What happened last:

Once Marceline's demonic episode ended, she slipped into a coma. Princess Bubblegum quickly came to her aid, covered her up and carried her back to the Candy Kingdom but not before being unexpectedly stopped by the Lord of Evil and Ruler of the Nightosphere, Hunson Abadeer. He found out about his daughter's state of comatose and wants to help in any way that he can; seeing as that Marceline's involvement in the war makes it his problem now. Now, Hunson is with Peppermint Butler to find out what is going on with Finn's lifeless body.

Hunson stepped into the room after putting Peppermint Butler down and he was a bit more surprised by what he was seeing than he thought he would have been.

HA: "Whoa." He said as his eyes quickly adapted to the darkness as if he had night vision. He noticed Finn's body floating inside of a shadowy and seemingly evanescent ball of dark matter in the center of the room hovering over a star shaped symbol with its lines illuminated by a red color that resembled blood. The aura of the ball of dark matter and evil was almost dizzying to be near.

Finn's lifeless corpse was floating in the liquid-like goo inside the seemingly solid ball but he wasn't moving by any means. The type of magic that was being used was similar to that which Magic Man has been known to use. Only this dark magic stopped time entirely instead of just slowing it down. If someone became completely encased in it by accident or by someone else's will then they would be trapped forever without someone to break the spell. And there is only one known way to break the bonds of this caliber of ancient magic…

By relinquishing one's immortality as a sacrifice

It was very similar to the process if someone wanted to retrieve an other being's life from Death although the individuals that are even allowed to make that request are few and far between. And if those who even could request for Death to return the life to someone were willing, then it was up to Death to decide if he would allow it. Regardless of how powerful someone like Death or Hunson Abadeer may be, they are still bound by the laws of the cosmos and they can only bend those laws soo much until they break. And they can't allow that to happen…

HA: "Peppermint Butler?! What the heck man?!" He said as he quickly approached the ominous orb swirling with different shades of black and gray. Finn was the only color in the ball of dark matter besides for the darker colors. The dark lord waived his hand at the orb in attempted to cast his own powerful magic on it to break the spell but it was completely useless. He knew about this magic and he was very close to publishing some of the ancient spells in an Encyclopaedia that he wrote once be he decided against it, and for good reason. Those spells should have been destroyed to never again see the light of day.

They should have been destroyed but Hunson must have forgotten about them and somehow Peppermint Butler found them by accident. Things got pretty crazy during poker nights with Hunson, Peppermint Butler, Death and other very reputable and sometimes diabolical creatures.

P. Butler: "What man? It's just black magic." He said casually as he shrugged his shoulders. He felt much more comfortable around Hunson now that he knows that he won't kill him.

HA: "Just black magic?! You got this spell from one of those ancient scrolls didn't you?"

P. Butler: "No…"

HA: "Let me guess, the scroll rolled up and burst into flames and turned to ashes after you casted the spell?"

P. Butler: "I… Uh… maybe…?" He didn't even question how Hunson knew that it was an ancient scroll because it was pretty obvious by this point. He now knows that what he did was a bad idea but hindsight is 20/20.

HA: "No, no, no… This is bad." He said, placing his hands on his head as he paced back and forth, as he tried to take in what the ignorant candy butler had done.

P. Butler: "W…what?"

HA: "This spell can't exactly be broken by regular means."

P. Butler: "What do you mean? I got everything set up, I can just- do the incantation again can't I?" He said as he walked closer to the orb and was about to begin the same chant but Hunson stopped him.

HA: "No. That won't work. This is very ancient magic that was only supposed to be used one time… for permanent reasons. And besides, you can't cast the spell again without the scroll nearby. That's just how it works." He began to explain the severity of the candy butler's mistake.

P. Butler: "Well, if it can't be reversed by using the same incantation then how? You said it couldn't be done by regular means."

Hunson inhaled deeply, sighed, closed his eyes and looked Peppermint Butler directly in the eyes.

P. Butler: "Wait… You don't need to sacrifice me or something do you?" He began to sound a bit worried.

HA: "No, that's not-"

P. Butler: "Oh ok. I guess because it is my fault I could- you'll never take me alive!" He pointed and screamed at the deathless demon lord right before he was going to turn and run out the door.

Hunson quickly waived his hand and purple and thorny weeds suddenly grew out of the ground underneath Peppermint Butler's feet and crawled up his legs. They immediately trapped him where he was. The Lord of Evil slowly and menacingly approached the helpless candy butler with the most diabolical look on his face. Peppermint Butler didn't want to accept defeat but he of all people knew that it was futile to fight with the legendary Hunson Abadeer.

HA: "What I was going to say is that no, I don't need you as a sacrifice. You wouldn't suffice."

The candy servant was a bit upset knowing that he was insufficient to break an ancient and evil curse regardless of thinking that his life would have been taken in the process.

HA: "Only someone with the invaluable quality of immortality can break such a spell. And unless if they weren't beyond the normal living years of their specific type of species without immortality… they would die."

P. Butler: "So that pretty much means that they die…"

HA: "Yes. And-"

P. Butler: "Well that's not that bad. I mean, everyone is invulnerable in Ooo for the most part. Except Finn the Hu- well I guess he's irrelevant. But yeah man. Everyone here lives forever." He felt like he just solved all of their problems.

HA: "Ah! But that's where you're wrong. There's a difference between living for a few millennia and being truly immortal. Like your beloved Princess Bubblegum. She isn't immortal. She's experimented with a lot of crazy science stuff and quite frankly, she's come pretty close. But… close isn't good enough."

P. Butler: "Basically all I got out of that is that we can recreate immortality artificially." Peppermint Butler obviously wasn't listening very well to what Hunson was saying…

HA: "Uhhh…. Yeah. Let's get to work!" He said happily. Hunson wasn't thinking about artificially breaking the spell but Peppermint Butler always had good ideas in the past so this one seemed like it would be possible.

What these two don't know is that they can get very close to creating immortality through the excessive use and experimentation with magic and science but it might be something that just isn't quite possible yet. Princess Bubblegum used all of her mental power and science skills to figure it out but even she knows that it just simply isn't possible yet.

Modern science just isn't there yet.

They spent the next three days conducting every spell they could think of and experimenting with unspeakable dark magic. They didn't stop from performing their activities except for snack breaks. It was long, tiresome and exhausting but it had to be done.

Back to Princess bubblegum (before skipping ahead)

PB: "Good idea, actually. I need some time to help Marceline so you two can… do whatever you can." She said to Hunson and Peppermint Butler before they both went to see about helping Finn.

P. Butler: "Y-yes. Princess… Right this way, your lordship." Peppermint Butler said and he led Hunson out of the room and they went to where Finn was being kept.

Bubblegum entered her bathroom, closed the door and locked it. She needed to get the vampire queen cleaned up so she could fully assess her injuries and begin to aid her with her coma problem. She was filthy from fighting and she had mud and even what looked like her own blood on her.

Bubblegum laid Marceline on the floor in the most comfortable position that she could not caring that it would matter if the unconscious vampire was comfortable or not. She then turned the faucet handles on for her shower and proceeded to regulate the temperature. She knew that Marceline's skin was cold to the touch, but she liked taking really warm showers regardless. Bubblegum knew the perfect temperature for Marcy and was careful to make sure that it was perfect. Bonnibel made sure to have enough towels nearby to dry Marceline off after cleaning her up and got her own soap ready.

Once everything was ready, Bonnie took the jacket off that was wrapped around Marceline, picked her up and sat her down in the bathtub. No thoughts in particular were going through Bonnibel's head except for what she was going to do next in order to help her unconscious friend regardless of her being completely exposed.

Bubblegum worked quickly and effectively with prudence. She cleaned Marceline as if it was herself because she usually doesn't do this sort of thing; she has someone else to clean patients; although if it was one of her loved, ones she probably wouldn't hesitate to do it herself. She cleaned every inch of the vampire queen's body while she looked for any severe wounds. And to her relief, Marceline had no terribly damaging wounds; meaning that her state of comatose was solely caused from the abnormal transformation that she went through earlier.

Or so she thought…

The princess quickly cleaned up Marceline then dried her off. She thought she was done but forgot that she never got clothes for Marceline to wear. She left the bathroom and walked to her closet where she kept most of her clothes. She skimmed over her wardrobe, noticing that just about everything was either pink, form fitting to her or a dress. She didn't know what she would use, and then it hit her when she noticed a hanger with nothing on it. What shirt is big enough to be comfortable and is exactly the vampire queen's style?

She walked over to her bed and grabbed the black shirt that she kept under her pillow and then she got a pair of gray sweats and dressed the vampire queen. She then carried her out of the bathroom and placed her on the side of her bed that didn't have mud all over it.

PB: "Mhmm…" She said, sounding a bit irritated. She didn't like her bed being dirty but it was for a good reason. And now that she has some time to fix up her bed she decided to do so. She had plenty of clean blankets and pillows so all she needed to do was take the dirty ones off.

Bubblegum walked over to the opposite side of the bed where the mud was and thought of a potentially smart way to get the blankets off with Marceline still laying on them. She had the image of pulling a cloth off of a table without knocking anything over in her head. It seemed soo perfect.

PB: "Ok… this should be pretty simple." She's never actually done it herself, but she's seen Finn pull a cloth off of very large tables without moving anything. He made it look soo easy.

The candy princess grabbed the edge of the blanket with her hands and gripped it tightly. She raised it in the air to build up momentum and tugged it back as hard and fast as she could. She did manage to get the blanket off from under the vampire queen but not without her rolling off of the bed because it was done improperly. Marcy flopped off of the bed and hit the floor with a loud thud.

PB: "Ah dang!" She rushed over to the other side of the bed and picked Marceline up. She placed Marcy back on the bed and brushed the hair out of her face.

PB: "Sorry about that dude." She chucked a bit. She knew that Marceline's condition was serious but comedic relief was healthy now and then. A few moments passed as the slightly amusing situation died down.

PB: "Now… what first?" She said to herself as she thought of what she needed to do.

PB: "She's going to need an electroencephalography, intravenous therapy with plenty of high quality red… hmmm…" She walked out of the room and got the necessary things from her lab. She knew that she couldn't really do much without setting up the basics first.

She returned a few moments later with everything. She had all of the best things for medical treatment as well as the training and knowledge. She inserted the IV in Marceline's arm and then placed an odd looking pink helmet on her that was attached to a small handheld device. That's what she needed to measure Marceline's brainwave function in order to figure out exactly how her brain was functioning.

PB: "Hmmm… ok." She said and wrote some numbers and words down on a notepad that she had nearby.

Suddenly Marceline began to move. At first, she just looked like she was moving subtly as if she was asleep but then her subtle movements turned into thrashing about. Something was going on with her. It seemed like she was fighting some sort of subconscious battle but her brain waves weren't depicting that she was experiencing any kind of nightmare. She was in some sort of pain.

Marceline began thrashing harder and harder. Bubblegum had to move in and hold her down until her violent thrashing stopped. After a few seconds Marceline stopped and tears began slowly flowing from her eyes.

PB: "M-Marceline?" She thought that she was actually awake because she's never seen someone move like that while unconscious let alone in a coma. It made no sense scientifically or medically so Bubblegum was confused with how it was possible.

PB: "I-I guess I need to go get more stuff…" She said as if she was out of breath. She left and quickly got some more things to help monitor Marceline's vitals. She got a heart monitor, a pulse monitor, an infrared heat detecting camera that enables Bubblegum to monitor heat activity all over Marceline's body and other various things.

She got everything as quickly as she could and set it all up. Her room was essentially an emergency room now. She had everything that she should need. Bubblegum used all of her medical tools and technology to figure out what exactly was wrong with Marceline. She would monitor her vitals and write them down to compare them with other times of the day. The princess continued to monitor the vampire queen for hours. Marcy had another one of her violently thrashing episodes again during the few hours of Bonnibel's observance without any idea why it was happening or what was causing it.

PB: "Globbit… This just doesn't make any sense…" She was tired and frustrated. It didn't make any sense how someone could manage this sort of physical movement while in a coma.

A few more hours passed…

…and then a few more…

…and then a day or so…

It's been about 60 hours since Bubblegum first started monitoring Marceline with no progress whatsoever. This has never happened to the princess; not with anything medical related. Any and all of her hypothesis turned out to be false and she restarted from scratch every time.

PB: "Why I can't figure this out, Marceline… what's wrong with you?" She said to Marceline, mentally begging for her to respond. She was completely exhausted by this point. She only took one nap this whole time because she accidentally fell asleep while working but that was it.

?: "It's not as scientific as you think it is."

PB: "What?" She said as she turned to see who said that. It sounded like a familiar voice but it also sounded odd.

The princess was feeling paranoid and she knew she was being watched… but for how long?"