What happened last:

Marceline was telling Finn the story of where her scars came from and why. And now it's time to finish the story…

Little Marceline was fading in and out of consciousness. She had broken bones, cuts, scrapes and bruises all over her body. She was all messed up and was lying at the bottom of this massive irradiated crater motionless.

Unable to move, she was dying from the injuries that she sustained from the fall as well as the radiation that her body was absorbing. It wasn't the most lethal dose of radiation because it had faded away over time but it still lingered in the epicenter of the crater.

She couldn't speak because of her injuries and the severe pain so she just laid there, crying and whimpering as she awaited death. Now, even if she didn't want it, it was inevitable.

She could feel her body beginning to fade and her vision began to blur and darken. Day was becoming night and she was left for dead in a ditch awaiting her final curtain call. She may have been in agonizing pain but she still forced a smile on her face.

M: "I'm coming, S-Simon…" She didn't even know if he was dead. She didn't know what happened to him at all. It just made her last dying breath feel like it was worth the pain that it caused.

She started to go into shock finally as her body began to run out of adrenaline. She was shutting down and she just accepted it.

Suddenly, Marceline felt a small prick on her arm. She didn't think anything of it because everything else hurt soo much more so it was mostly insignificant. She thought that she was finally dead because all of her pain seemed to fade away.

A cloaked figure stepped into Marceline's fading view and said something.

M: "Huh?" She replied to the muffled sounds.

?: "I said, it's not your time yet." Said the unknown figure.

M: "What?" She was delusional and confused. A soothing wave of numbness crashed over her out of nowhere. The physical pain was all gone.

Then Marceline was splashed with some sort of liquid. She didn't bother to move, she still though that she was about to die.

Then the figure got in very close to Marceline for about two seconds then pulled away.

The last things that Marceline could remember were all the colors that were followed by a green flash of light before she passed out for about a day. But she was still unsure about everything. It was all a blur.

Back to the present

F: "Glob… Marceline, I didn't know…"

M: "It's ok, Finn. I haven't done it in years."

F: "So what happened after you woke up?"

M: "Well… I woke up in a building, not far from the big crater in an old makeshift bed. My neck hurt so I looked in pieces of a shattered mirror that I found on the floor and saw the bite marks."

F: "Oh… So that's when it happened?"

M: "Yeah. And I went to walk outside during the day and-"

F: "You figured out that sunlight hurts you." He completed her sentence.

M: "Yep. The hard way… It was hard to get used to, but being a vampire has kept me alive all these years."

F: "Hmmm…" Finn seemed to have thought of something that stumped him.

M: "What is it?"

F: "I'm not sure… Uh Marcy, if you weren't a vampire all your life then… how were you alive for hundreds of years without dying of old age? I mean… you used to be human right?"

M: "I… uh…" She raised a finger as she was about to answer Finn's question but her arm went limp. She was just as perplexed as him.

M: "That's weird… I never really thought about that." Her eyes widened.

F: "Maybe PB can figure out why that is?"

M: "Yeah, maybe. But whatevs." She disregarded the very good point that Finn brought up to bring it back up at a later date. She was tired of thinking about herself because she just told Finn one of her saddest memories.

She knew that it was something relatively big but she just shrugged it off for now.

M: "But yeah… that's basically the history behind why I do… or did that."

F: "I'm glad you told me this, Marcy." He smiled at her.

M: "Well, you said that I could tell you anything. And I'm doing my best to trust you, Finn. You know how I feel about you and I feel like you should know about my messed up past. And I'm glad you understand why I am the way I am because, who I am hates who I've been but you help me to forgive myself." She was beginning to pour her heart out. She didn't normally do this. Even when she honestly told people how she felt; she would just give little details instead of the whole story.

F: "I'm glad that you're finally catching onto that. And I understand you because I accepted you the day we became friends. Which was shortly after you almost killed Jake." He said jokingly. He wanted to lighten the mood because it's been far too sad and to raise the vampire's spirits.

M: "Oh, come on! We were just having fun!"

F: "More like fighting for our lives! You were totes trying to kill us and steal our home. And for the second time!" They weren't honestly arguing, they were just messing with each other.

M: "Did you forget about the part when you punched me in the face? I was just defending my poor little defenseless self."

F: "I would hardly call you defenseless… And sorry about that. Heh heh…" He chuckled uncomfortably

M: "To me it sounds like you accept me as being a better fighter than you." She said smugly and crossed her arms.

F: "What?! How do you get that from anything I said? You're crazy."

M: "Well, now it sounds like you're just scared." She had an evil smile on her face.

F: "Whatever, Marcy. You don't want to fight me. Trust me."

M: "Oh really? Are you saying that honestly or are you just chicken?" She knew saying that word would force Finn to fight her in order to regain his honor.

She didn't really want to fight him in a serious way, she just wanted to wrestle or something.

The room was spinning more slowly than before for the both of them but seemed to stop once Marceline called Finn out.

F: "What did you call me?"

M: "A chicke-"

F: "Don't say it again. You wanna go? Then let's do this." He had an odd smile on his face.

He had it all planned out. He was going to dodge whatever attacks she would attempt then pin her down somehow. And it was going to be easy.

Too bad it wouldn't be that easy…

M: "Ooh! That's the spirit, hero."

They both moved to the center of the room and squared up on each other. They stood about five feet apart and stared each other in the eyes. They both had odd smiles on their faces, as if they were both confident with their abilities to easily and quickly defeat the other.

After a few seconds of silence and anticipation, Finn made his advance towards Marceline.

He attempted to grapple her but she easily moved out of the way and smacked him on the head. She hit him lightly enough to make sure he knew that she was much faster than him.

Both of their abilities may have been hindered by Bubblegum's wine, but Marceline was more used to it and therefore able to control herself better.

F: "Ok… I see how you wanna do this. Maybe I just need to-" He lunged back at the vampire queen, trying to grab her again.

She dodged him once again and smacked him on the head even harder.

He was starting to get a bit irritated at this point because he couldn't catch her but it was only because he wasn't used to the effects of alcohol.

M: "You're soo silly, Finn." She was mocking him.

After his two failed attempts, he analyzed how she dodged his attacks. He then planned his next attack with a little more finesse.

He lunged once again at Marcy except with his fist this time. He was going to make it seem like he was going to hit her in the face just to trick her.

She reacted with dodging to the right and he took the opportunity to get behind her and put her in a chokehold. He jumped up on her back to make sure to get a good angle. She was only able to partially counter it so he couldn't fully choke her. Now things were getting interesting.

M: "Nice one." She said as she began to float.

F: "No! No flying. That's cheating."

M: "Ok, fine…" She said as she began to flex, signifying that she was about to transform.

F:" You can't do that either!"

M: "Ugh… fine!"

F: "Good." He said as he tightened his grip.

The vampire queen was turning rapidly as she tried to pull Finn's arms off of her neck. Eventually, he was able to get the full chokehold on her and she felt the blood flow suddenly stop reaching her brain. She reacted quickly by bending over forward, causing Finn to lose his grip and he was flipped over her shoulders and he slammed onto the floor.

He grunted when he hit the floor but he was just fine until Marceline dropped down and wrapped her legs around Finn's neck.

She would have beaten him but he found the strength to pick Marceline up. She was basically sitting on his shoulders facing in his direction so her crotch was in his face. He didn't even notice because he was fighting her, not trying to get in her pants.

Once he was standing straight up he lost his balance and they both fell to the ground. Marceline landed on her back and Finn fell on top of her.

Then they both started laughing because they realized how dumb they probably looked.

M: "Oh man. You're ridiculous, Finn." She said while laughing.

F: "Well, you started it."

M: "No I… Oh, I guess I did." She chuckled.

Once their brief fight ended they laid on the ground, still feeling the buzzing feeling from the wine. They both realized that they were still alone. And they never finished what they started. Marceline was the first one to speak up.

M: "You know, Finn… we didn't exactly finish what we were doing earlier…" Her emotions were washing over her again, and it was driving her crazy.

F: "Hmmm… I think you're right, Marcy." He knew what she was thinking, at least partially…

Finn crawled up on the vampire queen and began to kiss her gently. It only lasted for a few seconds until she interrupted him.

M: "Hey Finn…?"

F: "Yeah?"

M: "Wouldn't a… bed be more comfortable than the floor?" She knew what she wanted but she was almost certain that Finn wouldn't catch on.

F: "Ummm… y-yeah. I'm sure it would be." He said innocently and got up.

They both got up, Marceline unlocked the door and they both walked out. She grabbed the human boy's hand and led him back to the room where Bubblegum was last. They walked into the theater room to find that the lights were still on and the movie had ended.

The princess was asleep on the couch and Beemo was sitting on one of the arms on sleep mode.

M: "Aww…" She thought that the princess looked a bit funny and cute asleep on the couch, with drool on her face.

M: "C'mon, Finn. Let's take these two to bed. I'll take PB and you can go plug Beemo in. Just wait for me in my room."

F: "Ok, Mar Mar." He happily said and picked Beemo up and left the room.

Now it was just the vampire queen and Bonnibel in the room. Marceline didn't have anything to say, not that she would hear anyway. She picked up the princess and carried her to her room.

Marceline laid the princess down under her covers carefully. She had to lean over all the way so that she wouldn't drop her and wake her, almost losing her balance.

Before Marceline could stand back up, Bubblegum wrapped her arms around Marceline's neck.

PB: "C'mere Mr. Creampuff." She said in her sleep and pulled Marcy in to kiss her, thinking that she was her old boyfriend.

Marcy quickly turned her head so PB would kiss her on the cheek and not anywhere else.

M: "I do not need that on my conscience." She whispered.

She smelled sweet like bubblegum as she always did. It reminded Marceline of past things but now wasn't the time to reminisce. She had something else on her mind…

She walked out of Bonnie's room and walked straight towards her room, expecting to find Finn there.

M: "Now… where were we…?" She said in a low voice to herself as she approached the door.

She unhooked her bra and pulled it off from under her shirt as she walked. She wanted to be as ready for Finn as he needed her to be.

She slowly opened the door and she was content to see that Finn was inside. He was awkwardly sitting on the bed with all of his clothes on still, hat and all. He didn't know much about "preparing" for these sorts of things but he was going to learn today.

There was a moment of silence once Marceline walked in the room and their eyes met.

They both knew what was (probably) about to happen…