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Chapter Three - Decisions.

After an almost completely sleepless night, Bella had almost convinced herself that she had imagined it all.

Two vampires visiting her in her apartment – it simply had to be a fabrication of her imagination. Probably the product of the case she had seen yesterday. Vampire copycat killers didn't come along often, after all.

She dressed quickly, as usual, with no real attention to what she was wearing. Her long dark brown hair, twisted into a large coil on the back of her head. No make up and then a brushing of her even white teeth. Even though she didn't try, Bella was fighting a losing battle trying to appear plain in order to be taken more seriously in her field. Her beauty was such that needed no added adornment to catch the eye. Hers was a quiet beauty, slowly drawing you in until you realised you were completely fascinated. With a short, cursory glance in the mirror she strode out of her apartment and got into her small and slightly worse for wear car. Driving to work she still had the nagging feeling that she was being watched, followed even. A shiver rushed down her spine as she saw a dark shape flash past her car as she parked it in the rear car park at the precinct.

What the fuck was that?

A play of light perhaps?

Bella looked all around herself and found nothing out of the ordinary. The car park was filled with police officers, each on their way to some chore.

No, nothing out of the ordinary.

So why did she still feel a fission of fear, just as if someone's eyes were trained onto her alone.

Bella knew in her heart that last night had not been a figment of her imagination. Although she somehow wished it had been. She also had the sneeking suspicion that who ever was watching her was undoubtedly one or both of those, gorgeously spooky men she had met last night.

That thought brought a strange kind of peace with it.

She should be terrified – but she wasn't. Not by a long shot. Instead her heart spluttered hyperactively and began to beat faster than necessary. Just imagining those two sets of dark red eyes, hard sculptured bodies and beautiful faces had her almost uncomfortably aware, like she never had been before of anyone.

There had never been time for anyone in her life. The sole focus of her existence had been catching her mother's killer. It had been her objective for so long that she had no experience where men were concerned. The sad fact was that at the grand age of twenty-six she was a virgin.

Bella got out of her car slowly, still scanning the area watching for any strange shadows or movements. She made her way into the precinct with no incidents whatsoever.

Once inside she made her way to her desk and quickly withdrew the file containing the case information from yesterday's murder. She was glad she had not submitted her findings yet. Bella quickly scanned the documents and frowned as she re-read her own assessment. She made a paper ball with her assessment and threw it into the wastepaper basket and turned to her computer to re-write it. This time no mention of any suspected false or real vampire involvement.

Now it was a simple death but alcohol poisoning.

She felt slightly guilty, this was after all the first time she had ever falsified anything on a case. But somehow she didn't want any undue attention to be given to this particular case. The vampire named Edward had been responsible, so Jasper had told her. If that was so she had to protect him.

Bella didn't stop to question herself why.

After she was finished she submitted her case file and left quickly heading to the coroners office.

"Good morning Mitch." Bella said with a slightly flirtatious smile at the young coroner. This was so not her usual style, although strangely the flirtatious behaviour didn't seem as hard as it should have given her usual demeanour.

His thin, pale face lit up at the sight of her and he stuttered his greeting while keeping his eyes on the board he held self-consciously.

"Can I re-examine the body, before its prepared for burial, please Mitch?" Bella asked prettily.

It was against normal practice but Bella was hoping that the young mans obvious infatuation with her would help him to agree to this unorthodox request.

"Um, yeah. I would have agreed, Bella." Mitch said with a nervous sniff. "But the body has gone missing."

"Missing?" Bella asked, stunned. This was a first. "How?"

"Well - we don't know. It was here when I left last nigh and locked up, then this morning it was gone. I was about to report the theft to head quarters as you walked in. It's the first time we have ever lost a corpse here. It's a good thing no one has come to claim the body yet." He replied still avoiding eye contact.

Bella's mind quickly came up with an explanation, although it seemed preposterous in the extreme. Could Edward and Jasper have removed the corpse to protect her evidence tampering and their own asses?

It was the only answer.

"Okay well I guess I will leave you to look for your missing dead guy, Mitch." She said, trying to sound unaffected by the news. "Let me know if you find it, okay?"

Bella made a quick exit, heading back to her precinct. Once there she was told that a call had come in from Frank asking her to meet him. Bella frowned as she glanced at the address; it was one she didn't know. As far as she could remember it was an old abandoned part of the city that was being levelled in order to be rebuilt. Why on earth would frank want to meet her there of all places?

She shrugged and grabbed her keys off her desk, she trusted Frank to always look out for her, and he would never ask her to meet her if it wasn't important.

Bella headed towards the address, finding it deserted, just as she had expected. The old tenement buildings were dark and broken, eerily echoing each of her footsteps as she walked into the dusty lobby. Bella walked forwards until she was close to the dirty stair well; ready to start climbing when she heard a sound. It was muffled, as if someone had coughed into a pillow.

"Hello?" she called warily. "Frank?"

No reply.

A few seconds and the sound of a door closing. The noise was deliberate, more obvious now. Whoever it was wasn't trying to hide anymore. Bella felt an unfamiliar chill settle in the pit of her stomach as she realized that Frank would never play with her like this.

It wasn't Frank. How stupid she felt.

Her instinct told her to leave. Now.

Her training told her to find out who was there.

She followed her training.

Quietly reaching for her gun she walked up the stairs, trying to make as little noise as possible. A creaking stair made her freeze for a moment. No sign of anyone now, no noise – nothing.

Curiosity moved her feet forwards.

Once at the top Bella moved slowly along the landing scanning all the rooms as she went. All the doors were slightly or completely open. All except one.

She went towards it, her heart now hammering wildly in her chest. Gun out in front of her, ready for any attack. She nudged the door open with her foot; it creaked loudly, protesting at being opened.

Bella entered, making sure to check all the corners as she went. All clear. The room had once been a modest living room. It was unfurnished and very dirty, now. The chill in her stomach now moved up her spine. Bella reacted by turning quickly, to face behind her. A gasp left her lips at the sight that greeted her.

A dirty man who looked like a homeless person was standing there, grinning at her. There was something about his stance, which was threatening, that told her he was dangerous. His face belied his air of menace; it looked almost simple and childlike. Bella pointed her gun at his chest and stood her ground.

"Who are you?" She asked quietly.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Came the sullen reply.

"Do you live here?" Bella asked.

The dirty man advanced on her and she lifted her gun an inch, letting him know she would use it. He cackled with mirth. "You gonna use that girlie?"

"Yes." She said matter of factly.

"Why would you go and do something nasty like that, Bella?" He asked, cocking a brow at her while he advanced again. "Didn't you do enough?"

She refused to allow him to see how unnerved she actually was by this situation.

He knew her name. How?

"Who are you?" Bella asked again, her voice shaking despite her best efforts.

"Lets just say I'm an unhappy client." He replied, his eyes filled with hatred.

Bella was confused, she couldn't remember ever having seen his face before. Client? She didn't have clients. Plus this man was a homeless person or maybe he had an aversion to water and soap. Who knew?

"I don't have any clients." She replied, holding her position despite his slight advance.

"Oh but you do." He sneered. "Your testimony put me away for the last five years."

She was startled. He was a murderer. She had put him away.

Oh fuck.

This was not a good situation. Bella had always wondered why no one had ever come after her. After all in her line of work she must have a lot of enemies. Other profilers often had to go to ground for months or even years or else hire a bodyguard if it got really bad. But she had never even had a death threat- until now. Which was very strange given her notoriety.

"I was only doing my job." She said softly, keeping her voice as non-threatening as possible.

"Well," He said. "I'm about to do mine."

Bella swallowed hard as she realized what he meant.

"I'm about to rid the world of yet another uppity bitch that thinks she knows better than us men." The dirty vagabond said, his eyes sliding downwards over her ripe curves suggestively. "But not before I have my self some fun. You know – put you to use as god intended and all that." He snickered at her horrified expression. Her façade was cracking under the strain.

"I have called for backup. They will be here shortly. Just leave." Bella said, bluffing.

Her mind suddenly remembered him. His first victims' case had been particularly disturbing because of the abuse the body had suffered; she had been beaten with a heavy, blunt object until her face was a bloody mass of shattered bone and brains. Her body had been repeatedly violated and cut all over, small deep cuts designed to cause a lot of pain but not death.

The beating to the head had done that.

She had been a seventeen-year-old daughter of a police officer. Stacey Lane, blond, blue eyed and lovely she had been her fathers pride and joy, out spoken and full of life she had been looking forward to a future in law enforcement like her Dad. Only Dan Muller had had other plans for her. She had died a long and very painful death at his hands. Her body left in her father's car trunk. She had been the first of three young women, all brutally assaulted and bludgeoned to death. Until Bella had profiled him and the police had made an arrest. He had been sentenced to life. How had he gotten off so soon?

Bella was terrified although she was trying not to show it. He was still advancing on her.

"Go?" He grinned showing several dirty, blackened teeth. "I don't think so, little girl."

"Stop or I will shoot you!" She ordered.

"Not so brave are you? Now you aren't relying on the police to keep you safe." He continued as if she hadn't spoken at all. "Time you get what you deserve you interfering little slut."

Without warning, a resounding crash echoed in her ears and the vagabond was gone, a pool of blood dripping onto the floor where he had stood.

Bella was shaking as she forced her eyes upwards.

And then she screamed.

The man was hanging from the service hatch in the ceiling, his head gone, arms dangling uselessly downwards, blood gushed out of the open gaping wound of his neck onto the floor.

"Oh my god…oh my god." She whispered, as her eyes remained glued to the macabre scene.

Although she was disgusted she couldn't deny a certain relief at the murderers timely death.

As Bella closed her eyes to break contact with the sight of gore, a gust of wind suddenly touched her hot skin.

A deep voice and icy hands touched her senses. Without fear she reopened her eyes to meet with dark ruby ones.

Cold hands slid onto her heated cheeks as Jasper cupped her face, lifting it upwards almost gently.

"Are you okay?" He asked softly, his chiselled pout inches from her lips.

"Yes." She whispered, reaching up and holding his hands to her face unconsciously.

Soft as a whisper Bella felt another presence behind her, she leaned backwards welcoming it without thought.

"Edward." His name said with a sigh.

His slim but rock hard body pressed against her soft curves and for some absurd reason she felt whole, pressed between these two vampires who had just dismembered a man for her.

"Thank you." She said resting her head against Jaspers shoulder almost tiredly.

"It wouldn't be the first time." Said Edward, she could hear the smirk in his voice.

"What?" She asked. "How many times?"

Jasper laughed quietly. "Too many to mention."

Bella lifted her head too look into his eyes. "Really?"

"Yes." Jasper said, his intense eyes focusing on her sweetly curved lips as she spoke.

"So, how long have you two been my protectors?" She asked, now moving at all, simply enjoying being held by these two enigmatic vampires.

"Since the night your mother died and you sparked our interest, you have been our mate. Nothing will ever harm you, Isabella." Jasper said seriously.

Edward sniffed at her neck delicately. "Delicious." He murmured against her skin. Bella's eyes closed momentarily at the feelings coursing through her.

"Not now, Edward." Jasper ordered, his voice holding the faintest trace of laughter.

"But killing evil fuckers always makes me horny." Edward complained as his lips parted to trace her neck with his tongue hungrily. Bella's eyes rolled back into her head at the feel of his tongue on her skin, ice cold and wonderfully tempting, it made her ache in places that just shouldn't ache.

A growl brought Bella out of her trance suddenly. It was an angry and menacing sound and it was coming from Jasper. Its sound rumbled through his chest beneath her fingers, startling her completely with it animalistic sound.


He growled.

What was next? She wondered.

"Okay, okay!" Edward said as he released her and stepped backwards. "I need to go and wash my hands anyway."

Bella's eyes dropped to his hands to find his long elegant fingers, which were smeared with thick congealing blood.

Oh my god, had he pulled that mans head off with his bare hands? Because that was what it looked like. Bella started hyperventilating until suddenly a calm washed over her, easing her fear completely.

"Its okay, Bella. Edward would never hurt you and neither would I. People trying to hurt you however have a very… shall we say…big problem." Jasper said smiling reassuringly into her troubled brown eyes. "He was set on torturing you and then killing you very painfully, we simply gave him what he deserved."

"How do you know that? You say it like he told you what he was thinking." She asked staring into Jasper's mesmerising eyes. Her gaze unconsciously flicking between his eyes and mouth.

"I am what you call an empath, Bella. I know what everyone around me is feeling. It affects me completely and I can manipulate emotions too. I calmed you just now, did you feel it?" He asked, now stroking a thumb across her lips softly.

"Can all vampires do that? Or just you?" She asked, blushing at the emotions that thumb was causing.

"No, we cant all sense emotions, although a lot of us are talented. Edward here is a mind reader. Annoying gift don't you agree?" He teased Edward, shooting a loaded look his way.

"You mean, he can read my mind? Seriously? Oh my god." Bella said, an embarrassed flush staining her cheeks again.

"I try to be respectful of people's privacy, especially of my mate's more private thoughts, I can filter out what I don't wish to hear. But yes I can hear your every thought dearest Isabella." Edwards said coming towards me, while wiping his clean hands dry on an old rag. "I really am very partial to that blush on your cheeks. Its delicious and oh so very tempting, my dear girl."

Bella stared at him and then at Jasper.

Decisions. They were so hard most of the time. Although this particular one was surprisingly easy for her.

Bella walked away from them for a moment before turning to them and meeting their eyes easily.

"Yes." She said.

Jasper smirked and crossed his arms over his impressive chest, looking like he had always known that would be her answer. Edward laughed out loud and clapped his hands.

"Its so much better hearing the answer come out of your mouth, Isabella. Far more delightful than plucking the answer from your mind."

Bella smiled at them.