention. There was nothing that stood out but the monk had learned to trust his instincts long ago.

Right now, his instincts were telling him that there was something but it was beyond the horizon. Something that was of great interests to Kaguya.

Whatever it was, Bodhidharma felt like he should investigate but his instincts again told him not to. It felt like whatever role he had to play in the events of Kaguya, he had already done so. What she did from here on out was her choice and her choice alone.

Choices, that Bodhidharma felt, would one day lead their points of view to be challenged by the other.

When Bodhidharma was out of sight, Kaguya closed her eyes and let her mind drift for a moment. She wanted everything she knew and everything she had just learned from the monk to combine together, if at all possible, within her mind.

After several moment of silent contemplation, Kaguya came to the conclusion that the only thing that the man was right about was that as normal people, there would always be conflicts. As many in the world would to believe that there was a common thread to all of them, Kaguya had seen more than enough to know that some of those common threads were far from positive.

Now more than ever, Kaguya knew that she would need great power to create and maintain worldwide stability. She knew there would be those that would challenge her once she had such power but the power she sought would be greater than even the gods' imagination.

'This world has a beauty that is unrivaled even from my own home and to protect it, I need a power that is equally unrivaled.' Kaguya thought to herself as she looked towards a specific direction on the horizon. 'If it means breaking the taboo of the land and eating the God Fruit…..'

It was at this moment when one fateful decision was made that would have the world see an event that not even the gods themselves knew what the outcome would be.

Even between those that had watched the conversation between Bodhidharma and Kaguya had no idea what was to come. From their plane of existence, they knew that at the moment, all they could do was watch as the choices made by both Bodhidharma and Kaguya unfolded and rippled across the world.

"Who do you think will champion each side's belief?" a monumental emerald dragon said to it's companion.

"That depends on which side is for the betterment of the world. That woman who is not of this world knows the world better than those who are born of it." a colossal white tiger replied.

"That is true. What is also true is that the two sides will challenge the other in time."

The white tiger nodded in agreement to the emerald dragon's words. "Though I do not enjoy watching mortals fight each other over ideals ranging from absurd to fundamental, I find myself more than idly curious as to see who will wield the stronger belief when the time comes to their contest."

"The battle between the two will define the coming age in virtually all conceivable ways. Even I find myself more than just curious as to what the outcome of that battle will be."

"And I believe I know why. As it stands, one follows the belief of yin and the other follows the belief of yang. But there is also the possibility that in time, one might find the balance to be both, Ryuujin." the white tiger spoke to the emerald dragon.

It only took a moment for the emerald dragon to follow the line of thought. "Only an exceptionally rare individual could achieve that state of balance. With the close fist and the open palm together both prayer and peace. A diamond in the rough, the likes of which even ourselves had never seen, Byakko."

"And now, more than ever, do I believe such a person will one day come."

With that in their minds, both deities watched the world with a greater renewed sense of interests.

Ryuujin, the emerald dragon, and Byakko, the white tiger, kept their gaze upon the world of mortals and watched as fateful events unfold among the world. All the while knowing one would come to challenge the belief's of Bodhidharma and Kaguya with the fate of all people in the world standing at the precipice of the outcome.

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