A/N: This was requested by the lovely Freska a.k.a. blazin-b on Tumblr. (Who, may I add, is the most fantastic Blackfire roleplayer I've ever had the pleasure to know.) Yes, this one is super early as well, I know.

Also, I almost forgot to mention that I am accepting drabble prompts here. Y'know. If any of you guys are interested in reading about this beautiful crack pairing.

Prompt: Teaching a certain raven haired Tamaranean the basics of Halloween and helping her pick out her first Halloween costume.

something wicked

Blackfire wrinkled her nose, picking at the web-patterned hem of a witch costume hanging on a rack of identical witch costumes. "And the point of the big charade is…?"

Red X shrugged. He leaned against the wall next to a display of cheap, glittery, Hallowe'en themed jewellery. "Hallowe'en started off as a religious thing," he explained, "All Hallow's Eve. Pagan or Catholic, I forget. I'm not sure anyone knows anymore. Point is, corporations latched onto it, as parasites do, and use it as an excuse to extort money out of people by selling them over-priced sweets, costumes, decorations and Hallmark cards."

"Which just begs the question: why the hell am I doing this?"

"Because it's a rite of passage. Even I used to put on a white sheet and go hunting for free candy as a kid. You're not getting out of it so easily, Kom. 'Sides," he added, eyes glinting; he reached into a nearby stack, pulling out a headband. "I've already got a costume idea for you."

Blackfire took one look at the headband and laughed. "You're not serious."

"Tamaraneans are descended from cats, right?"

"Hm." Smirking, Blackfire plucked the cat-eared accessory out of his hand, put it on his head and poked him in the chest. "If you're so enthusiastic, why don't I see you buying yourself a costume?"

X grinned. "I've already got my costume."

Blackfire thought for a moment, then: "Even I know that's lazy."

"Really? I think it's pretty ingenious. No one'll notice on Hallowe'en — the most I'll probably get is a few compliments on how realistic my 'costume' is. Anyway —" He removed the headband and pushed it into Blackfire's hand. "— I think you're missing the point here, Princess."

"Oh?" She arched an eyebrow. "And what is that?"

"Trick-or-treat, right? Either they treat, or we trick." X glanced about the small costume store, reached into his messenger bag. He revealed a nozzle — spray paint cans. "And I'm betting that the Kiddy Leaguers won't be too willing to see us walk away with their treats…"

Blackfire tipped her head, appraised X for a moment, and smiled conspiratorially. "Maybe your human traditions aren't entirely terrible."