What happened last:

Finn, Jake and Marceline left on their journey to spy on Maja's forces so that they could be prepared for anything. After a problem with Marceline being (ironically) unprepared for the cold, nothing else so far has happened to cause the group any more issues. Back in the Candy Kingdom with everyone gone, Princess Bubblegum is able to do what she thinks that she needs to do to try and fix this whole mess with Maja. But what if it doesn't work?

PB: "Maloso vobiscum et cum spiritum!"

The portal opened with the very familiar subsonic ripping sound and the princess positioned herself in front of it. She didn't take any time seeing where the portal led to. It obviously went to the Nightosphere and the location didn't matter because she didn't have more bug milk to repeat the portal creating process. Even with that being the case, she had confidence in her abilities to create the portal with minimal flaws. She's studied the physics of wormholes and has a general understanding of how they work.

Without saying a word, Bubblegum stepped through the portal and began her own potentially perilous journey.

PB: "Whoa!" She yelled and flailed her arms as she fell approximately 30 feet to the ground. She was falling through the air for a few seconds until she slammed against the hard ground of the Nightosphere and upon impact, a large dust cloud formed.

The princess started coughing and wincing from the pain. She landed directly on her left side and the fall almost knocked the wind out of her. She laid on the ground for a few seconds in attempt to cope with how badly the fall hurt her, but it didn't seem to help. She then sat up and grasped her side to alleviate the pain. She didn't break anything or sustain any sort of grave injury; she just hit the ground really hard.

PB: "Ugh! Globbit! And without missing a beat… The reasons why I hate the Nightosphere never cease to present themselves to me." She said as she stood up. The dust settled shortly after.

Despite the love that she has for her friend and ex-lover from the Nightosphere, she never liked it here. She tried many times to force herself to get to know it better in order to like it more but it never seemed to work. The Nightosphere is a truly horrible place and nobody is ever meant to like it.

With that, the candy princess brushed herself off and started walking towards the large mountain-shaped castle in the distance. She wasn't horrible at creating the Nightosphere portals from her occasional practice and studying, but she wasn't exactly an expert either. Regardless of her slight miscalculation, she wasn't too far away from Hunson's castle so it didn't take long to get to it.

As soon as Bubblegum got within 50 feet of the mountain-shaped building, a red laser appeared right on her forehead as if someone was about to shoot her. She immediately froze in place. She knew that she didn't really have any options so she just submitted and waited for something to happen. She slowly raised her hands to show that she presented no threat.

?: "Who is that?" A demonic voice questioned her.

PB: "It is the princess of the Candy Kingdom!" She said in a loud and strong voice.

?: "What?!" The person sounded as if they didn't quite hear what she said.

There was a moment of silence as the tension in the atmosphere grew more and more severe. The red light was still on Bubblegum's forehead and almost didn't budge an inch.

PB: "It… It's Princess Bubblegum. I request parlay with the Lord of Evil. What say you?" She slightly lost her composure but quickly regained it.

Another short period of silence passed by but this one ended with a subtle clicking sound. Soon after, a foam dart came hurling towards the princess's forehead and bounced right off when it made contact.

PB: "What the…?" She was confused.

HA: "Bonnibel? What brings you to the Nightosphere? It's great to see you! It's been quite some time." He was almost overly excited to see a familiar face. She could see him sticking his head out of a window to talk to her.

PB: "Mr. Abadeer, I request parlay on behalf of the Candy Kingdom as well as for the United Royal Municipalities of Ooo." The URMO was in fact, not a real thing but Bubblegum thought that it would sound really fancy and legitimate. Anything to help her sound like the true diplomat that she knew how to be and help her cause. Anything to get Hunson's help for the war effort. She was getting desperate.

PB: "Hmmm… maybe the URMO needs to be a real thing…?" She thought to herself. The main kingdoms all had very good relations. Why not make them diplomatically legitimate?

HA: "Hey. We're all friends here. No need to get all political here. Please come in." He subtly motioned for the princess to enter his home. He ignored what she just said so that he could be hospitable to his guest.

Bubblegum approached the door and Hunson promptly opened it for her with a smile on his face. He looked incredibly well-dressed and professional as always.

Once the large door closed behind PB and Hunson, a few skeletons off in the near distance threw a temper tantrum due to missing out on eating the flesh off of the candy princess. It was very rare that the undead would dare entering the proximity of Hunson Abadeer's home but the delicious candy princess was just so close.

Bubblegum followed Hunson down his very interesting and decorated hallway to the main living room. The room was massive and the walls had various bizarre items hanging on them. There were severed heads from large mythical and ancient beasts; none of which Bubblegum has ever seen or heard of before. Despite being in the Nightosphere, the Abadeer home was quite cozy in most of the rooms.

It wasn't usually that way; Hunson found himself getting very lonely with everyone gone. He decided to change up the layout of the castle so that it wouldn't seem like such a cold and scary place when someone came over. If someone ever did…

HA: "Please, sit. Make yourself at home. Can I get you anything to drink?" He was beginning to sound a bit anxious but Bubblegum didn't think anything of it.

PB: "I uh… water would be nice." She quickly noticed how her throat became dry very quickly. This was just a normal side-effect of being in the Nightosphere if you don't visit very often. It's a way of getting foolish travelers to become stuck in the Nightosphere. The water in the Nightosphere worked much like the River of Forgetfulness in the Land of the Dead. Not all of the water is like that, which is why it makes it that much more tempting for a traveler to take their chances.

The demon lord then left the room to get some water. He was only gone for a short moment before returning with two glass cups with a large red glass pitcher full of water. Hunson poured each of them some water, gave the princess a glass and sat down in a seat across from her.

HA: "So Bubblegum, what brings you to the Nightosphere. Oh! And sorry for scaring you earlier; I had to make sure that you weren't some crazy guy trying to take over my castle or something.

PB: "I-it's ok. And I came to… *sigh* f-for…" She became silent as if she lost her voice. She was almost getting cold feet. She knew what she came here to ask but she almost felt stupid for having to ask the Lord of Evil. He usually doesn't meddle with mortal affairs.

HA: "I take it that you didn't come here just for "parlay" did you? I can see it in your eyes that something is deeply troubling you."

PB: "I uh…"

HA: "It's ok. I know. And you know what? I'm sure that whatever you're here for is something that's really important. I know how you and Marceline were girlfriends and all and how much you meant to each other. I mean… you really helped my little girl out of a really rough time in her life…" He took a second to collect his thoughts and not lose control of his emotions. He didn't even notice how he was going off on a tangent.

Bubblegum's cheeks blushed bright red as soon as Hunson said the word "girlfriend". She was a bit shocked with how straight forward he was about that and she didn't even know that he knew about that. She thought that he knew, but she thought wrong.

In Hunson Abadeer's almost endless and often fruitless attempts to sound "cool" or "hip" like his daughter, by trying to use slang terms or just common words for teenagers, he usually sounded odd or just confused people. The female inhabitants of Ooo, the Nightosphere, Lumpy Space and other places often use the term "girlfriend" as either an actual girlfriend or just a friend that is a girl. In this case, Hunson was just mentioning Bubblegum's platonic friend and nothing more.

But little did he know…

HA: "…Really what I'm trying to say is… if you need anything, and I know you're about to ask for something, I'll do what I can to help. But just know that even I cannot break the laws of the cosmos." Hunson Abadeer was truly grateful for Bubblegum being in his daughter's life and being a good friend to her. While he and Marcy had their long period of thinking that they hated each other, Bubblegum was there to comfort the vampire queen.

The saddest part about the "hatred" problem between Marceline and Hunson is the fact that they really didn't hate one another. They just never expressed their emotions because the demon lord was distant with pretty much everyone after Maja left. Bubblegum even tried to fix the problems between them and she tried to tell Marceline that her father really didn't hate her but Marcy, as a rebellious teen vampire queen, just didn't care or believe it.

Bubblegum was shocked by what Marcy's father just said to her. He really wanted to help out and he would probably do whatever they needed. Maybe...

PB: "Well, thank you. And Marceline is probably one of the most passionate girls that I've ever met. She can be really hard-headed at times but that never takes away from all of her other good qualities." She said as she twirled the water around in her glass.

HA: "Heh… that sounds like my little girl." He chuckled a bit.

HA: "Now… what is it that you needed?" He said then took a sip of water.

Bubblegum knew that beating around the bush wouldn't help anything in this situation. Matters of grave importance always need to be discussed with minimal delays.

PB: "It's about Maja…"

The Lord of Evil continued to remain mostly calm and finished taking his sip of water. Bubblegum could see how his eyebrows flinched a bit upon hearing the sky witch's name. He almost hated that word; it brought him nothing but painfully confusing feelings of nostalgia and heartache. It was a bittersweet feeling that was much more bitter than sweet. Hunson's memories of Maja only soured as time went on.

HA: "Hmmm… well, that's something that I didn't expect to hear. Please, continue." He tried his best to keep calm but Bubblegum could see the fire burning in his eyes. She just couldn't tell if it was out of anger of something else.

PB: "She's threatening to destroy the Candy Kingdom and surely she'll attack the rest of the kingdoms of Ooo. I'm afraid that we don't have the resources or manpower to defend against her... She's too powerful."

HA: "Is that so?" He asked rhetorically.

Hunson stood up and slowly walked over to a window which had a great view of the chaotic Nightosphere. He could see all of the lost souls, demons and monsters trapped for eternity in his realm. There were arcs of flames that shot out of the cracks in the ground. It's chaotic but it's what he calls home.

HA: "She must have some sort of army. I can't imagine that the Candy Kingdom couldn't handle just one sky witch. I've seen what you're capable of."

PB: "She has an army of undead and monsters." She was a bit humbled by the compliment but she didn't want it to show.

HA: "How the…? One moment please." He said as he turned towards her and pulled out his cellphone. He called someone and the phone rang for only about a half second until someone picked up. Once they answered, he turned around to face the window again.

HA: "Report. Ok, bye." The phone call lasted about five seconds and Hunson put his phone back in his pocket. He then took another sip of water and turned around to face Bubblegum, who was still sitting down.

HA: "I think Maja found all of the undead that have been hiding in the outskirts of the Nightosphere throughout the years. The Nightosphere is a big and chaotic place which makes it almost impossible to account for everyone everywhere." He said then pulled his phone back out, pressed a few buttons, and returned it to his pocket.

He ended up calling one of the demons that he has working as a secretary who keeps accountability all of the demons that are in the Nightosphere.

PB: "That makes sense. So… will you be able to help us?"

HA: "I said that I'll try to help, but with this… I can't make any promises, but I'll try."

PB: "Thank you, Mr. Abadeer."

HA: "Please, call me Hunson." He said with a forced smile that was almost convincing but it was obvious that he was very troubled.

The demon lord turned back around, stared out the window and sighed. Where has his life gone? It used to be so perfect. And when Hunson thought that the conversation had ended and the princess was about to leave, she asked a very unsettling question.

PB: "What happened between you two?" Bubblegum stopped for a second from caring about all of Ooo to ask just one personal question for Hunson. And it was a powerfully emotional one.

Hunson was about to go into a flashback but he mentally blocked it. It was one of the most painful memories that he has and he does his best to try and forget it. He tried to summarize the events so that he wouldn't have to even partially relive them.

HA: "It was about a thousand years ago, when Marceline was just a baby. It was the day of me and Maja's anniversary. All I really remember is that I was coming home from work and I had all of these plans to fix everything… to fix all of our problems. I might have been able to fix them but I was too late; Maja already decided that she was going to leave. I was too late…"

PB: "Do you know why she wanted to leave?"

HA: "I think she thought that I didn't love her anymore. She said that I didn't care…"

PB: "D-did you still care, Hunson?" She didn't want to sound like she was accusing him or anything but she needed to know.

HA: "Yes. More than anything. More than life itself. But I guess that I took too long to try and fix things." He was feeling more and more depressed the more he spoke.

PB: "How did all of this even come to happen?"

Hunson explained how there was an unfathomable amount of people entering the Nightosphere as a result of the Mushroom War. It caused such a strain on the demons working there and Hunson that they had almost no time to be away from work. This was the problem that ended up tearing Maja and Hunson Abadeer apart. He avoided any useless details and got straight to the point, but that was sufficient; Bubblegum could imagine the rest of the details based on Hunson's emotions. She could tell that it was tearing him apart to think about it but there wasn't any other way around it. All of the possible ways that Bubblegum thought of to defend the Candy Kingdom were useless. She saw how her kingdoms defenses held against Maja's forces. Although they did well, the sky witch didn't even use a fraction of her massive undead army.

Bubblegum was certain that she thought of every possibility but she was under a great deal of stress so there was a possibility that she had missed something. But there was no time to waste. She had to do everything possible to protect her people and she couldn't afford to disregard any options.

By the time that Hunson was finishing up with telling the princess how and why Maja left him, he was visibly more saddened than before and he grew very quiet. Bubblegum could tell how much it was bringing him down and she decided that it was time to give him some time to himself.

PB: "Well Mr. Abade- Hunson, thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to me and I hope that you'll be able to help us." She sounded very grateful for even being able to be in the home of the Lord of Evil. But even if she wasn't royalty, she was friends with Marceline which made her always welcome.

HA: "You're welcome. And… I'll come to your kingdom's aid when the time is right. I'm sure you know how I usually don't get involved with the lives of mortals, so I'll try to come when I'm absolutely needed."

PB: "Of course. I understand. Goodbye, Hunson."

HA: "I'll see you soon, Bubblegum. And say "Hi" to Marceline for me." He said as she started to walk out the door. He waived his hand in the air and opened a portal directly to the Candy Kingdom.

The princess stepped through the portal and Hunson began to close it and stopped suddenly when it was a little over halfway shut.

HA: "And tell her to come visit sometime!" He yelled as the wormhole shrunk and disappeared.

With Bubblegum making her last ditch effort, she is filled with dread knowing that there's almost nothing else that she could do to save her people. And options that she could think of are either not possible, have failed or surely would fail. It was terrifying to her but she had to keep her composure. If the leader of the Candy Kingdom couldn't keep her bearing then who else could?

All she could feel was stress and the future didn't look bright. She believed that the land of Ooo was relying on one thing, which was very unsettling for her. She just went to her room once she got back. She walked over to her bed, grabbed her diary and sat down at her desk. She put her elbows on the desktop and buried her face in her hands. She took a minute to try and wrap her head around the current situation and think if there was something more that she could do to protect her kingdom but nothing came to mind.

She then opened her diary to an empty page, took out a pen and began to write.

Back in the Ice Kingdom

The next night after Finn had to give Marceline his jacket to keep warm everyone woke up, feeling refreshed and ready to continue on their journey. Finn and Marceline were completely used to waking up when the sun was already down to start their day because of their time together. Jake on the other hand, felt like it was still really weird.

The group took their time to wake up and prepare for the long trek ahead of them. They knew what they had to do and they wasted no time to get on their way.

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