(A/N- You must watch #TheBritBrats episode in order to know who Max and Ruby are)

Sam was drinking coffee, the apartment was silent, The red head Cat came back from school and...

Cat said, "I'm home"

Sam asked in tension, "What happened to you?"

Cat said, "I was riding on my bike through the baseball field, and.."

Sam said, "Continue"

Cat said while crying, "They hit me with the ball in the eye, I fell off my bike"

Sam said while holding her butter-sock, "CONTINUE!"

Cat said, "I realized that they were Max and Ruby's friends', they dragged me and beat me up"

Sam said like an erupting volcano, "If I find those guys, I'LL BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THEM!"

Cat said while crying, "You know what's worse?"

Sam asked, "What?"

Cat said while crying, "They broke my PearPhone 6", the red head held her broken phone to the sky

She continued, "I saved 5 months of my allowance on this"

Sam got angry at Max and Ruby that she accidently swung her butter-sock so fast that it made an enormous hole on the couch

Cat continued while lifting the back of her shirt gently, "I scraped my back!"

Sam asked, "Anywhere else?"

Cat said, "Nope"

Sam said in a leader type voice, "Don't worry, Red head, No one get's away with such stuff as long as Sam Puckett is alive"

Cat asked, "Who you callin' red head?"

Sam said, "You!"

Cat just ignored her in an annoyed way

Sam said in a declaring voice, "Let's bust up some British heads"

Cat said, "Let's go"