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I am the most unfortunate human being on the planet. My family is full of terrible and hopelessly naïve people, mainly including my embarrassment of an older sister. I hate her, so much in fact that coming to her house has been some sort of punishment my parents have developed for me. That should speak volumes about her character.

One of the only people I despise more than my sister is her four-year-old daughter. Now, I should preface this statement and say that I dislike all small children, and my niece is no exception. However, considering who her parents are, I do try to give her some sympathy.

"Uncle Scor-"

"Don't call me that."

Elle frowns at me and tugs at the ribbon in her hair. Isobelle insists on dressing her in ridiculously frilly clothing, as if that makes her a good mother. What makes it worse is that Elle actually enjoys it.

"Where's Mummy?" Elle questions.


"Doing what?"

"Minding her business." She's in her bedroom right now with Teddy. It's been this way for years now. Isobelle is too stupid to admit to anyone that she isn't happy with her marriage, and Teddy is desperate enough to sleep with her. It's a vicious cycle.

Elle frowns at me, and she looks as if she is about to cry. I honestly don't have time for that. "But… but I haven't seen Mummy the whole day," she complains.

"That's her to blame."

"When are we going to your house?" She questions. My parents are having the entire family over tonight, meaning things aren't going to end well.


"What time's it?"

"A bit after half-five."

Elle moves closer to me on the sofa. "I wish my hair was like yours," she says. Her hair is a darker shade of golden blonde, which I personally was grateful for. It eliminated all question as to who her father was because with Isobelle, it certainly could have been up for debate. She has Isobelle's dark eyes.

"No, you don't. "

"Yes, I do!"

"Fine, I'm not arguing."

Elle crosses her harms and pokes out her lower lip. "You don't do anything with me! You don't play with me, read with me, or-"

"I understand."

Elle pouts. She perks up when she hears a noise on the stairs. "Mummy!"

Isobelle smiles and opens her arms wide. "Darling!" she says happily, bending to meet Elle for a hug. She gives her a kiss on the cheek. "How is my beautiful little girl? I trust you behaved for Scorpius?"

Elle nods her head vehemently. "Yeah!"

"Yeah?" Isobelle repeats in a disapproving tone.

"Yes, Mummy," Elle corrects herself.

"You know your father hates it when you speak that way."

Elle wrinkles her eyebrows. "Where is Daddy?"

Isobelle frowns slightly. She looks away from me, as if she's afraid I might mention the truth. I haven't for the last three years of their marriage.

"Daddy's at work," she answers quietly. If his work involves cheating on her with his 'colleagues'.

"Daddy works all the time."

"Because you like nice things, Delphine. And so does Mummy. Daddy has to take care of us, doesn't he?" The only true thing Isobelle enjoys about Simon having a job is her having more time to cheat on him.

Elle nods. "When are we gonna go?"

"Very soon," Isobelle says. "In fact, how about you freshen up, and I'd like to have a word with Scorpius."

Elle nods obediently. "Yes, Mummy." Isobelle smiles faintly as she watches her take off upstairs. "Don't be too long, please!" She stands and faces me.

"Thank you," she says, blankly. There isn't any sign of actual gratitude in her eyes.

I brush her off. "You're a horrible example."

Isobelle sighs. "She doesn't know anything, and you aren't going to tell her. You promised me."

"Of course, I'm not going to say anything. It's bad enough she already has you and Simon for parents, I'm not one to add insult to injury."

Isobelle opens her mouth to say something, and then closes it. Her facial expression seems slightly more troubled.

"I'm a good mother," she informs me bitterly. It sounds like she's trying to convince herself more than she is me. "And I'm doing my best for her."

My sister is an absolute idiot. "As long as that's what you honestly think."

If there's one thing I enjoy about Elle's existence, it's how absolutely insane my parents go whenever she's over, especially my mother. They claim- and it's quite true- that Isobelle doesn't do a good enough job watching her. From what I've heard, Isobelle has much in common with my birth mother. I'm only left to find out if they'll meet the same end.

"Simon sends his condolences," Isobelle says lazily. "He has to work late."

"So we can have nice things," Elle says from her place on Rose's lap. For some unspoken reason, children adore Rose. She isn't all that extraordinary. "Mummy says that Daddy takes care of us."

Dad gives Isobelle a disapproving look. She ignores him. "Mum, Dad," she says plainly. "It's nice to see you again."

Mum smiles weakly. She blames herself for how disgustingly Isobelle's turned out. "It's nice to see you too, Isobelle."

"I'm sure."

It doesn't take Isobelle more than a second to turn away from them, taking more interest in my youngest sister. "Hello, Nina," she says, smiling. Isobelle likes her the most, since she isn't willing to call her on her bullshit.

"Hey, Belle."

Elle looks up "What?" she questions.

Isobelle turns around to face her. "We don't say 'what', Delphine. We say yes," she corrects her. Hugo rolls his eyes behind her back.

"Sorry, Mummy," Elle apologizes.

"I said 'Belle'," Nina informs her.

This happens quite often. When Isobelle was pregnant with Elle, she and Simon were so certain she was going to be male they refused to even risk Healers telling them otherwise. Needless to say, Elle was born a girl, Simon threw a fit and left for the rest of the day, and Isobelle fell into a state of depression and refused to acknowledge her daughter. When the Healers informed Simon and Isobelle they'd have to eventually name their child, Isobelle refused to come up with a name and uncreatively gave Elle her middle name out of stubborn spite. Sadly enough, both Isobelle's names are quite similar-sounding. That isn't exactly the best start for any child, as if being mothered by Isobelle isn't unlucky enough.

"Oh," Elle says quietly. "Oopsie."

"This is why I want all of you to call her by her full name," Isobelle says angrily, looking at the rest of us. "You're only making things more complicated for her!"

"That was your fault," Rose interjects. "You and Simon."

"That's Daddy's name," Elle says absentmindedly.

Isobelle clenches her jaw and gives Rose n annoyed look. "Delphine, you're a young lady," she says. "You need to have dinner in your own chair. You don't need Aunt Rose to hold you."

Elle frowns. "But-"

"No buts. Listen to me."

Rose mutters an apology to Elle before setting her down, all the while glaring daggers at Isobelle. Elle reluctantly climbs into the chair beside Isobelle. Isobelle puts her fork in her hand and moves her glass closer to her. She then proceeds to not pay Elle any more attention. Hugo senses the tension in the room

"I'm not excited for Fifth Year," he says, changing the subject. "Except for quidditch."

"I am!" Nina says happily. She begins school at Hogwarts this year. Mum and Dad have all but placed bets on where they think she'll be sorted. So far, none of my siblings have been sorted into the same House. I'm happy to have my own space.

"I know Scorpius is excited," Rose mutters under her breath. "Excited to see Daisy. How long's it been, Scorpius? Two, three weeks since Mum and Dad caught you together?"

"Rose," Dad chastises.

I glare at my sister. "Shut up." Rose thinks it's absolutely hilarious that I get into trouble, especially with Daisy. They hate each other with a burning passion.

Hugo laughs, until Mum gives him a silencing look.

"Honestly, this isn't any conversation for a table," Isobelle complains. "Little ears." She gestures to Elle with her eyes, and then gives her a harsh look. She gives her a light slap on the wrist. Elle winces. "Delphine, don't play with your food."

"Sorry, Mummy." I think Elle says that more than anything else.

"I don't know how many times your father and I have to tell you. Food is for eating, not for playing. Don't have me tell you again."

"Sorry, Mummy."

Mum looks uncomfortably at Isobelle for a long while. She's practically preaching to Elle. "…I tell you all the time, not to play with your food. When you finally manage to spill it on yourself, you're going to be the one upset, not me-"

"Isobelle," Mum interrupts. "That's beyond enough."

Isobelle frowns at Mum. "I'm parenting. You said I should do it more often."

Mum gives Isobelle an equally stiff look. "That isn't how you-"

"Fine," Isobelle says, turning away from Elle. "Give the house-elves another job to do."

Mum opens her mouth to say something more, but Dad gives her a look. His message is clear. There's no use in speaking to Isobelle about anything. She's a hopeless cause.

"It's good to have the family together," Rose says sarcastically. "These are the kinds of dinners I just love."

Hugo smirks at her. "Tell me about it."

Rose and Hugo stop after they receive silencing looks from Dad. "The two of you aren't going to test my patience a few days before you leave for school, are you?"

Hugo shakes his head, but he's still smiling. "No, Dad." He elbows Rose.

"Aren't we going to Diagon Alley tomorrow?" Nina questions. "To get our stuff?"

Mum nods. "I don't want you to stay up too late. I'd like to beat the crowd tomorrow," Mum says.

I, for one, have an absolute objection to waking up early. "I'm not doing anything before ten," I inform Mum.

"Don't tell your mother what you aren't going to do," Dad says to me. "If she wants you to wake up early, then you are."

We'll see tomorrow morning when they're forced to leave without me. I don't care either way. I've been stuck with my family the entire summer. It's suffocating.

"I want to go!" Elle says, smiling widely at Mum. Wonderful, even more of a reason for me to stay at home. "Mummy, can I go?"

Isobelle doesn't respond. She sits in her chair with a far-off expression on her face, nursing her second glass of champagne. She does this quite often.

"Mummy," Elle says again. She tugs Isobelle's sleeve. "Mummy!"

Isobelle comes back to reality. She gives Elle a small smile. "What's the matter, Delphine?"

"I wanna go to Diagon Alley tomorrow with Gramma," Elle asks.

"I thought you wanted to go to the ballet tomorrow?"

"Now I wanna go to Diagon Alley? Please?" Elle begs, clasping her hands together and giving Isobelle a sweet smile. Rose 'awwwws' under her breath. She's such a fluff.

Isobelle looks up at Mum. I can tell she's considering it. That's at least a couple uninterrupted hours of her and Teddy in bed together. I give her a look, letting her know I'm aware full well what she's thinking. Isobelle is far too transparent for her own good.

"We'll have to ask Daddy when he comes home, all right?"

Elle nods slowly. "What if he says no?"

Mum and Dad watch Isobelle carefully, looking to see how she'll handle the situation. I'm quite interested myself.

"I'll make certain he doesn't," Isobelle assures her. I'm not positive whether that's for Elle's benefit or Isobelle's.

"It's no bother," Mum assures Isobelle. "You could use a break."

Isobelle gives Mum an offended look. "What is that supposed to mean?" she asks angrily. "You find a problem with everything I do with her!"

Mum purses her lips. Elle reaches for her glass, but it's still just beyond her reach. She leans forward in her chair and instead attempts to grasp the glass from the rim. "Isobelle-"

Nina jumps as the glass shatters on the floor. Elle's hand is still outstretched, and she has a shameful look on her face. "Sorry, Mummy," she says quickly. "I didn't mean to."

Isobelle takes a deep breath, trying to compose herself. "You can go to Diagon Alley tomorrow. I've decided."

Elle smiles, and then wrinkles her eyebrows with confusion. "But you said you had to ask Daddy."

"I thought so, but now I'm positive he'll be perfectly fine with you spending the day with your grandparents. Isn't that lucky?"

"Yes!" Elle says happily. It's painful how oblivious she is.

"She just made a mistake," Rose says rigidly. "She's four."

"I know how old my daughter is," Isobelle answers shortly.

Rose blows air out of her nose. "I'm surprised you know that much."

"Rose." Dad says. "Not right now."

Elle pouts and looks at Isobelle. "Is it broken forever, Mummy?" she asks quietly. She seems to be on the verge of tears. I'm prepared to leave in the unfortunate event that she actually does cry.

"No," Nina quickly assures her. "It's okay. Really, it takes the house-elves like, two seconds to fix."

Despite Nina's reassurance, Elle's eyes well up with tears. Nina gives her a sympathetic look, and then knocks her glass off the table. It shatters to the floor as well.

"See? Nothing happened," Nina says. "Now the house-elves will come get it." I partially expect Mum to jump to her feet and reprimand Nina for purposely giving the house-elves work to do, but she doesn't. She just gives her an appreciative smile.

Elle only looks half convinced. "Look, nothing happens to Hugo, either," Nina says. She nudges Hugo, and he knocks his glass of the table too. Elle laughs, and then stops when she realizes Isobelle isn't amused.

"Perfect, so now I suppose I should expect for her to go around knocking over glasses all the time?" Isobelle questions, giving all of us dirty looks. "Delphine, that isn't appropriate behavior in any sort of way."

"Sorry, Mummy."

I don't even like Elle, and it disgusts me how Isobelle treats her. I couldn't stand having a mother so terrible.

"Merlin, can't you lay off her for one moment? It was a mistake. We've all forgiven you for the mistakes you've made, and you're bound to make even more in the future," I point out.

Isobelle gives me an indignant look. "We aren't talking about me!" She says. "And excuse me for trying to teach my daughter how to behave! My efforts are obviously going to waste!" Isobelle gets up from the table and makes her way out of the dining room, as if it's perfectly acceptable to walk out on her child like that. She's definitely the mother of the year.

Dad sighs. "Every time," he mutters. "Scorpius, why did you have to do that?"

"It isn't my fault," I inform Dad. "You know we all hate how she is."

"You don't hate your sister," Mum tells me. In fact, I do, and the rest of my family knows it.

Elle looks at Rose with a disturbed expression on her face. "Is Mummy upset at me?" she asks quietly.

Rose shakes her head vehemently. "No, your mummy has some other issues to work out," Rose tells her gently. "And by some, I mean a lot."

I knock on the door to Isobelle's old room. She comes here whenever she finds herself in an argument with us. That's nearly every time she visits. And just as often, I'm the one who has to come up here and get her. Apparently, it's because I'm the 'closest' to her in the family. I'm not sure how anyone figures that.

Isobelle doesn't answer, so I'm forced to let myself in. Isobelle lies in the bed, her back turned to me. This is exactly the way the way she was following Elle's birth. Dejected and unresponsive.

"You can't leave Elle downstairs," I tell her.

Isobelle sniffles quietly. "Delphine," she corrects me.

"Are you crying?" Isobelle's quiet for a moment, then she nods. "Why?"

"I'm unhappy," Isobelle responds dramatically. She sniffles again.

"People generally cry when they're unhappy."

Isobelle makes an annoyed sound. I still can't see her face. "No, Scorpius," she mutters. "You don't understand."

"You're correct. I don't understand why you're blaming everyone else for the choices you made and taking it out on your own child. I hope I don't ever understand that." We all advised Isobelle against getting married so young, and especially against having a child. She didn't listen. Now she has to deal with the consequences.

Isobelle turns over to look at me. She's clutching a handkerchief. "It's not all my fault," she tells me sadly. "Simon lied to me."

"The two of you lie to each other more than anything. It's pitiful. Besides, you're an adult, too. You seem to forget that."

Isobelle frowns at me, shocked that I'm not giving her any sympathy. Why the hell should I?

"I need a moment to myself," Isobelle tells me. "Leave, please."

"Gladly." I don't want to speak to her anyway. I shut the door behind me.

I hate my sister.

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