Who are you? And what do you want with me!

One of the CSI's has a surprise when a family secret is revealed...


"I didn't understand a word of what they said." Sara stuttered.

"Well let's find out what they said!" Nick suspiciously said.

"How?" Sara asked confused.

Nick showed her his notepad with words on...

'i fare', 'hjelpe meg' and 'forteller dem' (Translation: 'in danger', 'help me' and 'tell them')...


Nick and Sara went to find Archie, he was in the A/V lab. They entered in a hurry and Nick slammed the piece of paper in front of Archie, "We need you to translate this into English, please!" Sara asked quickly.

"What language is this?" Archie quizzed.

"It's Norwegian!" Nick stated.

"But..." Archie started.

"Just do it!" Snapped Sara.

"Ok, Ok!" Archie murmured and tapped his keyboard. He brought up a translation software and typed in the Norwegian words, "So this first words you wrote translate to 'in danger' and this second words are 'help me' and the last words are 'tell them'."

Nick looked at Sara and Sara looked at Nick. They couldn't believe what they were hearing, Greg was keeping secrets from them.

They said goodbye to Archie and headed for the layout room.

"So were guessing that Sandie is the one in trouble and she has come to Greg for help, how did she know where he worked?" Sara explained putting her hands to her head.

"Well if she was in foster care they would have records and it would be hard to find a place like this on a map!" Nick answered.

"Yea, I guess so Sandie has come for help but why?" Sara asked again.

"Well we did find her on the streets so maybe she was chased, but who we may never know!" Nick replied.

"Aha, yea but what I don't get is the last word 'tell them', did they mean us or someone else?" Sara thought out-loud.

"That I don't know but if I was to take a good guess I would say... us!" Nick finished with a pause.

"We need to get answers, so lets see if we can find Greg and his so-called-sister of his!" Sara sarcastically retorted as if she was disgusted by the fact.

'She's just jealous' Nick laughed to himself.

They wandered around the labs trying to find Greg and Sandie but couldn't find them. They instead found Grissom, "Hey Gris have you seen Greg with a blonde gal?" Nick shouted over to him. Grissom walked over to them, "Yes, Greg was heading towards the car park with some girl a few minutes ago." Grissom explained, Nick and Sara walked past him and he asked, "Who was she?"

Nick and Sara hurried round the corner and Nick shouted back, "The blonde girl is his sister!"

"But I thought he was an only child!" Grissom shouted back but Nick and Sara were gone.


Nick ran into the car park closely followed by Sara. "Greg, GREG!" Nick shouted and his voice echoed throughout the car park. A Hummer H2 screeched away besides them and they ran through the dim car park.

They didn't make it in time and the Hummer was gone...

"Damn!" Nick crossly stamped his foot on the floor.

Sara pulled out her phone and dialed Greg's number, he picked up almost instantly.

"Yea what up?" Came Greg's cheerful voice.

"Where the HELL are you!" Sara screamed down the phone.

" Er at det brune håret kvinne som kom inn i avhørsrommet?"Came a hushed voice. (Translation: Is that the brown-haired woman who came into the interrogation room?)

"Hysj, hva skal jeg si til henne?" Greg whispered. (Translation: Shh, what shall I tell her?)

"Excuse me, I'm still waiting for an answer!" Sara sarcastically said impatiently.

"Heng opp, hun bare være nyskjerrig! Hun trenger ikke å vite hvor vi skal, vil hun bare følge oss andre! "Sandie hissed. (Translation: Hang up, she's just being nosey! She doesn't need to know where we are going, she'll just follow us else!")

"Dette føles ikke riktig skjønt! Vi skal fortelle dem, kanskje de kan hjelpe oss! " Greg frantically hushed. (Translation: This doesn't feel right though! We should tell them, maybe they can help us!")

"NEI! Vil du bare kjøre, vil vi finne dem, og jeg vil være fri SO DRIVE!" Shouted Sandie. (Translation: NO! Will you just drive, we will find them and I'll be free SO DRIVE!")

"Fine, Sara I'm going to have to call you back, bye!" Greg hung up.

Nick stood waiting next to Sara and asked, "What did he say?"

"Well at least we know he had Sandie with him, she was talking mumble jumble to him, all I understood was 'So Drive'" She explained.

"I guess we will have to track them using GPS." Nick said disappointed and they both moped back inside.


So what you think? The next chapter will be from Greg's P.O.V and you'll find out where there going and stuff! So I thought using Norwegian would be an interesting mix! If anyone is confused please let me know! If not, still I would like suggestion but I don't take kindly to constructive criticism! And Thank you to everyone who has already read this story and enjoyed it!